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Surprisingly, I’m still upright after everything I ate in Chicago!

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Please forgive me for what I’m about to do but... It’s getting cold in hurrr So put on all your clothes I am getting so cold I’m gonna put more clothes on OH!

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Outtakes 🙃🚨

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abbeymastracco. Kyle Palmieri and his fiancé Ashlee Casper have been working to put to

Kyle Palmieri and his fiancé Ashlee Casper have been working to put together the foundation’s inaugural military ball. Click the link in my bio to find out why the Devils’ All-Star was inspired to create the foundation, what he hopes to accomplish through it and to buy tickets 📰👆🏼

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This week’s Devils Plus/Minus is brought to you by Raquel at @shampooavenueb. Amazing job making me blonde again 💁🏼‍♀️ That brunette life just wasn’t for me!

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The first day I walked into the Ducks’ locker room Teemu pulled me aside and very enthusiastically said, “Hi! How are you? I’m Teemu! Do you need anything? Have you eaten at my restaurant yet?” And then he chirped about half the team to make me feel comfortable. From his last seasons to his last games to his jersey retirement and his son scoring the game-winner in a rising stars tournament, Teemu always treated me like I was a veteran. I’m forever grateful for the lessons he taught me those first few years outside of the production room and in the rink.

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abbeymastracco. Nassau Coliseum, partying like it’s 1983

Nassau Coliseum, partying like it’s 1983

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If a kicker misses the uprights today, let it go. He’s only human. Devils’ prospect Cam Johnson opened up about his own experiences being cyberbullied at North Dakota. Link in bio 📰

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Devils are a minus for the week but they could be getting a few players back who could push them into the plus side next week 👿 Click the link in my bio to watch Devils Plus/Minus.

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🎶You used to call me on your payphone🎶

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When you go to college three hours from Vegas you’re going to have a few, um, memorable trips. I’ve experienced everything from cheerleading competitions to college debauchery to bachelorette parties in Vegas. Never expected to experience hockey here but it did not disappoint!

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New this year: Devils Plus/Minus It’s been a while since I edited video and I won’t always be doing it from the back of an uber on my way to In-N-Out Burger (but I wish that was always the case!). Every week I’ll break down the good, bad and the ugly and preview the week ahead. Head to NorthJersey.com or click the link in my bio to check it out! Now I’m going check out some animal style 🍔

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Didn’t make this kid cry ❤️ Baby Lobster 🦞

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This is solid media relating right here, Stars PR 🍺

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A few months ago I heard someone yell “Abs!” from across a terminal in Newark airport. It was the same “Abs!” I heard so many times coming into work at FOX Sports. This morning, I found out that would be the last time I ever heard that. Mike G. passed away. • A month ago, I frantically changed my train from DC to get to a funeral on Long Island. Right after I got on the train my dad called me with news that a very close family friend had passed away. The last time I talked to him he told me this: “The Giants have gone back to being a bunch of bums!” • This has been an extremely challenging year, to say the least. Sports are great because they can bring people together and distract you when you need it most, but the biggest thing I’m taking away from this year is that life is bigger than any game. • A year ago, I had no idea I’d be here covering hockey again. But I’m happy to be here and happy to have the opportunity to cover some baseball in the summer. You never know what life is going to throw at you, just make sure you’re not taking any of it for granted. Happy New Years from the Rock!

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Will the Devils lock up Taylor Hall? Will John Hynes return when his contract is up (yes)? What will the Devils do about their goaltending situation? Pick up the Bergen Record, the Daily Record or click the link in my bio to read up on the team’s five biggest storylines to watch going into the new year.

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Come for the cannoli, stay for the hockey 🏒

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abbeymastracco. I still get excited seeing my name in print 📰🗞📰🗞

I still get excited seeing my name in print 📰🗞📰🗞

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