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anita_herbert. Can you drink alcohol while on a diet? 🤔
I get asked this question

Can you drink alcohol while on a diet? 🤔 . I get asked this question a lot and the answer is.., yes… BUT☝🏻it’s not really black and white! . There are certain factors you need to take into consideration and it also requires A LOT of DISICPLINE which is why I usually don’t recommend you to.. at least not when this is your first time on a diet and workout plan . I am not a big alcohol drinker (anymore lol) , I don’t really drink wine 🍷or alcohol too much, only on special occasions . When I do, I ALWAYS make sure to only have 1-2 drinks and NEVER 🙅🏻‍♀cocktails as those have A LOT of sugar! Super pretty but super bad for you! I see 👀 you Mojitos! haha🤣 . Obviously, we can’t stay at home 24/7 just to stick to our plan 100%(I mean we can, but we shouldn’t ....we are not robots🤖) . What we CAN do is learn to drink properly without compromising our fitness 💪🏻goals! . Alcohol tip‼️ When you go out stick to your hard alcohols (whiskey, vodka, tequila, brandy, gin etc) The 1-2 times I go out a year 🤣and drink something I usually order straight vodka on the rocks with a zero-calorie diet soda and lime or lemon . The main reason why you usually hear not to drink alcohol while you are on a diet is not so much because of the alcohol itself but the effect it has on you after you consume it! . After a night of drinking what do you usually crave? CARBS! And LOADS of carbs, you could probably inhale an entire pizza box 🍕 😝 . Not to mention the hang over you will wake up with the next day, and if its training day you could say 👋🏻 to that because you probably won’t go… and here is where the big “alcohol is bad for you” problem kicks in . Its usually not the alcohol that makes you gain weight, it’s the food choices you make when you do! . #MyTIP‼️ Workout in the AM if you know you are going out at night! This will rev up your metabolism while burning some extra calories before the night🕺🏻 . And remember! NO sugary drinks, keep it light, 1-2 drinks, stick to clear alcohols, and do NOT touch those tacos 🌮after a night of drinking! Go for lean proteins if you can! . Enjoy the weekend babes♥️🥳 . How do you balance alcohol while on a diet?Let me know below👇🏼

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I don’t alway feel like going to the gym…. But I’m going anyways!😏 . ‼️Get my FITQUEEN 3.O workout guide & train with me for ONLY 49$. Link in bio . Somedays I would rather stay in pjs all day, binge on Netflix & inhale a jar or peanut butter #GOALS 🤣 (sounds like a dream, right?😝) . BUT! That’s not realistic, I have goals I need to reach and things I want to accomplish so I just have to suck it up & make shit happen . Besides, its ONLY 1 hour. You spend 1 hour on IG, watching a show, deciding what you want for lunch, contemplating about going to the gym 😂 you might as well ACTUALLY HIT THE GYM!😏 . When the whole “To gym OR not to gym” fiasco happens I usually do a couple things that really help pump 🚨me up (and I’m not talking about pre-workouts… although that could be a HUGE motivator as well 😂) . 1⃣YOUR GYM CLOTHES! YES! Have you ever heard the saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Same rule applies here! Dressing like you are about to kill 💪🏻this work out can actually fuel your ambition to succeed at the gym! Plus, it does not hurt to look good 😉Remember ladies, when you look good you feel good! . 2⃣Get a gym partner! Nothing says YOURE GOING TO THE GYM like an accountability partner! We tend to get shit done when we know someone is counting on us. So, grab your bestie and kill it together! 👯‍♀ . 3⃣Get organized and make a plan! When you have a strategy and plan you’ll hit the ground running every time instead of aimlessly walking around the gym🤦🏻‍♀This not only will slow down your momentum, but it will create negative feelings towards the gym. . 4⃣Go early! Get the gym out of the way early in the morning ☀so you feel a sense of accomplishment before the day drags down. you’ll be more likely skip the gym after a long day. . 5⃣And my favorite part! CHANGE UP YOUR ROUTINE! You have to keep it fun 🕺🏻and interesting, if not you’ll get bored and make excuses EVERY TIME! . If you make it fun you’ll enjoy it, and if it’s a new workout you want to try you’ll be super EXCITED to get to the gym and test it out! . What helps you get to the gym when you just don’t feel like it?👇🏼

