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active_discovery_project. Learn to feel the pain and do it anyway... .

Adaptation, change, it

Learn to feel the pain and do it anyway... . . Adaptation, change, it’s very rarely a comfortable process. Not just when you work out but in any situation for eg a new job. It’s scary at first, you feel a little overwhelmed, a little uncomfortable, but over the first couple of weeks you start to get to know the people and the job and that anxiety / discomfort eases. . . Don’t live your life from the side line because of fear of discomfort. Discomfort is a symbol change, change is growth of life and without growth we are just existing. . . Start with a shift in perspective towards certain feelings. Is there another way you could look at them to help you make the first move??

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active_discovery_project. 📣Closed Friday 19th and Monday 22nd for Easter long weekend. 📣

📣Closed Friday 19th and Monday 22nd for Easter long weekend. 📣

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There are two sets of fuel you get in life. First is food, your nutrition, it fuels your body, keeps you alive and functioning, the better the food the better you feel. . . The second is people! The people you choose to be around fuel your life, their habits influence your habits, their energy effects your energy, what they talk about is a large chunk of where your focus will be!!!! We are largely effected by the people around us wether we care to admit it or not. It’s in our nature as human beings to find a group and stick with them. So how does your group fuel you?? . . Choose good fuel and life will be a lot lighter and happier.

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Wednesday evening is for skills. And a little #zuufitness #ropeclimbs #skills

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Get in the habit of asking yourself “does this help create the life I want to live” if the answer is no, it may be time to look at changing some habits. One success comes from 100 failures, that’s just what the process is, so don’t fear failure, embrace it and surround yourself with others that understand this as well.

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active_discovery_project. It’s a thing.

It’s a thing.

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active_discovery_project. Tonight’s Workout.  Pensioner WOD. The Leeroy Come and help @__leeroy_

Tonight’s Workout. Pensioner WOD. The Leeroy Come and help @__leeroy_ celebrate joining the #mastersleague age group. Fun pairs workout 5.15pm

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Check out our master CrossFit crew !!! They come in week in and week out, they work hard, have a laugh, moan and groan but always get on with it 😂, enjoy each other’s company and encourage one another. We have people in this class right from 40s - 70 s and they are all doing CrossFit!! Such a great example of how scaleable CrossFit is! These guys do all the movements the younger classes do just scaled to meet their needs and we have had so many reports of improvement in quality of life, which is such a rewarding thing to hear as coaches!! So inspirational!! Keep killing guys!

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Seeings how we love core so much 😂😂, we will be offering extra core work after every class for those who would like to improve their core strength! This will go through the weeks of autumn and winter ❄️🍂 @blayne_bignell @emidorn

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Because we are more afraid of becoming comfortable and stagnant, than being uncomfortable and always moving forward. . . Happiness comes from growth and progress, what are you doing to grow as a person ?

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📣 Turn the sound on 📣 ! . . Little snippet from this mornings masters class. Everyone busting out into a jog when all that was asked was a fast paced walk. Absolutely inspiring to watch as they supported and encouraged each other. Really showing how much their training is making them stronger, fitter and healthier!! . . This is Kaye coming in off a 6 lap jog so awesome !! Well done to all the masters this morning ! Top efforts ! Enjoy your weekend !

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This is a snippet out of one of our CrossFit classes. What’s written on the board is 5 pull ups every minute for 8 minutes. Now pay attention to how every single one of these people are all at different stages of getting a pull up but are still all working together on the same thing in the same class!! . . Ring rows are a strength builder taking out any hanging element with feet planted firmly on the ground, building the strength to eventually hold themselves at the top of the bar. . . The girls jumping to the top and lowering slowly are building pull up strength through the negative phase (down phase) of the pull up. . . And down the end Steve can do both kipping and strict pull ups where Sarah is at the stage where she has built the strength and skill to do a few kipping pull ups and is now practicing them in this segment. . . This is what our classes look like for every movement, in every class, we have such a variety of athletes that are all at their own stage of learning and progression and we support them in that by always giving options. . . Your first class is free. If you have thought about coming and giving it a go just take the first step and come in or even give us a message we will help you from there 😊

