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anita_herbert. You CAN’T  have 🍕 & abs too...
Yeah, I thought so too for a long ti

You CAN’T have 🍕 & abs too... . Yeah, I thought so too for a long time🙄 . I used to be SUPER strict about not having any “bad” food...(my competition years) . I used to think if I wanted to have abs I had to give up EVERYTHING I enjoyed. . Even fruits😱, yeah i know its crazy. . I was way too restrictive & it made me feel MISERABLE😖 . I HAD NO IDEA, that there was a way to eat all my favorite foods & still have a fit body. . I realized, that the problem is not the 🍕... the problem is labeling it as a “BAD FOOD” . Most of us become super strict when we start something new, we become obsessed with following through with perfection, and let me tell you ladies… . Perfection ⚠️DOES NOT EXIST⚠️ . It’s incredible to be hyper focused and want to achieve our GOALS and passion, but if we strive for perfection and have a slip up, we can be very harsh on ourselves, and that’s where the PROBLEM begins! . Progress is never linear! It’s more like a roller coaster🎢 . Most of us loot at 🍕 as a “CHEAT” Or you think of it in a more dangerous way: “I ate a slice of 🍕, my progress is all ruined now, i might as well continue binging” . This type of thinking can do more harm to your progress than that slice of 🍕could ever do. . The way i see food now:👇🏾 There are 2 different categories: . 1⃣: 🥦 🥗 🍗 🍓 : good for my body 2⃣: 🍪 🍰 🍕: good for my soul . And I NEED to have both. . 🔑Once you stop seeing 2⃣ as the enemy, your whole prospective will change. (It sure did for me) . We are all humans, it is okay to crave pizza, chocolate, ice cream as long as it is in moderation. . My clients get to eat there favorite foods weather its pasta, ice cream etc (in moderation)😌 . Remember girls, this isn’t just a DIET, it is a LIFESTYLE. And if your are miserable with your lifestyle, you will give up, sooner or later, but it will happen. it is just a matter of time.⏳ . So instead of seeing something you ate as “negative” shift your mindset to “this is something I can eat in moderation” & “I can still reach my goals” . The key 🔑 is BALANCE and once you find it you will see how much easier it is to be flexible in your diet. . Name ONE food you can’t live without!🤤👇🏾

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anita_herbert. 🤩Lean Arms🤩 - Only Cables
Okay babes, these super high waisted @bo

🤩Lean Arms🤩 - Only Cables . Okay babes, these super high waisted @bodyengineers leggings are literally GAME CHANGERS 😱 for the holiday season! If you know what i mean👉🏾🤰🏾😂 . ‼️HUGE SALE 35% OFF site wide! NO codes needed‼️(for outfit details sizing etc go to my stories) . I don’t know if you have noticed... but I’m all about FEELING every SINGLE rep. #MyFaceSaysItAll🤣 #DoILookFocused It all starts with mental focus.🧠 If you don't do the same, you’re simply doing it wrong!🤷🏻‍♀ . Lets face it, training is HARD! The problem is....most people quit when it starts to hurt. #WRONG That is why they make NO PROGRESS. . You have to fully expect it to get painful, and then FIGHT through that PAIN💯 #ThatsHowYouGrow . 👯‍♀TAG A FRIEND & LETS SMASH IT👯‍♀ . SUPERSET 1: 3 sets 💙Cable Single Arm Tricep Pushdown -15 💙Cable Single Arm Horizontal Tricep Extension - 15 💙High Cable Single Arm Bicep Curl -15 . SUPERSET 2: 4 sets 💙Cable Straight Bar Tricep Pushdown - 12 💙Cable Straight Bar Bicep Curl - 12 . SUPERSET 3: 4 sets 💙Cable Rope Overhead Tricep Extension - 12 💙Cable Single Arm Bicep Curl To Row - 15 . Last clip: When hubby says: “Do something cute” Me: okay 🤷🏻‍♀️ -that’s all I could pull off🤣 . Let me know what kind of workouts you would like to see next.🤗Comment below!👇🏾

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anita_herbert. Eating when you are not even hungry....
Habits are a powerful thing…

