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arielle_z_music. Finally coming back to life and getting excited for Januarielle! Tonig

Finally coming back to life and getting excited for Januarielle! Tonight 1/12 is my first booking of 2019 with @theafternoonumbrellafriends at a secret spot in North Park. Maybe I’ll see ya getting funky there? Then next up on 1/16 I’ll see you early birds at @dybrkr @daybreakersandiego (link in bio, DM for discount code). We’ll be getting my Januarielle birthday weekend started on 1/25 at #solset at @firehousepb with @jimbo_james & Johnny Wright. And the BIG ONE for my official birthday partyyy as well as also 2nd birthday for @staybad #H2O #House2Ourselves at @spinnightclub w/ @flatlinepresents I’m stoked to open for @porky_dh @djbehrouz @positivelanguage !!!! DM me for discount codes. Super thankful for this new year. Let’s celebrate! I’ll see you lovers on the dance floor! • • • • • • • • #dj #djs #djariellez #ariellezmusic #januarielle #januellie #aquarius #birthdaymonth #housemusic #housemusiclovers #deephouse #housemusicalllifelong #techhouse #techno #goodvibes #loveandlight #danceparty #thankful

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My sweet momma is here reminding me & everyone that YOU ARE RADIANT!! And so is she 🥰 I love her so so much and soooo thankful she came to help take care of me and spend much needed time with meeee. It was long overdue. And thankful to be starting to feel better so we can enjoy some nice time together as well! I lava you like a volcano, 🌋💕 Mommy Pie. #artalexia

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OH MY GOODNESS! Pneumonia & bronchitis are NO JOKE. But I am so grateful to be finally making some improvement and feeling better on the road to health and wellness. I’ve always been very interested in nutrition & overall wellness and learning as much as I can in order to practice and live a more well and whole life inside and out. But after getting so sick I realized I need to do even better! I made a big promise & commitment to myself at putting more effort in than ever at caring my body temple, mind, heart, and soul (it’s all connected) than ever before. 🙏🏼🕉💪🏽✌🏽

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@dybrkr was finally able to come to San Diego for the first time last month! It was so much fun & welcomed with much enthusiasm. I’d been to a few over the years in LA & SF and have always loved it. I’m so stoked to be chosen to DJ this next one in SD on Wed., Jan. 16! Yoga bright & early at 6am by @katiebhappyy @daybreakerlove then uplifting dance party musically led by your girl 👱🏻‍♀️ 7-9am. Ticket link in my bio! **DM for discount code!** Swipe to see photos from the last one. I’m sure you’ll see some familiar faces. 😍Such a crazy positive loving energizing environment with the best vibes getting you pumped for your day and your life! The theme for this one is Dance Dance Resolution for the new year, and wearing all white is encouraged to radiate that bright love & light! See you shiny souls Wednesday morninngggg 🌤🧘🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🙏🏼💃🏼💙P.S. I apologize for not properly tagging. Please help if you can! P.P.S. A little fun fact about me — I began my DJ journey playing yoga classes / workshops, then leading to yoga / fitness events & such. I’m all about that life 💙🕉

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This is just the beginning of a whole slew of LATE posts buuuttt.... Thank you so much @ameyaimstar1 @hixxenhaven @hunter__james__ @haileyhoey @haydenhoey for having me over for such a warm homey loving family Christmas. 🎄 Such good company, food and prezzies. 🎁 Thank you for always being my legit SD home base. Love you and the fam so much! Thank you to my sweet @dan_bure for the cuddliest softest Teddy Bear 🧸 to snuggle with while you’re away. And I’ve never had a teddy bear before!! You can see it brought joy to more than just me hehe. @chuwee_music @hixxenhaven And of course, safety first 😊. And thank you momma for the unexpected gifts upon you’re arrival. So unnecessary, but so appreciated of course. I guess the holidays turned out better than expected after all. 🙏🏼✨🌟 #Thankful #holidays #happyholidays #christmas #loveyouall #sdfamily

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#tbt to warm sunny sunshine days, pool parties, less clothes, and bustin’ out beats in the breeze with these beautiful boys by my side. @truedreamofsky @littlelovefish 💕 @coachella parties , where you at?! @vmoda 📸 @arleneibarra • • • • • • • #dj #djs #housemusic #housemusiclovers #housemusicalllifelong #deephouse #disco #techhouse #m&J #lovetheseboys #poolhousesd #vmoda #sunshine #summer #coachellaparties #ariellez #ariellezmusic #djariellez #mermaid

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If for some reason you don’t know where to find us... we’re usually front row center finding our eccentric zen through dancing and vibing with the music! Some of my fav die-hards right here.... on and off the dance floor. #NamasteOnThisDancefloor @littlelovefish @laurenturton @westcoastwkndr & can’t leave out @alien.kitty @rotten.oil @rogersbailey 🙆🏼‍♀️👀 @deependparty

