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Yerba Maté: Patagonia’s version of coffee. It’s been said to offer the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” all in one beverage. This drink is most commonly shared with a traditional gourd as a sign of friendship and bonding.

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Taking a coffee break at work to fall back into this day dream from the island of træna in Northern Norway. ☀️ Photo by @hannes_becker

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Postcard from my northern hemisphere summer camp season 2018. #washingtonedition

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Relaxing mornings spent with these magical beauties. 🦄 Photos by @noel.alva

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Channeling my inner Eliza Thornberry lately... These two cuties both lost their parents at birth and have grown to be best friends 💛✨

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And so, the adventure begins. Showing @robstrok @tantago and @noel.alva around Patagonia this week.. so much wind, so much pizza and so much more to come. Happy heart 💛 Thank you @noel.alva for the photo

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I went puma tracking in Torres del Paine for the first time last week and not only saw my first Puma... but 4 of them! 😻 I don’t recommend going to look for pumas without a local guide who is legally permitted to track the specific land you are on. The @venturepatagonia team went puma tracking with our partners who own this land. Feel free to contact me or Venture Patagonia with any questions you have about these tours.

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carriemeonmyway. Work hard, play harder... the most applicable motto for my life. 🔑Whe

Work hard, play harder... the most applicable motto for my life. 🔑When everyone else puts up their OOO... that’s when the real grind starts in tourism. The past few weeks have been killer but that’s a good problem to have in my case. Signing back on now & ready for 2019 to one hell of a year 🍻 Photo by @hannes_becker

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Riding through Narnia.. A couple days with no service, no WiFi, hours riding horseback, good company and wide open pampa= chicken noodle soup for the soul. . I wanted to practice galloping so I left my camera at home... so here are some iPhone shots 🤗 #whhuuuuupppp

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Office for the day. ✌🏼 I’m always with my favorite DW bracelet or watch, even when hiking. (Thank you @jorgepphotos for snapping these pics ☺️)

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The wildest, most remote place I have ever hiked... Navarino island, located in Cabo de Hornos, the extreme southern tip of South America.. 🌎 This is what it’s all about. Puro Salvaje. Pure wild. (and by ‘it’ I mean life)

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You do not just wake up and become the butterfly. growth is a process. - @rupikaur_ #thesunandherflowers (📷 by @hannes_becker)

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The proper way to celebrate finishing Dientes de Navarino hike in Puerto Williams! These king crabs are (were) 12 & 14 years old and were caught this morning in the Beagle Channel 🦀 Que ricoooo!!!

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carriemeonmyway. Think gold, and you will be gold.

Mi amiga @anitaantich gave me this

Think gold, and you will be gold. Mi amiga @anitaantich gave me this advice the other day and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I figure it’s good thing if the words I keep repeating are positive ones though 🙌🏻 Photo by @philippheigel from my time in Norway this past summer

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When your backyard is Patagonia.. the exploring is endless 🤙🏼... I’ve been here for over two years and it’s my first time to Canal de las Montañas & Alacalufes National Reserve. #weroamhome

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How big do you think you are? Can you find @daniel_ernst walking along the beach? Experiencing such immense scale can have a big impact on one’s thoughts and feelings.. especially when that scale is given by nature instead of buildings or people. This is why I love the mountains and the ocean 😌.

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In the office today planning for our next Venture scouting expedition... in 9 days we head south to explore the southernmost trek in the world: Dientes de Navarino. 🗺 On this trek I will have to bring everything to be prepared... compass, GPS, maps, and watch. Use the promo code “CARRIEMEONMYWAY” for 15% off any DW Product. You can get up to 49% off now on danielwellington.com and in stores when combining offers with my code! Free shipping worldwide.

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carriemeonmyway. Wilderness therapy is the best kind out there. ⛰

Photo by @hannes_bec

Wilderness therapy is the best kind out there. ⛰ Photo by @hannes_becker

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