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Pre orders are OFFICIALLY closed and the first round of BMF APPAREL is on its way to you. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your journeys with me in anyway. Thank you for being a part of the #MACMAFIA 👇🏼 - M.A.C. = Motivated Authentic Conscious 🧠 we are a family dedicated towards being better humans one rep at time. Not just for 1 hour in the gym, but for The Other 23 hours of the day when LIFE happens. - You are more than your meat suit. You are infinite ♾ a human deserving of a complete evolution through your BRAIN BODY & BEING You are worth all of it and more. Don’t let the world tell you otherwise. - ⚡️click the link for more info NOW! - #lifestyle #fitness #healthandwellness #brainhealth #evolve #human #love #selflove #growthmindset

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My heart is completely overwhelmed with joy✨belief in this process and in the power of the individual. - Never in my life have I felt so supported, loved, or empowered in my own right as a “warrior” woman. To give this support back to you is the greatest gift I’ve known.👇🏼 - When you have even just one other person that believes your dream, as much as you do, you become unstoppable in the eyes of the universe. Then to experience this outpouring of passion, authentic love, and support for this collective leaves me entirely speechless (which never happens 😂) - This is just the first of many adventures that we will embark on together. You are a part of my family — nay our MAFIA — and always will be. Take some time this Monday to show some #love and support to those humans you believe in most. - 🧠 You never know how much it might mean to them, as they venture toward their own summits 👇🏼 - We announced that there will be two ✌🏼 scholarships available for the warrior women weekend✨ - ⚡️Please take a moment and nominate a woman in your life who deserves a luxury getaway and a complete evolution from the inside out — TAG her now! 👇🏼✨ - Drop a 💛 & spread the L O V E cause it’s the human thing to do! - #humanbuilder #womenbuildingwomen #healthandwellness #evolution #boss #lifestyle

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bemacfit. My heart is full and my brain needed to vomit. I love you. 💯x i love

My heart is full and my brain needed to vomit. I love you. 💯x i love you i love you i love you. Thank you to every single one of you who believes in human beings & the potential we all hold to be better humans every day. You’re my whole heart. Every single one of you. I love you. ❤️

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Reach higher than you thought possible. Dream bigger than you could fathom. Once you grab it, savor and give infinite gratitude for it. Just before you reach for your next level — reach down to those along their voyage to a summit, they too, once thought impossible. The trek ahead is less treacherous when tackled together. - Reach higher — dream bigger and never stop climbing. - Drop a 🖤 if you’re with me! - 🚨TOMORROW 10 AM i will be @armatureworks_tampa with @angie_bruhn for some #coffee & HUMAN connections! ☕️ i can’t wait to see you & MACATTACK you with a massive hug! - #dreamer #boss #healthandwellness #mindset #business #coffeetalk #tampa #community #evolution #brainbodybeingbusiness

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bemacfit. My heart is overflowing...
The new beginnings taking place behind th

My heart is overflowing... - The new beginnings taking place behind the scenes of the BMF MAFIA are pouring fuel on the fire in my belly. - Thank you. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for being “HUMAN AF” thank you for believing in the potential of this human and thank you for believing in your own. - The new link in the bio has ALL the info you need for us to connect on a REAL level — register for the Warrior Women Weekend, apply & read The Other 23 Blog! - We are also welcoming with OPEN arms my hooman ( @stereolabstudios ) to the MAFIA! You are an immense part of my evolution and you’ll never know how much I love yewwww 🥰🙌🏼 - Uggghh 🤯 i could go on and on... just thank you and here’s to the next big bad beautiful chapter of this adventure. - Thank you @bombshell_tampa for being the goddess 🧚🏼‍♀️ that you are! If you are looking for a stylist in #Tampa she’s your girl! - #gratitude #healthylifestyle #mindset #newbeginning #haircut #lash @lashaddictstudio #selflove #family

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A storm is brewing... drop a ⚡️ if you feel it too👇🏼 - #lifestyle #stpetefl #healthandwellness #photography @stereolabstudio #fit #mindset #positivevibes

