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La versión española. ✍🏻

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Over the past little while I’ve been feeling God moving and directing me in certain ways, toward certain goals and ideas that have been simmering under the surface for a time. || Hace un tiempo he sentido que Dios me está guiando y moviéndome por un camino, hacia ideas y visiones que me ha enseñado hace tiempo. . . In the moment of decision to follow that calling various other distractions and temptations presented themselves and I got waylaid for a couple of weeks. || En el momento de decisión de seguir con esta llamada, otros distracciones y tentaciones se presentó y hacía que me estanco un par de semanas. . . How easy we fall into the devil’s trap when he lays a good one, specific to us and our previous sins. But the truth above, I’ve learned well and I had to exercise that knowledge and believe it fierce to get back on track again. || Como de fácil es, caer en la trampa del diablo cuando se pone una inteligente especifico para ti. Pero las palabras de verdad en la foto, he aprendido bien y tengo que poner el conocimiento a funcionar y creer con fuerza para corregir y seguir en el camino que debería.

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You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. || Ustedes son la luz del mundo, como una ciudad en lo alto de una colina que no puede esconderse. . . Santa Cruz de Tenerife - My city home, despite being a country girl at heart. || Santa Cruz de Tenerife - mi ciudad y hogar, aunque soy una chica del campo en el corazón.

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These were also from Hannah’s wedding! || También de la boda de Hannah. (Mi hermana) . . These were hand-painted in watercolour meaning they can be any colour shade to match any theme and all are unique. || están pintados a mano en acuarela que significa que pueden ser cualquier color que necesitas y todos son un poco únicos. 🦚

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The last two photos of invitations were of my sister’s set. This is the beautiful watercolour floral arrangement that caught her eye and that she wanted to create from. || las dos ultimas fotos de invitaciones son de mi hermana y este acuarela fue el que ella vio y desde allí nos empezamos. . . I love painting, I love watercolour, but I do not have the time or skill and so this is why I will always choose to support other small artists in using their skills to make my paper goods. || me encanta pintar, y en acuarela pero no tengo el tiempo ni la habilidad y entonces esto es porque siempre eligo comprar mis elementos de diseño de otras artistas. Así puedo ayudar a ellos también. . . Lots of people come to me for wedding invitations and think they have to choose from what I already have in my shop. But that’s not how it works! I often send them away to find the colours and the style they like themselves before buying elements that they love and then creating something completely unique for them. || muchas personas vienen a mi para invitaciones y creen que tienen que elegir entre los diseños que ya tengo hecho en mi página web pero no es así. Muchas veces les digo que ir a buscar colores y estilo que les gusta más ellos y después elegimos elementos de diseños específicos para ellos y juntos creamos cosas muy únicas y especiales.

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Even when the sun goes down... thinking we made mermaids instead of children. 🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️

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And one of the best days it was too. These will be up in my shop very shortly or DM me for more info! || Uno de los días mejores de este año. Estos estrían en mi página web muy pronto o DM para más información! . . I’ve been taking a little time out of Instagram, I’ve been distracted by other things but I’m hoping to keep up and show more of some new things! || He estado fuera de Instagram un tiempito, he estado con otras cosas pero espero poder enseñarles cosas nuevas y ponerles al tiempo también! 😁

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Silence. There are quite a few days of young motherhood where I’d pay dear for a good couple of hours of silence. . . Thinking about it though I realise that I need silence not just from babies but from my phone, from my daily life, work, housework, everything that makes up the hum of life. . . Oftentimes when I do have a moment, I reach for my phone thinking probably I’ll talk to someone or inspire myself with Pinterest or Instagram but it’s more of the same. Filling my mind with things I don’t need. . . What I need is silence to recharge, renew, unwind before my Maker. Space and peace to think about and hear Him. To know the actions I have to take and the path I should follow. . .

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Other adventures in NI. Glenariff waterfall walk. (But go in from Laragh Lodge because you don’t have to pay and it’s a shorter walk more suited to small children, to these waterfalls and after you can have a nice coffee or snack in the lodge. 👍🏻) . . .