Eating when you are not even hungry.... . Habits are a powerful thing… . They can make you over eat when you are not even hungry! . I think this has to do a lot with how you were brought up . Did your parents ever make you finish the ENTIRE plate of 🍛food for dinner? . I know my parents did!😅 . I don’t know if this is a Hungarian 🇭🇺 thing or a parent thing, but my parents wouldn’t let me leave the table unless I finished EVERY BITE . I always had to have soup 🍲 before my dinner and cheese, and bread! . It made me hate soup so much, i still can’t stand it to this day🤣 . Same thing when someone puts food in front of you, it’s like you have to automatically 🤖pick at it even if you are not even hungry! . So weird how our 🧠minds just naturally make us do things because of repetition . EATING when you are bored! 🤦🏻‍♀that’s a huge habit that will make you over eat, it makes you walk into a pantry closet and just munch on ANYTHING because what else is there to do? . Grabbing a muffin or a 🍪 with your coffee or a bag of Cheetos every time you sit to watch a movie . These are all habits that have been engraved into us for YEARS, hard to break yes, but these extra calories here and there could be the reason why you are not seeing 🙅🏻‍♀results . Becoming conscious 👀and aware of these habits is STEP 1 in reversing them . STEP 2 is having a plan. Meal prepping is AMAZING for this, having a goal for your day and organizing your meals will make you less prone to random snack 🍕🍟picking throughout the day because you’ll know when you have to eat😌 . I always have my meals prepped by @athleticsfitmiami 👌🏽 (bye bye 👋🏽 snacking on random shit 😌) swipe to see my current fav meals! if you are a local in Miami and want to try a good meal prep company I definitely recommend them (ANITA10” for 10% OFF) . It’s important to break old patters that are no longer 😤serving your goals and make room for new ones that will get you to where you want to go! . What are some of your bad eating habits that you want to stop ?👇🏼

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anita_herbert. I don’t want to fit in…
When I first started my fitness journey, I g

I don’t want to fit in… . When I first started my fitness journey, I got a lot of weird 👀looks and question… . People didn’t understand what I was doing or why I was doing it... . They thought I was CRAZY... . My family & close friends included😳 . They didn't understand why was I going to the 🏋🏻‍♀ gym everyday, why was i prepping my meals, why didn’t want to party anymore....Etc . WHY, WHY, WHY?? 🤯 . Lets face it, the “fitness 🌎 world” is very different from what most people are used to, it was not something they understood. . And I get that, but it made sense to me....and thats all that mattered to me. . I had a goal and a ✨vision in mind and i knew i wouldn’t till I got there! . Don’t get me wrong, my family COMPLETELY supports my lifestyle and I know that they are very proud of me and everything I have accomplished. . BUT, i also know that, if it were up to them, my Mommy & Daddy would have wanted me to stay in my hometown🏡, close to them, have two kids on each arm and waiting for the👶🏻 3rd before i turned 30😳lol (PS : im turning 30 in 2 months and got no baby, not even planned🤷🏻‍♀ #SorryMom #SorryDad #HopeYouStillLoveMe haha . They have a very different view of the world and a different blue print than the one I have for myself. . And THAT’S OKAY! 😌 . The people closest to you want the best for you, but their best is NOT always the best for YOU. . It took me A LONG time to figure this out, because I wanted to make everyone happy.... . But what I realized was, that if you follow some else’s vision or blueprint you will never be TRULY HAPPY. You might be able to trick others, but never yourself. . and YESSS! I DO want to have kids! But only when i feel it is the right time for ME and MY husband. . We all have different timelines ⏰ and its important not to fixate on a specific time where you need to do things by, or compare others life’s to yours. . We are all on different journeys and paths . If you want to do something DO IT 💪🏼don’t let your friends or your family hold you back because they think it’s weird or its not in “their vision of you” #DoWhatMakesYouHappy ❤️ . 📷 @kai.york.official . What are your thoughts on this? Comment below!

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anita_herbert. 🥳Half Way Challenge Winners! Congratulations!🥳
Challenges are mean

🥳Half Way Challenge Winners! Congratulations!🥳 . Challenges are meant to be challenging, and my QUEENS have shown tremendous resilience and dedication 🤯😍 @fitqueen_army . It has only been LESS THAN 3 weeks since the start of FitQueen 4.0 and look at the changes that have taken place already!😱 . As always, i did a little half way through the challenge competition, to keep my Queens accountable & motivated!🤩 . My top 3 winners are Andrea, Ashlee, and Zeniada🥳 Because of their efforts and consistency they were able to achieve some MAJOR results! . As a reward they will each get a FREE spot in my NEW program for the Holiday Season!🤗 . I also want to say a huge congrats to All my Queens who have been putting in the work and the sweat to achieve their goals! I could not be more proud of you all😍 . FitQueen 4.0 was my last challenge of 2019 BUT remember I said I was working on something special after the challenge was over? 🤫 . Well get ready🎉 for “FIT IN 30” this is a new program specially designed to combat those “holiday gains” 🐖 😝 . I used to FEAR the holiday season.... Sooo much food and no time or motivation to workout🤭 . So I decided to create a program to help you survive the festive season without falling off the wagon & having to restart everything from scratch in January😩 . .....stay tuned for more info!😏 . 🚨Click the link in my bio to PRE - REGISTER for FIT IN 30 and be the first one to know when my new program is live🚨 . #fitqueenarmy #fitqueenchallenge #teamanitaherbert . Any questions or comments drop them down below 👇🏼or email me at Info@anitaherbert.com

