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arielle_z_music. TONIGHT!!! Can not wait to get magical with you all for @egotrip.sd at

TONIGHT!!! Can not wait to get magical with you all for @egotrip.sd at @spinnightclub 🧚🏼‍♀️✨🧜🏼‍♀️🦎🐛🐍 The most beautiful creatures always come out for Ego Trip. Attending my first Burningman is what finally put the fire under my booty to actually pursue DJing in public and at future burns. I’ve always thought Ego Trip has put together some of the most amazing gatherings on and off the playa, so I am so thrilled to play for them tonight with some amazing talent!!! Presale tix are sold out, $35 at the door so get there early!

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arielle_z_music. Repost from @mysticmamma using @RepostRegramApp - Venus went direct on

Repost from @mysticmamma using @RepostRegramApp - Venus went direct on November 16th and on that same day Mercury went Retrograde. As our hearts return from their underworld voyage our focus turns inward to nourish ourselves as we process so many of the changes that have been occurring. For most of us these have been some very turbulent times. For me and our community in the mountains of Southern California, we have been dealing with the blazing wildfires where so many lost their homes and their loved ones. My family and I had to evacuate from our home for over a week but gratefully our home and community were spared. There is no doubt that experiences like this bring to the forefront what is most essential and what truly matters most. A reminder to never loose sight of that. We, each in our own ways, have been moving through trying times. This Scorpio cycle has been teaching us of the power of regeneration, and our ability to go through the fire and literally rise from the ashes like the phoenix transformed. Pat Liles says that during this current Mercury RX Period, “we are drawn to the internal spiritual journey, the inner trails of growth to renew our inspiration.” With this Gemini FULL MOON rising on 11/22, we have the opportunity to see things from multiple perspectives and gleam ideas of what could be possible. We must dream the new. 𓉔 CATHY PAGANO says, “This Gemini Full Moon’s energy belongs to Jupiter, so it can feel very expansive and energizing… Mercury is the planet said to ‘rule’ this Gemini Full Moon…So be conscious of what you say, mean what you say, and say it with kindness and intelligence. PAM YOUNGHANS says, “The Moon is aligned with the fixed star Alcyone.. the main star of the Pleiades star cluster, one of the Seven Weeping Sisters...we may expect that we will be especially sensitive on Thursday and Friday.. This is a time to be especially gentle with yourself and with others. Even those souls who appear strong may be feeling very fragile or vulnerable beneath the personality veneer.” Full download mysticmamma.com ::: ART by #MYSTICMAMMA New Edition Release of 𐄙 HEAL 𐄙 >mysticmammashop.com 🤲🏽💓

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Excited to be heading up to LA tonight to play with some amazing souls and celebrate my babe @laurenmiamusic birthday!!! Ticket link in my bio. 😈🧜🏼‍♀️🎧🖤🌛🕶 • • • • • • • • #dj #djs #musicproducers #playavibes #housemusic #housemusiclovers #deephouse #techhouse #deeptech #techno #progressivetechno #earporn #dtla #LA #losangeles #LAskyline #burnervibes #goodvibesonly

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Even angels like to play dark and dirty beats that make your booty shake and maybe even freak you out just a little bit. 👼🏼😈 I know exactly what moment this was! I got that stank face and uncontrollable evil laugh when that dirty beat hit me oh so heavenly. 🌌🌫 #lovelifeparty #deependparty 📸 @keepitvillareal • • • • • • • #dj #djs #tohellwithyou #heavenandhell #heavenlybeats #angel #angelicevil #halloween2018 #stankface #evillaugh #ilovethis #housemusiclovers #housemusic #deephouse #techhouse #techno #ariellez #ariellezmusic #djariellez #heatingupheaven #angelbae #naughtyangel #danceparty #goodvibesonly #naughtyandnice #sweetontheoutsideevilontheinside

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Seeing people posting their sailing pics and vids making me miss it myself! This mermaid is long overdue for some water activities in the sunshine 🧜🏼‍♀️⛵️🖤🌅. • • • • #sail #sailing #waterbaby #sunbum #sunsoutbunsout #seabreeze #socal #yacht #yachting #yachtlife #mermaid

