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Happy Birthday my Hero! Sorry Daddy has always been busy with work. You not seeing me when u wake up and only 1 hour before you head to bed. Sorry for not being there in your prime age but I assure you theres' a good cause for it. Be a good boy to Mummy and please please please stay awesome as always. Be loyal and filial to Him as well. Daddy love you, mummy love you & we will always love you. Sorry dear Son for the late post. Once again, Happy 4th Birthday MA-YBMA.

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Finally completed my 5th cycle with my fantastic brothers in arms at 1 GSTB BRAVO. No doubt one of the best reservist I had. A new Officer-in-Charge @awesomeweeeee , although new to the command but he nailed it big time. Saluté Sir. 5 more years with my brothers. Seems long but infact, its just around the corner. To the next most chilling reservist next year.

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Thank you boys for inviting me and my family for this wonderful dinner at Salt Water Buffet. Food was great but spending time with you guys is the greatest. Nothing beats a perfect meet up. #samsungs10plus #saltwaterbuffet #changivillagehotel

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Before we go to war, make sure we do a proper warm up and obviously shake shake shake your troubles away. Who says you can't have fun in reservist.

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Thank you Aunty for giving me an Ang Pow for this year CNY. "Is it because I'm a chinese?!" (Haha!) Nevertheless, bless you and have a fruitful year ahead. Hope to see you onboard again Aunty. #smrtbuses #asimplehellogoesalongway #dontmakeusinvisible

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Papparazzi appeared once again. I gave them what they wanted, by turning a 20,000kg bus one handed and waving to them. Hello from the otherside.

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After 16 hours of work, went to a dating affair over dinner with this Captains. Had much laughter and alot of story to share. To more affairs with you all. Who says Bus Captains don't have life. #smrtbuses #asimplehellogoesalongway #dontmakeusinvisible

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Alhamdulillah, was able to witness the fireworks welcoming 2019 & witnessing the next stage for my boy. Going to school is only the beginning of growing up. Don't worry, everything's going to be alright son. Mama & Daddy will always be here for you. You've grown up so much and I'm happy about that. Good luck dear son, Insya Allah. He knows what's best for your journey ahead. We love you Yaqi. #samsungs9plus #MAYBMA

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Before it strikes 12 and the internet comes to a halt as the world celebrates the arrival of 2019, we, from SMRT, bus service 110 would like to wish all Singaporeans, families, friends and the rest of the world... A Happy New Year! Have a joyful celebration to everyone out there and always remember, be safe!

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2018 is coming to an end. 2019 is just around the corner. What's my wish for 2019? Simple... To have more quality time with both of you & work even harder, so both of you can have a normal decent life. Insya Allah, He will give me the strength, motivation & encouragement to continue to uphold my duty as a husband and father. Without You, there is no us.

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TigerAir, takes you there. Bitter sweet memories. Still the best flying family orientated company. Period.

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When my morning is always being greeted by this girl, it makes me feel that I'm not just a Bus Driver, but rather a person. Took a few seconds to grab a picture with her. Thank you young one. #asimplehellogoesalongway #smrtbuses

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When watching all these water creature and it reminds you of the Baby Shark song. Nonetheless, it was a great time there, especially for the young man. #seaaquariumsingapore #samsungs9plus

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Thank you Allah SWT for allowing me & my family to witness the wonders of nature & Man made structures. A well deserve place to relax & have a breather of fresh air. And dont judge the pictures; all captured by me plus a little bit of editing. Thank you Almighty One for the wisdom. #singapore #marinabaysands #samsung

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You're growing up way to fast my son. That's good. Daddy want to see you grow up. See what else you have in store for me and Mama. Be a good son, a little mischievous if you have too, after all, you're our son. Always remember, we love you, here and thereafter.

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When you got a loyal customer onboard. Who says Bus Captains can't have this type of treatment from their passengers. Treat them nicely & let them know they matter. Be kind to one another.

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Assalammualaikum Mummy, We miss you and love you. Al-Fateha.

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Mummy, I miss you already. You left us, but will forever be in our hearts. Knowing that The Almighty is taking care of you now, I can sleep peacefully. Thank you for EVERYTHING you've done in this life of yours. Mummy, rest well & sleep peacefully. Remember, we will always love you in this life and thereafter. Our prayers will be with you all the time. Wait for us on the other side & watch over us. Have a pleasant journey ahead, Insya Allah. Al-Fatihah & Assalammualaikum.

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