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Went to @jsmay101 's old place of employment @recordarchive last week and got me a new sweatshirt (they call em hoodies these daze. Aren't kids adorable?). Thanks Alayna. I be reppin the east here in the west, and Portland does have some great record stores, but #recordarchive is crazy f'n overkill. Thanks also for the many staffers that came to @mckinley_james Rock n Roll show. #rochesterny #thesmayway

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"By just being yourself, the things you can achieve..." - #winnieharlow *sometimes the message is GMA on the tellie that your brother-in-law left on. Messengers come in strange packaging*

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arejaydub69. A house in Akron.
📷: @rjacildo

A house in Akron. 📷: @rjacildo

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arejaydub69. Thanks to @thelegendsofmusic for this one.
#littlerichard #gretschguit

Thanks to @thelegendsofmusic for this one. #littlerichard #gretschguitar

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arejaydub69. Still from @viceland #tattooage episode on #chrisgarver 
#danhiggs #da

Still from @viceland #tattooage episode on #chrisgarver #danhiggs #danielhiggs

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I don't have the heart to tell Oliver if my sister decides to change the color scheme of this interior, he's gotta go... #imalovernotaboxer

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HBD #bookertjones 🎂 Happy birthday, Sir, from Portland, OR, which is where my Pops snapped this shot of us at #mississippistudios in 2009 during soundcheck. Thanks for all you taught me.

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Always Rumi for coffee😉 #Rumi #greybeardpride

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When ya know your time is up and ya gots ta get ta gettin'👊🏽😖. I kid, I kid... Seriously, I'm gonna miss this guy. So a while back Miles scores 3 touchdowns in a game before breaking his arm. 4-5 weeks later, gets the cast off, plays with a splint, scores another 3 touchdowns. Yeah, 3!!! #thesmayway

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arejaydub69. See ya tonight, Portland...
#familyreunion #pdx #portlandoregon

See ya tonight, Portland... #familyreunion #pdx #portlandoregon

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arejaydub69. FBF 2009
@holmstromrick and myself with #bookertjones somewhere on the

FBF 2009 @holmstromrick and myself with #bookertjones somewhere on the West Coast. Seattle, perhaps? Rick? What say you? Miss ya, Brother. #rickholmstrom #potatoholetour2009

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arejaydub69. Even @jsmay101 is thinking, \"there's something different about Robert.

Even @jsmay101 is thinking, "there's something different about Robert. I can't quite put my finger on it...". #misplacedtags

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TBT Hey @markgalvan ... I found the pic of the tattoo you did on my stomach a decade ago when ya came to guest-spot at @rockofagestattoo in Austin. How was I to know my life would get even crazier with the psyche facilities, shelters, rehabs, etc... Crazy, Man...CRAZY😜. So happy we got an all to brief encounter a week ago. Until next time... #mividaloca #stillcrazy #keepinthefunindysfunctional #feeshand

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arejaydub69. Be yourself. No one can say you're doing it wrong. -Charles M. Schulz

Be yourself. No one can say you're doing it wrong. -Charles M. Schulz #ohtheywillthough

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Dressing room photo inspiration. #robbieshakespeare #abilenebarandlounge

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ROCHESTER... Hometown boy returns for one night tonight at the @abilenebarandlounge at 8pm. Make that 2 hometown boys as @jsmay101 will be on drums. Along for the ride and ensuing good times is @rjacildo on B-3 and myself on the ol' thump-stick. We're gonna have ourselves a ball, so come on get right on with the RIGHT ON. Don't be nar-viss. #abilenebarandlounge #rochesterny #mckinleyjames

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