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anita_herbert. Why are you overcomplicating things❓🤔@mybikinita
I want to answer s

Why are you overcomplicating things❓🤔@mybikinita . I want to answer some of the most common fitness related questions I get on the daily! . I used to struggle with these a LOT back in the day and just wish that somebody told me the truth about them😩 . 1⃣WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO WORKOUT? 👉🏾Whatever time works best for YOU and your busy schedule.... if you want / can in the am do it, if not pm! SIMPLE AS THAT!🤷🏻‍♀ . 2⃣WHAT TYPE OF WORKOUT IS THE BEST? 👉🏾Whatever type YOU enjoy and can be consistent with! . 3⃣FASTED OR FED CARDIO? 👉🏾Doesnt freaking matter! Just.Get.It.In! 🔑 If you cant to do cardio on an empty stomach don't force yourself to do it! I got lean before doing fasted cardio 3-4x per week 🤷🏻‍♀ . 5⃣WHAT IS THE BEST DIET FOR FATLOSS ? 👉🏾Whatever works for you! Choose something that you can stick to in the long run. Keto, vegan, flexible... either way, what’s important is to fuel your body with proper nutrients every day. . 6⃣HOW MANY MEALS SHOULD I EAT A DAY? 👉🏾As many as you want! As long as you hit your daily macros you can have 2 meals or 6... it is 100% up to your personal preference and makes ZERO difference! . ‼️The only magic answer that I can give you when it comes to living a fit and healthy lifestyle is CONSISTENCY. . 👎🏽 DONT TRY TO OVERCOMPLICATE SHIT! . Just keep showing up EVERYDAY , put it the WORK and the RESULTS will come! . 🌎 Online coaching link in bio babes 💋

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anita_herbert. If you’re stuck and not seeing results with your current routine, take

If you’re stuck and not seeing results with your current routine, take your workouts and nutrition to the NEXT LEVEL 📶 with my 8 week customized diet + training plan! . My customized plans are based off my own training and dieting techniques to help you: 💪🏼 lose weight and keep it off 💪🏼 gain muscle and tone up 💪🏼 get strong to lead a healthy lifestyle . No matter what your goal is, I give you all the tools you need to not only LOOK amazing, but FEEL amazing 💃🏻✨ . Your 8 week customized plan includes: 💥 FULLY CUSTOMIZED DIET PLAN 100% customized nutrition plan, wether you’re vegan, vegetarian, on keto, etc. your plan is designed around the foods you like and your goals 💥 GYM OR HOME TRAINING PLAN 100% custom training plan for either home or gym 💥 EXERCISE VIDEO LIBRARY Get access to my videos showing you the exact exercises in your plan 💥 SUPPLEMENT PLAN To help you achieve optimal results 💥 PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP 24/7 support from me and other FitQueens . Secure your spot on my FitQueen team 👑 by clicking the LINK 🔗 IN BIO (@anita_herbert) or email me at: 📧 info@anitaherbert.com

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SHOULDER BURNERRRRR 💀 🔥 @bodyengineers . ‼️TRAIN WITH ME EVERYDAY‼️ DOWNLOAD MY @body_by_anita FITNESS APP NOW📲👩🏻‍🎤(only for IOS) Go to @body_by_anita and clink the LINK IN BIO💋 . 📚 SAVE & LIKE this routine if you want to see more of my daily workouts‼️ . Most girls are scared of getting big bulky shoulders... so they neglect training them! (Yeahh, I used to be one of them🙋🏻‍♀️🙊) Now I know that it’s not going to happen so easily, so don't worry, you wont turn into a Terminator overnight🤪 Lets pick up those weights and get those shoulders nice & toned💯 . SUPERSET: 4 sets of 🦋DB seated overhead press variation -8 each arm 🦋DB seated side lateral into front -10 . SUPERSET: 4 sets of 🦋Smith machine press -10 🦋DB seated lateral raise combo (palms down to palms forward) -10 . SUPERSET: 4 sets of 🦋Arnolds -12 🦋DB seated front raise variation (alternate to both arm) -6 🦋DB seated around the world -10 . Outfit: @bodyengineers “BEanita” saves you 15% babes! I wear XS leggings S top 💋check my stories for direct link! . 🎶 Neanderthal-Doorly feat. Marshall Jefferson

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Embrace all that you are🖤💫 . What makes you different is actually what makes you special!💫 . We are constantly being reminded of what we don't have, but what about all that we do have? Find the things that you love about yourself and embrace them!🖤 . 📷 by @ajkphotography1 💄 by @kornikamakeup . Name one thing you love about yourself! What makes you unique?

