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Had a blast kickin’ it with @valwarnertv & @ryanchiaverini today on @windycitylive! #DrawTheShades #LMOLMB

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For the first time in two years, @wetheshades are sitting on a ton of new content. It’s time the world knew. ‘Love Me or Let Me Be’ LIVE at @sofarchicago is out NOW! Hit that link in the bio. #DrawTheShades

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The serpent’s calling and he knows me by name 🐍

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#ruleofthirds 🏙

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It ain’t Thursday, but I dug up this gem from 2013 and felt compelled to share it. Gentlemen, it was an honor to be the guy who said, “1, 2, 3, 4” before you all snapped into action. #whatsgoingon #UPliftment #musicmatters @isozus_ @starkofhuey @thelawofhuey @kimo.jc - @richhomiejan help me find David Watson so I can tag him.

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It’s not too late to purchase this photo for $40... #kurtysfirstskydeck

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Whatchu know about @musicbydark? #2019

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Even saints gotta eat, y’all. #thanksgivingtraditions #turkeytrot #loavesandfishes #jesus 📸: @lukedemuro

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A smile for now could last forever and a day. #wetheshades #newmusicontheway #itsathanksgivingmiracle #chicago 📸: Paul Natkin

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Remember when @wetheshades spent the last Friday of every month jamming out to three hours of your favorite cover tunes, celebrating the joys of life, and making faces like these?! Tap into that nostalgia TONIGHT AT @thevigchicago, where we’ll be playing tunes from 9pm until midnight. It may not be the end of the month just yet, but with us, there’s always reason to celebrate. #tbt #newmonthparty #elboroomswag #westillgotit #getreadyforfrankocean

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Ain’t nobody messin’ with my clique. #chooseyoursound #YASfest #2018isYoCY

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I’ve got about a million reasons to #beproud of GOGO mentor @adameleven & alumnus Ricardo. In addition to accepting a donation of four custom-built electric guitars on behalf of @guitarsoverguns, they nearly brought the waterworks as they shared their most memorable program moments, including a particular instance when Ricardo and I sprinted through an alleyway stuffing our faces with burritos in order to make it to a concert on time. Thanks to @bestcorporateevents & @csidmc for making this happen - these guys definitely earned their @shakeshack! #chooseyoursound #burritostories #shakeshack #buildyourownguitar

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Here’s to 10 years of being disappointed by the team we love. #shutupcup #whatsupidiot #itsallabouttheu #peaceandlove

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I've had some pretty great birthdays recently, but this one is special because I get to watch @amyalexis15 & @markobson3 tie the knot. For ten years I've watched Mark eat countless buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and slices of plain pizza, and today I get to watch him dedicate his life to a woman who understands his eating habits and loves him anyway. Congrats, you guys. It's my birthday. #amytakeshermark #hotdogbunjacobson #itismybirthday

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Day one of mentor institute, and we've already chucked @cbmusic in the trunk. More to come here at @guitarsoverguns #chooseyoursound

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Stuck in Seattle 🍬 #gumwall #pikeplacemarket #wherethesunsetmeetsthesea

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