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Wherever we go in our world, Costa Rica or The Algarve, we take ourselves with us. No matter how beautiful the horizon we’re looking at, we should make effort to work on our selves despite and inspite of the horizon we see. Of course, a lovely sunset can be a wonderful instigator and catalyst for change, but in witnessing it alone, we shouldn’t presume change will happen without requisite work. Paying attention, acting consciously and sitting still are some of those things that can facilitate real change and acquisition of tranquility, no matter where you are. A pool and emails set to our-of-office is just a bonus. . No classes this week as I’m teaching my retreat in Spain with Holly

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Taking a moment to break from my warrior 2 and have a lovely gaze at my knee and my @liforme ... I’ve used these mats since they first launched, and genuinely haven’t used a mat I’ve preferred to practice on more. Over the years I’ve got to know the team behind it really well, including the creator, who developed this after years of practice, determined to make as perfect a mat as possible ... and one that’s kind to the environment.. 🌍 To celebrate earth day you can get a 15% discount in all @liforme products using code AHUSLER2019 with 5% going to Friends of the Earth. I also get a little kick back, which will go to the wedding fund!

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I’m doing it all... balancing, internally rotating, externally rotating, twist, hip opening etc etc. But you really don’t need to make a pose look complex for the sake of it! Just because you know a variation of a pose that you think is more complex, wait to see if the teacher gives it as an option. Why? Because the teacher’s job is to plan and teach an effective sequence and there is a chance that they have a reason for instructing what they are, in the context of the sequence and where they intend to take you. Trust them.. . 📷 @pablotsukayama wearing @ohmmeapparel

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Sometimes we become a little bit like Donald Trump’s press secretary. We don’t know why we did or said something stupid , but it’s our job to try to find a reason for it and explain it. My aim is to try to pause more, think more and consider the whys and whats before I act. It’s going ok.... it a journey I’m in for the long run!

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The mega partnership of @designmuseum x @equinox is back! 18th May I’m helping you kick off your Saturday, with an energising yoga class followed by a private viewing of Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition. @karim_kamar will be back too, providing magic on his 🎹 . Saturday 18th May - 8am - link to get ticket in stories...but they sell fast!

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It’s that time of the week, where I’ve got back to London and I tell you where you can find me and my bad jokes this week, where we’re putting the last months work together as we work towards forearm balance! . . . MON/// Equinox 10.30am (90 min open) Triyoga Shoreditch 2.30pm (75 min open) Triyoga Chelsea 7.30pm (75 min level 2) . TUE/// E by Equinox 8.15am (60min open) Triyoga Camden 1pm (90min open) & Triyoga Camden 2.45pm (75min level1/2) Equinox 6.15pm (75min open) . WED/// Triyoga Shoreditch 2.30pm (75min open) Triyoga Camden 5pm (75min open) Triyoga Soho 7.45pm (75min open) . THUR/// Equinox 9.30am (60min open ) Triyoga Soho 6pm (60min Hot) . FRI/// Triyoga Soho 10.15am (75min level 1/2) Triyoga Soho 2.30pm (75min open) Triyoga Camden 4.30pm (60min open vinyasa) . ONLINE//// Udaya.com

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48 hours of my life have featured; -teaching 2 classes and new workshop in London - teaching 2 workshops in Vienna - 2 flights, 3 taxis, 1 bus, 6 tube trains - a sound session with @soulstretch.co . - good chats with @yogalexia_ - an episode of Dogs on @netflix . .......next stop, bed on my heavenly @evesleep

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Do not understate the significance of aligning a sunrise with your backbend. A sure sign of your progress on a path of self-mastery. - If you fancy aligning your sunset with me, then there’s plenty of retreat options left. Spain is fully booked, but then I’ve got a spa retreat with @yasuragisweden and retreat either @reclaimyourself in Italy, the Azores and Iceland. - link in bio for website . ✈️ see you tomorrow Vienna

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We talking about ‘bending so you don’t break’ but how about also strengthening, so that you don’t break because you’ve bent too much? - A need to ‘put something back together again’ via surgery, is possibly, more likely due to a development of over-flexibility/ instability (with force then applied), than it is to being over-tight or strong (with force then applied). - Find balance everyone. In every sense. - Sunday I’ll be in Vienna where you can join me for 2 workshops or come as part of a whole day retreat with @yogalexia_ @soulstretch.co

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This might not be the most commercially savvy move, but I generally tell my students to not just go to my classes, but instead to have 3/4 regular teachers that offer them different things. A lot of us live it cities, where we are no longer the ‘only yoga teacher in the village’. As teachers we don’t have to be everything, to everyone, but we can craft our own niche and dedicate time and effort in increasing our skill and experience in that area... . Whilst my focus is more towards controlled, effective, yet challenging, sequences that explore alignment principles and the balance of flexibility and strength, you may also wish to supplement this by going to teachers that offer more focus on : - a restorative practice - faster, flowing sequences - spirituality - physically demanding asanas - music and experience - creativity and free flowing movement - personal development . Mix it up! But if you’re coming to my classes this week, we’re exploring how to tackle wild-thing safely and effectively, without focusing on end shape!