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🚨 MEET UP 🚨 @angie_bruhn & myself will be @armatureworks_tampa this SUNDAY at 10 AM for a morning of meaningful conversations and the nurturing of priceless human relationships! - Show up as your beautiful self ready for a “macattack” hug & cup of coffee ☕️ 🥰 totally FREE (no catch!)👇🏼 just caaauusseee - We’ll chat about YOU, your evolution & answer ANY questions!! We can FINALLY get that cup of coffee! - Drop a ☕️ if you’re ready to CONNECT! - #coffee #human #love #selflove #connections #goodvibetribe #positivevibesonly #business #healthandwellness #mindfulness #empowerment

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I have a secret 👀... - Our soul family calls me the “Fit Witch” 🔮 🌙 not because I believe in ghouls / goblins but because I believe in the magic and infinite potential that, we as human beings, prefer to leave dormant. - I believe in the magic✨ of the conscious mind and it’s limitless ability to create, evolve and be reborn.👇🏼 - This post is highly out of character as I’m usually a bit “Hermit”-like when it comes to this. I felt a really strong pull to share this side of my journey with you. - 🧠The Tarot is the ancient illustration of the conscious and sub conscious mind. It allows us to observe ourselves and the impact we have in co-creating our reality✨ - 👉🏼It is the reminder that there is much to be seen that reaches far beyond our physical world. It’s a reinforcement of our inner knowing and power that resides in all of us. - 🔮It’s not about figuring out the future or out smarting Karma. It’s taking true authentic ownership of your awareness, of your conscious and subconscious actions. Thereby accessing a power ✨within you that has always been yours. - ⚡️Magic is real ⚡️— Your magic is as tangible, unique and individualized as you’ll allow it to be. Believe, even if just for a brief moment, in your unlimited potential. You are limitless. - #mindset #healthandwellness #consciousness #tarot #tattootarot @megamunden #lifestyle #funfacts #selflove #creativity #spirituality ✨🧠 - Thank you @lindsayrosemelnick & @aracheld1 for inspiring me to access my inner magic. Love you goddesses ✨🌙

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bemacfit. Today’s LIVE was one for the books and had my heart racing, with chill

Today’s LIVE was one for the books and had my heart racing, with chills prickling my being. - 💎You are WORTH ALL OF IT! The question isn’t “Why evolve” the question is WHY NOT?! - We are all humans trying to figure this thing out as we go. As humans we forget that our worth has absolutely nothing to do with the quantitative values our reality enforces. 🧠⚡️Our worth is determined by the QUALITY of impact WE each leave on an individual — one human at a time. - Tag a Warrior Woman ✨that inspires & brings magic into this world! Show her some love & remind her how WORTH IT she’s always been 👇🏼 - ⚡️DM me now for a real human conversation about YOU & your evolution!! 🙌🏼⚡️🧠 - #womenempowerment #healthandwellness #lifestyle #fitness #mindset

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Make the decision to pursue your biggest / boldest / baddest vision because you CAN!! Take the leap and soar above everything you thought was impossible because it is your right. Drop a 🖤 if you’re ready to FLY! - #quotes #mindset #lifestyle #healthandwellness #quoteoftheday #mondaymotivation

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When do you know that you’re ready — When do you know IF you’re ready to fly?👇🏼 - When lightning ⚡️strikes — striking down your comfort with what was? - When you get the green light 💡 that your engine’s been revving up for? - Do you ever know — or is it simply a leap of faith?👇🏼 - A rebel relishing in dreams ready to be realized, ready to jump — net free. Ready to trust fully in the powers they’ve perfected behind the mask. Ready to rid of resistance and feel the freedom of flight. - 🧠You will never know if you’re ready. There is no signal, or safety net. You simply leap, in faith, fearlessness and ferocity, you allow yourself to fly. - You make a decision to bet against the odds, and on yourself. You make a choice to choose you and the experience you envision. You decide when you are ready — and not a minute too soon. - ⚡️Trust that you have always had the power of flight within you. - Take the leap, make the jump, and even if flail as you fall — trust that you will stick the landing every time wielding the wings you’ve earned along the way. - COMMENT ⚡️ if you’re ready to FLY ! - #leapoffaith #evolution #write #mindset #love #human

