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first california summer is in the books 🌴🌞

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i wanna go - summer heart still one of my favorites. i highly recommend driving down the coast, windows down, with this song blasting. 🌅 *or on a boat, that’s also chill* #35mmfilm #portra400

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what makes you happy?

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when the kooks come to sunset cliffs

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how’s your summer going? 🌞

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full send into the weekend 🌊

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stoked to be sailing with @sailsandiego again tomorrow. i also just revamped my website from wix to squarespace so check that out sometime! *link in bio*

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a day with the boys in laguna 🌴 ... swipe to see a castle (ish)

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mondays are for napping 😴 #35mmfilm #colorplus200

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how i’ve been feeling this month with all of the commercial work i’ve had to shoot 😂 feat: @jonesethan_ drowning #film #kodak #colorplus200

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california sunshine with my love 🌞⛵️

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to say i love my life is a huge understatement 😌 - - huge shoutout to @sailsandiego and capt. @theodoreniekras for such a rad day yesterday! pc @wavechase

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