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‼️GIVEAWAY TO A DREAM VACATION IN BALI! ✈️🌿‼️ Babes I have partnered up with @villacellabella to participate in this wonderful opportunity for all of you! I’m so excited🥳 to send a happy couple 💑to this beautiful place! For 5 days and 4 nights to BALI‼️ Please read and follow the steps carefully - How To Enter: 1️⃣Like This Post 2️⃣Must Follow @Villacellabella & everyone they follow 3️⃣TAG (At Least) 3 friends 4️⃣Comment why you want this vacation❤️ - Participate in every account to have more chances to win! Winners 🎉will be chosen randomly from the comments section and will be announced 08/29/2019 at 1PM EST in @villacellabella page - **Winner will be contacted by @villacellabella with their prize 🎁on 08/29/2019 - should winner not answer within 48 hrs, we will choose the next runner up to claim their prize** - Good luck🍀 - The crystal ✨suite is the suite we are offering. Black out dates are decemebr 15 to January 10 plus all of July and August 2020 - *Hosted By: @Villacellabella *This Instagram giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram *You must be at least 18 years old to enter or obtain parent/guardian consent *Details about how the prize will be delivered will be disclosed by @villacellabella to the winner via private messages

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anita_herbert. 🤤SEXY ARMS -with a touch of abs🍫 (second & last exercise are my curr

🤤SEXY ARMS -with a touch of abs🍫 (second & last exercise are my current fav 🔥) . “Instagram fit chicks “might convince you that all you need to train is boo-tay 🍑 & abs.... . Outfit is from @bodyengineers & @bodyengineerswomen “ SAVE 25%💰 go to my stories & follow the link!🥳 . BUT! the truth is that training your arms shouldn’t be neglected if you are trying to achieve an overall fit & feminine shape. . Im gonna be honest with you babes, i hate training arms myself, but oh well🤷🏻‍♀... i got goals and ill do whatever it takes to accomplish them🔥 . #MyTip: if you are like me and hate training arms read 👇🏼 . I tend to enjoy my workouts more (or at least im not crying on the inside while doing it🤣) when i incorporate plates, cables, dumbbells, bars... different angles & positions! I do this to make sure my workouts are challenging, new, and most importantly NOT boringAF🤪 . I also like to throw in some abs here and there to spice things up😈 . ❌TAG A FRIEND & SAVE THIS WORKOUT FOR YOU NEXT UPPER BODY DAY❌ . Instructions: Rest ONLY between each superset for 60 seconds. No rest between exercises! Lets . Superset: 4x 12 🐨Cable single arm tricep pushdown 🐨DB skull crushers + leg lift - love this combo 🐨DB Spider curl . Superset: 4x 12 🐨DB alternating skull crushers 🐨DB Wide Bicep curl 🐨Plate Narrow Bicep curl 🐨Hanging leg raises w banded abduction . ‼️For PERSONALIZED DIET & TRAINING PLAN click the link in my bio!‼️ . How often do you train your arms? (Be honest😏) comment below!

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anita_herbert. How long are your workouts ?🤔
Mine are 40-60 min per seshhh, depend

How long are your workouts ?🤔 . Mine are 40-60 min per seshhh, depending on what I train. My lower body workouts tend to be longer than my upper body ones.(Gotta grow that boooty girlssss🍑😝) Keeping your sessions short & sweet & intense is MUCH MORE more efficient then spending 2 +hours in the gym (texting & taking selfies half of the time🤪) When I'm at gym I’m in my own world! Headphones 🎧 in - 🌎 out, and I'm focused on myself & my workout 🏋️‍♀️ . Always remember to take care of your muscles 💪🏻after your workout! . Amino Acids are ESSENTIAL to your post-workout recovery! They enter the blood stream and muscle quickly and give you a much faster ⏰ recovery time. . I like to take @yamamotonutrition AminoDex right after I hit the gym especially after leg day to ensure those babies get fully repaired 🍑in half the time!@yamamotonutrition “ANITA15” = 15% OFF

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Feeling confident isn't only about your body or your mind, its about both. . Its your whole well being! Its about how you feel on the inside. . For me, fitness was what helped me find this balance. . Transitioning into a healthy lifestyle and working on my baby👶🏻 muscles was something that made the biggest impact on how i felt about myself! . Feeling strong and healthy gave me that extra boost in confidence I needed! . I still remember when i first started training and noticed my first baby mucles... when my baby abs started to peek through.... girls, thats was something i could not even describe🙈 . I’m not saying that everyone should get into bodybuilding. . But FIND what you enjoy doing and what works for you the most because being healthy and fit isn’t just a fad diet - it’s LIFESTYLE! ♥️ . It’s tough to build healthy habits, but the results you get from it are priceless 💯 . Lets own it GIRLS!💫 Who is ready to smash it this week? #MONDAYMOTIVATION . Does working out make you feel more confident? Or something else? Let me know below 👇🏼 . .