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Really missing my adventure bae right now!! 💑It’s been just over a month and the thirst has really been kicking innnn for my liefie! Missing you and sunny warm Mexico @dan_bure 🤴🏼💙🧜🏼‍♀️ #lovers #comebacktome #cabo #liefie #babycakes #fitcouple #dreamteam #adventurebae #fangirl #fanboy #mine #sexysouthafrican

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arielle_z_music. Whether anyone has been wondering or not about my radio silence throug

Whether anyone has been wondering or not about my radio silence through December, the holidays, the new year.... Please don’t take my poor communication, lack of responses & follow through as something personal directed toward you. For it is not and never EVER my intention to seem as if my heart has grown cold. I’m actually deeply loving and caring and emotional. Everything I’ve gone through and experienced hit me pretty hard at the end of the year. Mix that heavy stress in with fighting through sickness to work some weird long hours with cold rainy weather even on NYE.... that’s more than enough to leave someone feeling like straight death. I’ve been super flipping sick and bedridden and have been at the medical center once again all evening. This is the first time since my feverishly sick delusional state that I’ve been able to actually function enough to drive to doctor (should have gone days ago) and pick up some damn food and my meds to get better! This post is not meant to be negative whatsoever. It’s meant to be honest and real. Of course I’m thankful for everything in my life as it is all a learning experience to polish me into the best person possible. I need to be honest with you all.... there’s been some heavy ass shit I’ve been having to deal with... most of it was not even my fault as unexpected (like most of life) and some of it I didn’t know any better and learning to handle it the best way possible for the future.... but it all took its toll and broke my heart and stressed me out and drained me of my strength, love, creativity, motivation, my all around happy healthy sense of self!!! My intentions really are the best! But how can I be a good friend, good leader, good lover, and perform my best if I’m so depleted and out of alignment?? It’s been such a strange experience for me since my whole life turned upside down after my injury which lead to my move from LA to SD. So much magic has taken place but I feel like I haven’t even gotten to focus on or pursue the goodness in front of me because I’m not healed from so much other shit that seemed to just keep piling up. All I want is to clear away this baggage, clear out the old bullshit to make way fo

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Oh, It’s been a #Tradition for some time now! Thanks @egotrip.sd @spinnightclub for putting on another amazing experience & party unlike any other! And thank you for having me on the lineup 💚 Shout out to all the dope #DJs @emancipator @thisislapa @racheltorro @rightmeowz @datphat.music @galangsta21 @jdubs805 @britton_g 💚 And to the artists, aerialists/performers, and fashionable friends! #CreaturesOfTheForest #egotrip #campegotrip #burningman #freaks #friends #lovethem #fun #lovethis #burners #danceparty #goodvibes

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arielle_z_music. #TBT A couple weeks ago today I was blissfully soaring above the cloud

#TBT A couple weeks ago today I was blissfully soaring above the clouds from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas SD 🛫 MX @alaskaair #windowseat #iflyalaska #travel #blueskies #happyclouds #dreamy #travelstoke #onmywaytoseemyman #livebeautifully

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Couldn’t wipe that smile off my face if I tried. 👙☀️🌊🏝🍹 #beachlife #mermaid #beachbabe #mexico #inmyelement 📸 @dan_bure

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Jeep. Beach. Sleep. Repeat. 🌅🇲🇽@dan_bure

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TONIGHT!! Catch me back at my fav spot @alivethursdays @shelterencinitas with @susieshouse @gabevega & @positivelanguage (it’s his birthday)!! Let’s celebrate and get groovy 9-close. 🥳 • • • • • • • • #dj #djs #housemusic #housemusiclovers #techhouse #deephouse #deeptech #techno #progressivetechno #alivethursdays #sd #encinitas #goodvibesonly #birthdayparty #danceparty

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Can’t believe it’s already been 2 weeks ago today since I was spontaneously flying to Cabo for a way overdue vacation. And I felt like the luckiest girl doing it with this stud of an adventure partner! Felt like I was in a dream. Not to mention he’s the best tour guide ever since he’s basically like a local. So many more photos and videos to share, but here’s a few for now. Thanks @dan_bure for showing this Mermaid the best time. Looking forward to more adventures. 🤴🏼🧜🏼‍♀️ #DreamTeam

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arielle_z_music. TONIGHT!!! Can not wait to get magical with you all for @egotrip.sd at

TONIGHT!!! Can not wait to get magical with you all for @egotrip.sd at @spinnightclub 🧚🏼‍♀️✨🧜🏼‍♀️🦎🐛🐍 The most beautiful creatures always come out for Ego Trip. Attending my first Burningman is what finally put the fire under my booty to actually pursue DJing in public and at future burns. I’ve always thought Ego Trip has put together some of the most amazing gatherings on and off the playa, so I am so thrilled to play for them tonight with some amazing talent!!! Presale tix are sold out, $35 at the door so get there early!

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