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You're growing up way to fast my son. That's good. Daddy want to see you grow up. See what else you have in store for me and Mama. Be a good son, a little mischievous if you have too, after all, you're our son. Always remember, we love you, here and thereafter.

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When you got a loyal customer onboard. Who says Bus Captains can't have this type of treatment from their passengers. Treat them nicely & let them know they matter. Be kind to one another.

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Assalammualaikum Mummy, We miss you and love you. Al-Fateha.

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Mummy, I miss you already. You left us, but will forever be in our hearts. Knowing that The Almighty is taking care of you now, I can sleep peacefully. Thank you for EVERYTHING you've done in this life of yours. Mummy, rest well & sleep peacefully. Remember, we will always love you in this life and thereafter. Our prayers will be with you all the time. Wait for us on the other side & watch over us. Have a pleasant journey ahead, Insya Allah. Al-Fatihah & Assalammualaikum.

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And finally to end the first day of this wonderful and prosperous day, I would love to say Happy 4 Years Anniversary to the woman of my life. Celebrating Eid and Anniversary together is a special moment in my life. All because Allah is the All Knowing and The Great. Thank you for all your hardwork as a full time housewife tolerating the boys demand every single day. The house that is under your care, I'm proud to call it Home. Plus, all the support and understanding you've given me as a soulbreadwinner is priceless. Nothing can express my gratitude and appreciation for taking care of my son. I love you dear wife/mum. You're the best thing that ever happen in my life.

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Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim friends & family members around the world. We seek forgiveness to all for our wrong doings or ways that have ill-treated both spiritually & mentally. Thank you Allah, for giving us another chance in life to witness this beautiful moment; for some. Mummy, hold on. We are coming for you.

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I'm glad that I celebrated my 28th Birthday with my love ones. The only present I received was this picture. It's more than enough to win over all the presents from the past and the future. Aidilfitri is up next. Mummy, recover soon ok; Insya Allah. I can't say much this year, because only the Almighty knows what I'm going though.

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When I thought it was just another day, somehow I appeared in YouTube just because I was being too friendly to the videographer. Indeed a surprise, thank you Sir.

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Yet another video & photoshoot for SMRT. Joined by the other Bus Captains from different Interchange to welcome the arrival of the new SMRT uniform.

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Another year has arrive as we welcome the month of Ramadhan. Dear son, try not to be too naughty during this month. Hope you understand ok? Give me and Mama a chance. (Haha!) To all Muslim in Singapore & around the world, let's welcome Ramadhan with open hearts & sincerity. Insya Allah, we will meet again.

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It's been ages since the trio last step foot into a place we used to call our 2nd Home. Daddy and Mama met here before you and after we had you, young man. Alot of memories in this majestic icon of Singapore. But with such heavy heart we had to leave, because family comes first. Changi Airport, thanks for the memories and yes, you're the No.1 airport in the world.

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Another birthday shoutout to my other half who is my Brother @frwnkie , Happy 37th Birthday to you. Nothing can express how lucky am I to have you as my Bro. Sorry for not having a proper picture with you, but I guess this picture means everything and it's everything to us. Happy Birthday Big Bro!

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Happy birthday to both of my bestest friends from the hood. Hope both of you have a great birthday celebration and stay healthy. Be good & loyal to your other halves. Stay hardworking and last long in your relationships. Plus, Insya Allah to hear a better news in the future. Thank you @sskhad & @smbuhaiqi for having us into your beautiful house. To more awesome gathering and memories in your lovely home. Happy birthday Brothers!

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When you know you've got FREEDOM every Sunday to spend time with your family. I feel blessed in every single way. Alhamdullilah. Just because I'm doing spilt shift permanently.🤮

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It's been way too long since I went out with these two. Finally some quality time with you. Alhamdullilah another day with you both.

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Missing my boy a little too much. I don't say much to you sharing what I feel, but I know deep down in you, you know what I truly feel.

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Trying my best to teach my young boy how to ride a bicycle. Results was just hilarious. I did make an effort though.

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I'm coming home, I'm coming home. Hope to see familiar faces soon. It's been way too long since I last step foot into the Airport. Salute the Captain.

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