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@fitqueen_armY . Banded Total Body Sculpt🔥 - you can do ANYWHERE . Before i get into the routine... . let me say that i am extremely happy & humbled with the amount of ladies who have joined my challenges from all over the world😭♥️ . We have girls from 64 countries starting this journey all together this upcoming Monday! 😱 . Our FitQueen Army has grown so rapidly in the past couple of months. It is incredibly unbelievable! ♥️😭 . I want to THANK each and everyone of you for trusting me on this journey, i will not let you down girls. This challenge will be even bigger and better!! . I am extremely proud to be part of a community with such POWERFUL women! Thank you again FOR MAKING THIS A REALITY and let’s crush this baby on Monday!! 🔥🔥🔥💕 . 🔥TAG A FRIEND AND LETS WORK🔥 . Perform each exercise for ⏰ 40 sec 20 sec rest in between exercises 60 sec rest after last exercise. . 3 roundssssss! . ‼️FINAL CHANCE to join my FitQueen Army! Click the link in my bio & grab your spot now ‼️

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anita_herbert. Szia!🙋🏻‍♀(that’s hello in my mother language Hungarian 🇭🇺 )
My n

Szia!🙋🏻‍♀(that’s hello in my mother language Hungarian 🇭🇺 ) . My name is Anita! Im 29 and Im Hungarian.(since last year American too) . A lot of you are new on here so let me share few things about me. . I wasn’t a fitness fanatic growing up (as you can probably tell from the pic on the left🤭)in fact I never even stepped foot into a gym until about 7 years ago! . I was a simple girl born & raised in the smallest city (called Fegyvernek) in Hungary. . My parents are farmers. I used to drinking WHOLE milk pretty much straight from the cow 🐄 🤣 not even joking here 🙈 . When I was 18 I moved to Budapest for College. . During this time I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle, I was drinking alcohol regularly 🍹,eating lots of junk food🍟 🍔...and even smoking! 🚬 yup thats the #truth guys. . I didn't care much for my body. . All I cared about was where the next party was at… . You would think I was living my best life, having tons of fun, and I was full of confidence. . And yes, at times I was having fun but at the same time . I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin, all the partying and drinking was just a cover up to distract me from what was really going on inside. . Ladies, I KNOW women naturally connect body image with self-esteem (myself included big time) and when we don’t like what we see on the outside it affects the rest of our lives! . I was tired of living this way, I knew I needed to make some physical and MENTAL adjustments! . And soon I became super passionate about lifting & experimenting with different methods, testing what worked, what didn’t work, trial and error etc…. . I finally found the best method to build a strong feminine body . I want to share my PROVEN methods to help YOU achieve your goals and YOUR dream body! . It’s time to throw away the fears and the excuses! YOU CAN DO THIS! If I did so can you girl! Im no different from you . If you are ready to make this change for YOURSELF don’t waste anymore time and let’s crush these 6 weeks together!👯‍♀️♥️ . @fitqueen_army #teamanitaherbert #fitqueenarmy . ‼️To sign up for MY FITQUEEN CHALLENGE 3.0 👑 click the link in my bio so we can start making that dream body of yours a reality!

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anita_herbert. @fitqueen_armY
ONLY BODYWEIGHT CIRCUIT - band is Optional 😝

@fitqueen_armY ONLY BODYWEIGHT CIRCUIT - band is Optional 😝 . Everyone who joins my challenge will have access to my GYM & HOME 🏠program! FOR FOREVER! Thats right. For ONLY 79$ 🙈 you will have my program forever! . Why i don't want you to choose between home & gym? . Lets say, you normally train at the gym, but one day you just cant make it and you still want to get some sweat in..... . Well LUCKY YOU!😌Pull out that home guide girl and get in on a quick session in your living-room. You know I got you babes😏 . I want to make your life easier not harder. Lets have fun with this challenge babes🥳 . ♥️LIKE & SAVE this quick full body CIRCUIT! . Perform each exercise for ⏰ 45 sec Only 15 sec break in between 45 second to 1 minute rest between rounds! 3-4 rounds total . 1⃣Burpee Into Plank Walk 2⃣Bird Dog With Crunch 3⃣High Plank Knee To Elbow 4⃣Plank Jacks into Leg Lift 5⃣Bicycle Crunches 6⃣Leg Raise With Abduction . #teamanitaherbert #fitqueenchallenge #fitqueenarmy . Where do you guys normally train? At the Gym or at home? Let me know below 👇🏼

