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Tu pasand hai kisi aur ki tujhe maangta koi aur hai😔💔. ..

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Don’t give up.The hardest battles are given to the strongest soldiers🎯🎳.

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Made this in hurry😄....

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My body wants more sleep, But my pocket wants more money💰.

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“In order to win the game,you must not first loose it🤙🏻”

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Decide what’s important,and build your life around that⚡️.

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First punjabi tiktok😍.

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Tere chakkar me ,mai to kho gaya🌹.

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Never let an old flame burn you twice🔥💯.

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You can’t go back and change the beginning,but you can start where you are and change the ending⚡️.

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Thodi deri roo loge phir dusra phasaoge😠.

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In nature,light creates the colour.In the picture,colour creates the light⚡️.

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Teri meri kahani nayi ban gai❤️.

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The fears we don’t face become our limits⚡️.

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Lagtaa hai aesa haale dil ki tum jarurat ho❤️🌹.

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I’ll remember and recover,not forgive and forget⚡️.

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@raveka9 ❤️

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Ho sake to dilo me rehna seekho🖤 guroor me to har koi rehta hai❤️.

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