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⚠️Legs & Booty⚠️ - issa good one babes, make sure to save!😈 . Building a strong booty doesn't happen by accident😏 . You need to strategically train your glutes at least 2-3x per week. 1 “leg day” with random exercises is just NOT going to cut it.🥴 . My current workout schedule: I train 5-6x per week, 1 hour each session. . 2-3x glutes, 1-2 upper body, 1 functional full body Cardio: 2 hiit / week (10-15 min after my workout) No steady state cardio atm . 🚨My FitQueen 4.0 Workout Guide is designed the same way i train myself! Learn my methods. Link in bio 49$ @fitqueen_army . SUPERSET 1: 4 sets 1⃣BB Frog pumps 12 2⃣Banded Frog pumps variations - 15-30 no set number here just do them until you feel your glutes are fired up🔥 (These are 3 my FAVORITE variations to hit all angles of my glutes and make sure they are awake & working) . SUPERSET 2: 4 sets 3⃣Curtsy lunges on SM - 12 each leg 4⃣BB Squats to curtsy w bands - 12 5⃣Cable squats with hip abduction - 10 . Finisher: 3 sets back to back NO REST between legs 6⃣Kick back machine - 20-25 each push through your heels to engage your glutes! #Tip: If your gym doesn't have this machine just swap for cable kick backs. . Have fun babes🥳

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anita_herbert. Wonder Woman is not a fictional character
Wonder Woman is a MINDSET!

Wonder Woman is not a fictional character . Wonder Woman is a MINDSET!😤 . Lets channel your inner superhero my Queens & kill it next week! 💪🏽😈 . 🚨If you are ready to take your training to the next level get my FitQueen 4.0 workout for ONLY 49$! click the the link in my bio! @fitqueen_army . Who is favorite superhero 🦸🏻‍♀️ ? Comment below!

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anita_herbert. 😩Stop WASTING TIME in the gym…
I was training at the hotel 🏨 gym f

😩Stop WASTING TIME in the gym… . I was training at the hotel 🏨 gym for a few days due to traveling. . And I couldn’t help but notice how many people were training there with extreme inefficiency and with VERY bad form😩 . Don’t get me wrong, I don’t walk around the gym looking 🕵🏻‍♀ and judging everyone🤪 . BUT, I can’t NOT notice these things because i used make the SAME mistakes myself. . I wasn’t born with knowledge & experience either, but i learned it in my early days that no matter what your fitness goals are, PROPER FORM is your first and MOST IMPORTANT step. . Whether you’re looking to tone or gain size, your technique is more IMPORTANT than the amount of weight you use. You simply won’t get the same results with bad form🙅🏻‍♀ . Poor form is not only inefficient, but it can also lead to injuries. Plus if your form isn’t correct you may not even be working the muscles you actually want to🤯 #VeryCommonProblem . few tips that helped me improve my training technique👇🏾 . 1⃣Have a plan / coach to teach you how to execute each exercise correctly . If you can’t afford a personal trainer (i know money can be a big issue, it definitely was for me) try an online program (which is a lot more cost efficient) just make sure to choose your coach wisely! . 2⃣Watch videos to learn the correct technique(This is what i did also, NON STOP haha) In my programs i provide video demonstration + written instructions with every single exercise to teach my clients proper form. . ‼️If you are looking for a well structured fitness plan that designed specifically for women to target problem areas ( legs, glutes, stomach) get my FITQUEEN 4.0 Workout Guide for ONLY 49$‼️link in bio . 3⃣Record yourself (or have someone record you) performing the exercises so you can compare your form to the demonstration video. This is a great way to see which areas you need to improve. . Your goal should be form improvement as much as physical improvement, this will ensure growth and reaching your goals FASTER! . 📷 by @surraca . What exercise do you struggle the most with to maintain good form❓Comment below‼️ (Bulgarian lunges & deadlifts were the hardest to learn for me🙋🏻‍♀️)

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anita_herbert. ‼️GIVEAWAY CLOSED‼️