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We’re all a lot like Shrek 👀 “Ogres are like onions — onions have layers, ogres have layers. There you go.” - 🧠As you pull the layers back, you may shed a tear or two. It might be uncomfortable, but it’s worth it. - You know what’s been hiding at the center all along. A diamond 💎 created under layer, upon layer, of immense pressure to reveal something indestructible — Y O U. - Own it and peel back the layers to reveal that magic that’s been hiding within. The mystical manifesto of greatness you feel you must mute. - When we see ourselves as the raw, pungent exterior of an onion it’s easy to forget the luxury item buried within. So it’s understandably easy to spend thousands on others and refuse to spend a dime on yourself. - You have value. You have worth. You are a gem stone of greatness waiting to be realized. - #treatyoself by treating yourself like the luxury you’ve always been. You are worth it and so much more. - ⚡️🏖 DM me NOW ⚡️🏖 to join this incredible weekend of warrior women 8/23-8/25 in #clearwaterflorida - #womenbuildingwomen #boss #healthylifestyle #entrepreneurship #fitwomen #wellness

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What does your inner superhero look like?👀 - How do they walk and talk? Do they hang their head down low or eyes locked up high? At their next summit, the next target. - What is the power that penetrates through the suit and mask we hide behind?👇🏼 - Stan Lee ⚡️taught us that we’re all superheroes. The barricade burgling you from becoming marvel-worthy is our own beliefs of self. - The idea that you might just have the superhuman capacity to impact this world? The only way to do that, is one human at a time. Perhaps it’s a newfound understanding that our origin stories are fictionally formative, and our power prevails over the pain every time. - It’s a combination of life experiences, heart break, love and accomplishment that firm the foundation of a ferocious hero in the making. - Mastering your power takes time, practice and patience. Even Spider-Man walked around in a ski mask — with sticky fingers — for a while before he got the “hang” of things...literally. - Be patient with your power, and trust that its presence has always been present. Just silenced and muted in an effort to solace fear. - Regardless of how vicious the villain might seem. Own your power and in doing so impact your metropolis, one human at a time. Hopefully reminding that human, that he/she can be a superhero too. - #human #love #lifestyle #write

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bemacfit. @angie_bruhn & I are collaborating on a one of a kind weekend 8/23-8/2

@angie_bruhn & I are collaborating on a one of a kind weekend 8/23-8/25 in #ClearwaterFL ✨ - We’re women building women to build WARRIOR ⚔️ women!! We believe that it’s far more than the title, job, or narrative we’ve come to know. - We believe that in empowering the individual fierce female, we thereby inspire a collective to experience a more impactful evolution! - ✨INCLUDES✨ Lodging at a DREAM beach house on the sand 🏖/ Chef catered dinners / DJ dance parties and moreover 🧠 Professional coaching to master your brain/body/being! - ✨EVENTS: Beach Bootcamp, Mastering your mission, Themed dinners, Nutrition coaching & training, 1:1 attention with coaches who believe in your evolution 🙌🏼⚡️ - 🚨 SPOTS ARE LIMITED! DM me NOW for more info! -

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Ms. Rowling inspired a lineage of generations to believe in magic. Only after being cornered by her own dementors, and learning that the spells to cast them away were hers to be writ as she saw fit. - She told a story of light and dark. Magic and the seemingly impossible. She lead a legacy based on the belief in your magic — which can’t be confined to a classroom or curriculum. - Your magic is infinite ♾ and coincidentally brightest in your darkest moments.👇🏼 - Harry ⚡️— though the savior of the multi-billion-dollar franchise — knew he couldn’t do it alone. He knew that, though his magic was powerful, it was the darkness that remained with him that allowed him to comprehend the other side. It was the trauma that paved a path for triumph. - It was in this knowingness that he, and his “tribe,” banded together to stand toe to toe with darkness. - Even through the rubble and mayhem, light still prevailed. - If you feel like there’s no turning back. If you keep trying to spark your magic and feel it muted, remember this... - Your magic is yours. It will never leave you. It will never misguide you. It will never abandon you. - You are the magic. Not the spell, wand or poly juice potion. - YOU have always had it within you to battle the beasts of your being and master the defense against the dark arts with ease. - Drop a ⚡️ & TAG A MAGICAL HUMAN - #harrypotter #quotes #mindset #healthylifestyle #magic

