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I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sick of German beer. I’m creating a backlog of everything else during this #AdventSZN Day 18!

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Lappy is pretty much hogging my Day 17 beer. #kittiesofnarnia

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aslinovnania. And they’re off, back home to California. Thank you for coming and suc

And they’re off, back home to California. Thank you for coming and such a wonderful visit. I love you guys! #tinytar58

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Happy 1st anniversary of #gotchaday to my wife and my #tinytar58

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Taking #tinytar58 to her first hockey game ever and explaining fights to her is making my heart melt. Just wait until I get this girl to a Kings game, for the real shit. Happy #gotchaday little lady, you have a huge family that loves you. (Home girl is yelling with me at Tkakchuk)

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Made myself an @lakings crayon at the @visitcrayolamoa yesterday, and I’m pretty satisfied with myself. #gokingsgo #weareallkings #crayolaexperience #adultscolortoo

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You guys, Lushy is in Minnesota and I’m having a much needed and magical time. ⛸ #tinytar58 #skatethestar #moaskatethestar #framilyphoto #⛸

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Day 14 of #AdventSZN and I’m running out of ideas.

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Bonding with #Tinytar58 in the snow! ⛄️

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Aaaaaaaand, day 13. #adventSZN

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Now proudly served at the Kitty Condo Cafe, Publiner! Day 12 of #brewersadventcalendar

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When Erin can’t come, I steal her friends. #teacherappreciation

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We’re onto day 11 of the #brewersadventcalendar and I’m really diggin’ these colorful cans. Perfect beverage while I prepare for my hot date tonight. 🤫 don’t tell Erin.

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Lappy is much more interested in getting some training miles than I am. #kittiesofnarnia #procompression #keepittight #rundisneytraining

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I might have spent my entire workout thinking about beer, but I did it and that’s all that matters, right? Day 10 of the #brewersadventcalendar and I earned it!

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Day 9 of Advent Season!

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In case it’s not obvious, I saw @cosmo_by_kait today. And my hair is refreshed and ready to face the holidays.

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