WINNER: @rani.tys 
Congrats babe! 🥳 Please DM

‼️GIVEAWAY CLOSED‼️ . WINNER: @rani.tys Congrats babe! 🥳 Please DM with your email and info so I can hook you up with some badass @bodyengineers gear! Enjoy! 🔥🕺🏻 . @bodyengineers got HACKED!😱 35% OFF site wide! no codes needed! . Plussss, its been a while since i’ve done a giveaway sooooooo...lets do one now!😈 . Enter for a chance to win 💰 150€ (~170$) BE gift card 🎁 (you can use it for anything on their website) . ‼️GIVEAWAY RULES‼️ . 💀Like this post 💀Follow me @anita_herbert & @bodyengineers 💀Tag 3 friends . The Lucky Winner will be announced on Monday!🎉 Good luck🍀

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anita_herbert. What if moving to the USA was a mistake...
What if i dont belong her

What if moving to the USA was a mistake... . What if i dont belong here... . What if they don’t like me.. . What if I’m not good enough to step on stage.. . What if they hate my accent... . What if no one cares about what I have to say.. . (And the list goes on and on....🙆🏻‍♀) . EVERYONE has FEARS! (these above were some of mine, and yes i still have them) . And it is completely NORMAL . BUT if our fears, prevent us from doing things we truly want to do in life, then we have a PROBLEM . Trust me girls, I have struggled a lot with these kind of thoughts (and i still do!) . Every time I have a huge decision to make these doubts flood my head💭 . These thoughts could either MAKE you or BREAK you . It’s the fear of failure that keeps us from taking risks every day and chasing our ✨DREAMS! . Do you know what could have happened if I chose to let my fears win? . 😳I would have never moved to the US and make a complete 180 change with my life (personal + health wise) 😳I would have never met my husband 😳I would have never stepped on stage & earned my pro card 😳I would have never opened my instagram account 😳 I would have never started my online coaching . If i had listened to my WHAT If-s.... 👑FitQueen Community would have never existed . So, here is a big F** u 🖕🏻to WHAT IFs!😤 . If I listened, my life would probably be VERY different from what it is right now . I know we can’t control the WHAT IFs, they are a part of life, BUT what we CAN do is , change our 🧠 mindset and how we view situations . Everyone has to go through ups & downs. Your quality of life will depend on how good you manage them. . Don't be discouraged or feel regret if something goes wrong . Try to learn & grow stronger after each lesson #LookAtLifePositively ♥️ . What is your biggest fear? Let me know👇🏼

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anita_herbert. 🔥Upper Body - shoulders + bicep focus
But before we get into the wo

🔥Upper Body - shoulders + bicep focus . But before we get into the workout.... . You already know me... always working on something new for my Queens💁🏻‍♀ I can’t tell you what my next project is just yet 🤫 ....BUT i do need some HELP🙏 . Tell me what are your FAVORITE CHRISTMAS TREATS ?(sweet + savory!) Comment your suggestions! . Okay, now we can begin the workout 🤪 . Tag a friend & lets work . SUPERSET1: 4x ⚡DB shoulder presses - 12 ⚡DB half kneeling single arm shoulder press - 10 E/S ⚡DB alternating bicep curl w static hold 10 E\S . SUPERSET2: 4x ⚡ High Cable single arm bicep curl - 12 ⚡️Cable shoulder lateral raise - 12 . 🚨Get My FitQueen Workout Guide for ONLY 49$ @fitqueen_army This guide is specifically designed for ONLY women to build a STRONG yet FEMININE Body!🔥 Link in bio☝🏻

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anita_herbert. I used to have no idea about how to structure my workouts...
I just

I used to have no idea about how to structure my workouts... . I just did my random exercises in random order🤦🏻‍♀ . And repeated the SAME THING ...over & over. . NOT because those were my favorite exercises 😅 just because I literally had no idea what I was doing. . This was probably the biggest reason why I wasn’t getting the results i wanted😩 . Much like everything in life, there is an equation to a GREAT workout routine.💯 . Here is how i build mine: . 1⃣ I ALWAYS like to start my workouts with a 5-10 minute WARM UP Don't even start ✋🏾 I don’t want to hear the “ i don’t have time to warm up” BS excuse🤨 You HAVE TO make time, it ONLY takes a few minutes and makes a big difference in your training(muscle activation + you are less prone to an injury) . 2⃣ When im already warmed up, I move on to my most CHALLENGING (compound) exercises (like squats, deadlifts etc… ) you have the MOST energy at this point so makes sense to get your compound workouts in FIRST, since these will give you the most BANG for you BUCK😌 . 3⃣ After my heavy lifts, i move onto some accessory work Here I focus on specific muscles, quads, inner thighs, biceps, triceps, shoulders etc.. I can concentrate on each and really focus on that mind 🧠 to muscle connection These will help you more with muscle gain + definition rather than strength like the compounds do. . If you are my client or have just been following me & trying my workouts you know that I’m a big fan of supersets. My middle name is superset... pretty much lol🤣 (Superset = doing 2 or more exercises back to back with little to no rest in between) #timeSaver + #IEnjoyDoingThem . 4⃣And lastly, I like to end my workout with a quick FINISHER. This is like a wrap up to get all the gas out of the tank ⛽😝 It can be a metabolic finisher, low weight -high rep finisher, Stretching finisher etc There are so many options here, depending on what i trained, how i feel, current goals etc. . ❗️If you are in need of a very structured workout plan CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO ☝🏻$49❗️@fitqueen_army . I hope this helps you guys!♥️ Make sure to kick up your workout a notch this week! 📷 @surraca 💄 @kornikamakeup

