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active_discovery_project. Our Friday seniors class ! Everyone bops around dancing and singing to

Our Friday seniors class ! Everyone bops around dancing and singing to 60s smash hits all the while working up a sweat doing their workout 💪💪 great vibe !!!! 😁😎 #seniors #seniorsworkout #strength #longjevity

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active_discovery_project. Josie Lullam ! Josie has been doing CrossFit for roughly 6 months. Whe

Josie Lullam ! Josie has been doing CrossFit for roughly 6 months. When she started her mobility didn’t allow her to squat, she had to use plates under her feet and couldn’t make depth. Josie took this one and mobilises nearly daily and now has one of the neatest squats around ! 🙌🙌 bloody awesome Jose! 😎

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Info for our new up and coming classes of a Wednesday!!

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📣 Changing it up !!!! Message for members and non members !! We have lifting and outdoor available ❌Ok guys as you know we love to have variety in our training and we are very big on mental health as well as physical. So we would like to change it up a bit following our philosophy on health and your interests currently by offering a skills session at the box and a outdoor training of a Wednesday instead of the main class. Our skills sessions will run for 4 week blocks. Our first block will be LIFTING! 🏋️‍♀️ depending on the interest we will be looking at running a gymnastics after that ! ☀️ Our outdoor sessions are aimed at mixing it up! We know there are a fair few of you that love to get outside ! Coming into our warmer months let’s get out and enjoy this amazing area we live in !! ☀️ ‼️🛑🛑We have a block payments for non members that would like to just attend these outdoor sessions as well !! ‼️🛑🛑 members its apart of your membership.

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This morning we had 3 generations of a family workout together in our seniors class, and all of them got a workout doing the same programming just scaling up or Down to their needs. What a awesome way to kick off your Friday girls, enjoy your weekend !!!!

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CrossFit is a amazing fitness tool ... but it’s also so much more than that. It’s empowering, empowering to learn that you can do things you never thought possible, to learn how to deal with struggle and pain , to learn that no matter how hard it is you can make it through... CrossFit is way more than just a workout. It’s growth, both physically and mentally and That is the reason people love it.

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📣 ATTENTION 📣 ADP is hosting a workshop presented by Josh from @fortitudenutritioncoaching By attending the Nutrition is a Skill Workshop, you will: ⚫️- Learn the fundamentals of nutrition 🔵- Cover macronutrients and their roles ⚫️- Discuss the importance of nutrient timing for body composition, athletic performance and overall health 🔵- Create meals that they can implement immediately ⚫️- Learn about time management and cost saving skills 🔵- Get a chance to ask any questions related to nutrition ⚫️You will receive this in an interact 90 minute workshop where you get a NIAS booklet created by Fortitude Nutrition Coaching full of information and meal plan templates!! 🔵This is not to be missed guys Josh really knows his stuff and is super passionate about what he does! ⚫️I work with Josh on my own person nutrition and im extremely happy with my results ! (Ezz) Members AND NON Members both welcome to attend. Workshop will be held the 28th of November 6pm to 7:30pm. For more details please message!

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Another smiley Visitor from @crossfithijacked Amy thanks for joining us tonight !! You don’t have to be a member to train here, we have casual passes and your first one is always free !! @wadeo6

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You are a product of your environment. If you want to change, to hit goals, to feel good. Then you need to be around people that want the same thing, people that have what you want already to inspire you and to teach you, and people who encourage and support you in your progress. I lion never found its roar by hanging out with sheep. It learnt from other lions. It learnt from finding its pack, learning and growing with them. What does your environment look like ?? ..

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Team Saturday we had @chrispybateup drop in from @crossfithijacked Chris teamed up with @wadeo6 for a little partner WOD. A couple of @chredbacks in training. 😜😜😜

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Don’t forget to collect your single use bottle tops and straws for our recycle project at the box !! 😁😎👌

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Our new water options- no more single use bottles- filtered room temp water in water dispenser and cold filtered water in jug in the fridge. 💦 #recycle #wastefree

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WINNERS !!! The girls and there team came out undefeated 😎⚽️🙌 enjoy the rest of your time in New Zealand @im_tomasone @rophiejones congratulations super proud !

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Yoga 8am Saturday mornings 😊 members and non members welcome 🙏Rebel is our Yoga guru, she is amazing at what she does, she works with you and where you are at with flexibility and strength, making it a great experience for everyone ! @yogireb give her a follow!

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Wish Tomo and Soph GOOD LUCK today, they are over in New Zealand competing in their Futsal comp ! Thanks for repping our logo girls! You s are the best !! GO HARD today 💪💪⚽️⚽️

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Self care ! It’s very easy to get caught up in looking after others, taking care of jobs and doing what needs to be done. Don’t forget to look after YOU! How do you feel ? Are you tired, on and off with sickness, stressed or anxious.... these are all signs that you are not giving yourself the care your mind and body NEEDS. Understand that if you are not feeling good, you can’t assist anyone else or do what you need to do to the best of your abilities. Your only giving a small portion of what you have to give. Look after you first. Not in the selfish sense of the idea, I’n the sense that if you want to be happy, love big and give it your all.. you need to find the time for you.

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