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New York is my city but California is my home. Love coming home and making all the kids cry (Sorry Jame!) 🌴☀️

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Never have I been a blue calm sea I have always been a storm - Stevie Nicks, the best damn song writer on the planet

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I used to cover so many games here that I’d hide snacks all around the building and everyone knew me by name. Swipe to see the game where I became famous!

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California knows how to party, just ask Adam Henrique who really made me question my decision to leave today ☀️🌴

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My favorite sandwich is a Courtney-Abbey sandwich 🥪So happy to see my friends and family on this California swing!

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I think I took a wrong turn at the Yeehaw Junction and passed Port St. Lucie! South Florida could not have felt farther from home when I spent my first spring training here in 2017. Now it’s so familiar I get on 95 and I know where all of the Pollo Tropicals are!

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Team roommate takes TO! The best part of the job is getting to connect with other badass women in media. Doesn’t get much better than this one!

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The goalie 🐐

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Ken Daneyko remembers the mustache. Jim Dowd the easygoing way he approached the game. Keith Kinkaid remembers turning pro because of a hockey stick. Martin Brodeur’s former teammates and friends on his Hall of Fame ascent, on NorthJersey.com and in your Sunday paper.

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Drake lied. You can’t get Santa Margarita by the liter here. I asked.

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Rest in peace Mac Dre Imma do it for the Bay 🇨🇦 Caption credit to @ebarnes4, always keeping me on rap lyric brand!

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abbeymastracco. In honor of Hockey Fights Cancer, here’s my dad and I standing up for

In honor of Hockey Fights Cancer, here’s my dad and I standing up for cancer on the trip we took to celebrate his remission from breast cancer. Much like Brian Boyle, my dad has made it his mission to make sure people don’t go through cancer alone. He’s reached out to strangers and talked about what chemo was like on his radio show. I couldn’t talk about his cancer for years, he never stayed quiet and he probably never will. I’ve done my best to reach out to people affected by cancer to follow his lead. If I have even half the impact that Vince has had, I’ll be happy.

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😈v🐧 As the daughter of two cancer survivors, seeing cancer survivor and all-time good guy Brian Boyle with a hat trick on Hockey Fights Cancer Night isn’t something I’ll forget.

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Look If you had one shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture it? Or just let it slip? YO... something something mom’s spaghetti 🍝 Can’t come to the D and not make an Eminem reference!

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Seasons are so overrated ☀️🌴

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Spread leaves that’s the Brooklyn way 🍁🍂

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I’ll be doing another AMA before the Devils host the Preds... Go easy on me, k?

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The city of brotherly Green Man love

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