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Ever wonder how people are so motivated to exercise, train, workout.... . . . How do you make exercise motivational.... how do you make exercise a life long thing that you do..... . . MAKE IT FUN !!! It’s that simple ! Find what you enjoy, be around people who inspire you, and have fun with it !! . . . . The people you see coming and going from there their training day in and day out DONT hate what they do... they friggen love it ! They love the challenges, the push, the community, the variety, the failure, the success, the support and the social.. find what you love doing... and you ll be motivated even on days that suck !

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Huge congratulations to Tomo and Soph and their team for taking out the Open women’s national champions for the SECOND year in a row !!! Top effort girls, you are absolutely killing it !!

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Sunday arvo run crew!!! #adpcrossfit

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active_discovery_project. Coffee and ice baths for Saturday shenanigans!! ☀️☀️

Coffee and ice baths for Saturday shenanigans!! ☀️☀️

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active_discovery_project. Want to start learning or nailing movements?? Pt sessions are the way

Want to start learning or nailing movements?? Pt sessions are the way to go guys. We can zone right in on what you want with a hour session designed around you and your needs for your goals !! Let us know if you d like to book a session ! 💪💪😊😊

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Time for a quick coffee. What a beautiful place we live.

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Was great to catch up with these 2 legends.Bobby & Jude!! #mastersleague

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active_discovery_project. Competition time ! #adpgetinspired .

We are all about people cele

Competition time ! #adpgetinspired . . . We are all about people celebrating their health through getting out and doing what’s makes them happy, things they are passionate about ! Fighting things like depression, anxiety, stress and chronic disease by feeding the body and mind what it needs. Time to get inspired! . . . . One way we would like to push this message out is we would like you to post a photo of yourself doing whatever you love doing outdoors, even its its as simple as lying on a beach with a book. . . . . . How to enter : Tag us @active_discovery_project and use the hashtag #adpgetinspired to go in the draw for a chance to win 2 weeks membership FREE valued at $70 AND if your wearing adp merch in the pic you ll also win a free shirt from our new range coming soon !! . . . . . Competition will be drawn on the 30th of Jan 2019. ADP CrossFit members and non members both welcome to enter! Can’t wait to see your pictures !!

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ADP crew !! We had 64 people come through our doors Monday, this photo was just one of the classes, please have a look, have a look at the different ages, the different body types and the different genders. All of these people did the same workout side by side, scaled to their needs, supporting one another the whole time. . . . We are not just here for ourselves but for each other as well. Have a great Wednesday!!

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🔴WE ARE WANTING TO REACH OUT !! ⚫️Are you Wanting to have a go but feeling a little scared ???? ⚫️We have a option available for you ! . . . 🔵We know there are some people out there that have wanted to come in and see what our community is all about and start working on their goals but are having a hard time finding the confidence to do so. . . . 🔴First of all let me just say this is so normal ! Change is hard and scary. You have probably watched our social media and seen big weights been thrown around, or gymnastics movements being pulled off.... these people started where you are now. None of them walked in and just did it. . . . 🔵We would like to offer you a way to start that will ease you in, in a environment you will feel more comfortable with 😊 just like a our foundation crew, we will teach you an introduction to CrossFit, all the movements, all the formats and what it’s all about, and you can decide if it’s for you after we finish 😎😊 . . . 🔴🔴🔴We are looking for a group of 6-10 people (you don’t have to know each other just sign up by yourself or with a friend we ll do the rest!) to do a 4 week block this will include - 1 introduction to CrossFit class - 2 personal training sessions throughout the 4 weeks (you can do this by yourself or with someone from the group up to you) - And if you want a bit more access to 1 beginners class throughout the week. 🔴🔴🔴 . . . 🔵As this is our first time running this, we are doing it at a really good deal ! Normally valued between $200-$260 for the 4 weeks and personal training sessions. We are offering this for just $95 !! Less than half ! This price wont happen again next time round so if this is something you have been considering, it’s go time ! . . . . 🔴Please hit the message button if you are interested 😊😊 we would love to meet you and help ease you into a journey of fitness, health, community, friends and fun !

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Put your health FIRST ! Without it, you have nothing, without it, all those things your currently prioritising over it... they won’t matter... feeling good is not just about a reflection in the mirror. . . It’s a state of being, it’s having consistent energy to play with your kids, to be a boss at your job, to go hard at your sport, to attend events. It’s being strong and mobile to use your body to its greatest capacity. It’s a sense of achievement and confidence in your abilities and yourself as a person... . . . HEALTH is happiness, and in the end it’s what is determining your quality of life. What are your priorities....

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😂😂😂 this is a big reason we coach, moments like these !!! Well done immy toes to bar and a kipping pull up ! Woo hoo ! . . . Immy has been working hard over 4-5 weeks of personal training to get these movements. One on one really helps you to move forward with your training a lot quicker. 😊

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active_discovery_project. Re-Post from our member Kayla! Kayla is going so well ! She came to us

Re-Post from our member Kayla! Kayla is going so well ! She came to us quite reluctantly feeling quite out of her comfort zone, but the brave amazing girl that she is pushed through and she is now thriving !! . . . Kayla is now smashing goals and one of the most enthusiastic members we have ! She is always smiling laughing and giving new things a go. She has come a very long way since the shy intimidated girl that walked in on her first day, not just with weight loss (which was one of her goals) but with movement as well, covering lifting, cardio and gymnastics!❤️ bloody awesome Kayla 2019 is your year !!

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HEALTH... we believe that health is connected to far more than just the physical. . . Health is physical, most definitely, but it is also emotional and mental as well. Happiness comes from your mental state, the way you view your world. . . . We are very passionate about overall health and how it is all connected. How physical movement creates chemicals in the brain that make you feel good mentally, how learning a new skill you thought you couldn’t do creates self confidence, how pushing through mental and physical barriers connects to mental strength and determination. How the combination of outdoor and indoor training effects the brain positively through variety. Watching seniors be able to go up stairs, twist, turn, bend and squat with ease, Or just how being apart of a team that doesn’t judge, but rather supports and encourages you for all you that you are. . . . This is what we see health as, this is what we do, through listening to our members and working with their needs. Because this is what we love. . . . What we are creating here is a space for you to be a apart of a team that supports you, your goals and your health from many different aspects. If you are looking for change and you are ready for change, we are ready if you are.

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Tell us what you want to get out of 2019 ?! 💪💪

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1rm and testing has come around again !!! Next week 14th Jan get your scoring done and set your bar for the year 💪😉

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Scared of coming because you feel you can’t do the movements ?? . . Here are 4 people in a main class all doing different movements to get strict pull ups. This is called scaling, we have scaling options for every movement we do and as you can see everyone scales, working on themselves and whatever stage they are at, every workout, every class. 😊👊

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We lead extremely busy lives...pick one thing today that you are going to do just for yourself...not for your kids or your partner or your work or your friends....just for you...Even if it takes 10mins and it’s small... . . Because if you don’t look after you...how can you possibly have anything to give to others?... make you a priority. . . . . Happy Saturday !!

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