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bemacfit. Letting go isn’t losing. It’s leveling up. Here’s how.

Letting go isn’t losing. It’s leveling up. Here’s how.

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Currently in the throws of finalizing a commissioned article on defying the “Stoner” stereotype... .. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery...None but ourselves can free our minds,” Bob Marley 🇯🇲 🖤🙏🏼 - What are your thoughts on the canna-boom? 👇🏼 .. #healthylifestyle #health #wellness #mindset #fitness #motivation #cannabiscommunity ⚔️ #mindfulness #consciousness #results #writersofinstagram #selflove @mi40_gym

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What/whom are you grateful for this am? 👇🏼⚡️🖤 - Comment below & share with a human you love 💗 lots 👇🏼 #morning #gratitude #quotes #love #lifequotes #lifestyle #fitmind #selflove #healthandwellness #mentalhealth

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There’s no judge 🤷🏼‍♀️needed when your truth can triumph doubt, from the inside and out. .. 🧠An understanding so rich it fills even the deepest of wounds with liquid ⚡️gold. A badge of resiliency for those who don’t fit the mold.👇🏼 .. ⚔️Each sealed by pressure, fear, and commitment. Essential pieces to a puzzle that make many ponder, “why.” .. 👉🏼Only to realize how many “whys” exist, and that “why” is “how” you started summiting peaks in the first place. .. ⚡️One human faced her fears, and dementors, fiercely because her truth was more powerful than the darkness that loomed over her. .. Upon reflection of her newfound👇🏼 regality, she said, “I was set free because my greatest fear had been realized, and I still had a daughter who I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life,” J.K. ⚡️Rowling. .. ⚔️Rock bottom is magical place to be… don’t you think? It’s when you’re stripped of everything you thought you wanted, only to be replaced with exactly what you needed. .. ⚔️Rock bottom, is when we have no choice but to face the dementors of a prison we built by hand. Reclaiming ownership of a freedom that has been — and will always be — yours. .. 👉🏼If you’ve found yourself in this familiar setting — and feel like you’ve be sentenced to solitary — remember how human 🖤that is, and how many other humans there are out there who not only👇🏼 “get it,” but encourage you break out of your cage. .. It’s not in a spell book, or a self help guide, but sunken deep within the truths 🙏🏼you’ve known, and owned along. - #write #mindset #motivationalquotes #selflove #motivation #dedication #quotes ⚡️ #writersofinstagram @amandaseales @cosmopolitan @healthmagazine @selfmagazine @ted

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“Mac...Where do i even start...” // 👇🏼 It all begins with the brain 🧠 .. Something many believe to be an impossibly complex🧐 bio-mechanic contraption — that exceeds human comprehension. .. ⚡️I call it a 3 lb meat loaf — cause that’s all it really is. An organ 🧠with more capacity than the rest of the world would like you to believe. 👉🏼An intricate transit system of electrical currents, and synapses, signaling infinite repossess to the rest of your machine.👇🏼 .. ⚔️We tend to use the gym as a time for our minds to escape, to turn off. .. 👉🏼In the #BMFMAFIA — an hour long workout is the opportunity to test brain, body, and being, to conquer⚔️ the other 23 hours of the day. .. A stand off between two entities that would rather not communicate at all.🤷🏼‍♀️ Sitting in their separate corners, backs turned, arms crossed, refusing to hear what the other has to say. .. 🖤Just like any relationship, all respective parties must to be willing to connect, communicate, and commit. If you never spoke, or shared your thoughts/feelings, would it be a relationship at all?👇🏼 .. 👉🏼In other words, workout, diet, and hip thrust all you want — If you don’t deal 🧠with, or “train” your brain, your body and being will always be behind.👇🏼 .. ⚔️It takes more than one element to build a human. Humans are needing of 🖤authentic love, dedication, accountability, and commitment of self, in order to experience their next evolution. .. 👉🏼Or… in other words… Level the fk up! .. I believe humans ⚡️all have four basic categories: 👉🏼Fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset. You simply cannot have one without the other. The formula is entirely unique to you, and the priority levels can shift day to day.👇🏼 .. ⚡️Which is why, having a system of resources, guidance, and support, is undeniably integral to your success.👇🏼 .. 🧠By mastering your brain, spirit, and thereby your body, you become unbreakable. ⚔️No longer a victim to variability.👇🏼 .. 👉🏼You, the human, are free to explore your evolution for everything that it is to you, for you and by you...and to think it all begins with the 🧠 #healthandwellness #coach #lifestyle #inspirationalquotes #write #motivationalquotes

