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anita_herbert. 🔥ABS BABY ABS🔥 - time to spice up your ab workouts girls
Outfit by

🔥ABS BABY ABS🔥 - time to spice up your ab workouts girls . Outfit by @bodyengineers & @bodyengineerswomen “BEanita” = 15% OFF . My BEST advice when it comes to training (not just abs, EVERY BODY PART!)👇🏾 . 🛑DO NOT do the SAME exact workouts over and over🛑 . Try NEW exercises, play with speed, rep ranges, rest times, add new variations etc... JUST do something DIFFERENT! . If you have been following me for a while, you know that i always like to keep things FRESH & FUN🎉 . This is probably why I have never lost my love for training. I always find new ways to get myself excited! . Don't get me wrong, i don’t always enjoy training, thats not what im saying.... BUT i notice when i start getting bored or when I start to plateau, so i TAKE ACTION!🙅🏻‍♀️ . ‼️TAG A FRIEND & LETS WORK‼️ . I like to this routine either after my workout as a finisher, or I like to pair it with my cardio session . Instructions: . Complete it as a circuit. 40 sec ON, 20 sec OFF. 60 sec rest after last exercise . 3 rounds total! . #Tip: Just like any other muscle, your abs need a break too! Instead of training your abs every single day, throw in high intensity moves here and there to burn more fat. That will help you reveal those packs much faster, than doing 100+ crunches everyday🤪

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anita_herbert. 1 or 2 ?
Which bikini do you like better? 
no push up OR push up?!🤷

1 or 2 ? . Which bikini do you like better? no push up OR push up?!🤷🏻‍♀️ . Both 👙 are by @bodyengineers & @bodyengineerswomen and are on SALE right now🎉 along with so many new gym outfits!😍 “BEanita” = 15% OFF (For sizing info + discount URL link go to my stories🤗)

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anita_herbert. CHALLENGE REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED 🚫❌⚠️‼️ @fitqueen_army _
As a wom

CHALLENGE REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED 🚫❌⚠️‼️ @fitqueen_army _ . As a woman myself I recognize that women naturally connect body image with self-esteem. . You’ve done it… . I’ve done it… . We’ve all done it… . Which is why it was so IMPORTANT for me to create a program designed for WOMEN to achieve and sculpt a lean and FEMININE body with LASTING results. . None 🙅🏻‍♀️of those BS quick fix cookie cutter one size fits all diet plans. . But a REAL program that helps CREATE new habits, strengthen the MIND 🧠to CRUSH your obstacles and finally learn how to exercise SMARTER NOT HARDER! . Whether you’re a BEGINNER and have never stepped foot into a gym… . Or ADVANCED and want that six pack to show! . I truly believe that with the right mentality and a clear goal you WILL be consistent and your results WILL last. . Support is also 🔑 KEY to your SUCCES and sometimes that drive and motivation can be lost when we take on a new journey and path. . I created my 👑 FitQueen community because I KNOW what it feels like to not have that support. . When you JOIN my challenge, you get ACCESS to a private group of women from ALL AROUND THE 🌎 WORLD supporting each other EVERY SINGLE DAY. . A place, where others are HAPPY🥰 for your success, SMILE and CHEER for you… . But ALSO …LIFT you up when you are down… . Where you can MOTIVATE and BE MOTIVATED. . Because as FitQueens we CRUSH our goals TOGETHER! 👯‍♀️ . There is no perfect time ⏰ … YOUR time is NOW! . All the fun 🎉begins Monday October 14th! LADIES we are less than 24 HOURS ⏰ away from the LAST FitQueen challenge of 2019!😱 .

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anita_herbert. 😱8 BOOTY EXERCISES- ONLY 1 MACHINE😱
If you ONLY use the leg extens

😱8 BOOTY EXERCISES- ONLY 1 MACHINE😱 . If you ONLY use the leg extension machine for QUADS.... you NEED to see this😈 . Here are 8⃣ exercises you can do (other than what its actually meant for ☝🏾haha) . Whenever I’m short on time or the gym is packed or I’m training in a crappy hotel gym.... I always like to attack the leg extension #SoManyOptions #NeverDisappoints😌 . 👯‍♀Tag a friend who you think would like to see these moves!👯‍♀ - sharing is caring babes😜 . 1⃣SINGLE LEG GLUTE KICK BACK 2⃣FROG PUMPS 3⃣SIDE KICKS 4⃣HAMSTRING CURL 5⃣BANDED HIP THRUSTS 6⃣FROG STANCE BANDED HIP THRUSTS 7⃣SINGLE LEG BANDED HIP THRUST WITH ABDUCTION 8⃣DONKEY KICK BACK . #Tip: Adding bands to these moves really makes a difference! You will engage your glutes a LOT more!😈 I get all my bands from @profitnesssure best quality👌🏽 “ANITA15” = 15% OFF!

