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ANITA_HERBERT. There is nothing i HATE more
than complaining😖
People complain ab

There is nothing i HATE more . than complaining😖 . People complain about EVERYTHING they have to do & they don't want to do🤦🏻‍♀️ . NOTHING keeps us away from achieving our GOALS more than negative mentality. #FACT . 🤔Did you notice that ...the more you complain the worse things seem to go?! #FACT . Complaining is a CHOICE we make. . The more we choose to focus on the things that are NOT going our way the MORE they will continue to NOT go our way. . You attract what you focus on weather GOOD or BAD! . Switch off the complain button in your 🧠 like this: 👇🏾 . ❌I hate waking up early ✅By waking up earlier im going to get a lot more shit done . ❌Losing weight is going to take forever ✅Weight loss is a journey so I’m going to take it step by step . ❌I have to go to the gym AGAIN ✅I’m going to get a quick session in and i will feel so good & proud of myself . ❌I miss eating pizza, cookies, ice-cream etc.. ✅I can still enjoy my favorite foods in moderation & also find healthier alternatives. . Pretty simple right?!😌 . Your mood is based on what you focus on, so might as well focus on the good and train your 🧠 to associate healthy habits with happy thoughts 💭 , NOT the other way around. . Put your positive 👖 on my Queens and get shit done! 😈 ( I’m about to put mine on LOL 😂) . 🙋🏻‍♀️If you NEED help getting started or getting back on track, Click the link in my bio & JOIN MY ARMY 👯‍♀️ @fitqueen_army #fitqueenchallenge #fitqueenmeals #TeamAnitaHerbert . ❓Do you complain a lot about things you don’t want to do? Or have close friends that always complain? If so, how do you deal with it ❓👇🏾

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bands by @profitnesssure
Say goodbye

🔥BOOTY🔥- no machines NEEDED! bands by @profitnesssure . Say goodbye 👋🏽 to holiday weight gain & still ENJOY your favorite meals with the help of my “Fit in 30” guide!🥳 Link in my bio! @fitqueen_army . 👯‍♀SAVE this workout for the next time you need a quick booty seshhh 👯‍♀ . No rest in between exercises 60 sec rest between rounds . 3 rounds of 1️⃣High knees - 30 sec 2️⃣DB Banded squat to side lunge (alternate) - 10 3️⃣DB goblet b stance squat with banded hip abduction x 12 each side 4️⃣Banded squat x2 into side kick (alternate sides) - 10 . 3 rounds of 5️⃣Plate RDL - 12 6️⃣Standing hip abduction - 10 with plate then drop it and do 10 more with only bands! #ItsgonnaBurn 🔥🤯 . 💯Mini Bands are by @profitnesssure “ANITA15” = 15% OFF💰 . What is “FIT IN 30”? A workout guide designed for the holiday season. requires MINIMAL TIME (30 min per session) and MINIMAL EQUIPMENT (dumbbells + resistance bands) to complete a workout . Perfect to do with your friends or family, on holidays, or just when you are short on time⏰ . I mean, if you really REALLY think about it, you can PROBABLY squeeze in a 20- 30 minute exercise a couple times a week😏😏😏😏 . It’s NOT about making your lifestyle fit into your plan, its about making your PLAN fit into your LIFESTYLE💯 . Lets finish the year strong my Queens! Link in bio 💋

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ANITA_HERBERT. Don’t let the weekend become your weak end ✋🏾😤
Friday is here....

Don’t let the weekend become your weak end ✋🏾😤 . Friday is here.... You want to have fun, unwind, splurge... . I get it. . I 🙋🏻‍♀do too! . Which is why the weekends used to be so hard for me… . I would do great all week and then Friday came and I would F it all up with 🍸 and 🍕 ...😬 . Don’t get me wrong... I’m all about finding balance 🧘🏻‍♀ . You work HARD and you deserve to have some FUN 💃🏻 . Just make sure, that you don’t throw everything you achieved out the window while you do🤭 . You could still have fun, let loose, and enjoy your weekends without messing it all up. . You just have to stay a little more mindful 💆🏻‍♀and keep up with MODERATION . First of all, you need to have a WINNING mentality 🚫🖐🏽STOP with the negative self-talk . The more you tell yourself that you’ll screw up your weekends and fall off track, the more that will become your REALITY! . Instead! tell yourself how 👏🏻 AWESOME you will do this weekend and how much in CONTROL you are going to be! . ✅Dont skip your workout just because its the weekend ✅Limit Alcohol (watch out for sugary cocktails🍸) ✅Catch up on some sleep😴 ✅Plan ahead. Save up your calories for dinners/ events. (Implementing Intermittent fasting is great for this) ✅Check menus beforehand ✅DO NOT deprive yourself during the week (you will more likely flip & binge on the weekend) ✅Be mindful with what YOU think is worth indulging in . Remember , NO calorie REFUND for things that didn’t taste as good as you expected 😝 #BeSmart🤓 . My BIGGEST ☝🏻ADVICE that helps me A LOT... ask yourself how YOU want to FEEL during the weekend and AFTER?!🧐 . Try to CONNECT with your future self and see if all the extra food and drinks will be worth feeling bloated 🤰🏾, drained, and disappointed 😔 when you have to start everything again on Monday.. . REMEMBER it’s OK to have a mishap! Don’t forget to forgive 💞yourself and pick up where you left off. . One weekend won’t undo all your work, the problem lies when it turns into EVERY WEEKEND . ❗️My brand new “FIT IN 30” guide will help you survive the holiday season❗️ @fitqueen_army . ❌Click the LINK in BIO ☝🏻to sign up❌ . What’s the hardest part of the weekends for you?👇