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It doesn’t matter HOW on point your steps are — #life still has her own agenda 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s sooo important to remember, especially heading into the week, that it’s up to YOU to determine whether you’re gonna ride the waves 🌊, or get pummeled by them. .. Trust me when i tell you, NOTHING negative/bad/dark ever happens without something good/beautiful/light lurking just around the corner...so be above the bullsht, stand in your truth, and send dementors on their merry way...this is YOUR time. - How will you own your week? Comment below 👇🏼 - #motivationalquotes #monday #selflove #mindset #motivation #inspiration #quotes #morning #coffee #lifestyle #healthandwellness

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Around 5 am I woke up to a text that brought me near to tears...to the point where i had to share it 📲 on the story. Sooo i stumbled across a blog from Sept. that felt mystically appropriate: .. Here is a snippet of “Becoming Mama Mac,” which is live NOW on the MAFIA site — just click the ⚡️link in my bio! .. […] 👉🏼When asked why I wanted to become a trainer, I replied without hesitation: “I want to be the client’s best friend in and out of the gym… I just feel like its so much more than how you look, or what you’re lifting…I want to be there🖤 for them every step of the way,” and let them know they’re not crazy, and they deserve to be supported, educated and guided.👇🏼 .. So began the ride ⚔️of a lifetime. One that has brought the most beautiful souls into my world, and allowed me to witness awe inspiring evolutions. A ride that I don’t see coming to a halt anytime soon👇🏼 .. When prompted with: 👉🏼“That’s gotta be hard, being there for them all the time…” .. 👉🏼“Isn’t it annoying/exhausting/too much?” .. 👉🏼“Aren’t you drained...” .. 👀 “Wait… they have your phone number” (yeah… they do).👇🏼 .. ⚔️I’m not tired, irritated, or overwhelmed. I am nothing if not grateful🧠 that each unique human has entrusted their journey to me.👇🏼 ⚔️I am nothing if not humbled, that these humans have opened their 🖤hearts, worlds 🌎 and minds, to their coach because of the trust, relationships, and love we have built via literal sweat, and tears.👇🏼 .. 👉🏼When asked why I coach, my heart 🖤involuntarily swells. Like a proud mama, watching her babies grow up before her eyes. 👇🏼I have been granted the gift of guiding daily evolutions, far greater than my own for ⚔️Fl-ients (n.) family members that are technically “clients.” .. 🧠⚡️My flients are what make me get out of bed in the morning. They are my accountability, foundation, and motivation. They make it all worth it. .. 🖤It has been — always will be — my mission to be the person I wish I had when things were at their worst. To be the most authentic mentor, coach, resource, and hooman, possible… [Continued click the LINK📲 in my bio for more!] - TAG & share with a hooman who’s been there for you 🖤⚔️ - #write #fit

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This week has left my brain 🧠 bamboozled in the best ways... & left my lil’ patchwork heart stitched with more support, and sincere #love 🖤than I’ve ever felt in my life. .. ⚡️You are, MORE than, deserving of love, growth and support you in your mission toward bad assery ⚡️⚔️ thank YOU for allowing me to be apart of it in absolutely anyway 👇🏼 .. ⚡️What does it mean to you, to experience a complete evolution...from the inside, out? .. #questions #thoughts #love #lifestyle #quotes #gratitude #reflection #positivevibes #stpete #theburg #florida #photography @dozhou #photooftheday #bikini #beach #mindset #selflove #weekinreview @stpetefl @stpetebeach @keepstpetelocal

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Who’s running the show...YOU or that 3 lb meatloaf? .. ALL blogs are completely up to date 👉🏼 check the link in mah bio they’re what i like to call poo 💩 reads that make ya think 🙌🏼 then tweet me so we can talk about life and sht 🙌🏼🧠⚡️ - #brain #thoughts #selflove #mindset #fitness #lifestyle #nutrition #healthandwellness #science #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #quotes #brainquotes

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Back to back flient-calls leave us feeling nothing short of fearless 🖤⚔️... but i get it...change is scary. .. Which is why i believe change would imply some sort of ending. What we’re really experiencing is evolution. Human evolution — which is not exclusive to gender, race, or preference — its a HUMAN right 🖤 .. You are a unique human who deserves to stand in and OWN your power...cause it’s yours boo!! Own that sht 🙌🏼⚔️⚡️ - Share with a human who needs this today 🖤⚡️ - Comment 👇🏼 your takeaway from the week - #mindset #healthylifestyle #fitness #nutrition #lifestyle ⚔️ #quotes #quotesoftheday #selflove #love #coach #human #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #mindfullness

