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so my buddy just started selling prints and it kinda got me thinking about doing the same... what do you think?? 🌊

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what are your plans for summer? ☀️🌊

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my monday mood 😴 who else needs some coffee?? ☕️

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Outdoor tub ✔️ Amazing spa ✔️ Delicious Rosé ✔️ Happy Girlfriend ✔️✔️ All with @estancialajolla Who’s your favorite hotel / resort?

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starting off the week with some good vibes ☀️ are you a sunrise or sunset kinda person??

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@tervis is my favorite tumbler hands down! It literally goes everywhere I go because it always keeps my drinks nice and cold. ❄️ Plus they have 1000’s of colorful and fun designs for you to choose from so go check them out! *LINK IN BIO* #ad #sponsored #tervis_partner #tervis #takeyourtervis

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Enjoying that California sunshine with our @quayaustralia sunnies. 😎 With summer right around the corner these are a must! They also just dropped their new men’s collection which I will link in my story.. or simply head over to QuayAustralia.com #ad #sponsored #quayaustralia

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Breathing in the ocean with my all natural and nicotine free @monq My favorite flavor is “ocean” and I highly recommend trying this one first. So sit back, relax, breathe in through your mouth, and exhale through your nose. 🌊 #ad #sponsored #monq #mymonq

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if money weren’t an option where would you live? ✈️ i’d personally move back home to the islands 🌴

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what are your plans for summer? kaylee and i plan on going to the beach 24/7 🌴😎

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@chieftonsupply is now one of my go to brands. They make eco-conscious apparel to support the global cannabis community so go check them out! #ad #sponsored #chieftonsupply #chieftonaf #elevatedapparel

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Relaxing with @chieftonsupply in my new Locally Grown Long Sleeve Tee. My favorite part about it is that it’s sustainably made with hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. #ad #sponsored #chieftonsupply #chieftonaf #elevatedapparel

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Everyone’s posting snow pics and I can’t relate. 😅 So the gang n I are heading to Bali May 7th-15th!! Lmk any tips, tricks, and recommendations! 🌴🌞

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austiinjohn. What’s up guys! Sorry for the inactivity, i’ve been rebuilding my webs

What’s up guys! Sorry for the inactivity, i’ve been rebuilding my website and it’s now officially up and running! I’ve linked it in my bio so check it out 🙌🏽 Also i have new presets i’ll be using on this feed which are available on the site. Let me know what you guys think! *peep the website on desktop*

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austiinjohn. #smartypantsbecause ... being healthy is always a vibe. 🌴 These delic

#smartypantsbecause ... being healthy is always a vibe. 🌴 These delicious non-gmo gummies contain B12, Omega 3’s, and much more to help boost your immune system. As someone who barely gets sick once a year I highly recommend these! - - #smartypartner #ad #sponsored

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tan skin, warm weather, & poolside ... mood 🖤

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me waiting for the next game of thrones season to come out 🐲 - - pc @kayleeohiko

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i’m already excited for summer 🌞 ... *california summer not arizona summer*

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