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anita_herbert. 🔥 SHOULDERS + BICEPS🔥@yamamotonutrition
🚨Girls!We are 80% full fo

🔥 SHOULDERS + BICEPS🔥@yamamotonutrition . 🚨Girls!We are 80% full for my next Challenge! . If you have been training & feel like your progress has slowed down... Don’t stress, thats normal. Happens to me too ALL THE TIME ...😬 . All you need to do is switch up your routine for a while....😌Doing your same routine over and over is not gonna cut it😏 Join my next FitQueen Challenge & i will kick you in the butt😈 More info & registration through the link in my bio . ‼️Tag a friend & lets do this babes‼️ - this is going be be INTENSE 🔥 . Shoulders + Biceps Circuit: . 40 sec each exercise 15 sec rest between exercises 60 sec rest after last exercise. . 3 rounds total! . 1⃣DB hammer curl w static hold variation 2⃣DB alternating front raise w static hold 3️⃣DB hammer curl to lateral raise 4⃣DB lateral raise 1 and 1/2 5⃣DB bent over rear delt fly to front raise . My workouts are fueled by the best @yamamotonutrition ”ANITA15” for 15% off . 🎶The Darkest Knight by @borisbrejcha

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anita_herbert. BE THE NEXT FITQUEEN👸🏻 @fitqueen_army
🚨Join my next Fit Queen Cha

BE THE NEXT FITQUEEN👸🏻 @fitqueen_army . 🚨Join my next Fit Queen Challenge & lets crush your body goals together! . I want to share with you the winners of my 6 week FitQueen Challenge. . I hope you will find these photos as inspiring as i do😍 . These ladies worked so hard in the past 6 weeks to achieve these amazing results 💯 I want to say that i am so incredibly proud of all my fit queens that participated in this challenge. I was only able to choose 3 winners, but everyone who signed up & committed to do this challenge to achieve their goals are already a winner in my eyes!👏🏾💞 . ❓WHO IS READY BE THE NEXT FITQUEEN❓ 👸🏻 . If you are someone that needs guidance & accountability this challenge is definitely for you! Let me help you work health & fitness into your busy lifestyle. . Challenge starts June 24th. Price: 79$ ONE TIME PAYMENT . Exciting New features: 🔸New Mindset Guide 🔸$5000 CASH & PRIZES to be won 🔸Understanding Nutritional Labels 🔸Improves food swap table 🔸Over 100 New Exercises . 🚨Click the link in my bio to secure your spot 🚨 . PS: WINNERS OF MY CHALLENGE GIVEAWAY ARE POSTED ON MY STORIES🥳🥳🥳🥳

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anita_herbert. I am a fighter & I never give up😤
I was scrolling through my phone

I am a fighter & I never give up😤 . I was scrolling through my phone last night & found this video that reminded me of something.... . This was my 7th and last show of the 2016 year (6th Pro Show) and my 3rd show back to back. I placed 3rd in Naples, then 2nd in Palm Beach. I had been working my ass off and was a little upset with my 2nd place finish. My husband (my # 1 supporter💞) was even more upset, he almost told the judges to 🤬off 🙆🏻‍♀🤣 . I needed a 1st place win to qualify for the Olympia and I was sooo damn close🥺 I was discouraged, plus my mind & body were equally tired. This was supposed to be my last show of the season but since I was so close & i am so freakin competitive, I decided to suck it up & give it another shot.😤 My coach ⭐ @bestfitness01 and I decided to do the Fort Lauderdale Cup the following Saturday. The day before the show, during Check-ins I found out that a top Olympian athlete had entered the show last minute. I was like holy crap 🤯. I was so sure that i had absolutely ZERO chance to win this show against a big athlete like her😩. I decided to stop crying & bring my A game to the stage. The next day at prejudging, I was put in the center in first call outs and that night I ended up winning the show ( the only show I walked into that I thought i had absolutely zero chance to win) ..... and i got qualified for the Olympia. . The takeaway of my story is:👇🏾 . Failing at things can really suck... But you must ALWAYS get back up and try again! Your mistakes, failures should be your motivation, not your excuses! . I have failed many many times in my life, but I have never given up. I never will. I keep pushing. Every single day. . And remember: No matter how slow your progress is or how many times you fail you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t even trying!👊🏾 . 🎶 Robin Schulz - Sugar

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anita_herbert. 👑 MY LATEST FIT QUEEN CHALLENGE @fitqueen_army
‼️ Registrations are

