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anita_herbert. @fithealthyrecipes is my favorite for meal ideas!🤤
FOLLOW @fithealthy

@fithealthyrecipes is my favorite for meal ideas!🤤 FOLLOW @fithealthyrecipes 🌿

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I want to ask you something.... WHY DO YOU GO TO THE GYM?🤷🏻‍♀️ . 1️⃣gain muscle,(“tone”) 2️⃣to lose weight 3️⃣to feel good & have confidence 4️⃣to look good naked (or in a 👙😝) 5️⃣so you can eat more 6️⃣other reason (comment what it is) . Comment 1,2,3,4, 5 which is your goal?👇🏾 . 🚨Good news babes!!! @bodyengineersofficial PRE ORDERS are being shipped out this week and next week🥳🎉 . ‼️Im wearing the CLIO seamless crop & high waisted leggings by @bodyengineersofficial in Size XS! squat proof, super comfy, high waisted and fit like a glove 🤩 (I put a direct link in my story for you babes 💋)

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WHY ARE YOU NOT GETTING RESULTS 🤔 @mybikinita . 🎉 Good news babes my entire @mybikinita 👙 collection is NOW available on my website (www.mybinita.com) . So many people complain to me on a daily basis that they are not seeing any results... . I made a little checklist with what you should pay attention to 📝 . TAG A FRIEND THAT NEEDS TO READ THIS! Don’t be selfish 😏 . ✅ TRACK YOUR FOOD 🥘 and track everythingggggggg, even yours drinks!!! Yes!!!🤨 A little snack here and there adds up in calories that you barely notice you’re intaking. If you’re struggling to lose weight, you have to get on the top of this shit! NO WAY AROUND IT! ‼️Not losing weight = eating too much‼️ simple as that😏 . ✅CHECK LABELS BABES There are many times where people get fooled by foods that are labeled “healthy”! Don't just check calories, make sure to always look at the ingredients in products you buy too! . ✅PRIORITIZE WEIGHT LIFTING OVER CARDIO This is so sooo important babes, please listen to me😭🙏 Cardio does burn a lot of calories, but weight lifting burns even more because your body needs more energy to repair your muscles after an intense workout! You will see better and faster results through weight training, especially if you’re trying to gain muscle! . ✅ BE PATIENT AND LEARN TO TRUST THE PROCESS. This is very important babes! I know we all have 🐜 in our 👖s when we are trying to reach something BUT unfortunately hitting your fitness goals is not gonna happen overnight. It takes consistency and dedication with your nutrition and training to see results and to maintain them! . You can’t build a sustainable fit lifestyle with fad diets, teas, and waist trainers....❌ 👎🏽 You have to put in the hard work and time to really see the results!

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ABS + FAT-BURNING CIRCUIT🔥 All my workouts fueled by @yamamotonutrition . ‼️SAVE & TRY this quick fat burning circuit that can be done anywhere! . We all want a toned, flat stomach... No surprise there🤪 i know it seems very hard to achieve but I promise its possible if you follow the right method! . Working your core is important to define your abs but if you want them to show, you have to get/keep your body-fat % low! (proper nutrition + training, you cant miss one or another!) . I like to incorporate plyo moves into my ab workout to keep my heart pumping! #BURNFAT💦 . TAG A FRIEND AND LETS WORK🕺🏻 Complete this circuit with zero to minimal rest in between exercises! Rest 60 sec after the last one! 4 round total! . 🦄Opposite elbow to knee crunch 🦄Side plank to reach through 🦄Side obliques V -ups (straight leg to bent knee) 🦄Floor touch pop squats 🦄Seated leg raise side to side 🦄Toe touch crunch variation . 🚨BABES I GOT A NEW DISCOUNT DISCOUNT CODE FOR MY FAVORITES @profitnesssure BANDS!! Use “ANITA15” for 15% off from the already discounted prices!This is definitely the best time to stock up on some new bands!!!🥰🥳 #beachworkout #homeworkout #bandworkout #abworkout #abroutine #onlinecoaching #bikinibody #yamamotonutrition

