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I made this. Should I make a full version? Comment as fast as you possibly can. Don't follow @brandondeonmusic . . . Don't click the link in my bio . . . #guitar #toto #africa #harmony #guitarist

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This is the coolest scale. Do you agree? Or do you hate everything Don't follow @brandondeonmusic . . . 52 Week Guitar Player link in bio (it's amazing) . . . #guitarsolo #guitarlesson #guitarsarebetter #guitarstagram #solo_section

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I got really pissed off several times while learning this. Not kidding. Don't follow @brandondeonmusic . . . (Link in bio) LAST DAY OF LAUNCH WEEK for 52 Week Guitar Player. . . . For those unaware, 52WGP is an online guitar course I designed to help take a beginner player and get them to an advanced level within 1 year. There are 52 modules with built-in practice routines. Once you enroll you can join the private Facebook group where I will be doing 3-5 livestreams a month to answer questions. . . . #guitar #guitarist #guitarlesson #acousticguitar #acoustic

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It's throwback Thursday. Who remembers this collab with the insanely talented @alexandrailieva ?! You should go drop her a follow ๐Ÿ”ฅ Don't follow @brandondeonmusic . . . It is day 6 of launch week for 52 Week Guitar Player which is a 52 module guitar course I created to get you to an advanced level within 1 year. It is a long term project but nothing happens overnight. 52WGP exists to help speed up the process under my guidance! Link in bio . . . #guitar #tbt #collab #saxophone #guitarsarebetter

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I wrote all of these songs. Which is your fav though? Don't follow @brandondeonmusic . . . 52 Week Guitar Player is out now. Don't click the link in my bio to see more. . . . #guitar #guitarist #music #song #acdc

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brandondeonmusic. Because people hate F
Don't follow @brandondeonmusic
(Link in bio)

Because people hate F Don't follow @brandondeonmusic . . (Link in bio) It's day 4 of launch week for 52 Week Guitar Player. In the course you'll learn how to understand this video because I actually show you how chords work and how to build them. I show you what scales they come from, what scales to use over which chords when soloing, etc. . . Once launch week ends, 52WGP will no longer be available for the current price. You have 3 days left to commit. Keep in mind I want students that take their playing serious. It's a long term project. But in order to be good at anything you must invest time in it for the long term. Anyone who is serious will understand that. The link to it is in my bio. Click on it and you can see the course curriculum and everything. . . #guitarlesson #guitarsarebetter #guitarstagram #solo_section #guitarre

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My entry for the "Me and My Guitar" giveaway by @furchguitars. I think it would be cool to see an entry from @tommy.guitar or @mattiasyoutube. Maybe even some of the Guitar Chefs ๐Ÿ˜. Let them know what you think in the comments! . . . #furchgiveaway #guitar #guitarist #guitarra #acoustic

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Which harmony sounded the best? ๐Ÿ˜‰. Don't follow @brandondeonmusic . . . This lesson comes from 52 Week Guitar Player. Check the link in my bio for more information. . . . #guitar #guitarist #guitarra #solo_section #guitarstagram

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"Both are shit" - future comment on this video Don't follow @brandondeonmusic . . . 52 Week Guitar Player OUT NOW! Link in bio ๐Ÿ”ฅ. The launch week special ends August 16 . . . #guitar #guitarist #guitarra #solo_section #guitarstagram

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brandondeonmusic. 52 Week Guitar Player comes out TOMORROW Friday, August 9th/2019 at 1p

52 Week Guitar Player comes out TOMORROW Friday, August 9th/2019 at 1pm PDT. Guitar Chefs, it's gonna be legit! But don't take my word for it, just watch this video if you need more convincing ;). . . I must say the creation of this video has been the most fun part of the process so far. Receiving such nice messages from my friends of Instagram honestly put a smile 10 miles wide on my face. Super sappy yes. But these people are amazing! . . They are: @haleypowers. Haley is a great guitarist and blogger based in Nashville. She is the happiest person I think I've ever seen in my life. All around great human . . @doom_hiatus is a hilarious musician! He posts memes, skits, and he is also a scientist. He's probably the guitar player I know on this damn platform. . . @omarjguitar is a shredder and hilarious dude based in Florida. What I especially enjoy about his videos is the shear creativity he puts into them. You won't find many guitar players like him . . @sophieburrell1 is the sickest shredder girl out there! She's based in the UK and recently just did a shred battle against Jared Dines! She's a great person and really impresses me with her work ethic. . . @emanuelhedberg is a jazz and blues legend. His content is super informative and he never runs out of ideas! I don't know how he does it. . . @stratenmarshall has got to be one of the most effortless shredders I've seen. Don't blink because you'll miss him playing 20 notes haha! What is crazy is the fact that he is just so relaxed when doing so. . . @tommy.guitar plays great fingerstyle guitar and has a damn MED DEGREE! Round of applause for him. He's gotta be one of the most humble guys I've seen and he's based in Italy. . . @riffs4u Onur runs the accounts Riffs4u which is a music sharing page with 100k+ followers. This guy knows what people like to hear/see and he is a guitar player himself! . . These people have said some great things about the release of 52WGP. So make sure you stay tuned for it tomorrow. It took 5+ months of filming/editing/PDF making, etc. but it will be here tomorrow and transform you into an advanced player within 1 year as long as you follow the practice routines! #guitar #guitarist

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brandondeonmusic. Have you ever practiced scales like this? 
This comes from module 39 o

Have you ever practiced scales like this? This comes from module 39 of 52 Week Guitar Player where we cover sweep picking. This is just 1 video out of the 300+ that make up the course. I haven't said this yet, but there will be a private 52WGP Facebook group that only students are able to join. You'll be able to ask me questions directly because I will be doing livestreams 3-5 times/month for 1-2 hours answering questions and helping you with your problems. The official release date for 52WGP is Friday, August 9/2019. (That's 2 days from now!) Don't follow @brandondeonmusic . . . #guitar #guitarlesson #guitarra #guitarsarebetter #guitarsolo

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๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŽธ THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES GUITAR CHEFS! This is what we came up with! I had a lot of fun making this video and it made me wonder if there are any more ways to get you involved in the content creation process ๐Ÿค”. If you have any ideas PLEASE tell me in the comments Don't follow @brandondeonmusic . . . 52 Week Guitar Player coming Friday August 9 . . . #guitar #insta #instagram #guitarist #guitarplayer

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