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when we first came here / we were cold and we were clear / with no colors on our skin / til we let the spectrum in

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catch you catch me

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there’s nothing more I want than to walk the spring path together with you, and when our horizons broaden to share the joy and double it with the other flowers I’d meet along the way. that’s a promise I made to myself, and perhaps delusionally to seokjin back when spring day dropped. got reminded of it just only and I realized how many flowers I met along the way. how many more friends. how my horizons broadened and how now I can more than double joy. I can quadruple it. infinity times it. I think, I think there is no winter that will last, if I just keep running forward into happiness, steeped in sentimentality.

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when it’s 初二 and you don’t know why they said your sliders purple so you went to pluck blue pea flowers in hope of????? what am i gonna do with them, re-dye my hair? happy cny chingoose

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I rarely have photos of myself taken from the front. But when it do, I’m telling your fortunes on a starry starry night. // 📸: @sapphyre_lily thanks for playing the insta gf and for peiban me to go play piano in public and watch me die after bc my hands were shaking 💀💀💀

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wooden frames after posting led frames

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134340shibe. @inphase.sg
attended my first media preview. it was lit to say the lea

@inphase.sg attended my first media preview. it was lit to say the least, hehe. am I punny yet stealing puns left right front center

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it’s true / look how they shine for you

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I believe in our galaxy, my epiphany

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I wanted strawberry daifuku at 1am last night, life is hard when your local konbini is subpar to TW and JP ones 💔

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is it lame to say fugu in the winter if it’s 冬のフグ haha I need to stop being lame 🐡🐡🐡

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i’m number 110 on some japanese/chinese luck list thing and you know i don’t believe that at all when you get this lucky cuz guess what ore wa saikou in finding random first blooms in taiwan and japan yassss

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look at this stuff isn’t it neat

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twenty thousand leggys 🦵🏻🦵🏼🦵🏽🦵🏾🦵🏿🦵under da sea

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happy 2019! and also yes to iso 4000 1/30s f5 shots. I said screw convention and whipped off my gloves to shoot this in the cold lmao my fingers hurt but my legs hurt more :”) and apparently it’s gonna get colder, can’t wait for Disneyland to be over and to get to my owl, cat and etc cafes and film and copic shopping...

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134340shibe. 2018, a year spent being 21 where I met some of the best people in my

2018, a year spent being 21 where I met some of the best people in my life and had a great time with those I already met before :”) thank you everyone who stuck with me through my nonsense rants and breakdowns and “I want to die pls lemme die I’m gonna fucking commit suicide istg” moments during final subs, all my tears, and my moments of happiness. I’m so glad I’m bringing more of my friends into the new year with me because they’re the most precious ever ;; 2018, my most stressful year, and also one of my most treasured. thanks everyone for making 2018 memorable. happy birthday to me.

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