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My last challenge o

👑FITQUEEN 4.0 CHALLENGE WINNERS! @fitqueen_army . My last challenge of the year has officially ENDED, and I could not be more PROUD 🤩of my QUEENS INCREDIBLE transformations! Just look at these PHOTOS! 👉🏻😱 . 6-weeks of 💪🏼🔥HARD WORD, sweat, and CONSISTENCY ! Because that’s the 🔑 KEY! . Every challenge I get more and more 🤯SHOCKED with the life changing transformations I see with my girls, and I feel honored to be their coach🥰 . It is ALWAYS hard for me to choose the winners, because YOU ALL are winners 😍in my eyes! Just the fact that you decided to set a goal and join this challenge already means that you WON! 🏆 . You made a change for YOURSELF and that’s the true gift here! . I am IMMENSELY PROUD of you ALL and HAPPY 😍to see you all make your dreams and goals come true! . 1st 🥇Place Winner – Andrea Drechsel @rea_drechsel you win 💰$2,000 2nd 🥈Place Winner – Zeniada Urbina @urbz83 you win 💰$1,500 3rd 🥉Place Winner – Cathy Rogers @cathyrogersphotography you win 💰$1,000 . Go to my stories to see all my incredible finalists😍 . ‼️AND as a little GIFT 🎁 for everyone that’s new to my page & interested to see how my Queens & I motivate each other on a daily basis.... . I will be OPENING my PRIVATE FB group to 10 lucky girls for the next 24 ⏰ hours‼️ . Search FitQueen Community 📲 on FB, send me a request, AND answer the 2 simple questions! . 10 ✋🏻🤚🏻 lucky ladies will get FREE access to our private group!🥳 . ❓WILL YOU BE THE NEXT FITQUEEN 2020 ❓👸🏻 . 🚨FIT IN 30 sign ups are OPEN! Click the LINK in BIO ☝🏻!! @fitqueen_army #teamanitaherbert #fitqueenarmy #fitqueenmeals . If you are ready to make a CHANGE for YOURSELF but are missing the guidance and tools to get there this challenge is DEFINITELY for you!

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ANITA_HERBERT. 🔥Total Body Burn- can be done at Home or Gym✅
❗️My brand new “FIT I

🔥Total Body Burn- can be done at Home or Gym✅ . ❗️My brand new “FIT IN 30” guide will help you survive the holiday season❗️ @fitqueen_army . ❌Click the LINK in BIO ☝🏻to sign up❌ . The Holiday season is here! Which means: ⬆more family time ⬆️more food ⬇less time to workout . So if we want to be REALISTIC, this month’s goal is: getting in a QUICK sweat sesh when time allows, without missing out on the things that really matter🙌🏾😌 #familyfirst❤️ . Instead of smashing the gym 5-6x per week, and focusing on each muscle group, Cut it down to 3-4x and focus on higher intensity full body sessions . I mean if you REALLY think about it, you can probably squeeze in 20-30 minutes into your busy day🧐 All my programs include home versions so you don’t even need to leave the house 😌 #NoExcuses . ‼️SAVE this workout for the next time you need a QUICK SWEAT SESH💦 . 3x 1️⃣DB Reverse lunge to lateral raise - 10 2️⃣DB squat hold punches - 30 sec 🥵these are hardAF . 3x 10 3️⃣BB squat to press 4️⃣DB Star Squat Jump . 3x 10 5️⃣Burpee Jack Jump -🥵oh man, I really hate these 6️⃣Wall sit w DB front raise . 🚨CLICK the link in bio ☝🏻and get your copy of FIT IN 30 today! 🚨