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There is beauty in contrast. In the unknown shadows of what we thought once was. There is beauty in the unseen, and the illustrations of illumination when paired with light. - There is beauty in a sky burdened by bellowing thunder clouds ⛈ who’s only light is a piercing electric bolt matched with thunder that rumbles the soul.👇🏼 - There is beauty is what cannot be seen, though our frustrations and fears prefer to preach otherwise. It’s in contrast that we conjure our deepest magic.⚡️ - It’s in the shadows that we learn, grow and acquaint ourselves with contrast. In knowing the darker sides, we are able to savor the light that can be seen. In contrast we are able to KNOW light. We savor it knowing that — by laws of nature — the two must coexist. - We relish the resilience of good amidst the less than favorable. Gaining patience, presentness and potential.✨👇🏼 - 🧠Life is living and learning to love and appreciate the contrast as a tell tale sign of our humanity and humility. - The strength is not in the darkness of the shadow, or the blinding light, but in the ability to see through the center of the two. - Revealing the relentlessness ✨of infinite possibility. The opportunity to choose, cherish and champion your journey, regardless of where the road may lead you. - Take control by conquering contrast. ⚡️Stand in your infinite power by understanding the darker sides are what offer retreat, growth and understanding. It’s in the shadows that light has the gift to power through annihilating the shadows in its path. As we celebrate our ability to break through, reborn anew, once more. - #writersofinstagram #quotes #healthandwellness #love #photographer @trevoronti #photography #dreamteam

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bemacfit. Success and failure are not mutually exclusive! As athletes, coaches a

Success and failure are not mutually exclusive! As athletes, coaches and evolving human beings, it’s difficult to differentiate between the two. This shift in perspective will have you thirsting for your next PR. - The big questions🧠👇🏼 What is success? How do you measure it? What is failure? What is ego’s role in the art of failure? How does your soul play into the entire process? - ⚡️I would love to know your thoughts! - Drop a comment 👇🏼below & share with someone you love! - If this video resonates please DM me now! I cannot wait to hear your story & partake in your infinite evolution ⚡️🧠 - #mindset #lifestyle #mindfulness #brain #love #health

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Who is the one telling you that you’ll never be worth it? - Who is the one standing in the way between you, and your dreams/goals/aspirations? - Is it that one person who didn’t appreciate you? Is it that one thing that person said that one time? - Or....👉🏼 is it you? - Has it always been you? And if that’s the case then... - You — too — we’re the one keeping you going, even when it felt impossible. When you could no longer see the point in the summiting any farther. When you felt like life was happening TO you... - Who kept your flame a blaze? Who believed in you when no one else would? Who knows what you have to give? - The paradox: it has always been you and always will be. So... it’s time you make a choice. - Will you keep yourself in the loop of a false narrative, of nay saying and self deprecation? or 👀 - Make the choice that it’s time Y O U ask yourself for more. More belief, encouragement, love and consistency. MORE dedication, passion and awareness.👇🏼 - Everything in life is choice. - MAKE A CHOICE and one can only hope that you choose to be on YOUR team. - You are the only you that you’ll ever have. Why not start trusting you a little bit more? Why not decide to leave the past in the past and move PAST IT! Why not make a conscious choice that you deserve more than the narrative you’ve been telling yourself is fact? - Make your decision on your desire and don’t look back. - Drop a 🖤 if Y O U choose you 👇🏼 - #quote #mindset #kingsman #selflove #growthmindset #evolution #stpete #tampa #coach

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bemacfit. Mind control is fckin real... & now it’s easier — and more effective —

Mind control is fckin real... & now it’s easier — and more effective — than ever! drop a 🧠 if you’re with me! - Being on @mindsetbydesign podcast with @andymurphymindset had my brain exploding 🤯 with enthusiasm for this passion of mine. - DM me now to find out how YOU can become a master of this long sought after craft 😈⚡️✨ #mindset @wickedclothes #brain #love #healthylifestyle