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Yoga asana, of course, has plenty of physical benefits, but more importantly it offers a lovely vehicle for self enquiry. Can you keep your breath steady and your mild calm in an asana that is challenge for you? Do you push it too far and make pretty shapes, whilst loosing integrity and holding your breath? In your practice, do you get value from a pose intrinsically, via what it gives you, or extrinsically, via what other people think of you doing it in class . Code AHUSLER2019 will get you a cheeky 10% discount off @liforme and help me pay for flowers at my wedding!

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This is warrior 2..... . - For my first year of practice I was just struggling with making the shape. I hated it. . - Over the following 4 years I became ‘good’ at the pose; beating’ everyone else in class at the competition of who can look deeper and more dramatic in it. I found it the easiest thing in the world! . - For the last 7 years I’ve started to hate the pose again! By exploring the subtleties and nuances of the pose, along with the duality of flexibility and street, this pose is getting harder and harder over time. And that’s wonderful! Perhaps that’s a sign of a maturing asana practice; common poses getting harder; one part on this practice of self enquiry . 📷 by @dylanwernerphotography wearing @ohmmeapparel (Ambassador)

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Back from another weekend teaching abroad, this time teaching a workshop and a 8hr training for teachers in Dublin, Ireland. This weekend you’ll find me teaching a workshop on london @triyogauk and then a day long retreat in Vienna, Austria with @yogalexia_ and @soulstretch.co 👉 if you can’t make the whole day you can do the workshops with me separately! Until then, here’s my normal class schedule 👉 . . MON/// Equinox 10.30am (90 min open) Triyoga Shoreditch 2.30pm (75 min open) Triyoga Chelsea 7.30pm (75 min level 2) . TUE/// E by Equinox 8.15am (60min open) Triyoga Camden 1pm (90min open) & Triyoga Camden 2.45pm (75min level1/2) Equinox 6.15pm (75min open) . WED/// Triyoga Shoreditch 2.30pm (75min open) Triyoga Camden 5pm (75min open) Triyoga Soho 7.45pm (75min open) . THUR/// Equinox 9.30am (60min open ) Triyoga Soho 6pm (60min Hot) . FRI/// Triyoga Soho 10.15am (75min level 1/2) Triyoga Soho 2.30pm (75min open) Triyoga Camden 4.30pm (60min open vinyasa) . SAT/// Triyoga Chelsea 8.30am (75 min level 1/2) Triyoga Chelsea 10am (75 min level 2/3) . ONLINE//// Udaya.com

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*** London Workshop Alert (where we won’t be doing whatever this is...)*** - ‘Your lower half; mobilising, opening and stabilising it’ - @triyogauk Camden - Sat 13th April - 2pm to 4.30pm ****** £35 (£30 early bird until 06th April) ****** As modern yogis we often love to throw our legs around, taking them to aesthetically pleasing places, via the route of least resistance. This is great for making pretty shapes, but not necessarily the best thing for your body, in the long term. . What can I expect? Through a Vinyasa practice, we’ll be exploring and moving our lower half with control, strength, skill and integrity. On the way to deeper poses like hanumanasana (splits), pigeon and even handstand presses, we’ll concentrate on a balance of flexibility and strength. . What will I gain from this workshop? – Knowledge about active and passive range of motion. – Increased anatomical understanding of legs and hips. – Skill in exploring depth in postures, safely. – Legs and hips that feel open, yet strong. Suitable to anyone with a regular practice from newer students to teachers.

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I spent a hell of a lot of my childhood in the pose, in Shotokan karate classes - kiba dachi. The higher level my belt, the longer I’d be made to be there and, if I was lucky, I’d have people standing on top of me too! . I’m actually very thankful for that from an early aged I was exposed to challenging physical activities that helped build resilience and grit. Wonderful building blocks for life. I might make any child have run ultramarathons after school.... or maybe not. . 📷 @jayg.photo wearing @ohmmeapparel (ambassador)

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This weekend, after my Saturday @triyogauk classes, I’m heading back to Dublin for 4 reasons: . . 1) Saturday evening Big One - Vinyasa Masterclass workshop @yogahub 6pm to 8.15pm . 2) 8hr training for teachers on sequencing @yogahub . . 3) Recording a live podcast with @kevinboyleyoga - you can join the audience if you fancy. . 4) I’m half Irish, so there’s a little ‘going home’ kinda feeling going on. . 📷 @torstenmaasphotography

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Sometimes my asana practice is a wonderful practice of self enquiry and sometimes it just acts as a little physical antidote to the other things in my life. If I manage to get to a yoga studio early, you’ll generally find my lurking in the corner, on my belly, twisting my torso. The more weights I lift the more a need this...; Mini-self practices that allow me to quickly get in to my body in exactly the way I need and I want. No salutations. No sweat. No yoga law. Just my body, my breath and I. . Today you’ll find me 2.30pm @triyogauk Shoreditch, 5pm Camden and 7.45pm Soho. . 📷 wearing @ohmmeapparel (ambassador) by @yogaandphoto

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My current schedule is leaving me with a 48 day gap between my last day off teaching and my next! This means making sure there is some quality restfulness sessions though the week is hugely important. I’ve a magic evening ritual of 👉 @rescueremedyuk night drops 👉 mini restorative yoga session 👉 5 min short meditation 👉 a good herbal cuppa 👉 and a hug from Holly!

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