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ANITA_HERBERT. How I stay MOTIVATED all the time...
I DON’T!🤷🏻‍♀️
I have shit w

How I stay MOTIVATED all the time... . I DON’T!🤷🏻‍♀️ . I have shit workouts & shit days. . I mess up A LOT. . I eat junk food. . .....like EVERYONE else. . IF you think 🧐 ANYONE can stay motivated every single day and every hour of the day… . Think again 💭 . We tend to ALWAYS be in search 🔎of some sort of MOTIVATION . As if without it we CAN NOT 🤦🏻‍♀start anyting. . The Truth is… . It’s IMPOSSIBLE to be motivated all the time, just like you can’t be happy all the time either. . Some days i wake up feeling like a superhero ready to save the world 🦸🏻‍♀️ . and on others ....I don’t even want to put my clothes on 😩 . I don’t wake up every morning at 6 am motivated AF & ready to smash it . To be honest, i don’t even want leave my bed in single digits ⏰🤣 . BUT, I got GOALS to ACHIEVE! . I have been waking up at the same time for so LONG that it became a habit, I do this EVERYDAY! . So NO, motivation does NOT wake me up. . HABIT ☝🏻wakes me up! . Habits and consistency 🔥 are what gets me going on days when I’m not feeling it. . If you rely on motivation alone to start something, you will find yourself not getting anything done or even beginning #facts . The key 🔑 here is do the things you don’t want to BUT have to do, and form habits around them . Be consistent EVERYDAY until it basically becomes second nature to you. (like brushing your teeth 🦷) . Some days you’ll wake up and feel excited to do them…🥳🥳 . And on other days when you not feel like doing shit 💩 ...your CONSISTENCY and your STRONG HABITS will be there to get you through it!💯 . Don’t wait for things to happen, don’t wait till you feel 100% ready, you’ll NEVER🙅🏻‍♀ FEEL 100% ready.. . Every day is a NEW OPPORTUNITY💫 . This is YOUR LIFE and YOU are in the DRIVER SEAT💺 . 🚨CLICK the link in bio ☝🏻and get your copy of FIT IN 30 today! 🚨 @fitqueen_army #teamanitaherbert #fitqueenarmy #fitqueenmeals . How do you deal with days when you have ZERO motivation? PUSH TROUGH IT or QUIT?

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👗 Dress or 👖 jeans? The forever dilemma 😳 . What do you prefer on a night out? Lets discuss 👇🏾🤓 . 🚨FIT IN 30 sign ups are OPEN! Click the LINK in BIO ☝🏻!! @fitqueen_army #teamanitaherbert #fitqueenarmy #fitqueenmeals

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ANITA_HERBERT. It’s so frustrating...
When you are doing all the “RIGHT THINGS” (ea

It’s so frustrating... . When you are doing all the “RIGHT THINGS” (eating HEALTHY & working out regularly) . And feel like you are the ONLY one that’s not seeing results?!😩 . I wasn’t blessed with a round booty...as you can see🙄 . Butt implants or 💉 was NOT an option for me. . Don’t get me wrong, NOTHING against it, I just prefer to work for it. It makes me appreciate it more. . Plus i would have never made it to be a top 15 Olympian with a fake butt🤭 so I’m glad I didn’t choose the “easy way” back then. . I was extremely DETERMINED😤 and i was willing to put in the HARD work EVERY single DAY for YEARS. . BUT, you wanna know WHEN my body really started to change QUICKLY? . When I STOPPED 🖐🏽using random workouts & BS cookie cutter diet plans from the internet.... . And started taking my shit SERIOUSLY!😤 . It took me YEARS of trial and error to find the BEST methods to build my body. . Now i know, that my progress would have been a LOT faster if I didn’t have to experiment 🧪 & figure out everything myself. . And this is EXACTLY why I’m here talking to YOU now. . I want to help you SAVE TIME & headache.. cut the unnecessary corners & get RESULTS FAST! 💨 . I want to teach you my PROVEN methods to help you turn your 🥞 into 🍑 . And I DO NOT CARE what others tell you about genetics and shit... You CAN 💯% change your body shape with the right DIET & TRAINING PLAN. . I would have NEVER😳in a million years thought I’d ever have the body i have now. . Getting into fitness was 💯% the BEST decision of my LIFE and I want the SAME for you! . So Say 🖕🏾 to your excuses! It’s all in your head! . If I did it, so CAN YOU! . If you are ready to take a CHANCE on yourself… . 🚨Click the LINK in BIO ☝🏻and get your copy of FIT IN 30!! @fitqueen_army #teamanitaherbert #fitqueenarmy #fitqueenmeals