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FRIDAY 11/9! @soulworkus bringing Detroit legend #CarlCraig @carlcraignet to SD. DM me for discount code 🔊📀💫🎵 Excited to be sharing the lineup with these amazing people @djdonaldthump @positivelanguage @bass_exotic @violingirl_official @explaura_peck @crescendollmusic • • • • • • • • #dj #djs #housemusic #housemusiclovers #houseandtechno #techno #detroit #legends #carlcraig #techhouse #synthesizers #soulwork #residentadvisor @resident_advisor

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You see this happy face right here? The only filter on this face is that post-DJ set glow after I finished playing @spinnightclub crackin that main room til 4am Halloween weekend. Happy as a little mutha effin clam cuz I got so lost in the music and good vibes that I forgot I was in any pain. That’s what music and playing does to me. It transcends the physical plains. It heals. It moves. It enlightens. This is a face of #gratitude 🙏🏽 I am so thankful for this life, this music, a way to connect and create and communicate through the bass, the beats, the boom baps, the high hats, the melodies, all the sounds and frequencies. 🖤💛📀🎧⚡️🎵 THANK YOU to everyone that has brought me this far whether it’s with bookings, words of encouragement, inspiration, support, advice, your dance moves, your smiles, all of it. Please know I am so thankful and love you. This is just the beginning still. More magic to come. #HouseMusicAllLifeLong #loveandlight #musicuntilidie #dj #ariellez #ariellezmusic #djariellez #thankful #musicsavedmylife #housemusicsavedmylife #sandiegohousemusic #la #losangeles #socal #glowing #glow #postdjsetglow #afterglow #nofilter

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arielle_z_music. She come from a different side of the sun,  but she feels the same hea

She come from a different side of the sun, but she feels the same heat. When the mood is right and the day is done, we dance to the same beat, the same beat. 🌅🌄🌌🎆 • • • • • • • • #differentsides #differentsidesofthesun #hotnatured #hotcreations #alilove #ifeelyou #youfeelme #sunset #sunsets #magical #november1 #lifeisbeautiful #livebeautifully #feelingclosefromafar

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So this was my trick or treat for this year’s Halloween! And the sweetest surprise. While I was gone Wednesday at the doctor followed with a little visit with a couple and their cute babies, I was unaware that a florist attempted to make her delivery to my apartment. My neighbors happened to be home and saw her looking a little concerned and lost as to where to leave them since I do not even have so much as my own patio with a good place to leave them. They nicely took them in for me so they were safe from the sun or getting stepped on, etc. They texted me saying that a package arrived for me and that they signed for it and had it for me when I got home. I knew @dan_bure was still expecting some packages to my house while he is at sea, so I assumed it was just that. By the time I got home at sundown, my neighbors had left, but said they wouldn’t be gone long. After a little while there was a knock at my door and I heard the girl say “trick or treat!” I opened up the door and dressed like the scare crow and lion, there stood my adorable neighbors holding the flowers. They then proceeded to give me the flowers and told me what happened and then I realized what the real delivery was! It was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers all for meeee!! 😍👸🏼Screw Halloween candy and missing all the parties, I got pretty flowers and a beautiful note from @dan_bure 💙💐 which is waayyy more fun and fulfilling! Can you tell how excited and surprised I was?! They match my apartment perfectly and make my place smell amazing. Wait, there’s a little more to this story. Of course I’d already been jamming out to @kcrw before all of this went down. I was dancing around all giddy to the music, and shortly after my neighbors left, a track came on with a male vocal that kept singing “Blue Flowers” !! Wtf?! Talk about #spooky #synchronicity !! Spells have clearly been cast up in my little clam cave mermaid gypsy palace 🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♂️✨💫🔮 Thank you so much Daniel, I can’t remember the last time I was surprised with such a sweet gesture or flowers like that. You’re so good at this! And so good keeping us feeling close even if we’re physically far apart.🤴🏼💋 Can’t wait to see you again, you magical human.

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arielle_z_music. THIS IS LIFE. 💜 Don’t forget about beautiful Mother Nature and her cu

THIS IS LIFE. 💜 Don’t forget about beautiful Mother Nature and her cute and precious moments! @soulguidance . .