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Why do we have a day to share ❤️love, if it’s the human thing to do...anyway?👇🏼 .. ❤️Okay so if I’m being totally honest — this Hallmark holy-day has never been my perfect match, 🤷🏼‍♀️no matter how many sweetheart-tarts attested for my affection.👇🏼 .. 💋Cellophane covered contraptions containing chocolate of mystery varietals. Pastel stuffed animals🐻 with immobilized paws, and greeting cards that elicit a gag. .. 👉🏼It all seems, albeit, redundant. .. Why would we need 👇🏼a day to share love, if it’s the human thing to do...anyway? // 🌹 This year cupid make have struck a chord, and my patchwork heart is donning some sparkle. As an unlikely source gave me the sweetest ❤️tidbit, that would a make a teddy bear blush. .. “…you’re anything but common…”👇🏼 .. ⚡️I stopped. Red rose, and greeting card in hand. “That’s beautiful… tha-- seriously thank you….happy valentine’s day…?” //
👉🏼You — my love — are anything but common. There has never -- will never -- be another human like you. .. You are the only you who dreams like you do, 💋laughs and lives only the way you can. You are a radiant rarity in this world, and ⚡️that is something to be celebrated. .. 👉🏼We’re all hunting down the next big thing, while the real magic ⚡️is masked by mysteries of life we all think we’re facing alone. .. ❤️We are humans trying to figure out how to be human, and learning to #love the humans we are in the process. It’s not easy -- which is why evolution is such an anomaly. ⚔️It takes the bold and rare, the ferocious and resilient, to pursue a complete evolution -- and to do so with love.👇🏼 .. ⚔️There are times when the haters -- even the ones within our own selves -- tend to blur the boldness of your innate badassery. There are times when hate will have the lead, but love is never far behind. .. ❤️Love never leaves you lack of impact. ❤️Love is the integral element of a lasting legacy. [...] .. ❤️Allow me -- and this worldly Walgreens cashier -- to remind you “you are anything but common,” and that is the one thing we all have in common. 🙌🏼Be human, be 💋fearless and -- in everything you do -- be #love. - #writersofinstagram #kiss #loveya #selflove #mindset #quotes

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You’re my valentine🖤🙌🏼 & it’s high time for a GIVEAWAY!! .. Ya can’t fight hate with hate and you sure as hell won’t get anywhere doing so... .. That’s why this Valentine’s Day...i believe it’s time for a lil’ bit of SELF LOVE 👇🏼 .. Step 1, taking back a power that has been — and always will be — yours. .. 📲 in the story i dropped a text that i sent out to the #BMFMAFIA: .. 👉🏼This Valentine’s day let’s show the world how WE can fight hate with #LOVE .. ❤️On Thursday 2.14.19 we are ALL going to post our LOVE for our bullies, haters and non believers with the hashtags #Letter2mybully #BMF .. I want YOU to share your story with the world cause it’s beautiful, valid and so so real. .. I’m sending you nothing but love and good vibes....let’s take over the mother fckin world. // 🏆: one ☝🏼 winner will be chosen to receive $500 in coaching & @dolyfeactivewear prize pack! .. ⚔️how to enter: 📖 share your story with #Letter2MyBully on 2/14/19! .. 👉🏼 make sure you’re following @bemacfit & @dolyfeactivewear 🖤 .. ⚡️ challenge at least 2 humans to do the same by tagging in separate comments 🙌🏼every tag equals an additional entry!! .. Winners will be announced on 2.16.19 - Let’s show this world how much #love we got!! 👇🏼🏆⚡️ - #giveaway #love #beloved 🖤 #challenge #fitness #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #human #writersofinstagram #fit #nutrition #mindset #quotes

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Can love exist without hate?👇🏼 .. 🖤When I think about love, and hate, it’s difficult to erase the imagery of two balls of fire -- of equal impact -- fighting for the ultimate demise of the other. .. 🖤Love can’t exist without hate. A Marvel blockbuster that would tank without an epic villain amidst a metropolitan street battle. ⚡️Each have their own superpowers, admirers, and army. Some might even say they have equal power. .. 👉🏼The two have a symbiotic relationship of give, and take. A necessary evil, amidst a magic that marvels us all. .. As tiny humans it’s easy to find your tribe, when your days consist of multi-voiced choral renditions of songs about acceptance, love, and a bus 🚌 whose wheels won’t stop. .. 🧠Enter adolescence. You think you know who you are, what you want, and who your friends are. For some, finding a tribe in the first place was a Darwinian👇🏼 debacle. .. 👉🏼What happens when -- up until that point -- you believed in your magic, individuality and potential? […] ⚔️There’s a tribe who opposes love a tribe more commonly known as bullies, or “haters.” 👉🏼That’s made headlines as the culprit for the proliferation of mental 🧠health into the mainstream, with the age of the affecting, getting younger every year. .. 👉🏼Prior to writing this, I “brain vomited” just a few of the verbatim quotes branded into my cerebellum… .. ⚡️“You should really wear clothes that fit you, so I don’t have to watch your fat seep out on the floor.” .. ⚡️“annoying / outspoken / opinionated / loud” .. ⚡️“You definitely don’t have a trainer’s body, I wouldn’t hire her…” to name a few. […] 👉🏼Worse than the verbal, cyber varietals of bully experienced, is that of social alienation. .. 🧠Social alienation can be perpetuated by the beliefs, or influence of others -- and/or self inflicted by the affected individual. ⚔️Enter freshman year in high school, age 14. 👉🏼Within 90 days I went from self confident, goal-oriented, and passionate, to sit down, shut up, and say nothing -- “no one wants you here.” [...continued 👇🏼...] - #write #letter2mybully #healthylifestyle #motivate #inspire #quotes #inspirationalquotes #writersofinstagram #blog #evolution #human #brain #mentalhealth

