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to say i love my life is a huge understatement 😌 - - huge shoutout to @sailsandiego and capt. @theodoreniekras for such a rad day yesterday! pc @wavechase

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summer breeze - - super exciting news!! i finally upgraded my fujifilm camera to the xpro2 from the xe1. 😭

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from my first roll of film #portra400 #35mmfilm

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playing with super 8 - - speaking of vintage, who else is about to watch the new season of stranger things in one sitting?

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goodbye june gloom 👋🏽 - - my friends and i are thinking about starting beach clean ups here in sd! anyone local down to help with that?

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west coast colors 🌞 - - for the longest time i’ve posted “travel” content simply because i was never satisfied with my surroundings in arizona. being here in san diego has resparked my creative drive and i can’t wait to share more of my photography. hope you all enjoy!

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Jermango Dreaming - Breeze has been stuck in my head for the last few days and I think it’s the best thing i’ve ever listened to by the beach 🖤 what’s your favorite song right now? pc and song cred @jonesethan_

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san diego you stole my heart 🖤🤙🏽 pc @wavechase

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the issue with this platform is that it conditions us to always aim for perfection.. but i believe the beauty of life lays in imperfection. just do you and be happy. ✌🏽 *prints now available; see bio. would love the support and feedback!*

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I just want to chill at the beach all day in my @sunglasswarehouse sunnies. 😎☀️ Are you excited for the weekend? pc @jonesethan_

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cruisin in laguna🌴 *quick update* 1. i’ll be posting more content on @austiinjohnphoto 2. new photo blog coming soon of @beverlyhilton 3. updated presets to my site also.. i’ll be hitting san diego next week with the gang before we leave to bali so lmk if you’d like to link up!! 🤙🏽🌊 pc @jonesethan_

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Super stoked to have partnered with @beverlyhilton this past weekend! I’ll be sharing more from this trip throughout the week so stay tuned! #beverlyhilton & Happy Earth Day! ✌🏽🌎

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so my buddy just started selling prints and it kinda got me thinking about doing the same... what do you think?? 🌊

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what are your plans for summer? ☀️🌊

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my monday mood 😴 who else needs some coffee?? ☕️

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Outdoor tub ✔️ Amazing spa ✔️ Delicious Rosé ✔️ Happy Girlfriend ✔️✔️ All with @estancialajolla Who’s your favorite hotel / resort?

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starting off the week with some good vibes ☀️ are you a sunrise or sunset kinda person??

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@tervis is my favorite tumbler hands down! It literally goes everywhere I go because it always keeps my drinks nice and cold. ❄️ Plus they have 1000’s of colorful and fun designs for you to choose from so go check them out! *LINK IN BIO* #ad #sponsored #tervis_partner #tervis #takeyourtervis

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