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@mybikinita 👙 available now for pre-order! . (To purchase go to @mybikinita and click the link in bio or If you have any questions about any of my bikinis dm-me on @mybikinita 💕) 🎁 Photo @allenlhgfx #bikinita #bikinitaswim #mybikinita

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CONFIDENCE... . This is something that doesn’t come naturally to most of us. . My mom just reminded me something yesterday that made me think... . I used to be so shy growing up that when we would go to the beach i wouldn't even take my clothes down!🙊 (this was at 14-15 years old) . I would just sit there in the shade and they could not make me put on a 👙!🤷🏻‍♀️ . Fast forward to today I film workouts on the beach in a bikini thats seen by millions of people on my social media🙉 (okay this still sounds crazy and scary if i really think about it🙊😂) . It’s not easy having the right attitude towards being confident in both your mind and with your body. . For me the start to reach this balance was getting into fitness! . Eating healthy and gaining muscles was something that made the biggest impact on how I felt about myself! . Feeling strong and healthy gave me that extra push I needed to be confident in myself! . I still remember when I first started training and I was noticing my first baby mucles... when my baby abs started to peek through.... man, that feeling🙈😱 . I have learned that confidence is about learning to love yourself for who you are as a whole! . We spend too much time comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we’re not, when we should really be focusing on just being ourselves! . Nothing holds you back more from enjoying life than your own insecurities! . Stop thinking negatively about yourself for what you’re not and start loving yourself for everything you are! ✨ Keep your head up and embrace the real YOU! . 📷 by @samuellathrop 💄 by @kornikamakeup #rlhtester2

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‼️SHOULDERS +BICEPSSS ‼️ - only Dumbbells @bodyengineersofficial . 🚨Taking new clients for 🌍 online coaching now! Link in bio 🔗 . 📚Bookmark this workout for your next shoulder bicep seshhhhh😈 . 👖Huge @bodyengineersofficial sale is still on babes! Go grab something quick before it ends😜 (follow my story for discounts🥰) . I realized that the most important 🔑 to muscle building: . 🔑:MMC (mind muscle connection) I used to think it was such a BS, well its NOT😏 . You should be seriously committed to feeling each and every rep in your target muscles. (Can you tell that i am #PokerFace 👹😂) . You gotta make sure to ALWAYS think about each muscle you are working on throughout the movement and really try to ‘feel’ them #FeelTheBurn . 🔑Much more important to have perfect form then how much you can lift. . 😼TAG A FRIEND AND LETS WORK! . SUPERSET1: 4 sets 💢Seated shoulder press (start with palms in) - 12 reps 💢Seated hammer curl to front raise . SUPERSET2: 4 sets 💢Seated shoulder press variation w static hold - 5 reps right side while the other static hold, other side , then 5 reps together! (2 rounds) 💢single arm bicep curl to shoulder press - 10 each . Superset 3: 4 sets 💢DB twisting front raise -12 💢DB single arm side to front raise - 10 each #rlhtester

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anita_herbert. Have you tried the NEW @yamamotonutrition Performance BARS?! 🤤

Have you tried the NEW @yamamotonutrition Performance BARS?! 🤤 . Life can get so busy and it can be hard to hit your macros everyday. . This bar is perfect for those hectic days and makes sure you are getting in the protein you need for your muscles to grow and for you to stay on track with your diet! 💪🏼 . It has 19g of high quality protein and less than 1g of sugar!🙀 . Most bars out there have outer layers that are full of unnecessary calories and have loads of sugar in them even though they’re marketed as “healthy” 😏 ❌ Don’t be fooled by these snacks . Instead, grab a Performance BAR to avoid those extra calories and pack in the nutrients you actually need! . 🔹37% of real high quality proteins 🔹 low sugar content 🔹high fiber content 🔹no hydrogenated fats 🔹no hydrolysed collagen 🔹no palm oil . Three delicious flavors: almond, chocolate and pistachio 🤤 Get 10% off from your order with my code “ANITA10” from any supplement from @yamamotonutrition 💕 . What’s your favorite on to go snack?