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anita_herbert. 1 or 2? 🎃
What’s everyone going to be for Halloween this year? 👻 C

1 or 2? 🎃 . What’s everyone going to be for Halloween this year? 👻 Comment below! . Hair by @bellamihair 😻 . 🚨My FitQueen 4.0 workout guide is available for ONLY 49$! LINK IN BIO! @fitqueen_army . (*This program will be delivered to you via email immediately after purchase! you can get started right away or you can delay it, it WILL NOT EXPIRE, you will have FOREVER ACCESS to it🤗 With this guide you will be able to join my Queens & I while doing the same EXACT workouts with us + also get access to our private FB community👯‍♀) **Please note, that there is no Meal Guide included!

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anita_herbert. Just 1 tablespoon 🥄 😬🤷🏻‍♀
#myKindaPortion #foraFamilyOf4

Just 1 tablespoon 🥄 😬🤷🏻‍♀ #myKindaPortion #foraFamilyOf4 . Wearing: @bodyengineers & @bodyengineerswomen ❤ “BEanita” = 15 % OFF . On the serious note, lets talk about overeating! . What to do if you ate too much..⁉️ . Throw away all your progress… . ❌WRONG!❌ . DO NOT make the mistake of thinking all your progress has just gone down the drain, That is THE WORST thing you can do😩 . Many people (myself included🙋🏻‍♀) have gone out for a fun night, had a couple drinks..... Stopped by at a 🍕 place on the way home & pretty much inhaled the whole pizza alone ...😬 . AND THEN felt guilty and spent 2 hours on the treadmill trying to burn off those extra calories.🤪 #TrueStory . CHILL OUT BABES… 🧘🏻‍♀ . Overeating happens, it’s just part of being human! . That’s actually Rule #1 REMEMBER IT WAS JUST ☝🏼 ONE DAY! . The BIGGEST problem is not even the binge itself, it’s how you REACT after . We tend to beat ourselves up, starve, jump on “quick fix” diets and do hour long cardio just because we think we gained 5 pounds . THAT can actually hinder your fitness goals more than a binge! #FACT . First of all, you can’t gain that much fat in just one day, that is very difficult🤣 . That weight you “gained” is just water retention and the 💩 in your digestive track . So calm down, stay HYDRATED and go to the 🚽 you’ll be fine!🧘🏻‍♀ . What you should really be doing after overeating is👇🏾 1⃣Don’t punish yourself! Forgive yourself (this is a one time thing) 2⃣Stay hydrated 3⃣Get back on track with your regular training & eating . Take away👇🏾 Don’t restrict what you eat. Yayy for #FlexibleDiet 💯 Don’t label foods as "bad food” & “good food”, because it can easily become a restriction! restricting yourself can eventually lead to going overboard. . So instead of labeling something indulgent as "bad," try to just focus on enjoying it. Then, the temptation to eat more than you really need to becomes less intense 🧠 🧙‍♀️ . The more you work to shift your mindset from a “dieting mindset” to an “all foods fit mindset” the easier it will be to break the cycle of overeating💯 . WHAT ARE YOUR TRIGGER FOODS? (Can you guess what’s mine?😝) Tell me in the comments!👇🏾

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anita_herbert. 🔥LEAN LEGS +BUBBLE BUTT🔥 - only dumbbells
Alright babes, you voted

🔥LEAN LEGS +BUBBLE BUTT🔥 - only dumbbells . Alright babes, you voted for a lower body workout yesterday on my stories.... so here we go ✔😎 . 📍TAG A FRIEND & LETS WORK📍 . 1⃣Plyo step ups - 3x 15 E/L lets warm up those leggies 🦵 & get that heart pumping 🔥 no rest between legs (Use BOX if your gym has it!) . Superset: 4x 2⃣DB Bulgarian lunges - 12 E\L 3⃣Bulgarian hops - 10 E\L . Superset: 4x 4⃣DB Frog pumps - 20 5⃣Elevated single leg bridges - 15 E\L . Find more workouts like this on my📲 @body_by_anita APP . 🏋🏻‍♀ Comes with BOTH home + gym workouts 🥘 Healthy and delicious recipes 👯‍♀ A positive community for support and motivation . PLUS I just added brand NEW workouts💪🏼😏. . . Train with me for less than $2 / week😱(Available for Apple & Android also) For more info go to @body_by_anita and click the link in bio!

