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First time at the Atlantic coast of France. These Cliff's are just massive. Really enjoyed watching the sunset there and listen to the sound of the Sea.

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Last week @patheight and I started our little roadtrip through western Europe in Belgium and what could I say, why I never go there earlier? The historical City center and all the canals in Brugge are beautiful and not even crowded now in Winter.

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One life goal should be watch more sunsets than Netflix.

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The forgotten train bridge is always worth a visit when in the Ore Mountains.

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Peaks and Fjords of Senja.

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A walk in nature walks the soul back home. - Mary Davis

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Snowed in.

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The spontaneous decision to explore more of the Ore Mountains last week was quite good. For sunset the whole valley was covered in fog and the sun only comes through the peak and makes this a perfect moment to watch the clouds move. What was your favorite winter moment so far?

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Norwegian Simplicity.

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White dressed Alley.

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Anzeige/Ad | Last month @vickarellaaa and I visited the beautiful @visitsalzkammergut region, to get the full winter experience in Austria. One of my favorite moments from this trip to far was the sunset at the Dachstein, when the last light touched the summit cross at almost 3000m. Special thanks to @karl_steinegger and @zeppaio for the organization and good company.

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The last minutes of dawn before the sun rises turning the sky purple like this is always something magical for me, especially when the view is clear like this.

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