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ANITA_HERBERT. 🤤Glutes & Hammies🤤
👭TAG a friend who NEEDS to see this👭

🤤Glutes & Hammies🤤 . 👭TAG a friend who NEEDS to see this👭 . 🚨FIT IN 30 sign ups are OPEN! Click the LINK in BIO ☝🏻!! @fitqueen_army . #teamanitaherbert #fitqueenarmy #fitqueenmeals . Let’s get into the workout: . SUPERSET1: 4 sets 1️⃣DB pull through - 12 - the key here is to focus on pushing your hips back instead of bending forward! thats gonna help you feel your glutes & hammies rather than your lower back. . 2️⃣Kneeling squats on SM - 12 this might feel awkward at first, but once you get the feel of the move you glutes will be on FIRE! Always squeezeeee at the top! (think of this as a vertical hip thrust) . SUPERSET2: 4 sets 3️⃣Single leg good morning on SM - 10 each Lower your chest towards the ground, push your hips back, feel the stretch in your hammies🔥 . 4️⃣DB RDL - 12 (plates are optional!) keep your chin tucked in, and the neck in a neutral alignment with the rest of the torso. (I like to do this exercise like I’m a “robot🤖”) . 5️⃣Prisoner hypertension - 12 each us the hamstring to pull the torso back in + squeeze on top + DO NOT FALL🤣🤷🏻‍♀ . 🚨Click the LINK in BIO ☝🏻and get your copy of FIT IN 30 NOW . If you have any questions regarding my programs!👇🏾 shoot me an email. 📧:INFO@ANITAHERBERT.COM

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Holidays are STRESSFUL🤯
I used to FEAR this time of

Let’s be REAL . Holidays are STRESSFUL🤯 . I used to FEAR this time of the year like CRAZY . All those yummies 🍰 🧁 🍪 in the kitchen, at family dinners, restaurants etc . I had ZERO knowledge or IDEA how to handle all these temptations . I would put on 5 -10 extra pounds EASILY😱 . I was frustrated and not enjoying myself... . BUT it does NOT 🙅🏻have to be that way! . Of course I know that now . I designed “FIT IN 30” with my own experience in mind. @fitqueen_army . ❌Click the LINK in BIO ☝🏻to sign up❌ I know we all struggle, we are all stressed, have to prep, plan, shop, and spend time with our family… . ❓Who’s a perfect candidate for FIT IN 30 . 🎁If YOU get easily overwhelmed during the holidays 🎁If YOU don’t have much time to devote to a full fitness plan 🎁If YOU are scared to lose all your fitness progress 🎁If YOU don’t have access to gym equipments 🎁If YOU want a head start on your New Years Resolutions 🎁If YOU are just starting off or have been working out for years 🎁If YOU need something simple BUT effective to follow 🎁If YOU want to stay in shape but ENJOY the holidays . It was CRUTIAL for me to create something that was simple, easy to follow, effective and would help you stay on track and not UNDO all your hard work! . Which is why I designed it specifically to help YOU… . ✅Stay calm and survive this time with quick but intense HIIT style workouts ✅Get in your workouts in only 30 ⏰ min ✅Help maintain all the progress you’ve achieved all year long ✅Keep you focused and active even while traveling or can’t make it to the gym (all you need is resistance bands and dumbbells) ✅Get used to working out even if you are just starting off ✅Follow something that is REALISTIC ✅ENJOY your time with your loved ones but still keep you accountable with your fitness goals . No more more stressful holidays😌 . Let’s end this year 🎉with tuns of fun and with our loved ones 💕close by! . 🚨Click the link in my bio, to JOIN my Queens & I! @fitqueen_army #fitqueenchallenge #teamanitaherbert . For any questions leave a comment below 👇🏼or email me at info@anitaherbert.com

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ANITA_HERBERT. Is there life before coffee ☕️?
Not for me😝
😱 35% - 75% @bodyeng

Is there life before coffee ☕️? . Not for me😝 . 😱 35% - 75% @bodyengineers SALE is ending this week. Don’t miss out!!! . NO CODES NEEDED! Make sure to check out my 📲 stories for sizing & the direct link to shop! . Are you COFFEE ☕️ or TEA 🍵 person?👇🏾

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Finding the right diet is like finding your soulmate�

