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I’ll remember and recover,not forgive and forget⚡️.

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Mujhko galat naa samajhna 🤣🙏🏿.

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I saw something unexpected🤣.

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Keep close attention to those who dont clap on your success👀🔦.

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The more you love your decisions,the less you need others to love them😎.

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You know my name not my story, So stop judging me by your way.

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Mazbur naa thi fir bhi dhokaa kiaa tune😡.

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Meri Khamosi se baatein chun lena🌹.

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Tra fitoor jab se chadh gaya re❤️.

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I lose interest faster than I catch feelings🌹.

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Ky baat h❤️.

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Chura k dil mraaa...goria chali🤣🤣 @yash.murjani @adityashah691 @nayak1662_official

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Hey girl you like me a little bit?❤️

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I may act like I don’t care. . But I swear deep inside I really don’t give a single fuck⚡️.

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Miracle will be there soon.....❤️ Just believe in yourself⚡️🔥.

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Tera saath chutaa ye wada jo tuta me khudko mita dunga😔. @yash.murjani @adityashah691

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That scene from movie😍.

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