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My beautiful sister’s wedding invitations. These could not have been more perfect! Printed on watercolour paper, with textured envelopes to match and those subtle colours.. I thoroughly enjoyed putting these together. 💐

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This encourages my heart after reading in full about the abortion laws planned to be passed for NI in October. And for all the unrest that reading about climate change causes. The cares of this world and how we seem to be going so wrong can cause us despair but actually, in spite of our sinful selves destroying everything, including the earth we call home and then life itself, He is in control. He has plans for all this. . . If you want to make a difference on the abortion front in Northern Ireland please visit here: https://righttolife.org.uk/take-action-abortion-ni-assembly

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Above those misty mountains. A family walk around Chinamada a few weeks ago. ⛰

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I have some new travel journal designs on my website and more to come which I’ll have on in the next couple of days. These are great because they’re good to go and cost a little less but can also be personalised with a name by @larayletras for a little extra to make the perfect gift for someone heading away. I’ll show how that looks soon too! . . It’s warm everywhere today, no? World record temperatures...!! 🥵

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That little word. We’re all looking for it, right? But it can be hard to find in the midst of busy life. . . I’m on a learning curve about it and I’ve discovered some things. 1️⃣ We are selfish down to our core. We want things our way and when we don’t get them we get easily annoyed. We are taught from day one to care about ourselves, to be independent, that we are the makers of our own destiny. It’s not true, is it? 2️⃣ Joy to a certain degree can depend on our life situation. When I was younger I had no problem finding joy in the every day. Or just before and just after we were married were the most joyful moments of my life. But what about when stress comes? Responsibility, church issues, when you feel like you’re out of your depth. That joy should still be resonating within our souls because accordingly to the Bible it shouldn’t depend on the external things that are happening to us. So how can we get that everlasting joy bubbling up from within? 3️⃣ It comes from complete dependence on God. For everything. When we let go of ourselves and our selfish ideas, when we find ourselves in hard times and emotions, if we cling to Him, in desperation (because we’re all desperate, no?) then that’s when He will bountifully provide. . . 4️⃣ This verse that I was led to in November last year and although I didn’t realise it at the time, I now see it says it all: “You make known to me the path of life; IN YOUR PRESENCE THERE IS FULLNESS OF JOY, at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” . . And not that I need to prove the word of God is right, but simply, that in these days I have experienced this to be true. When I come before Him who created me and knows me inside out, life is a wondrous gift with heart-filling joy in every place you look. . . New screen-saver to celebrate in stories. 💕 Love you all. Spread joy.

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Through @hopeandlightjewellery with these earrings, I have provided safe work for a lady in Asia who has been rescued from slavery or been close to other dangerous work situations. . . It’s something I feel passionate about but have never quite explored or felt led to work in specifically. My ministry opportunities have come from other places and involve other things. But talking recently to a man who is one of the main chair people in the fight against the sex trade in Spain I learned that what everyone can do and is of most importance is to bring these things to light. Awareness. . . Do you know that Tenerife has one of the fastest growing sex trades in the world. It’s not just the Asian world. This darkness is all around us in people’s minds and hearts and where there is demand there is business. . . So start to think, how can we teach our children to respect all life? How can we make sure our sons (and daughters) know how to treat all women? How can we make sure that when they are teenagers and filled with desire that they don’t turn to lust and they know how to control themselves? How can we make our children aware of the spiritual battles we all go through and to be able to face them when their time comes? Because it’s so real and so close. Don’t just dismiss it. Ignorance may be bliss but ignorance also leads to things a lot lot worse. . . So please, go and visit @hopeandlightjewellery , I’ll be sharing something else I bought from Laura when I was there in NI but for now I’m in love with these earrings. Thank you so much!

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Guess the era?! . . (Written earlier) Came today to ‘our’ new house to do, what? Just to be here. To plan and feel and be overwhelmed about how much we have to do. This light fitting though. I wonder what things it has seen in this living room. Can’t wait to change it out though. Anyone want it?

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This colour of world map has by far been the most popular colour. Maybe because it looks like the colour of the sea? What is it with us and the sea? . . On another note, I’ve been wanting to make stickers forever but haven’t known what to put on them. Would this map be an option? In other colours?

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It can be lonely being a mother at home with babies. We can become recluses in our own homes, no? It sometimes takes a lot of effort to get clothes on everyone and pack bags and organise to go out. So I was there, preferring to stay in at home than to fight to control them outside. And I was getting crazy. . . In part of my growing God has taught me how important it is to get out of the house, change of scenery. Forget about the clothes to fold and work to do for a little while. Just separate time to enjoy the babies instead of trying to find ways around them. So part of my summer plan to find joy in the every day is to go at least one day a week to the beach or the swimming pool. (And of course try not to care too much about the extra washing or the sand everywhere afterwards...) . .

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