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New beginnings make us all feel nakey 👀 they’re uncomfortable and call for the utmost vulnerability in order to experience the evolution we came here for. Again...and again....and again. Are you ready to strip back your next layer and see just what you’ve been hiding? - Drop a ⚡️ if you’re leveling UP🙌🏼 - #fitness #healthylifestyle #mindset #gym @ampedfitness727 #photography @royalty_photography1 #photographer #tampa

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The magic of the process isn’t the instantaneous transformation, but the mystic 🌙 mysteries along the road ahead. The magic isn’t hidden in an amulet, or within a withering warlock. The magic is within you. The story teller and author of a fairytale that long since due. Ready to be written, and rewritten to your hearts content. Filling the pages with all the magic as you can muster. A story bound, baffled and bedazzled at the magic that’s always been within you. - #quotes #mindset #magic #writersofinstagram

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bemacfit. 🧠⚡️👉🏼 I have partnered with The SeraLabs to bring you a premium lin

🧠⚡️👉🏼 I have partnered with The SeraLabs to bring you a premium line of CBD products. - Passionately produced by real humans, authentically building other human beings from the inside out. - CBD has the power to positively make a lasting impact on the some 46.6 million* humans in the US reported struggling with mental health. [ *thats just those of us who are willing to admit it ] - 👉🏼You deserve to have total control of your brain, body and being, from the inside out. - That begins with taking care of that 3lb meatloaf in your head. - 🧠CBD is an integral element to our supplement regimen, and has personally impacted my life significantly (in and out of the gym). ⚡️Here’s how you can use CBD to defeat brain bullies or as I like to refer to them collectively as: The Dementors. // If you’re interested in incorporating CBD into your lifestyle, hit me up!! - Follow our fam @TheSeraLabs ! - For 20% OFF: “BEMACFIT” // ✨If this is resonating with you, and you’re ready to level up... book a FREE 15 min coaching call NOW! 🧠👉🏼 click the link in the bio or check the story! - #healthandwellness #ad #cbd #mindset #fitness #healthylifestyle

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Today was proof that if you believe in yourself in the slightest bit and solve all of your problems one tiny bit at a time you really can make magic happen.✨ 👉🏼 A mafia email 📧 just went out with a link to the new YouTube video, free coaching call, and a last call for pre-orders 🙌🏼✨ - If you haven’t joined the mailing list yet and would like to just DM your girl! You know I got you 🥰🧠 - ⚡️ Let’s connect like REAL ASS HUMANS ✨🙌🏼 book a FREE coaching call NOW 👉🏼 link in the story! - You’re loved and so friiiggeenn worth it! - #healthylifestyle #coach #goodvibesonly #mindcontrol ✨🧠⚡️

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A serendipitous call with one of the most tenacious tigresses I’ve ever know... my graaandma ✨🥰 thank you for reminding me that I AM the onlyyy one in control of this journey. That no one can dictate my truth, and that being an independent woman is an asset never something to be ashamed of. - Here’s a clip from my last trip over hill and through the desert to grandmother’s house...Love ya @lockridgemaggie ✨ thanks for paving the way for generations of bad ass lady-warriors to come! - #flashbackfriday #positivevibes #lifestyle #love #selflove #empowerment

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bemacfit. When you surround yourself with humans that challenge you, inspire and

When you surround yourself with humans that challenge you, inspire and surprise you, it’s hard not to level up! - Remember to workout your weaknesses fearlessly, knowing that every rep is another step toward the Y O U that you’re meant to be. - Tag someone who inspires you to be a better human! - 🎶: You Should See Me In a Crown 👑@billieeilish ...but FoeReaaalThooo 👀☠️ 👑 - 🏋🏻‍♀️: @ampedfitness727

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If you believe in your limitless potential to hone the craft of mind control... drop a 🧠 & tag your humans 🙌🏼 - #mindset #positivevibes #motivationalquotes #quotes

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bemacfit. When it comes to pre-workout, I try to avoid the hyper stimulating / k