👑 MY LATEST FIT QUEEN CHALLENGE @fitqueen_army . ‼️ Registrations are open NOW! Limited places remain! Link in my bio‼️ . What do you receive? . ♥️ Your very own Customized Meal Plans! ✨ ♥️ Specially designed Training Programs for Home & Gym! ✨ ♥️ Full access to my extensive Training Video Library! ✨ ♥️ Supplement Guidelines and Plan! ✨ ♥️ Exclusive access to our Fit Queen Online Community! ✨ ♥️ Over 100 pages of educational content in eBooks, including Nutrition & Training! ♥️ Email Support, Check In at half way and more 😍‼️ . You’ll also... . 💞 Learn the right calorie and macro balance that’s required for you to transform your body and shift stubborn body fat, and build lean muscle! . 💞 Discover how you can include craving foods and maintain your social life while continuing to get results week in week out . 💞 Learn the best ways to sculpt and shape your body plus I’ll show you the exact methods and tricks I use! . 💞 Gain complete confidence with your workouts through my extensive video library database as I take you through step by step 💞 Find out which supplements are most beneficial to help maximise your results! . 💞 Start off every single day feeling motivated and supported as part of our thriving Fit Queen online community of inspiring women . If this sounds like what you need to get you your next level results, hurry don’t miss out on this intake! 🤭 . JOIN our 6 Week Fit Queen Challenge 👑 Work with me for a full 6 weeks for just 😱$79 USD 😱 . Ready to take things next Level, shall we? 🔥 . 👸🏻 LINK IN BIO! 👉 @anita_herbert

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anita_herbert. ‼️BACK + PLYOS 🥵 - Don't forget to enter my giveaway babes!

‼️BACK + PLYOS 🥵 - Don't forget to enter my giveaway babes! . Leggings & top by @bodyengineers & @bodyengineerswomen I am in love with their new collection, so many new designs🤩Shop through the link in my bio to get my discount 🥰 (sizing info in my #STORIES) . Soooo, I haven't been doing any cardio lately. (I'm so sick of the stair master 😩) Instead, I have adding some fun plyo moves like these into my weight trainings. I either like to incorporate them into my workout, or do them as a quick finisher and the end of my session. (Only 15 minutes, but its intenseAF🥵) PS: im using this method in my next Challenge‼️ . ♥️LIKE & TAG A FRIEND♥️ . No rest between exercises! Rest 60 sec between supersets! . SUPERSET1:4 sets: 🔺RB assisted Pull up 8-10 Im showing 2 variation here: Clip 1: place band under your feet 👉🏾EASIER Clip 2: place band under knees 👉🏾HARDER 🔺Bench up & over - 40 sec . SUPERSET 2: 4 sets 🔺Renegade rows - 10 -damn these are hard🥵 🔺Bent over rows - 20 🔺Bench cross overs -40 sec . Music 🎶 Walk with Funk @djandytee Mix . 📧Online coaching: INFO@ANITAHERBERT.COM

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anita_herbert. Rest Day...
aka stay home & think about working out 🙈🤣@yamamotonutri

Rest Day... aka stay home & think about working out 🙈🤣@yamamotonutrition . Like it or not, taking rest days are just as important as working out & eating well. My clients know that Sunday rest is MANDATORY for everyone. No exceptions😏 I have my clients train 4-6 days per week depending on their lifestyle & goals!☺️ . How many days a week do you train⁉️ Comment below‼️ . 🚨 If you haven't secured your spot for my next challenge its time to do so😈 (ONLY GIRLS 👸🏻) Spots are selling fast!! . How to join?🤔 Click the link in my bio and follow the instructions. Once you purchase the Challenge your spot is secured❤️ . Any questions drop a comment below or email me at 📧 info@anitaherbert.com