The BEST DIET… . Finding the right diet is like finding your soulmate👫 . For real🤭 . You want to find something that complements you in the best way possible and something that is sustainable and matches your goals and day to day life. . 😖STOP holiday weight gain!😖 🚨My “FIT IN 30” guide is all you need to survive & actually ENJOY the holidays! 💃🏻 . Click the LINK in my BIO ☝🏻to learn more! @fitqueen_army . I have mentioned many times that I follow a flexible diet. . But it wasn’t always like this. . I started off just like a lot of you... . Restricting😣 my calories, eating chicken and rice, and depriving myself from all my favorite foods. . That is NOT something I can sustain for the rest of my life… I am not a 🤖 . I mean, during my competition preps YES i was kinda like a 🤖😂, but its because it was a SHORT period of time ⏰ and there was a FINISH line. . But when it comes to your everyday LIFESTYLE, you shouldn’t 🙅🏻‍♀️think of your “diet” as having a finish line or waiting for it to end. . If you FEEL that way, that means that you have NOT found the right diet, that you can maintain forever. . 4ESSENTIAL elements you need when choosing your diet: . 🍩A YES on your favorite foods! Some of our favorite foods are not the healthiest choices for us but they ARE the healthiest for our SOULS, and we want to keep that happy 🧘🏻‍♀️🥰and balanced! (it’s all about balance and moderation) . 🍩SOMETHING SIMPLE and easy to follow! If it has 3,000 rules and regulations throw it out, that’s not sustainable or manageable on the day to day . 🍩Feeling deprived and restricted? Say GOOD BYE! 👋🏽 No well-balanced lifestyle should have you feeling like that. If you restrict yourself, you will fail and feel twice as horrible😩in the end. Pick something that gives you FREEDOM with RESULTS! . 🍩Allows you to be social. Your “diet” should NOT prevent you from taking part in special occasions or a dinner out with friends a family. Choose something that lets you compromise, swap, and balance meals in ANY situation. . 🔑It’s IMPORTANT to stay CONSISTENT and motivated, sustainability is what will get you there... ✋🏾STOP looking for short cuts or quick fixes! . How do you feel about your current diet?

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🐵Cutest baby chimp EVER ❤️😭 . My parents and I had so much fun playing with him😍 He definitely loved my dad the most 😂

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ANITA_HERBERT. 🔥TOTAL BODY TONE - you can do at HOME! 💃🏻🤩 @profitnesssure

🔥TOTAL BODY TONE - you can do at HOME! 💃🏻🤩 @profitnesssure . 😱Scared of HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN? . My brand new “FIT IN 30” guide will teach you how to MINIMIZE damage & ENJOY your favorite meals at the same time🤩💃🏻 . 🚨CLICK the link in my bio to SIGN UP! Limited time offer! ⏰ 49$ @fitqueen_army . Time to take a break from your same old boring 🥴workouts with these FUNNNN banded full body moves. . Implementing sessions like this one will help you stay committed and show you results in the mirror sooner than expected.😈 . 📚SAVE this full body circuit for the next time you need a quick full body burn🔥 . Circuit instructions:🤓👇🏾 . Perform each exercise for 45 sec No more than 15 sec rest between exercises 60 sec rest after last exercise 🌀3 rounds . #NeedSomeBands?👇🏾 Im using the X-light (Yellow) 6mm 5-15Ibs Ultra Bands by @profitnesssure in this workout and for most of my full body workouts! These are super durable and long lasting. (they haven’t snapped on me once, and I’m not being gentle with them trust me😂) . They come in different resistance (5-100Ibs) Use “ANITA15” for 15% off.

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Working out + eating healthy is NOT ENOUGH... . Often times we do all the right things..... EAT right + EXERCISE regularly.... . and still can’t seem to get the results we want🤯 . Unfortunately, getting FIT does NOT happen overnight... BUT☝🏾 there are some factors that can play a HUGE role in your progress. . Just going to the gym & eating CLEAN is NOT going to cut it, Your MIND 🧠 needs to be healthy too! . That’s probably one of my BIGGEST tips when it comes to long term success . Happy mind = happy life!🤩 . Mid-way through my journey I started changing my habits and focusing on my mindset as well...and let me tell you, changes came FAST!😱 . 1⃣First off, you need to be more intuitive with your eating! Eat when you are HUNGRY and stop when you are SATISFIED I know, i knowwwww, this sounds cliche, but its SO TRUE & gets OVERLOOKED so often . This was one thing i really messed up on myself. Especially during my competition years. I never ate WHEN I wanted or WHAT i wanted. I didn’t listen to my body so i was never satisfied.😩 (this is unsustainable & will 100% lead to failure sooner or later #FACT) . 2⃣Get more sleep! Your body needs time to heal and rest so that you can grow and get the most out of your new found energy! 7-9😴 hours is what we want to strive for! I personally feel good with only 7 hours if its consistent. What about you?🤔Tell me in the comments . 3⃣Make exercise a habit! Give yourself a GOAL 🎯 and try to hit the gym 3 days a week at least for 40 min ⏰ each session . When you set intentions you are more likely to follow through!😌 . 4⃣Meditate I find that being consistent with my morning meditation 🧘🏻‍♀ has helped me reduce my stress tremendously. Plus i get a LOT more quality work done on the daily basis, because I’m able to focus on what’s important. . 5⃣Build healthy relationships with yourself and others. We perform better when we are feeling all warm and fuzzy inside🥰 . 6⃣And lastly! Learn to say NO! 🙅🏻‍♀when you say no you are in CONTROL! . 🚨FIT IN 30 sign ups are OPEN! Click the LINK in BIO ☝🏻!! @fitqueen_army #teamanitaherbert #fitqueenarmy #fitqueenmeals . Which one of these tips do you need to focus on the most?