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anita_herbert. 😤I never go to the gym WITHOUT a plan...
Having a PLAN really chang

😤I never go to the gym WITHOUT a plan... . Having a PLAN really changed EVERYTHING for me girls! . It is CRUCIAL if you have any sort of fitness goals to reach. . Here is Why👇🏾 . 1⃣UNDER \ OVERTRAINING Planning helps removes doubt and feeling like a headless 🐓chicken figuring out which workout to do! This is a time waster ⏰ PLUS it can lead to working out the same body part too close together or not enough! Big NO NO!✋🏾 . 2⃣PROVIDES STRUCTURE A structured workout plan helps you know EXACTLY what you need to do each day, which body parts to train, what exercises & what equipment you will need to use etc . If you have everything already planned & laid out you will not revert back to old habits or just hopping on the cardio equipment...🙄 I used to always do that. I had no plans, so i just jumped on the treadmill to kill the time🤪 . 3⃣GOAL A plan will provide you with an automatic goal! You get everything mapped 🗓out for you and outlined so you know exactly what to complete every single day to work towards your GOAL! ✅ . 4⃣INCREASES CONFIDENCE More planning = HIGER CONFIDENCE. Especially if you are new to working out, you should take a look at your exercises before-hand & get familiar with every move + proper form! . When you get to the gym you can hit the ground running and feel confident in completing each routine!💪🏽😈🔥 . I added a new “FOCUS FEATURE” to the FitQueen 4.0 Workout Guide! It shows you EXACTLY what muscle is being targeted 🎯 during each exercise! . That way you know where you should be focusing on that Mind Muscle Connection 🧠 If you’ve had problems knowing where to feel the 🔥 during each exercise.... well.....you definitely won’t have that anymore💁🏻‍♀ #ProblemSolved!😌 . 🚨My FitQueen 4.0 workout guide is available for ONLY 49$! LINK IN BIO 🚨 @fitqueen_army . Do you guys plan out your workouts / or follow any specific workout plan? Let me know👇🏼

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Things i wish i knew, when I started.. . I knew absolutely NOTHING 🙅🏻‍♀about fitness when I started my journey. . And I didn’t have anyone I could ask questions to . I had to literally test 🤓everything, it was all trial and error and research until I got to a place where I knew what I was doing . But looking back at it WOW I could have saved 🤭so much time if I had known some things beforehand . Would have saved me so many headaches and would have gotten to where I am A LOT quicker🤯 lol but heyyyyy that’s how you learn right!🤷🏻‍♀ . And now I’m here to tell you a few IMPORTANT facts i wish I knew back then . Maybe this will help you and get you to your fitness goals a lot sooner!✔ . ⚠️You CAN eat your favorite foods! Just eat them in moderation, flexible dieting is real and it’s what I base my client’s meal plans on. If you don’t like what you eat you won’t stick to it! Simple as that ⚠️Carbs are your friends, not your enemy! They give you 🔥ENERGY ⚠️You can eat at night! You won’t get fat ⚠️You have to find the right training + eating routine that you can maintain in the long term If you can’t see yourself doing the same routine you are doing now, forever, then you haven’t found the right method yet. You need something that’s sustainable ⚠️You have to EAT more! I used to be so scared 🤭to consume extra calories, but if you want that booty to grow you have to eat more! You are hitting the gym you NEED TO EAT! ⚠️Progress is NOT linear and the scale is not your friend! (don’t focus on a number, the scale doesn't tell you the whole story) ⚠️When you are trying to lose fat you NEED to be at a calorie deficit, you can spend hours at the gym but if you are not decreasing your calories you are not 🚫doing sh**.You can NEVER out exercise a bad diet ⚠️The gym doesn't have to be 3 hours long! 45-60 min ⏰is all you need for a GREAT workout full of intensity and power! . I struggled the first few years, but that doesn’t mean you have to! . Trust the process and listen to your bodies ladies, they know what they want! . 🚨Babes, my FitQueen 4.0 workout guide is Still available for ONLY 49$ LINK IN BIO 🚨 @fitqueen_army . What’s ONE thing you WISH you knew when you first started?👇🏼

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anita_herbert. 🔥Only Kettlebell Full Body Tone🔥 - my FitQueen workout guide is avai