When it comes to pre-workout, I try to avoid the hyper stimulating / kool aid-like pre workouts that dominate the market. I believe the first priority is the brain, in nutrition and supplementation. Which is why my focus is... well... FOCUS! Keeping the mind clear, conscious and consistently hungry for new endeavors and information. The two supplements featured in this video are: - 👉🏼 GrowthFactor: @atp_labs 👉🏼 Lions Mane: @real_mushrooms - For more information: 👉🏼 http://bemac.fit/coaching/ - DM me now for a full supplement guide! - #nutrition #gutbrainaxis #mentalhealth #guthealth

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Silly negative self talk... you can’t get me 😈 - Tell somethin good about Y O U👇🏼 - #healthylifestyle #positivevibes #mindset #photographer @royalty_photography1

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We tend to forget that the power resides within. The answers, competition, drive, passion and love are all hidden not-so-deeply within your being. - Stop looking for reasons why it won’t work, and start putting into action a million reasons why it WILL! - Y O U have everything you need RIGHT NOW to succeed, summit and surpass all expectations... and you will. B E C A U S E you can! 🙌🏼✨ - Drop a 🖤 if you’re with me & share the love! - #mindset #quotes @bombshell_tampa #positivevibes

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bemacfit. ✨BMF APPAREL IS LIVE ✨

I can’t contain my excitement!!! Click the lin

✨BMF APPAREL IS LIVE ✨ I can’t contain my excitement!!! Click the link in my bio NOW to pre order your swag & book a FREE coaching call with this tiny human!! The love i have for you and this process is a little unreal...👀🙏🏼 thank you for believing in this bucket of dreams as much as I do. You’re loved. You’re worth it. You’re a bad ass. Always 🖤 Mac

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Allow me to (re)introduce myself. Hey there, I’m Mac and I believe in humans 👇🏼 - ⚡️I believe in the wonder of their unlimited potential. I believe in their dreams, goals and aspirations as these are simply human rights. - In an attempt at normalcy, humans mute truths, buried deep, only to “should all over themselves”... in public.👀 - 👉🏼I believe that every human holds within them a story yet to be written. With half finished chapters and tear stained pages, held together by a binding that’s beginning to wither. - In truth, that’s w h y ⚡️I believe in “human building.” All humans deserve to evolve with love, freely and fully. - It’s my mission in this world to introduce your being to your brain 🧠— thereby your👉🏼 body. Guiding you through the craft of mind control, into believing that you’ve a l w a y s been worth it. Remind you that it’s time to experience the lasting results that matter. - I’m Mac, and I believe in the story you try to pretend isn’t worth reading. I believe it’s meant to be shared, written and rewritten to your hearts content. I believe your story isn’t anywhere near over. In fact... it’s just getting started. // Click the link in the bio N O W to join the NEW BMF x Email List .. Beginning today, they will be going out weekly on Monday evenings✨with direct links to multimedia blogs, lifestyle tips, workout of the week, and direct access to this human builder 🤗 .. Let’s level up... shall we 😈⚡️ // Thank you @royalty_photography1 for making me believe in this inner tigress 🥰 #healthylifestyle #positivevibes #photographer @royalty_photography1

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“...the hardest thing is believing in your dreams” 🎶 Invincible by @amine 🎶 - Tag a human you believe in! ✨ - #quotes #healthylifestyle #mindset #quoteoftheday

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Oldie but a goodie... in honor of “Women Crushinggg it Wednesday” I’m throwing it back to my greatest personal accomplishment. Completing my degree in Digitial & Mass Communications @usfstpetersburg 🙌🏼 while running a full fledged PT business — and building this beast we know now as BeMacFit... 👀 - This was just over a year ago. And I barely recognize the woman in the image. What I can see — without waver — is the warrior goddess that was always hiding within. The one I thought I was pretending to be. In actuality I was embodying the woman I’d always been. - At some point she got put on mute... At some point I decided I’d had enough of that sht. It was time to put some passions and personal super powers to the test. - We did. Now we’re here. Prepping for the next phase of evolution, personally and professionally. - The biggest shift has been within... and it’s only just begun 👀✨ Here’s to the summits we never thought we’d hit. - Here’s to dedicating yourself to the — never ending mountain range — of personal evolution. - Here’s to growth that never ceases and a fire that never dies. - Drop a 🖤 if you’re with me 🙌🏼 - #healthylifestyle #motivation

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