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ANITA_HERBERT. Wohoooo! 😻 My brand new “FIT IN 30” program is finally AVAILABLE‼️ 🥳

Wohoooo! 😻 My brand new “FIT IN 30” program is finally AVAILABLE‼️ 🥳 @fitqueen_army . 🚨Click the LINK in BIO ☝🏻to SIGN UP🚨 . ‼️Check my HIGHLIGHT section for detailed walkthrough of the actual guide‼️(how to use it, what’s included etc) . When I first started getting serious about my fitness goals the holidays seemed like uncharted territory! . I feared that all my progress would go down the drain and id be back where I started in January😩 . Took me YEARS to know enough to get comfortable with this. . I made my “FIT IN 30” guide to help you survive the holidays...or even BETTER ☝🏾 I WANT to show you how to ENJOY it.💃🏻 . “FIT IN 30” is the ultimate guide to help get through this time. . FIT IN 30 is designed with flexibility in mind🔑 . Most of us are traveling, spending time with family, planning events, running around getting things ready during this time . Which is why I wanted to make something simple to follow BUT effective enough so you don’t undo all your hard work! . ❓What’s included in “FIT IN 30”❓ . 🎅🏻4 week workout guide (can be used at Home or at the gym 🎅🏻30 min intense Full body & HIIT style workouts 🎅🏻Clean and healthy festive recipe book 🎅🏻My top tips to stay fit during the holidays 🎅🏻Access to my private FB community with over 13k amazing women from all around the world supporting each other daily! . This guide is meant to be ENJOYABLE and flexible enough to be done on its own OR incorporated into your normal training routine. . The holidays 🎉are FUN and your fitness lifestyle should be too! . Do you struggle with holiday weight gain? What’s the hardest part for you? Let me know👇🏼

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ANITA_HERBERT. 🔥BABY BACK🔥- okay, who else thinks that back muscles look hot on a g

🔥BABY BACK🔥- okay, who else thinks that back muscles look hot on a girl ?🙋🏻‍♀(Def me lol) comment yes or no! . 👖👚 @bodyengineers is having a HUGE Black Month SALE! 🚨35% OFF SITE WIDE Go to my stories for direct link + sizing info! . SAVE routine for next time you need a QUICK, TIME EFFICIENT back workout . 🙅🏻‍♀️no more jumping around at the gym! Guaranteed! 🙅🏻‍♀️no time wasted waiting for a machine (i know you already know lol, but ill say it again : I REALLY hate that shit☠) . SUPERSET 1:4 x 🧸Lat pulldown variation (alternating) - 10 each side 🧸Lat Pulldown 1 and half’s - 12 🧸Standing high pulldown - 15 . SUPERSET2: 4 x 🧸Cable row (under grip) - 12 you can do it seated if you prefer. I didn’t have a bench available so i just imagined one 💭🤷🏻‍♀🤣 🧸Cable single arm pull down - 12 . 🧸Cable single arm reverse fly - 4x 12-15 each arm, no rest in between . PS: 🧸 👈🏾 I just discovered this emoji lol soooo cuteeee . Any questions drop it below! Also let me know what workout you want to see next?!👇🏾

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ANITA_HERBERT. 🚨35% OFF SITE WIDE 🚨 @bodyengineers is having a HUGE Black Month SAL