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IN A WORLD FULL OF PLAIN BAGELS, BE A SPRINKLED DONUT!!!🍩🦄 . ❗️Babessssss, so excited to tell you that my @mybikinita 👙 website will go LIVE todayyyyyyyyy🎉🎉🎉🎉 . My very own designed @mybikinita bikinis will be available to purchase TODAY at 7 pm EST!!😻 (go to @mybikinita and click the link🔗 in bio) . What do you guys think of this donut print⁉️🤔 YAY or NAY❓ Let me know in the comments🙏🏾👇🏾

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Guess what babes😜 @mybikinita 👙 pre -order SALES are finally launching tomorrow!!!🎉🎉🎉 Go to @mybikinita and click the link in bio💕 . PS: i had an amazing shoot today with my beautiful @mybikinita babes! Im so so grateful for all of your support!!!❤️😭 You guys rockkkkk 💕💫 Cannot wait to see all the shots from today! I had some issues with my phone so catching up on my stories now!🙃

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ARE TONED ARMS GENETIC?🤔 . 🚨LAST 2 DAYS TO JOIN MY 8 WEEK TRANSFORMATION FOR ONLY 89$ (one time payment) LINK IN BIO💕 . The answer is NO 👎🏽 . “Toned arms” are not only for genetically gifted people!😏 . Yes, some people might reach their desired look faster than others, but it’s totally doable for everyone! . If you’re going for a “toned” look, you need to do 2 things: . 🏋🏻‍♂️gain some muscle 🐽lose fat . ‼️spot reduction of fat DOES NOT EXIST (in a non-surgical way at least🤪) . Few 🔑 things to pay attention to: . 🔻Increase your intensity 🔻Train arms 2x week 🔻Incorporate lower body compound moves 2x week (this is the most effective way to lower your body fat %) 🔻Adjust your nutrition (what is “right” for you depends on your goals) . 👯‍♀️TAG A FRIEND WHO NEEDS TO READ THIS! Don’t be selfish 😼 . Routine: . SUPERSET 1: 3 sets of 💢DB alternating curls-12 💢tricep dips -15 . SUPERSET 2: 4 sets of 💢PLATE bicep curls -12 💢PLATE overhead tricep extension -12 . SUPERSET: 4 sets of 💢DB seated bicep curls-12 💢DB seated tricep curls-12 💢DB single arm tricep curls- 8 each . 🙋🏾‍♀️If you need help building muscle, losing fat, or both, join my FitQueen Army for ONLY 89$ (link in bio)

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anita_herbert. Its easy to assume that i have always been fit and healthy, but that’s

Its easy to assume that i have always been fit and healthy, but that’s not true... . I hate when people say “oh she just has good genetics”😒 . Yes, I might have good genetics but I obviously wasn't born with my muscles😏 . I had to put in the hard work LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. . Let me tell you something... I would put all money betting that 99% of all of you reading this knows more about fitness than I did when I started. . Just a few years ago I was drinking orange juice like it was water🤦🏻‍♀ I was eating cini minis cereal with whole milk 🥛 thinking it was “healthy”🤦🏻‍♀ . I was never fit or athletic. I grew up in a small town, my parents were farmers. I knew NOTHING about weight training or nutrition. I barely spoke English when I first came to the US. . Why am I telling you this?🤔 . To show you that I have come a veryyyy long way babes, I literally started from nothing🙈 Which is why I can confidently tell you that YOU CAN DO IT TOO! And I need you to really trust me on this‼️ . Don’t try to find excuses! . What I see is that most people don't want to put in the hard work, they just want a quick fix and have shredded abs overnight😏 You cant skip the struggles and just take the benefits. It doesn't work that way 🙅🏻‍♀ . Work hard! Be patient! One day you will be so proud of how far you have come!❤ . ‼️Online coaching SALE 60% OFF LINK IN BIO BABES😘 👙 by @mybikinita

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