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The Devils left Vancouver with Jack Hughes and P.K. Subban and I left only because I had to 😒😒

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Suits and ties yelling out “pay the guys” 🏒🏒

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Can they do the drafting right here?? Well worth the early wakeup call after a long travel day and a late writing night!

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abbeymastracco. My best work as a writer (except for the typo 😒).

My best work as a writer (except for the typo 😒).

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Considering he has a single out on iTunes and Spotify AND he’s headed up to the University of Oregon as a full on ADULT, I guess I can’t call him my baby cousin anymore can I? 😒

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abbeymastracco. Brooklyn go hard

Brooklyn go hard

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Losing my voice at the end of the scouting combine but it’s Jack Hughes you want to hear from anyway! Link in bio to everything from Buffalo this weekend.

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Filter me like one of your French girls 📸 @tweeterjain

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It’s all good, from Diego to the Bay Your city is the 💣 if your city making pay • Two weeks after I turned 18 I packed up my little green Honda and moved to San Diego. I was a little baby college cheerleader, I worked at Hollister (lol) and taught gymnastics while trying to figure out what I wanted to write about. One day, someone said, “Hey, the baseball team is going to be good. You should write about them.” Sooo I did and look where we are 15 years later!

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Should we apologize or f*** it, just leave ‘em pissed? Ok I’ve hit my quota on Nelly for the year. I’m done I promise!

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You should see me now I’m eating Wheaties now I’m stealing second and third and looking home peepin’ greedy now

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Hold up wait a minute, y’all thought I was finished?

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Did I miss spring training?? First full season with the Devils is in the books! Back on the Mets in a week but first I’m just going to hang here for a minute ☀️☀️

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Weekend long read: Mackenzie Blackwood had all the tools to be an NHL goalie but he had some growing up to do in order to put them to use. Link in bio for I nsight from teammates, coaches and former Devils’ goalie Scott Clemmensen on how Blackwood became a bright spot in a bad season for New Jersey, and what’s next.

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“Look at Dirtbag over here, isn’t this a little excessive for the Carolina League?” - Mike Scioscia to me, 2014. I brought my Annie Savoy dress to Raleigh/Durham and I strongly encouraged the Duke baseball team to throw some ground balls because strikeouts are fascist. And boring. When you speak of me, speak well!

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abbeymastracco. Which park are y’all playing basketball? 🏀
Throwback to the last time

Which park are y’all playing basketball? 🏀 Throwback to the last time the NCAA regionals were at Honda Center. I’m pretty sure all of the snacks I hid throughout the building are gone by now... Like 90 percent sure, at least!

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It’s Opening Day which means the countdown is on for the best day of the year, puppy day!

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abbeymastracco. Sunday read: The art of the chirp, according to the Devils. I talked t

Sunday read: The art of the chirp, according to the Devils. I talked to a lot of guys about this but with how candid Kurtis Gabriel is he really made the story. Click the link in my bio to learn about trash talking in the NHL.

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