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What if you were your own 🖤valentine? 👇🏼 .. 👉🏼This time of the year, greeting card, and candy 🍬 companies, 💰 in on couples struck by cupid, and his infantry of blessed bows.👇🏼 .. ⚡️Something about it is more troubling, to me, than trifling through mystery truffles. .. 👉🏼How can something as subjective as #love — be summed up in 24 hours of lucious red roses, mylar balloons, and chocolates? .. 🖤How can relationship(s) be reduced to a two top in a crowed restaurant, where expectations are served with a side of complimentary champagne? // 👉🏼Call me a cynic, there’s has to be more to it all than that. .. A relationship is when human(s) decide to share love, openly, and hopefully experience mutual evolution.👇🏼 .. 🖤A relationship isn’t exclusive to that of romcoms and airport novels. 👇🏼Relationships — of all varieties — are based in love, and the potential to grow, together. .. 👉🏼Relationships are built by the bricks of respect, and sealed with the mortar of trust. ⚔️Supported by the framework of commitment, and friendship. 🖤Refined by resiliency, relentlessness, and raw honesty. // 🧠We get into relationships because there’s something in us that wants to believe in the fairytales we grew up on. .. ⚡️When, in reality, its the truest love story between you, and you. A love that would make Nicholas Sparks shed tear. .. ⚔️Your relationship with your 🧠 , body, and being is more intricate, and deserving of more love, than any storybook 📖romance could provide.👇🏼 .. 🖤In having a healthy, respectful, patient, and dedicated relationship with yourself, you have no choice but to share the love 🖤you’re uncovering with those that mean the most to you — free of expectation👇🏼 .. 👉🏼The love that’s mystically intangible, and sweeter than a box of See’s candies, really is ⚡️self love. .. 👉🏼It’s not a saga of sterling silver knights swooning maidens, or surly service staff. It’s your story — still being written — deserving of all the fairytale magic you can muster.👇🏼 .. 🖤That hits my own patchwork heart, harder than cupid’s arrow every could. - Tag someone you love just cause 🖤 #lifequotes #lifestyle #mindset #lovequotes #write #blog #healthylifestyle

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The deadliest ⚔️ of dynamic duos.... - #lifestyle #dreamteam #hooman #love #relationships #couple #staycation #evolvetogether 🖤

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This weekend has been one of love, growth, and yes, real life magic, and more necessary than I realized👀 .. 👉🏼We laughed, and talked. We learned about one another — and took a moment to appreciate just how far we’ve come. // These moments are precious, and vastly underrated. 💁🏼‍♀️Give yourself permission to take a moment and be. .. ✨Be present — as having the ability to do so is a present in itself. .. 🖤 Be love — cause it’s a verb, not an Easter egg 🥚. It’s to be consciously practiced, embraced, welcomed, and shared, freely. .. 👉🏼Be you — cause there ain’t noooobody else that can do you, quite like you, boo boo. So own it. .. ⚔️Laugh hard, and love harder. Smile big, and live bigger. Be forever curious, candid and fiercely kind. .. 👉🏼‘Cause it’s your story. Author the pages to your hearts content. Play with punctuation, challenge your character development, and roll with the story arches. .. This life is yours. FOR you, and by you, so embrace, and own it. Every step of the way. - Tag someone who inspires you to BE YOU 👇🏼 and share with someone you love! - #healthylifestyle #coach #fit #nutrition #fitnessmotivation #write #quotes #human #love #life #lifequotes #sundayvibes #inspirationalquotes #mindfulness #mindsetquotes

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Come at us ⚔️ we dare ya... .. Also... high heels are not nice 🤦🏼‍♀️ - #love #dreamteam #hooman #healthylifestyle #fit #friday #datenight #wedding #fancy #adulting 🖤 #bestfriendgoals

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