🔥Only Kettlebell Full Body Tone🔥 - my FitQueen workout guide is available for only 49$! Link in bio☝🏻 @fitqueen_army . This workout will sculpt your legs & glutes + tone your upper body at the SAME time🔥 + All you need is a KETTLEBELL! + Its super quick ⏰ = So #NoExcuses🙅🏻‍♀️ . !TAG A FRIEND & LETS WORK BABES! . Perform each exercise for 40 sec Rest for 20 sec 90 sec rest after the last exercise 3 rounds ✔️ . 🔹KB Side lunge to overhead press - not gonna lie, this one is tough 🥵 (20 sec each side, if you are badass do 40 on each side 😈) 🔹KB Sumo Squat to bicep curl - feet shoulder width apart, 1 squat into 2 curls = 1 rep. 🔹KB B stance RDL - keep your weight on your front leg, the back leg is only for support 🔹KB RDL into goblet squat - love this combo! (1 rdl + 1 squat = 1 rep) 🔹KB Sumo Squat - wide stance to work those glutes + inner thighs🔥 🔹KB Squat to squat jump -get ready for some serious burn in your legs & booty😈 . My FitQueen Workout Guide is specially designed for women to build a STRONG yet FEMININE Body!🔥 Link in bio.

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anita_herbert. I used to think I had to spend HOURS ⏰ at the gym just to see major re

I used to think I had to spend HOURS ⏰ at the gym just to see major results... . I was under the impression that the longer you were at the gym, the more progress you would make.... . Man, i was so wrong🤦🏻‍♀❌ . ⚠️Listen Ladies! Its better to go to the gym 4x a week for 45 min each than going 2x a week for 2.5 hours each session! . 2.5 hours at a gym is NOT 🙅🏻‍♀sustainable and to be honest it’s pointless. . What you do at the gym, is what’s important, not the time you spend there! Make every rep count 💯 . This was a HUGE eye 😱opener for me. . Many people spend LONG HOURS at the gym and guess what? They don’t even push themselves, they use improper form and ultimately are just wearing down their bodies through over training🥵 . All this causes is more harm than good. . And at the end of the day you’ll benefit LESS than someone who is going, let’s say 3x a week for 45 min and utilizing their time effectively with INTENSE but sustainable training💯 . My workouts are always 45-60 min⏰long, sometimes when i do a crazy leg day I might stay for a little longer (70-80 min) . But definitely NO MORE ☝🏻than that! . I ALSO want to point out, that ANY workout is BETTER than no workout . Getting in a 20 min sweat at home or going for a quick run is a LOT better than not doing shit! REMEMBER THAT 🧠 . Don’t think that just because you have no time for a full workout you should just F** the gym😒 (i used to do this myself🤦🏻‍♀) . Start small, go for a run, or get some dumbbells for home and lets get moving girls. . ‼️My FitQueen 4.0 home guide ONLY requires DUMBBELLS + RESISTANCE BANDS. (Link in my bio) @fitqueen_army #NoExcusesGirls 🙅🏻‍♀ . This is an easy way to begin, PLUS your body & your mind will thank you for it! Trust me♥️ . 📷 by @surraca 💄 by @kornikamakeup . How much time do you usually spend in the gym?👇🏼 Comment below

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anita_herbert. 🎉Good news girls🎉
Due to high demand from a lot of you that missed

🎉Good news girls🎉 . Due to high demand from a lot of you that missed my Current Challenge... . 🥳My FitQueen 4.0 Workout Guide is now available🥳 LIMITED TIME OFFER $49USD (link in bio) @fitqueen_army . This program will be delivered to you via email immediately after purchase! So you can get started right away. (Or at a later date, it WILL NOT EXPIRE, you will have FOREVER ACCESS to it!) . With this guide you will be able to join my Queens & I whole doing the same EXACT workouts with us + also get access to our private FB community.👯‍♀ (Please note, that there is no Meal Guide included) . This 6 Week Training Plan is ♥️designed for ONLY women to get fast results ♥️Both Home & Gym Training plans are included! ♥️Workout guide includes full video demonstrations and descriptions for every exercise! . If you are ready to supercharge your confidence, mindset & body to become the best version of yourself, then JOIN US today!👯‍♀ . For more info + purchase click the link my bio! . Any Questions drop it below🤓👇🏾

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anita_herbert. 🔥ABS BABY ABS🔥 - time to spice up your ab workouts girls
Outfit by