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anita_herbert. Growing up I was always extremely insecure about my booty..
I used t

Growing up I was always extremely insecure about my booty.. . I used to ONLY wear loose pants to hide it🙈 . Im sure some of you can relate🤭 . So I got very determined to change it. . And since injections/ surgery were not an option for me... I had to put my big girl 👖s on & put in the WORK in the GYM! . It took me YEARS of trials and errors until found the BEST method on how to turn my 🥞 into 🍑z . 🙋🏻‍♀Listen up GIRLS! I’m here to tell all my tiny booty sisterssss out there, that YOU CAN 100% SCULPT and SHAPE your BOOTY!🍑 . It doesn’t matter if your glutes are big ,tiny, flat, saggy, fluffy ....no matter what size or shape you have now, with the right approach you can 100% BUILD THEM.👌🏽 . And trust me girls.. I do know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by seeing all the big booty girls all over on instagram😩 . But, a LOT of those 🍑 s actually aren’t REAL... . Yup, most of those “perfect IG booties” you see on here are “custom made”🤪 . And please DO NOT get me wrong.. I absolutely have NO problem with a fake booty! UNTIL they start selling booty programs and lying to people🧐 . My glutes might not look like one of those perfect “IG booties” but its all mine, built BY my hard work & im proud of it!😤 #FACT . What I’m trying to say is to be careful of who you trust, because unfortunately there are a LOT of BS out there! #fitqueenchallenge #teamanitaherbert

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When i slip , i just act like it didn’t happen 💁🏻‍♀🤣 #SoSlick #NothingHappened . Okay, on the serious note i need to address something important🤓 . I have been getting a lot of questions asking, if you guys can incorporate Intermittent fasting with my FitQueen Challenge?!🤔 . The answer is absolutely YES👌🏽 . For those who aren't familiar with IF. . Intermittent fasting (=IF) is not a diet—i repeat! - its NOT A DIET! Its more of an eating strategy, when you incorporate fasting periods into your eating schedule (time restriction feeding) . It doesn't necessarily mean you have to change WHAT you eat, as much as it has to do with WHEN you eat! . The most popular method is the 16/8 method. This means you fast for 16 hours per day and eat regularly during the remaining 8 hours. . In my experience this method is the easiest to pick up because you are already doing it every night (when you sleep = you fast, duh🤪) - you just need to extend it. (if have your dinner before 8 pm, you can have you first meal at noon👌🏽) . Lets summarize it: There are 2 windows: Fasting + Feeding . Fasting window : this is the period where you DO NOT EAT!You “fast” for 16hrs! You can have water💧, black ☕coffee, tea 🍵...only ZERO calorie drinks (a lot of varying opinions on this, but this a what I do ) . Feeding window: this is when you can consume all your calories for the day!🎉 . This method works the BEST for me when I'm on vacation, because it allows me to spend more time doing activities & exploring & also saves me the hustle of finding restaurants/ grocery shops etc . I personally hate wasting time just looking for a place to eat, and then when we finally find it it takes at least hour to order, eat, pay etc.... no thanks🤣 So I just skip breakfast, get going and save up all my calories for a late lunch/ dinner. . So yeah, you can definitely incorporate this to your meal plan, all you have to do is choose your time ⏰slots and decide when you want to “feed” (consume your calories) and when you want to “fast” (consume zero calories) . Have you tried intermittent fasting?👇