🚨35% OFF SITE WIDE 🚨 @bodyengineers is having a HUGE Black Month SALE! . Everything is 35%OFF‼️😱 Wohooooooo🥳 NO CODES NEEDED! . Make sure to check out my 📲 stories ☝🏻for Sizing & the direct link to shop! . This is the time to stock up on new gear for the winter ❄ their leggings are super high waist (aka perfect for the holidays 🤰🏾 haha 😂) soft and comfy! @bodyengineers @bodyengineerswomen . ‼️Free world wide express 🚚Shipping over €100 (~ $110)💰

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♥️ ✍🏾 🥰 a little surprise... . 3 things for today 👇🏾 . 1⃣First, i want to say a MASSIVE thanks to everyone for all the kind comments on my previous post🤗 It really warms my heart ❤ to see how many of you read my caption & take the time to actually connect with me. I know how freakin’ busy everyone is nowadays, so i just wanted you to know that I’m always reading all your comments (even if I can’t reply to everyone i always ALWAYS try my best 🤗) I am extremely grateful for everyone’s time and attention. Thank you for the continued love & support. Love you all so much❤😭 . aaaaand to show my appreciation 🎁 Todayyyyy, I’m going to open up my PRIVATE FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP and give 🚨FREE ACCESS to EVERYONE 🚨that wants to join MY FITQUEENS & I and be a part of our loving community 👑 #FitQueenCommunity @fitqueen_army . All you need to do is search “FITQUEEN COMMUNITY” on Facebook and send me a request. ONLY LADIES! (no guys allowed in our PRIVATE group) #QueenPower . 2⃣Everyone thats pre-registered for my brand new “FIT IN 30” program please keep an eye on your 📧 email for a very SPECIAL OFFER🎁🤫 . If you haven’t already pre-registered, you still have until TONIGHT! . All you need to do is CLICK THE LINK in my bio ☝🏻and put your email down! Easy peasy 🍋 squeezyyy.😌 . 3⃣Lastly, wishing everyone an amazing rest of your Sunday! Much love🥰 . If you have any questions about my new “Fit in 30” guide, comment below🙋🏻‍♀

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ANITA_HERBERT. 🙋🏻‍♀️Lets play a game..
Okayyyyy, Nowwww...I’m asking and I want Y

🙋🏻‍♀️Lets play a game.. . Okayyyyy, Nowwww...I’m asking and I want YOU guys to answer🤓 . 1️⃣Why are you guys following me❓ . Workouts? Motivation? Fitness tips? My dogs?🤣 Other?! . 2️⃣What city do you currently live at❓ . Tell me in the comments! . PS: My brand new “Fit in 30” guide is launching next week🥳 don’t miss the pre registration girls😉🤫 Link in bio.

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ANITA_HERBERT. I have ZERO patience…
So do you... I'm pretty sure😏
‼️ @bodyengin

I have ZERO patience… . So do you... I'm pretty sure😏 . ‼️ @bodyengineers 35% OFF site wide! no codes needed!‼️ . We live in a world 🌎 where we want everything RIGHT AWAY. . Our food, our delivery, our RESULTS!⚡ . And if there is one thing that you will really need A LOT of when it comes to fitness is PATIENCE😅 . Because TRUST ME girls .... getting that DREAM BODY of yours takes a shit load of time ⏰ & WORK and you NEED to be ok with that. . That is probably the HARDEST part of this journey, learning to have patience to see results. . And this is what’s missing from most people.... that damn PATIENCE!!! . Results WILL HAPPEN if you put in the hard work 🏋🏻‍♀ , BUT they won’t happen over night . And I know how you feel, i have struggled a lot with this myself. . It’s so easy to beat yourself up, lose motivation & quit when we don’t see changes happening😩 . Thats the worst 🤦🏻‍♀thing you can do & thats the main reason why so many quit/ gives up. . This type of mindset will STOP you from making progress with everything in your life. . Listen, it took time to get out of shape so remember☝🏻 to give yourself time to get BACK into shape. . And also, DO NOT COMPARE! I see many of you girls compare yourselfs to others. . First of all, we are NOT the same, some people might experience immediate results (typically due to genetics) and others will take longer and THAT’S OKAY! . Point is if you follow the right plan consistently YOU WILL 100% see results. 💯 . Remember this is a LIFESTYLE not a quick fix. . Remove ALL 👊🏻expectations, fitness is not linear, there will be times of low points and high points and you need to be prepared for that . Our bodies are always changing so we need to change with it, if not it will never 🌱 grow! . You made the conscious choice to take charge of your life and put your health first. . Trust the process and take it one day at a time. You got this! ❤️ . What do you think is the hardest part of your fitness journey?👇🏼

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ANITA_HERBERT. 🍑LEGS & BOOTY🍑 - only cables
If there is ONE THING i really hate..