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The human mind only thrives when it’s learning, when it’s being worked and pushed and challenged... what’s the kicker about this is that the brain also has a defence system that tells you to seek comfort, this is what happens when you “loose motivation” your brain is telling you to seek comfort when really if you do seek comfort (eg staying home eating m&m s and watching Netflix instead of training) you will feel like crap. In comparison to if you push past it, go to training, push your mind and body to achieve something you will feel so much better. . . Motivation comes and goes. It’s up to you to take control of your mind, feel the de-motivation and go anyway. I can guarantee you 10 mins into the class you will have no regrets as your brain then receives all the happy chemicals from exercise. . . Find a sport you enjoy, move your body at least twice a week, eat clean most of the time and do something everyday that you love.. happy life. 😊😌

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We have a range of athletes now from beginners to more experienced, from 5 years old to 80 years old.. the reason we can cater for so many people doing the same thing is because what we do is simply giving people a space to make friends, a space to work on themselves, support to work their goals no matter where they're at, a program that is scaleable to any level of fitness and education on health, both mind and physical through means of our experience and passions, as well as many workshops from healthy inspiring people that have similar life philosophies as our own... . . We have created a space for you to have fun, blow off steam at the end of the day, workout with support, feel supported, included and inspired, and help to make you become a healthier happier version of yourself. . . Why have we done this ?? Because we believe strongly in helping people to become happier through creating healthier habits, educating people on how to maintain those habits to live a long disease free life, making more friends and being around like minded people feeling included and inspired is a big part of human happiness. Simply put, because it’s what we love to do and it’s important that everyone finds there happy place, whether it be with us at ADP or elsewhere it doesn’t matter. Ultimately living a happy long healthy life is what the ultimate goal is!

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active_discovery_project. Emi Dorn with tips on how to get chest to bar on 19.5 😂😂😂😎✌️ @emid

Emi Dorn with tips on how to get chest to bar on 19.5 😂😂😂😎✌️ @emidorn

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Meet our member Joel ! Joel has been with us since day one ☝️ and he has come so far since then mentally and physically have a rear of Joel s story !! 🔸 🔸 What’s your story? What has being a part of ADP done for you? 🔹 🔹 “In the late stages of me being 17 I was diagnosed with depression and pretty high levels of anxiety and was quickly put on medication to help deal with it. I was pretty aware from when I was first diagnosed that getting active can help deal with it, so I tried basketball which helped a bit but unfortunately the motivation didn’t last and then just going to a commercial gym with a few mates which worked great but I was unfortunately still going on and off the medication from ages 17 to 22. 🔻 🔻 So in the first few months of last year I was probably going through some of the worst anxiety of my life after moving back early from being an AU Pair in America and a few other life events that had happened in a short time and then randomly one day Julie (Juju) had offered me a deal if I helped them out with the box so I decided to join ADP and give it a crack. 🔻 🔻 After a few sessions I knew this was what I wanted to do with my spare time and that I was having so much fun and the most fun I had had in awhile and I was also socialising with people I barely knew way more than I had ever done before. 🔻 🔻 After a few months of doing this (also after doing my first opens with 3 weeks experience, thanks Juju) I had decided to take myself off my medication and haven’t taken it ever since and I’m feeling the best mentally and physically than I have ever been before. 🔻 🔻 Now 4 comps in and onto my second opens I’m now a year into CrossFit and still have the same love for it from when I first started, I have achieved so many goals in what I feel is such a short and can’t wait to achieve more. 🔻 🔻 A massive thank you to all the people involved with ADP and a massive thank you to the Bellamy’s for helping me out in more ways than one! @fruitylexiapapi

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Open s is nearly over !! 19.5 on Saturday will be followed by a celebratory BBQ to finish off our first ever open as ADP CrossFit !! See you all there !

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