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THE BEST BOOTY GROWING EXERCISE?😲 . 🚨MY NEXT FITQUEEN CHALLENGE SIGN UP ARE OPEN! Link in bio @fitqueen_army . I get this question asked everyday...😏 . The truth is....there is no such thing as “THE BEST BOOTY EXERCISE “... its a mix of many factors that I have been practicing & perfecting since i started my journey!🤓 . 🔑1️⃣ACTIVATE Proper activation is absolutely KEY to booty growth. I recommend spending 5-10 minutes before glute workout just on glute activation exercises, NO, IT IS NOT A WASTE OF TIME!😒please trust me on this babes😩😩😩 If you tend to feel lower body exercises mostly in your quads/ hammies that means that your glutes are not doing any of the work... aka no booty gains🤷🏻‍♀️😑 . ‼️Pick 3-4 exercises from this video (or mix them with your favs) and do them before every glute workout 🍑 . 40 seconds on 10 seconds off Repeat 2x (More than 10 min is not necessary, you dont want to exhaust, just wakey wakeyyyyy) My Favorite Bands by @profitnesssure (“ANITA15” for 15% OFF) . 🔑2️⃣EATTTTTT ENOUGH Okay, this is so freakin important girls! If you are trying to make some booty gains you gotta eat!!!! 🔑 Your glutes are the largest muscle in your body. In order to grow your muscles you will have to be eating enough calories. . 🔑3️⃣CONSISTENCY Training your glutes frequently & hitting them with various exercises are crucial for Booty growth! There is not one best exercise, its a combination of different exercises, constantly hitting the muscles with different rep counts, tempo, weights, angles etc. . Want to learn my proven methods? Join my next FitQueen Challenge and lets do this🍑🔥Link in bio!

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Take time to make your soul happy🖤 . @bodyengineers & @bodyengineerswomen . City Vacation OR Beach Escape ? 🤔 What is your favorite vacation spot? . I personally always enjoy exploring beaches & nature way more than big crowded cities. This has probably something to do with me living in Budapest (Capital city of my home country 🇭🇺)for many years and not seeing ocean or any kind of natural beauty🙈 I think taking vacations (even if it’s something quick mini trip) are a necessity for a well-balanced, healthy life! Just as important as eating healthy & exercising. Who is traveling this summer? 🙋🏻‍♀ . Mesh Crop top by @bodyengineers 🖤 🚨Pre - Order SALE is stil on girls & guys! . Shop through the BODYENGINEERS LINK in my bio for discounted price! (my code is not working during sales so please use the link in my bio❤)

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anita_herbert. EXPECTATION VS. REALITY 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 ...SWIPE⏩
This perfectly sums up h

EXPECTATION VS. REALITY 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 ...SWIPE⏩ . This perfectly sums up how it feels when we think things are going to go a certain way.... but they don't always go as planned but thats okay😝😂 . 📷 by @surraca 💄 by @kornikamakeup 🎶 You Little Beauty by @followthefishtv . PS: babes, dont forget to secure your place for my next challenge, spots are filling up quickly ❤️ link in bio

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anita_herbert. ‼️ FIT QUEEN CHALLENGE SIGN UPS ARE OPEN‼️ LINK IN BIO✅ 🧤@handlzglove

‼️ FIT QUEEN CHALLENGE SIGN UPS ARE OPEN‼️ LINK IN BIO✅ 🧤@handlzgloves . These gloves🧤 help me get those last reps in!💪🏽(ANITA25 saves you 💰 25%OFF) . 🖤Like & Save this workout 🏋️‍♀️ . BACK + BICEPS 💪🏽 . 4sets of: 💢A1: Seated cable row - 12 💢A2:Laying down bicep curl -12 . 4sets of: 💢B1: Seated lat pull down variation- 8 💢B2:Seated reverse grip pull down - 12 . 4 sets of: 💢C1:Single arm bicep curl - 15 each 💢C2:Bent over single arm rear delt fly - 15 each . Sets with the same letter code are completed together as a superset (no rest in between) Rest 60 sec between supersets! . ‼️BABES Go my #STORIES for more info about my upcoming FitQueen Challenge! 👸🏻‼️

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🥳 link in bio ☝🏼☝🏼

‼️ FIT QUEEN CHALLENGE SIGN UPS ARE NOW OPEN! ‼️ 🥳 link in bio ☝🏼☝🏼 My next Challenge commences on the 24th of June, and there are limited places available! . Here’s your chance to work closely with me to achieve your goals & sculpt your dream shape 💪 Im keeping the price as low as possible 👌🏼 79$ for 6 weeks worth of Training ( workouts are changing every 2 weeks) Fully customized diet Email check ins You will also get access to my private Facebook forum & be a part of over 5000 FitQueen helping & supporting each other (my absolutely favorite part 🤗). . My Queens in the current group came from 71 different countries worldwide, and we’ve seen some CRAZY results. I can’t wait to share them with you at the end of this week! 😍 . This Challenge will be even bigger & better, with completely new Training Plans and ton of new exercises🥳🥳🥳 (home + gym version) Lots of new features & over $5000 in CASH + PRIZES to be won! 💰 💰 💰 . 🚨 Learn more via the link in my bio! Join my Fit Queen Community and let’s do this together girls!! ✨

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