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_jamieallen_. I’ve had a lot of messages asking about @happywayau lately so I though

I’ve had a lot of messages asking about @happywayau lately so I thought I’d answer here so everyone can see 🤗 Is it safe to take whilst pregnant? Yes! The ingredients are the highest quality proteins, all natural & organic. No fillers. Do I need to work out to take happyway? No not at all, I have it everyday whether I’m training or not. I mix in with my oats in the morning or in a smoothie! It honestly tastes delicious and it’s a great way to get your protein in 🙌🏽 Protein will boost your metabolism, regenerate your cells - hair, nails etc and tone your muscles if your training 🙌🏽 Let me know if you have any other questions below! HAPPYJAMIE gets you 10% off STOREWIDE #Happyway #17weekspregnant

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WIN MY FAVOURITE TOP THREE SKIN PRODUCTS FROM @esmiskinminerals FOR YOU AND YOUR BESTIE!!! IM CHOOSING TWO SEPERATE WINNERS ( 4 lucky ppl will win 3 products each ) The green smoothie , the blue hydrating and the anti ageing serums 😍😍😍😍😍 All you have to do is - Tag a friend ( tag as many as you like, each comment is a new entry ) - Follow @esmiskinminerals + me @_jamieallen_ - Like this pic - Make sure you and your friend are both following us or I will have to choose someone else - Yay you know how much I love these products, I can’t wait to give them to you guys for free!! - Competition is 48 hours only!!!

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_jamieallen_. Obsessed with my new @dylan_kain bag

Obsessed with my new @dylan_kain bag

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What do you think I’m having...boy or girl? I can’t wait to find out!! Feeling the tropical vibes in my Hawaiian Print @jaymesswimwear

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Grateful to have this man by my side, the support and love he gives me is unconditional ❤️ Yesterday at my first midwife appointment I learnt that 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence. My jaw dropped! I just want each and every one of you girls that follow me to know that you honestly deserve the best, to be treated like a queen. Someone that makes you see the best in yourself. Just love yourself and the rest will fall into place ❤️ don’t settle

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Doing another hike pregnant 😅 This is literally what I wore because I just had to keep cool, I so didn’t want to do another hike but I’m so glad I did! This view was so incredible 🙌🏽 The third most photographed place in Australia #Whitsundays #hillinlet #whitehavenbeach #hamiltonisland

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Today’s preggy workout below 💪🏽 With my training I have lightened the weight & the reps are between 12-15 with 3 sets❤️ I also try to do more exercises that don’t use my core so much, so more bands and machines 😊 I also get exhausted a lot quicker so I don’t go as hard as I used to 😅 • Warm up on stair climber for 5 mins doing kick backs with band • Smith machine squats using @dannibelle_active bands - 15 reps • Leg press 15 reps • Abductor Machine - 15 reps starting at a low weight and upping it each time, I also like to hold them on the last 5 reps for that extra burn. • Leg extension - 15 reps 3 second eccentric ( way down ) Stretch ❤️ Let me know what you want to see more of on my page 😘 #17weekspregnant

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Me 24/7 just trying to keep cool in 30 degree heat 😅 Just launched the NEW LA FLORA TOP & RIAD BOTTOM @jaymesswimwear | WATCH MY STORY FOR MORE | So damn comfortable & just a super cute design that I am so proud of!! It wasn’t easy to make this top work - Reversible, removable hard moulded padding cups, a lace band, a real tie in the front, cute shoulder ties and a top that looks great on a broad range of boobies 🙌🏽 I know you will all LOVE! #whitehavenbeach #whitsundays

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_jamieallen_. My kinda arvo 🙌🏽 Enjoying my favourite @boost_juice Mango Magic 👅 �

My kinda arvo 🙌🏽 Enjoying my favourite @boost_juice Mango Magic 👅 🥭 Fun fact: Boost juice was my first proper job ☺️☺️ #BoostJuice #MangoMagic #Sp

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I can’t live without my @happywayau protein while I travel! THE NEW BANANA FLAVOUR JUST LAUNCHED & it’s so delicious 😋 🙌🏽🍌 I took it on my hour hike and it was my lifesaver being pregnant! Get 21% OFF NOW WITH THE CODE “AFTERDAY21” Ps: Who seen that story of @kaynelawton stirring me up? 😂

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Time for a sunset dinner wearing head to toe in @kookai_australia for everyone asking on my story 🌴Perfect for my fast growing bumpy! I’ll be wearing heels as much as I can before my ankles blow out 😂 #HamiltonIsland #Kookai

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Seeking shade under a palm for the afternoon 🙌🏽🌴So happy to finally be here! #HamiltonIsland Wearing my @jaymesswimwear CUBA bottom & new top 🤭 #jaymesswimwear

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