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Every now and then I like go to back and re-edit old photos that I’ve taken in the past. My vision, style and techniques are constantly changing and hopefully improving . This shot above was taken in 2016 so I decided to re-edit it and I’ve posted the 2016 vs. 2019 edit on my story

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Here’s a few moments from last year . Swipe➡️for RAW footage/Extras . Didn’t film much last year, but wanted to make a video with the footage I had. Definitely making it a goal this year to create more videos and document my trips. I’ll have the high quality version on YouTube.

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Some days I don’t have anything to talk about in my caption and today is one of those days. Here’s a set from the best sunset I’ve witnessed at Laguna Beach area.

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These beautiful red aloe flowers only bloom once a year during the month of January. Sadly, these flowers will be gone within the next week and won’t be back until next year . I’ve been here 3 times this month and finally got the colors and light I was looking for. I wanted a slightly different composition then I’ve gotten in previous years and will be posting more shots from this night in the future

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I’ve always wanted a photo of this massive British Airways 747 during sunset. Luckily, the arrival time matched up with the sunset time and I was finally able to get this one last night . Note: No Photoshop was used and this is actually how low the planes fly when arriving into San Diego Airport . 2nd image was taken on a different day

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I love going to a location and just taking photos of whatever attracts my eye, but it’s always the most rewarding to me when it takes patience, timing and planning to get a certain photo . Before taking this set, I waited a month for the sunset times to align with the coaster time. As soon as they did, I went out for my first attempt but got hit with a marine layer, I went out for a 2nd attempt got hit with another marine layer. Then San Diego had rain storms for a week. As soon as the rain was done, I went out for my third attempt. Conditions were good, I had everything set up and finally got the shot that was close to what I imagined . Swipe➡️ to see the back of it

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Bird Rock views 🌊

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Headed back in for one more wave

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One of the biggest highlights of 2018 for me was living in Bali for a month over summer with @connorrrmorris . Waking up at 4am for a sunrise mission, exploring beautiful rice terraces, waterfalls, and beaches, eating pancakes every morning from the Hungry Bird Cafe and eating delicious local food, meeting so many amazing locals, getting flat tires in the middle no where, making friends with the monkeys, every day was a crazy adventure and I miss it all. Bali is something special and it’s a second home for me now. After visiting, it’s clear that the local people are what make it feel so special . I can’t wait to head back to Bali in a few months and explore more of Indonesia, see you in 2019

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I was on my way from downtown to meet a friend at Windansea Beach, but traffic was bad so I ended up driving to Scripps Pier since it was my closest option. With 10 mins left till the sun would drop, I got my drone up into the air. . In the distance, I could see a marine layer coming my way. As it got closer and closer it created this breathtaking scene. . As soon as the marine layer hit Windansea, I got a txt from my friend saying, "Well that was trash" and I was over here watching one of the most amazing scenes that I've seen at this location.

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I've been driving down this road for years and have always wondered what it would look like from above. Finally had my chance last night now that I own a drone.

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That one morning I accidentally woke up early to this😍

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