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anita_herbert. ‼️I’ve opened 5 new spots to join my FitQueen army! 📲 CLICK the link

‼️I’ve opened 5 new spots to join my FitQueen army! 📲 CLICK the link in my bio to join . Achieving your fitness goals is NOT impossible - you just haven’t found the right plan that you can stick to! . Most of my clients don't believe these results are possible for them..... until they take the first step and see it for themselves! . I love seeing & hearing how much their lives have changed for the better since they started living healthier lifestyle🤩 . Get ready to be inspired by these amazing FitQueens 👑🤩 ⏩SWIPE to see REAL women, getting REAL results and read about their experiences below! . Yessica Navarro: “Anita thank you! I owe it all to you! If I could add one thing, it would be that I wish I would’ve committed to your Fitness plan a lot sooner.” . @dinabela94: “About the plan, it is absolutely amazing, I can eat basically what I want and I even have ICE CREAM in my plan i am never hungry and I have lots of energy since I started the program, even my skin has a better structure! Thank you very much for everything one more time!” . @awouda: “Hello fit friends (or soon to be fit friends) My name is Amber W., and I am a believer in Anita Herbert’s nutritional/workout plan. In less than eight weeks on Anita’s plan, I have lost a total of 13lbs and continue to see my numbers decline. These are the results that I have ALWAYS dreamed about having and can now step back and say WOW that’s ME. If you are having trouble with your fitness goals, I challenge you to try Anita’s plan! She will get you to where you want to go and push your body where it has never been. A big shout out to my coach Anita, thank you so much for everything!” . Do you want results like these?? ‼️Click the link in my bio or email me at 📧info@anitaherbert.com

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Avoid people who don't believe in you, Don't support your goals, Lie to you, Take advantage of you, And are Jealous of you ❌ . Hanging out with negative people triggers negativity in your life... . Knowing the difference between who to cut off and who to be patient with can be hard. . I’m sure everyone has/had that one ”friend“ that’s always negative about everything.They are never happy for you when you tell them your success, they always complain about something and try to bring you down 👎🏽 . Your friends have so much to do with your success and honesty they should be your biggest fans!!! . REAL FRIENDS WANT TO SEE YOU WIN!!!👭🥳 . Time to say good bye 👋🏽 to all those Negative Nancys around you...😒 . Personally, I can’t stand people who always have something negative to say about everyone and always complaining about everything😩 I had to cut out a lot of people from my social circle because of this... . Be disciplined about what you respond and react to. Not everyone or everything deserves your time, energy & attention. . ✨Stay in your light and focus on your personal growth!✨ . Have you ever had to cut a toxic person out of your life?🤔 . 📷 by @inline_photography 💄 by @kornikamakeup (FYI girls & boys! both of them are going to be in Ohio for the Arnold! Secure your spot NOW!) . I will be at the @yamamotonutrition booth Friday - Sunday! I will share my schedule once i have it! Cant wait to meet everyone!🤩❤️

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🍰QUICK LEGS & BOOTY WORKOUT Holy moly my glutes were on fiyaaaaa after this😱🔥 . ‼️READY TO TRAIN WITH ME EVERYDAY?! DOWNLOAD MY @body_by_anita FITNESS APP NOW📲👩🏻‍🎤(only for IOS) Go to @body_by_anita and clink the LINK IN BIO💋 . Who else loves to train on the weekend when the gym is empty??🙋🏾‍♀️♥️ #MyHappyPlace . ‼️SAVE this routine for your next booty dayyyyyy!!! . SUPERSET: 3sets of 👑DB side lunge to squat - 10 👑DB sumo squat to RDL- 10 . SUPERSET: 4sets of 👑Good mornings on Smith machine -10 👑Elevated reverse lunge pulses - 10 - (keep your knees slightly bent, don't come all the way up to keep tension) 👑In and out jumps- 10 ( these will burn AF🙊💀🔥) . SUPERSET: 4 sets of: 👑DB frog pumps - 12 👑Elevated single leg glute bridges with bands -10 each 👑Banded clams - 15 each . My bands are from @profitnesssure ! Best Quality Bands EVER! It’s no secret that I love using resistance bands. My glutes feel wayyyyyy more involved during my workouts with them! “Anita10” saves you 💰 . 💞Shorts by @mybikinita (THIS PINK CAMO IS FINALLY BACK IN STOCK BABES🥳🎉)