🍑LEGS & BOOTY🍑 - only cables . If there is ONE THING i really hate... . It’s walking around the gym, waiting for machines🤯 #soannoying😩 . ‼️SAVE & TRY this quick ONLY CABLE circuit next time your gym is busyAF or you are just simply short on time . 👇🏾Circuit instructions:👇🏾 . 15 -20 reps of each 15 sec rest in between exercises ⏰ 60 sec rest after the last exercise 3 rounds total🌀 . 🔺Cable goblet squat pulses 🔺Cable Squat to curtsy 🔺Cable RDL to squat 🔺Cable single leg deadlift 🔺Cable duck walk 🔺Cable Squat jump with a bounce . more workouts like these on my📲 @body_by_anita APP . 🏋🏻‍♀Home + gym workouts 🥘My favorite quick & Healthy recipes 👯‍♀A positive community for support and motivation . Train with me for less than $2 /week😱(Available for Apple & Android also) . For more info go to @body_by_anita and click the link in bio!

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ANITA_HERBERT. Doesn't matter how many likes you get...
You don’t need to seek vali

Doesn't matter how many likes you get... . You don’t need to seek validation from people to prove your worth!💯 . Okayyyyy, in case you haven’t heard, let me catch you guys up on some news first🤓 . Instagram will be removing LIKES from posts. . Well not completely... . You’ll still be able to see your own likes, but others won’t be able to see yours and vise versa. . I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my friends about what i think of this so here it goes: . In my opinion removing likes won't fix the problem, but it can definitely have a positive impact! . So many people tend to measure their self-worth based on likes on social media . Paying too much attention to likes can negatively affect mental health & self-worth by comparing yourself to others by thinking that if other’s get more likes they must be better than you . I think removing likes can help people feel LESS pressured & MORE comfortable about posting photos of themselves . But in my opinion, the REAL problem isn’t the likes , its the comments & being exposed to all those filtered and edited images that can really hurt people . We can receive hundreds of kind & supportive comments and only 1 bad comment can throw us off & make us focus on what that one hater had to say instead of seeing how positive & loving all the rest were. . Thats just how human brain works🧠 You have to consciously re-wire your brain and focus on the good, instead the bad . So long story short, i don’t really expect a huge change by removing likes, but I'm hoping that it will have a positive impact on people’s mental health . What are your thoughts on this? I want to hear your opinion below👇🏼

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ANITA_HERBERT. You CAN’T  have 🍕 & abs too...
Yeah, I thought so too for a long ti

You CAN’T have 🍕 & abs too... . Yeah, I thought so too for a long time🙄 . I used to be SUPER strict about not having any “bad” food...(my competition years) . I used to think if I wanted to have abs I had to give up EVERYTHING I enjoyed. . Even fruits😱, yeah i know its crazy. . I was way too restrictive & it made me feel MISERABLE😖 . I HAD NO IDEA, that there was a way to eat all my favorite foods & still have a fit body. . I realized, that the problem is not the 🍕... the problem is labeling it as a “BAD FOOD” . Most of us become super strict when we start something new, we become obsessed with following through with perfection, and let me tell you ladies… . Perfection ⚠️DOES NOT EXIST⚠️ . It’s incredible to be hyper focused and want to achieve our GOALS and passion, but if we strive for perfection and have a slip up, we can be very harsh on ourselves, and that’s where the PROBLEM begins! . Progress is never linear! It’s more like a roller coaster🎢 . Most of us loot at 🍕 as a “CHEAT” Or you think of it in a more dangerous way: “I ate a slice of 🍕, my progress is all ruined now, i might as well continue binging” . This type of thinking can do more harm to your progress than that slice of 🍕could ever do. . The way i see food now:👇🏾 There are 2 different categories: . 1⃣: 🥦 🥗 🍗 🍓 : good for my body 2⃣: 🍪 🍰 🍕: good for my soul . And I NEED to have both. . 🔑Once you stop seeing 2⃣ as the enemy, your whole prospective will change. (It sure did for me) . We are all humans, it is okay to crave pizza, chocolate, ice cream as long as it is in moderation. . My clients get to eat there favorite foods weather its pasta, ice cream etc (in moderation)😌 . Remember girls, this isn’t just a DIET, it is a LIFESTYLE. And if your are miserable with your lifestyle, you will give up, sooner or later, but it will happen. it is just a matter of time.⏳ . So instead of seeing something you ate as “negative” shift your mindset to “this is something I can eat in moderation” & “I can still reach my goals” . The key 🔑 is BALANCE and once you find it you will see how much easier it is to be flexible in your diet. . Name ONE food you can’t live without!🤤👇🏾

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