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Sunset at Scripps Pier☀️ Swipe to see footage from above, hopefully the quality looks alright.

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alec_basanec. Photo of me walking on a sandbar from one island to another
Swipe to

Photo of me walking on a sandbar from one island to another . Swipe to see it from the other direction

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The best stress reliever after a long day

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Spent the night in a tent and woke up to this view

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More photos from this epic night➡️ . 2 minutes after taking the last photo from this set, I looked up from my controller and realized that the thick marine layer was completely over me now and my drone was way above it. I had no visual of my drone, there were buildings and palm trees around me and my drone had 20% battery life left😂 I ran up a hill, then slowly started to bring it down till finally I spotted the lights from it through the thick fog. Definitely a stressful flight but I’d say it was worth it.

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Not a bad spot to watch the sunset

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When I’m traveling, I find it really easy to wake up for sunrise. I’m somewhere new, I’m excited and I want to start my day as early as possible so I can explore as much as I can . When I’m home in San Diego, it’s a different story. I’m not in travel mode, I’m back to routine, I’m in my own bed and it’s hard to get out. Yesterday I woke up early, drove 20 minutes to Coronado and witnessed this sunrise over Coronado Bridge. It was beautiful, it was quiet, no one else was around, it made me feel like I’ve been missing out. So I’ve made a new goal to start waking up earlier and driving somewhere to watch sunrise more often when I’m home.

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Before going to the airport during my last morning in Thailand, I walked over to this beach which is directly behind it and watched as the planes took off right in front of me. Definitely a cool experience especially since I was really the only person there. Swipe➡️ to see a video I took the day before of a plane taking off at this location.

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Always love visiting NYC in the summer. The warm humid days, the buzzing energy, morning walks around Central Park, $1 pizza slices, something going on at every street corner, watching beautiful sunsets from Dumbo Park, the diverse food, taking the subway, always new things to do and see every time I visit. Really looking forward to heading back there this summer.

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Here’s a 15 second clip I took of a sunset from last week. Enjoy 🌅

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Spring in San Diego🌻 . Thankful for all the rain we’ve gotten over the last few months because San Diego is looking extremely beautiful with all of the flowers everywhere.

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Always happy to come back to this beautiful place I call home . Edit: Thanks for all the feedback I got on this post earlier, I will continue to post a mixture of photos/styles!

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