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Addicted to black 🖤🌪 Dress by @revenge_ix . What’s your plan for tonight?? 🛋+ 📺 + 🍕 Or 🍸+ 💃🏻

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1 or 2?🤔 @mybikinita Would you prefer a mountain getaway or beach vacation❓ Comment below 👇🏾🤓

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WEEKLY Calories vs DAILY ⚖🤷🏻‍♀ . I made a post about flexible dieting a week ago and got a lot of questions about how i track my calories ... DAILY or WEEKLY?!🤔 . When I started flexible dieting i used to always track my calories daily. I still aim to get it right most of the time but if i dont i freak out 😌 . Eating the exact same amount every day can be difficult and stressful.... . Some days I want to eat less (very rarely🤪 im always hungry😂) and on others I want to eat more! Im sure everyone can relate🙊 I started to use my calories on a weekly basis rather than daily to balance it out. This method gives me much more flexibility with my meals. . So as an example:👇🏾 If I’m eating at a calorie deficit to lose weight and I’m eating 1500 calories/day, then that’s 10500 calories/week. As long as I hit that number by the end of the week, Im happy!🥳 . Tracking my calories in a weekly window gives me more flexibility with food intake & allows me to listen to my body better. . If I’m not hungry one day I won’t force myself to eat, but when I am hungry AF I allow myself to indulge a bit more! (Everything in moderation of course 🔑 ) This also helps if you have a special occasion coming up because you can save calories during the week to eat a little more the day of! I just make sure to keep track of my weekly total calories. . Hope this helpful guys❤ . Do you track your calories? If yes, daily or weekly? Comment below👇🏾 . 🚨CUSTOMIZED DIET & TRAINING TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM 📧 Info@anitaherbert.com OR Click the link in my bio 😘

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‼️BACK & TRISSSSS @bodyengineers . ‼️DOWNLOAD MY BRAND NEW FITNESS APP @body_by_anita & TRAIN WITH ME EVERYDAY 📲 (FREE trial , LINK IN BIO) . I look like “👧🏻🎒Little Red Riding Hood” today🤣 in my red @bodyengineers gear! Who else loves the movie?🙋🏻‍♀ Im pretty sure she ate all the goodies 🥓🥖and just blamed it on the wolf 🐺 😂😂 . Anywayasss lets TRAIN!!! . ‼️LIKE & SAVE this routine if you want to see more of my workouts! . SUPERSET1: 4 sets ❤Tricep pushdown on assisted pull up machine -10- IF you havent tried this variation its a MUST!!! ❤Inverted rows - 10 - THIS is the exercise you need to add into your routine! Such a killer🔥 Make sure you pause for a quick sec on top and go back down nice and slow!!! Feel da burn🤯 (you can also do this on the smith machine, or with TRX if your gym has it) . SUPERSET2: 4 sets ❤Cable straight arm lat pulldown to tricep pushdown - 12 ❤Under-grip cable row - 12 (i like it better seated, i just didn't have a bench open🤷🏻‍♀) . SET3: 4 sets ❤Cable bent over tricep kickback - 12 each Swipe to the next clip to see how you can spot yourself to get in a few extra reps till total FAILURE!😈 . Outfit: @bodyengineers “BEanita” saves you 15% babes! I wear XS leggings S top 💋check my stories for direct link!

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1 or 2?🤷🏻‍♀️ @mybikinita . BIKINI vs. ONE PIECE... what do you prefer?🤔 . 🚨 Ps: FREE shipping on all US orders this week babes! Shorts & bikinis! @mybikinita Also NEW COLOR 👙 launched today! Check my stories to 👁 👁 . (Customized meal & training plans link in bio 💋 )

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