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anita_herbert. I used to feel uncomfortable in my own skin
I used to hate what i sa

I used to feel uncomfortable in my own skin . I used to hate what i saw in the mirror . I ate horribly, I didn't care what I was doing to my body or what I was putting into it... . I wasn’t treating my body the way it deserved to be treated for SO LONG.... . Its been 6 years now, that I decided that i needed to make a change! I had to start treating & feeding my body the way it needed to perform at its best and most importantly I needed to get into a better mindset! 🧘🏻‍♀♥️ . FIRST things first! FORGIVE yourself! Forgive yourself for how you’ve been eating, or for the lack of movement and activity you have deprived yourself. . SECOND move on! YES, move on from the guilt and the past. We can’t change the past, we can only plan for the future! . And so that’s what I did! I started changing my habits and my mindset slowly...step by step... . I started researching about healthier food alternatives, workouts, and finding inspiration through all these amazing and empowering women in the fitness industry. . Michele Lewin was my ultimate inspo to get into better shape. (We used to live in the same building & trained at the same gym in Miami.)Seeing her training at my gym one day motivated me like nothing before.😭❤️ . As I started working out I could feel a sense of BADASS starting to creep up on me. It was seriously SOOO empowering!💪🏽🤩 . This is what really made me see myself in a whole new light. The first time I was able to squat with a barbell I felt like a SUPERHERO 🦸🏻‍♀ ....and im not even joking here🤣 . When I saw my body changing and saw how my clothes started fitting better it motivated me more to continue this lifestyle. . Because when you LOOK good you FEEL good . Weight training has SERIOUSLY changed my whole life for the better. . Exercise is the most organic and purest medicine I can prescribe to you if you are feeling down about yourself. . You are your own construction company and your body is that “new building”⚠you are designing.You have the power to make it look 👀 how you want to! . The question is: Are you treating your body the way it deserves it? Are choosing to love YOURSELF? Tell me what you think of this. Comment below! 📷by @kai.york.official

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1 MACHINE - 5 BOOTY EXERCISES🍑🔥. . MY FAVORITE BOOTY BUILDERS ON THE SMITH MACHINE! - dont forget to LIKE and leave a COMMENT if you like this post💕 . 💙For outfit details go to my stories!💙 . I used to avoid this machine & these exercises because i didn’t really know how to use them correctly🤭 . I thought some of you might struggle with the same issue, so i filmed my favorite Smith Machine lower body moves for y’all 🔥❤ . TAG a FRIEND WHO WOULD LIKE THESE EXERCISES 👯‍♀ - sharing is caring babes, don't be selfish😜 . 1⃣REVERSE LEG PRESS (🐸stance) -clip 1 2⃣B - STANCE SQUAT - clip 2 3⃣SUMO SQUAT + GOOD MORNING COMPLEX - clip 3 4⃣SIDE STEP UP - clip 4 5⃣SUMO DEADLIFT - clip 5 🤓Explanation of 1⃣& 2⃣ - clip 6-8 . #FeelingAkward?😬 Yeahhh i get it girls. glute focused exercises can feel intimidating (frog pumps or hip thrusts mostly, with all the squeezing hahaha) especially when there are a bunch of dudes creeping around👀🤣 but they are harmless just ignore them. Be confident, don't let them stop you from chasing those booty gains 😈 . #TrueStory: When i started doing my “FUNKY” exercises in my gym a few years ago i felt pretty awkward , but i had so many new variations i wanted to try , i had no choice but to get over my insecurities🙆🏻‍♀ First, girls/guys were watching me like... “what the hell is she doing” 🙄..and guess what, Later on they started to copy all my “FUNKY MOVES”🤣 because it was something NEW & FUN. . So don't be afraid girls! Grab a bar, a dumbbell, a cable or band and get those booty gains 😝🎉 . PS: let me know if you like these “EXPLAINING CORRECT FORM” type of clips or you prefer it with music?! Comment below 👇🏼 .

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anita_herbert. Breaking NEWS‼️
Sept 20-22 2019 in Padua Italy !! Pro

Breaking NEWS‼️ #YamamotoCup2019 Sept 20-22 2019 in Padua Italy !! Pro qualifier : 13 PROCARD! Pro show : ALL THE WINNERS WILL QUALIFY FOR THE 2020 Olympia Jackpot: $ 70.000,00💰💰 Info and registration on:⤵️ www.ifbbproitaly.com #yamamotonutrition #wearetheproleague #ifbbproleague #ifbbpro #yamamotoprocup #olympiaqualifier #olympia #procards #proshow #dontmissit #fitness #bodybuilding #supplements #gym

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