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Spinning flow combo for a foggy Tuesday🌿

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And it's Monday again! Have a great and productive start of the week! 🌸 🔺MUA @makeupbymeistere 🔺Photo by @fotografs_reinis_ivanovs_ Team @pole.and.harmony 💜 #photoshoot #poleshoot #poledance #polefitness #exoticpole #pleasershoes #highheels #poleinstructor #latviangirl #riga #latvia #poleandharmony

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A little part from my performance @poleartgreece 2018 Elite Category 💜 Big thanks to organisers for a wonderful job! 🙏 Also thank you @tatarintseva_poledance for support and for caring 🌸 and ofcourse very grateful to all the professional judges! Sweet @allegrabird and @slavaruza @marchettialessandra @davidelacagnina @abarone23 Thank you! 🙏 Music: Zack Hemsey- Soothsayer Outfit by @livasteina @flashyouandme 💜 #poleart #polecompetition #poleperformance #poleathlete #polesport #poledance #polecommunity #unitedbypole #athens #greece #poletricks #polecombo #poledancenation #latviangirl #latvia #riga #poleartgreece2018

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To be honest, my girls didnt fancy much this choreo🙈Mostly because they almost died trying. Challenge also for me though, ten times in a row and this dance seems like a never ending sprint distance 😅 Happy Monday people! 🌸 #exoticpole #highheels #poledancing #poledance #poleexotic #polechoreo #dance #floorwork #latviangirl #latvia #riga #poleandharmony #dancechallenge #mondaymood

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Finally when competitins are done I had the time to do this combo! Thank you @belen.serra for inspiration and for sharing this, so beautiful that I could not resist 🙈💜 Song: @hannahgeorgas cover- Stay

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Photo by Reinis Ivanovs @matrixlv Make up by @makeupbymeistere Wearing @flashyouandme Team Pole & Harmony Īpašs paldies @oskarsludvigs par vietu un klātesamību.

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Since some people have asked me what I do in the gym I figured I'll share one of my routines. Before pole competitions my workouts at the gym are shorter and easier, for example this one will approximately take an hour of your time. For me the weights I work with now are light. I don't intend to do powerlifting anymore so my main reason is to keep my body strong and healthy. So I work hard not only in the gym. Three and a half years of intense pole dancing, teaching and competing I have managed to stay away from injuries. I intend to keep it that way. Pshysical conditioning, correct techniques and balance between strength and flexibility is the key for me. So make sure you do also plyometric exercises, it will help you achieve better mobility. Different kind of Tabatas also helps me maintain endurance when it comes to preparing for competition. Heres the routine! ✔️Deadlift 80 kg 4 x 10 ✔️Romanian Deadlift 70 kg 3 x 12 SuperSet 1- 3 sets: ✔️Bulgarian Split Squats 17,5 kg 10 times each leg+ Lunge Jumps 10 times each leg SuperSet 2- 3 sets: ✔️Side Lunge with 17,5 kg 10 times each leg + Squat Jumps with resistance band 10 times ➡️Be sure to stretch your legs and glutes after this routine, it will burn💪 Fell free to ask questions and comment. Have great workouts and stay motivated 🎯 Big thank to @coach_rayx for quidance 💜

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Beautiful way to kill your elbows. Inspired from @carliehunter 💜 Wearing @creaturesofxix 🖤 Music credit WOODJU- Vacuum

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