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What is your Dream Destination ❓💫 . Name one place that you never been but always wanted to go!!! ...................../ mine is Thailand 🇹🇭 🏝/ #LoveToTravel . ‼️FINAL DAYS TO JOIN MY CHALLENGE‼️ -LINK IN BIO! Only girls 👸🏻

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anita_herbert. 🥳Giveaway time 🥳
Its been a while since i have done a giveaway for

🥳Giveaway time 🥳 . Its been a while since i have done a giveaway for my fitfam so its timeeeeeee 🎁 . Who is ready to make some gains??🙋🏻‍♀️😈 . To enter the giveaway & win all these 🤩 all you have to do is: . 1️⃣LIKE THIS PHOTO 2️⃣FOLLOW ME @anita_herbert & @yamamotonutrition 3️⃣Tag as many friends as you can (more tags more chances to win😎🤟🏾) . Winner will be chosen randomly and announced April 29th! Good luck to everyone 🍀🥳

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anita_herbert. 🔥 15 min Abs 🔥 - no equipment

20 reps each exercise 
3 rounds!


🔥 15 min Abs 🔥 - no equipment 20 reps each exercise 3 rounds! Side plank toe touch /10 each side/ Side V -up crunch /10 each side/ X crunches Leg raise variation Leg raise into flutters

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It’s so amazing to see SO MANY o

👑 FIT QUEEN CHALLENGE COUNTDOWN 👑 . It’s so amazing to see SO MANY of you entering my Fit Queen Challenge!!😭❤️ . ✅ YES, registrations are still available online! . 🌎 Worldwide entry! . 🤓Go check my story for Q&A and more info! . 🚨 We are almost 70% FULL If you have been thinking of joining, and dont want to miss out on this , make sure you do it now!😜 . The training is designed around the way I train myself. I will teach you the tools and techniques that I have developed over many years of training. The meal guide is 100 % personalized to suit your schedule and your goals! . ✨ CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO SECURE YOUR SPOT! . 📷 by @surraca 💄 by @kornikamakeup

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anita_herbert. #MondayCoffeeTalk ☕️💭
Are you a CRY-er 😢 or DO- er ✊🏽?🧐
So man

#MondayCoffeeTalk ☕️💭 . Are you a CRY-er 😢 or DO- er ✊🏽?🧐 . So many people complain about their body EVERY SINGLE DAY but they do NOTHING about it... . Guess what, No one is going to come to your house and make your dreams come true😏 . No one is going to do the work for you... You are in the drivers seat 💺, you are in control. . You decide what you put in your mouth and how you manage your time. . I understand that everyone is busy AF, but you must find the time to take care of yourself! . Achieving your body goals will require time, effort & discipline like everything else thats meaningful in your life. . If you cant workout 5 days a week, thats absolutely okay to do 2 days or even 1 day! Thats a good start! . Remember Doing something is always better than doing nothing. . Stop looking for perfection. Instead aim for being better everyday than you were the day before! . 🚨Have you registered for my Challenge? If not 👉🏾LINK IN BIO💪🏽👸🏻

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anita_herbert. 🤔Why i never cut & bulk....
If you have been following me for a whi

🤔Why i never cut & bulk.... . If you have been following me for a while you already know that despite being a bodybuilder (I'm a professional bikini competitor) i don't believe in a major bulking phase. . I know that many of you on here won’t agree with me on this subject, but this is my opinion, my way of doing this and i wanted to share it with you!🤓 . Most of you know that many bodybuilders cut & bulk...I personally have never done real bulk and I'm still able to make progress! My results (and also my client’s) shows that you CAN make improvements without dramatically increasing your calorie intake. . 👇🏾Why i don't do bulking:👇🏾 I cant speak for everyone, but i personally dont feel good when i am overweight, i tend to completely lose motivation when i don't feel comfortable in my body🙊. . I have seen so many competitor girls go into a massive bulk after a show and completely letting themselves go!I think that for a 120 lb girl gaining 20-30lb is absolutely unnecessary & unhealthy AF! . Gaining so much weight and changing your overall look can have a huge impact on you mentally! You can lose all your confidence & get depressed!😩 Plus I really don’t believe that you will end up with significantly more muscle after a bulk/cut period compared to if you just gained overtime. I rather stay around my maintenance calories most of the time and do “mini shreds” here and there when i want to be a little leaner (for shoots or events) If you gain too much fat during bulking phase you will have a hard time losing it when you want to cut down again! Plus you will lose a lot of your hard earned muscle in the process!😥 . Of course there are girls that love bulking (I personally know a couple) and can feel good & even look good while carrying extra weight! Some girls are , i hate to use this word but “lucky” because they genetically carry their extra weight on the right places (booty and hips🤤) BUT unfortunately i am definitely not one of them😅 I tend to hold all my excess weight on my tummy🤰🏾 Which is why I decided to follow my own way and create my own methods! 💯😌 . What are your thoughts on this? 💭 Do you cut & bulk? Comment below!👇🏾

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anita_herbert. 🔥SHOULDER KILLER 🔥
‼️Dont forget to save this routine for your nex