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The BIGGEST MISTAKE i made when I started my fitness journey was that... . I didn’t have A PLAN ... . I just knew that I wanted to get fit and get some abs. . I was doing the motions, eating kinda good (or at least I thought i was😳) but I didn’t see much of a change, so I became unmotivated and felt extremely lost🥺 . NOW I know what i was missing.. a CLEAR GAME PLAN.📝 I waisted SO MUCH time just messing around in the gym... & just simply not knowing how important proper nutrition was! . Once i finally began to understand, i got SERIOUS about planning out my workouts, my meals, my GOALS...everything started to shift & i started to see changes and QUICKLY. . If you are trying to get in shape without a structured plan, you are most likely setting yourself up for failure #SadButTrue . Trying to get in shape without an actual plan is kinda like driving in a foreign country without a map 🗺 ...... . Yeah, you’ll always get somewhere... . BUT the place you arrive may or may not have anything to do with the place you actually wanted to go🥴 . To achieve and maintain your fitness goals, regular exercise, good nutrition, enough sleep etc HAVE TO BECOME a regular part of your lifestyle! #NoShortCutsHereGirls🙅🏻‍♀ . Planing stuff will also get you EXCITED and MOTIVATED at the same time . I personally NEVER go to sleep without having my next day planned out . When i wake up the first thing i do is my mindset tracker (this is also included in my challenge🥰) to prepare myself for the day . Seriously guys, if you do this you will wake up much more motivated and excited to get up and get to the gym & be productive! . Try this for a week and you will see the difference😌 . 🙋🏻‍♀️If you’re feeling overwhelmed with having to learn about nutrition, workouts, and weight-loss im here to help! . I truly UNDERSTAND where you’re coming from⁣ because I WAS THERE & felt exactly like that too🙋🏻‍♀ . I created my challenges to help you save yourself from the guess work and get you the results you want . 📷 by @surraca 💄 by @kornikamakeup

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anita_herbert. 🔥LEAN LEGS🔥 - only dumbbells

🔥LEAN LEGS🔥 - only dumbbells @fitqueen_army . ❌2 SUPER EXCITING new features in my next Challenge🎉👇🏾 . 1⃣”FOCUS FEATURE” In this challenge I have added a “FOCUS” column to each exercise of your training plan - So you know exactly which muscles to focus on with each exercise. If you have problems knowing where to feel the 🔥 during each exercise....not anymore💁🏻‍♀️ #ProblemSolved!😌 . 2⃣”My Day, My Way" workout! On this day, I'm giving you the freedom to personalize your own workout 🥳 This can be any body part you’d like to see further develop! OR simply a body part you enjoy training the most!🎉 . Your choices are: Legs Glutes Abs Shoulders & back Arms Cardio Finishers Accelerated Fat Loss (HIIT) . ❌swipe to the END 👉🏻 to 👀 a sneak peek of my FitQueen 4.0 Weekly Break Down! . 👯‍♀️TAG A FRIEND & LETS WORK👯‍♀️ . Superset: 4 sets 🔹DB MONSTER WALK - 14 (double bounce & push through your heels for greater glute engagement 👌🏽) 🔹DB SQUAT SEQUENCE - 10 (DB squat, DB squats jump, forward jump.then repeat) . Superset: 4 sets 🔹DB STEP UPS - 10 EL 🔹DB WALKING LUNGE W A KICK - 10 EL 🔹STAR JUMP SQUAT - 10 - get ready babes, these are going to be “fun”🤣🥵

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I believe that you CAN truly achieve ANYTHING in life... as long as your WHY is big enough💯 . Every major CHANGE begins with ourselves . we have to take a look at what’s going on the INSIDE, in order to change, improve, and 🌱grow . We MUST first figure out our WHY, in order to lose that weight, gain muscle, become happier & healthier 💕than ever, and just feel better all around! . So ask yourself... WHY do you want to be fit?🤔 . 1⃣Is it for 🌱health reasons? 2⃣You want to be able to be more active?🏃🏼 3⃣You want to be more successful at work?👩🏻‍💻 4⃣You want more energy to play with your 👩‍👧‍👦kids? 5⃣Gain self-confidence? 6⃣You want to be a little more irresistible 🥰to your partner? 7⃣To look good in a bikini? 8⃣ ....other?! . There are SO SO many reasons...and they are all good reasons... there is NO BAD ANSWER! . It doesn’t matter if your WHY doesn’t make sense to your friends or your family .... as long as it makes sense to YOU and it is super 🤓CLEAR! It is all about YOU! . AND remember! Your why CAN change! And it should! That just means you are growing! . 🙋🏻‍♀️My ”WHY” has been changing constantly. And nothing wrong with that . When I started training... all i wanted was a SIX PACK 🍫 🤩 . When I started to compete.... my WHY was super clear, I wanted to be in the best shape possible & be the best in my sport😤 I visualized this constantly EVERYDAY… 🏆 . Today, as i am not competing anymore, my GOAL is to be healthy and to feel good in my own skin, because i know that, when I feel good I'm much more productive & just overall happier🤩 . Living healthy & Being fit, helps me stay at the top of my game in my 💻career, as well as becoming a better person to my friends, my family, and even be a better wifey to my hubby👫 . Long story short... . Your reasons might change, but that FUEL 🔥inside you should not! . So, remember your WHY and keep visualizing 🙌🏻it EVERY SINGLE DAY, this will motivate you and allow you to achieve 💫ANYTHING you want #fitqueenarmy . So tell me, What is your WHY? Comment below👇🏼

