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I’m considering focusing my abstract work on landscapes. I could shoot “straight” landscapes as well.:) . I just think there are some really beautiful things you could do with abstract landscapes.💕I also want to shoot more self portraits this year. Completely on my own. :) I’ve got a tripod and remote trigger for my shutter. It just takes some experimentation in the beginning. We’ll see. :) . I need to create stronger work this year as well.Lots to do! . I know I said I was going to make my account a personal one, but I changed my mind. It’ll be more “art” focused in the future. Stay tuned.💕🌸

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I’m in love with my slow shutter cam app! This is a picture of a picture, that I was able to turn into art work with my app. I would’ve liked it a little more blurred, but overall I think it’s pretty cool! More to come. :)

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I promised you guys new work with my Slow Shutter Cam app. I’m really enjoying this app! It allows me to create abstract art on the go, anywhere I am. I don’t have to lug a heavy camera around all the time. (This is not sponsored, btw) The coolest part about using this app is you get watch your image evolving on the screen! Pretty sweet. More to come.💕

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You guys, I’m super excited to announce I’ll be returning to Israel this year with Bear Creek Community Church. I went in 2012, and had the time of my life! There is a lot of history and meaning in this country for me and my faith. :) I’m looking forward to going back!😊💕

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Rainy days in downtown Roseville.🌿

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Throwback to a project I did for a class assignment at Brooks. It’s a conceptual piece about my twin sister. I wish I would’ve written the concept down, because now I can’t remember it. But as it is, the piece has a lot of meaning for me. 😊💕P.S. shout out to @kritibisaria for helping me shoot it.

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For a class assignment when I was at Brooks. Miss this girl. See you soon!💕

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Oldie but a goodie.💕🌹

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Dad is king of the mountain.🌿

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Saw this quaint little path when I was walking through town in Maine one evening. I had to capture it.😊

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When you can’t decide what toy you want....

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Street art in Sacramento.🍃🌸

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Impressionism with trees....🌿

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“I wanna be a part of it, New York, New Yooorrrk.....”🥰

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I love shooting through windows.💕 It’s a quick way to make a fine art portrait.😉

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The sea soothes the soul.🌿

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Patterns in Ogunquit.💕

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Capturing the colors of fall.🍃

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