🔥SHOULDER KILLER 🔥 . ‼️Dont forget to save this routine for your next shoulder session . Wearing @bodyengineers as usual🙊 Love the fit plus all of their pieces are super comfyyyyyyy!!! Get yours and save 15% with my code “BEanita” . Routine: Superset : 4 sets of 💢DB twisting front raise - 10 💢DB lateral raise to single cross body front raise - 10 💢Up and down plank - 60 sec . Superset: 4 sets of 💢DB Upright row variation -8 (left, right , together) 💢Front raise with Plate -10 💢Steering wheel with plate - 5 x 5 sec twist - this one is such a killlerrrr babes 💀🔥

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anita_herbert. 🚨Join my Fit Queen Challenge & lets crush your goals together! 🚨 (LI

🚨Join my Fit Queen Challenge & lets crush your goals together! 🚨 (LIMITED SPOTS, link in bio) . Have you ever said.... “I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT” & then you didn’t lose it.🧐 . Have you ever said “I WILL START MY DIET TOMORROW” & you never did 🤨 . I sure have😕 . Why❓ . Because I didn't make a clear plan how i am going to achieve it. For example you don't just start building a house, you need a plan first! Same goes with your fitness journey. . In my experience most people (including me) will succeed if they have a specific PLAN to follow! . If you don't decide to commit to achieving your goals your life can easily pass by as you wait for the perfect time to start. That perfect time is NOW! In this 6 week challenge I will have a entire section dedicated to mindset training, goal setting ,visualization. forming new habits , so you can get level up your body and mind. . BE THE NEXT FITQUEEN 👸🏻 . 🚨Join me for my upcoming Fit Queen Challenge & lets crush your body goals together! ‼️Click the link in my bio to secure your spot‼️ . If you are someone that needs guidance & accountability this challenge is for you!🥳 It is a 6 week challenge starting April 29th! Price: 79$ ONE TIME PAYMENT . Any questions drop it below👇🏾🥰

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I’m not ready... . It’s not the right time.. . I’m not good enough... . I’m too old/young.... . It will take too long... . It’s too hard.... . I don’t have enough time/money/experience... . Maybe I’m not meant to do it... . People will laugh at me.... . I could go on and on with the excuses...😓 . When i catch myself trying to make these barriers ...i stop ✋🏾 and remind myself thats its just my 🧠 playing games with me! . My mind tells me to stay in my comfort zone, do the same shit i have been doing and don't try anything new that can hurt me or can make me feel uncomfortable. . You need to find & try to eliminate the things that are slowing down your progress & keep you from moving forward. Because if you choose the other option – if you listen to your excuses – you’ll NEVER do anything different with your life and will NEVER see the things you wish to come true. . @yamamotonutrition #yamamotonutrition 📷by @inline_photography 💄 by @kornikamakeup . Remember... . ✨Deep inside of you lives a hero 🦸🏻‍♀ who wants to do more!✨ . Whats your excuse for not getting fit?🧐

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anita_herbert. 20 minute full body sculpt!🔥 - 40 sec work, 15 rest!
1⃣Reverse lung

20 minute full body sculpt!🔥 - 40 sec work, 15 rest! . 1⃣Reverse lunges to single arm face pull - 10 . 2⃣Squat to curtsy - 10 . 3⃣Elbow to knee - 10 . 4⃣Side lunge to press -10 . 5⃣Pop squat w floor touch -10 . 6⃣Alternating curtsy lunges with single arm lat pull down -10 . 7⃣Squat to kick- 10 . Perform each exercise for 40 sec, rest 15 sec 3 rounds! . @profitnesssure mini bands set comes with four different resistance levels: light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy! (Im using the heavy resistance (blue) for lower body and light resistance (red) for upper body in this workout ☺) Get your @profitnesssure set and save additional 15% with my code “ANITA15”

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I'm backkkkk in Miami babesss! #HomeSweetHome 🥰 . Im gonna be honest with you babes... as much as I love to travel, i am also always excited to come home and get back on my routine! Who else feels the same way after being away for a few weeks?🙋🏻‍♀️ . I have been getting a lot questions about my upcoming FitQueen challenge soooooo i decided to create a ❗️FREE eBook❗️ for you so you can get a little bit more insight of what exactly my 6 week challenge includes!😌 Also check my #Stories for more info! . Click the link in my bio & click “Free challenge ebook” to download your ‼️FREE sample WORKOUT & MEAL GUIDE‼️ . My goal is with this challenge is to help you lose fat, supercharge your confidence and to teach you how to deliver new healthy habits into your lifestyle. I want to help you transform your mind & body so you can feel good & be happy in your own skin every single day! . Change your lifestyle & start building your new healthy habits in as little as 6 weeks! Link in bio babes 💋

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anita_herbert. I need a phone with 500% battery 🔋 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 #chargingstation #NoPowe

I need a phone with 500% battery 🔋 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 #chargingstation #NoPowerNoLife Can anyone relate?😂 👙 & 🔌 #StoryOfMyLife #NoPocketNoProblem . ‼️JOIN MY NEW FIT-QUEEN CHALLENGE‼️ Lets get summer ready in 6 weeks!👙🔥 Registrations are now open🥳 . What’s included? 💢6 Week Training Plan designed for fast results 💢Customized Meal Guide to suit your goals and dietary requirements - choose either Fat Loss or Lean Build 💢Home and Gym training plans available 💢Check In and Meal Guide update at half way 💢Training Education, I’ll teach you how to use the correct form to achieve maximum results 💢Email support, I'm here when you need me! 💢Private Facebook forum for support & guidance 💢Weekly email updates so you continue learning & stay motivated 💢Prizes to be won! . Click the link in my bio to secure your spot‼️

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