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arielle_z_music. 😂 As much as I LOVE to celebrate and pay my respects to All Hollows E

😂 As much as I LOVE to celebrate and pay my respects to All Hollows Eve & Dia de los Muertos, this basically sums me up this year as I lay peacefully in my sheets and got freaky with trolling the memories and current menageries like a voyeur while being mystified by a medley of macabre music thanks to @kcrw @travisholcombe @jeremysole @claptone.official @mathieuschreyer @blondish 💀🎧👽👻🎃🖤😈🧟‍♀️ Made me actually appreciate social media for once, yet reminded me how spooky it can be in itself 👀

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Happy Halloween from these real life super heroes who’s magical powers extend beyond their “costumes” shown here. ✨🎃👽👻💪🏽 @_mimisoleil @arielle_z_music @explaura_peck @littlelovefish @truedreamofsky @staybad @worldbeatcenter #house2ourselves #spiderwoman #wonderwoman #leeloo #cosmic #cosplay #halloween #comiccon #playdressup #reallifesuperheroes #heroes

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HAUNTING at @spinnightclub TONIGHT and I am ready to haunt your souls & get sexy dark with ya spooky booties!! 😈👹👻🎵 Swipe for set times. Running now from 10-4. DM for password hehe. Love these videos!! Come get down with me after hours 2:30-4am! @mattyladdmusic @gianunnaki @djchristopherjames • • • • • • • • #dj #djs #haunting #hauntedhouse #housemusiclovers #housemusic #spooky #techhouse #techno #scarysexy #afterhours #latenightparty #spinnightclub #latexxylophone #musicselector #sandiegohousemusic #undergroundhousemusic

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arielle_z_music. Even angels have guardian angels 👼🏼 🧝🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️✨👸🏼Shout

Even angels have guardian angels 👼🏼 🧝🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️✨👸🏼Shout outs to mine. You know who you are. I hope! P.S. The @lovelife_party_ with @deependparty @staybad @musicis4lovers @sdcm_restaurantgroup_ was so amazing last night and so grateful to be a part of it! Although I wish I could have spent more time there immersed in the amazingness. So many creatively freaky costumes. And I really appreciate the well wishes and lovely talks I had with people. #lovelifeparty

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arielle_z_music. Definitely missing this🤴🏼and really wish he and his band of brothers

Definitely missing this🤴🏼and really wish he and his band of brothers and their ladies could come get freaky with me and for my set tonight at the @lovelife_party_ @deependparty @staybad party! 😈💀👻 At least we’ve had some good times at other shows including #SundayIs4Lovers w/ a fav @timgreen_music and then seeing another fav @chusceballos !! And I know there’s more to come. 💋🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♂️ • • • • • • • • #musicis4lovers #king #pic #feelthesameheat #missingyou #housemusiclovers #djs #wecute #babes #lionpride #pirateandmermaid

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Find me getting devilishly freaky here tonight! Scroll for set times. Tix still available along with some of my friends selling tix. See you in hell 😈🎵👻👺 • • • @lovelife_party_@deependparty@staybad@musicis4lovers • • #dj #djs #ariellezmusic #djariellez #housemusic #housemusiclovers #techhouse #deephouse #disco #techhouse #techno #halloweendanceparty #heavenandhell #deviltheme #halloween2018

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LA Party People! TONIGHT! @maliomusic @monsieurfrazier @understatedla @djsteveprior will be playing at @bardothollywood @avalonhollywood for one of my all time fav LA Halloween parties for over a decade #MELTONHalloween! This year’s theme is #Netherworld. Freaky performances by @shimmy_sisters and more! Runs 8-6am!! Tickets at www.meltonhalloween.com 💀☠️👻👺🎃😈 • • • • • • • • #dj #djs #housemusic #housemusiclovers #houseandtechno #disco #techhouse #deephouse #techno #disco #la #losangeles #halloweenparty #meltonhalloween #meltonhalloween2018 #hollywood #theshimmysisters #freaky #spooky #thefreakscomeoutatnight

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I love this talented noonie babe sooo much! I swear it was love at first sight. She just gets it. Soulmates. I look forward to making some amazingness with her in the future. Headed to to her set now at @blondebarsd for Nocturne and happy to have her staying with meeee in my little gypsy palace clam cave. And if you don’t follow & listen to her music & sets already.... then you need to! @laurenmiamusic 🖤🎧💃🏼✨💋

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