🔥ABS BABY ABS🔥 - time to spice up your ab workouts girls . Outfit by @bodyengineers & @bodyengineerswomen “BEanita” = 15% OFF . My BEST advice when it comes to training (not just abs, EVERY BODY PART!)👇🏾 . 🛑DO NOT do the SAME exact workouts over and over🛑 . Try NEW exercises, play with speed, rep ranges, rest times, add new variations etc... JUST do something DIFFERENT! . If you have been following me for a while, you know that i always like to keep things FRESH & FUN🎉 . This is probably why I have never lost my love for training. I always find new ways to get myself excited! . Don't get me wrong, i don’t always enjoy training, thats not what im saying.... BUT i notice when i start getting bored or when I start to plateau, so i TAKE ACTION!🙅🏻‍♀️ . ‼️TAG A FRIEND & LETS WORK‼️ . I like to this routine either after my workout as a finisher, or I like to pair it with my cardio session . Instructions: . Complete it as a circuit. 40 sec ON, 20 sec OFF. 60 sec rest after last exercise . 3 rounds total! . #Tip: Just like any other muscle, your abs need a break too! Instead of training your abs every single day, throw in high intensity moves here and there to burn more fat. That will help you reveal those packs much faster, than doing 100+ crunches everyday🤪

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anita_herbert. 1 or 2 ?
Which bikini do you like better? 
no push up OR push up?!🤷

1 or 2 ? . Which bikini do you like better? no push up OR push up?!🤷🏻‍♀️ . Both 👙 are by @bodyengineers & @bodyengineerswomen and are on SALE right now🎉 along with so many new gym outfits!😍 “BEanita” = 15% OFF (For sizing info + discount URL link go to my stories🤗)

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anita_herbert. CHALLENGE REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED 🚫❌⚠️‼️ @fitqueen_army _
My Fitqu

CHALLENGE REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED 🚫❌⚠️‼️ @fitqueen_army _ . My Fitqueen Challenge Workout Guide NOW available for ONLY 49$ now! Link in bio! LIMITED TIME OFFER 🚨 . As a woman myself I recognize that women naturally connect body image with self-esteem. . You’ve done it… . I’ve done it… . We’ve all done it… . Which is why it was so IMPORTANT for me to create a program designed for WOMEN to achieve and sculpt a lean and FEMININE body with LASTING results. . None 🙅🏻‍♀️of those BS quick fix cookie cutter one size fits all diet plans. . But a REAL program that helps CREATE new habits, strengthen the MIND 🧠to CRUSH your obstacles and finally learn how to exercise SMARTER NOT HARDER! . Whether you’re a BEGINNER and have never stepped foot into a gym… . Or ADVANCED and want that six pack to show! . I truly believe that with the right mentality and a clear goal you WILL be consistent and your results WILL last. . Support is also 🔑 KEY to your SUCCES and sometimes that drive and motivation can be lost when we take on a new journey and path. . I created my 👑 FitQueen community because I KNOW what it feels like to not have that support. . When you JOIN my challenge, you get ACCESS to a private group of women from ALL AROUND THE 🌎 WORLD supporting each other EVERY SINGLE DAY. . A place, where others are HAPPY🥰 for your success, SMILE and CHEER for you… . But ALSO …LIFT you up when you are down… . Where you can MOTIVATE and BE MOTIVATED. . Because as FitQueens we CRUSH our goals TOGETHER! 👯‍♀️ . There is no perfect time ⏰ … YOUR time is NOW! . All the fun 🎉begins Monday October 14th! LADIES we are less than 24 HOURS ⏰ away from the LAST FitQueen challenge of 2019!😱 .

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anita_herbert. 😱8 BOOTY EXERCISES- ONLY 1 MACHINE😱
🚨Get my Fitqueen Challenge Wo

😱8 BOOTY EXERCISES- ONLY 1 MACHINE😱 . 🚨Get my Fitqueen Challenge Workout Guide for ONLY 49$ now! Link in bio! LIMITED TIME OFFER 🚨 . If you ONLY use the leg extension machine for QUADS.... you NEED to see this😈 . Here are 8⃣ exercises you can do (other than what its actually meant for ☝🏾haha) . Whenever I’m short on time or the gym is packed or I’m training in a crappy hotel gym.... I always like to attack the leg extension #SoManyOptions #NeverDisappoints😌 . 👯‍♀Tag a friend who you think would like to see these moves!👯‍♀ - sharing is caring babes😜 . 1⃣SINGLE LEG GLUTE KICK BACK 2⃣FROG PUMPS 3⃣SIDE KICKS 4⃣HAMSTRING CURL 5⃣BANDED HIP THRUSTS 6⃣FROG STANCE BANDED HIP THRUSTS 7⃣SINGLE LEG BANDED HIP THRUST WITH ABDUCTION 8⃣DONKEY KICK BACK . #Tip: Adding bands to these moves really makes a difference! You will engage your glutes a LOT more!😈 I get all my bands from @profitnesssure best quality👌🏽 “ANITA15” = 15% OFF!

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