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anita_herbert. Dont just sit on the couch watching 📺 🥔 wishing you were in better s

Dont just sit on the couch watching 📺 🥔 wishing you were in better shape🧐 . I promise you, if you just get moving and try to get a workout in a couple times a week, (start small, 1-2x a week is better than nothing☝🏾) you’ll feel stronger, more energized, and just overall happier!🤩 . 👯‍♀TAG A FRIEND & TRY THIS QUICK BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT TOGETHER 👯‍♀ . ROUTINE: Do each move for 30 sec, 10 sec rest in between exercises! 3-4 rounds total! . 🦖Side Step Squat 🦖Plank Leg Lift 🦖High Knees 🦖Lunge to Single Leg Deadlift ( 15 sec each side ) 🦖Knee to elbow plank 🦖Double Pulse Squat Jump 🦖Squat to Curtsy . PS: if you live near the beach try to do it on wet sand, makes it extra “FUN”😈 . 🎶:Happinezz @borisbrejcha

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anita_herbert. MY FITQUEEN 3.0 WINNERS!👸🏻
6 weeks have gone by sin

MY FITQUEEN 3.0 WINNERS!👸🏻 @fitqueen_army . 6 weeks have gone by since the start of FitQueen 3.0👋🏻🔥It has been an amazing journey and as you can see from these pictures these incredible WOMEN are nothing short of AMAZING! These transformations have left me speechless😱‼️ . I am so 💕honored to have been able to coach my Queens throughout their journey and watch them evolve and grow physically AND mentally through this entire challenge! 🥰🙏🏼 . Winner 🥇🏆BRANDI DORSEY! My FitQueen WINNER! This is your second challenge with me! You started this challenge to lower your high cholesterol and look at what you have accomplished! i am so proud🥰of everything you have achieved and the decision you made for your health! CONGRATULATIONS babe! You are incredible and just WON 💰 $2,000 . 2nd 🥈Place Winner, Anna Engelmark @annaengelmark The amazing nurse👩🏼‍⚕ who took action and decided to take care of her self for a change! An UNBELIEVABLE transformation 🤩wow! congrats babe!You did amazing! You won 💰 $1,500 . 3rd🥉Place Winner, Patrycja Mordom @pepi_3_ You had only $50 in your bank account after paying your bills and you decided to enroll in my challenge because you were convinced i could help you! I am so proud of you and honored that you trusted me in your journey! You are now 💰 $1,000 richer! . Its always so hard to choose😩♥️ i really hate choosing because Im equally proud of every single one of them♥️😭 . I decided to pick 3 runner ups that i want to 🎁 with a FREE entry for my next FitQueen Challenge (starts October 14th) 👏🏾Sunny Balderree,Tonya Eckstein, and Tiffany Ansaldo . Every single one of you who took on this challenge and decided to make a change for YOURSELF have already won so much more! #FitQueenArmy is stronger together💘 . ❓ARE YOU READY TO BE THE NEXT & LAST FITQUEEN OF 2019 ❓👸🏻 #teamanitaherbert #fitqueenchallenge #fitqueenarmy @fitqueen_army . If you are missing the guidance & accountability this challenge is definitely for you!

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🔥Shoulders Murder🔥 . I listened to you ladies.....🙋🏻‍♀@fitqueen_army . I know how frustrating it can be when you feel like you cant make progress on a certain body part😩 . This is why I added a brand NEW feature “MY DAY, MY WAY” 🥳 to my new FitQueen Challenge, so now you will be able to CUSTOMIZE your own routine and choose which part of your body you want to show a little extra 💕love to! (abs, glutes, shoulders, back etc) . You can pick what you want to target 🎯that day as well as the exercises you’d like to do. This is my little gift 🎁 to you for our last challenge of the year!🥳 . ‼️SAVE & TRY THIS WORKOUT‼️ . SUPERSET1: 4 sets 🐺Cable single arm upright row - 10-12 each 🐺DB alternating shoulder press - 10-12 🐺DB front raise variation - 6-8 (left,right, together = 1 rep) . SUPERSET2:4 sets 🐺BB military press - 10-12 🐺Single arm shoulder press - 12 - i just LOOOOVE this variation with a plate🤩 its EXTRA challenging because you also have to balance the weight (plus i get bored with regular presses lol) make sure to grab the plate strong!!! 🐺DB around the word - 12

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