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To the glaciers we go!! Excited to be part of the @fiordoaustralmtb team for the bike race this November in Chilean Patagonia. P.s. Shout out to all the mountain bikers out there.. I rode a motor bike up here to get the photos. 💁🏻‍♀️

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Behind the ears series part 3 . . 📍Herding the cattle across Natales to the farm they will spend the winter.

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Behind the ears series part 2. . 📍 A calm rainy day along the Fjord of Last Hope in Southern Chilean Patagonia. 😌

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Behind the ears series part 1. 📍Riding across Peninsula Antonio Varas in the Region of Magallanes, Chilean Patagonia.

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Enjoy & protect ☀️🌎🍃 Just as important as it is for us to get outside and enjoy earth’s natural wonders, it is even more so our responsibility to take care of it. 60 years ago today, Torres del Paine National Park was founded. . Very exciting that today was also the day the @tdplegacyfund was founded. The amazing team at legacy fund work to preserve and protect TDP and its surrounding areas. Since I run a company who brings travelers from all over to this corner of the world, I made it a priority to protect it. . So we at @venturepatagonia donate $10 for every guest that travels with us. We are lucky to have the Legacy Fund team here on the grounds in Puerto Natales to see the direct impact that small donation makes each year. Cheers to enjoying and protecting this earth as best we can! Photos by @michaelmatti

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carriemeonmyway. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, but especially this lady! Every yea

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, but especially this lady! Every year I realize more and more how unbelievably amazing you are!! Thank you for loving and supporting me in all I do. Wherever in the world I find you and dad I feel like I’m home 💛

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Autumn in Patagonia 🍂🧡 The colors completely transform these landscapes every April making it feel like a different place.

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Mount Fitz Roy emerging from the clouds. The mountains in El Chalten are notorious for being covered by clouds. We barely saw any mountain tops our first two days in El Chalten and were ready to give up and head back to Chile... but we decided to give it one last shot and hiked to the camp site in the rain, woke up to a foggy and rainy morning.. when we reached the top we still couldn’t see anything. The crew decided to wait it out a bit and luckily after a while the wind blew the clouds away and there stood the infamous granite peaks of El Chalten. If you’ve visited the area, you probably have a similar story.. if you plan to visit, be prepared for some wild conditions! #venturepatagonia Photo by @noel.alva 💎💛

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Far south Patagonia in the lands of Baguales... coming here feels like a meditation and escape to me. 🐎 Is this the landscape you imagine when you think of Patagonia?

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It’s wild how easy it is to overlook the hidden gems in your own backyard. We crossed the fjord in front of my house, hiked over a mountain, and arrived to Cáñales Las Montanas. We spent the night on a refugio boat in the middle of the fjord in patagonia... and saw ZERO other people. It’s places like this that I want people to experience when they come to Patagonia to truly feel the remoteness of the area. Soo.. next season @venturepatagonia will be working with a local friend to make this trip more accessible for you to visit too!! Would you want to visit?

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Daily traffic report live from Patagonia... 🐑 4,500 sheep walking along Ruta 9 for 23km straight.. followed by 5 workers on horseback making funny noises to move the sheep. 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐎 . There’s a saying “El que se apura en patagonia, pierde su tiempo.” Which means, “the person who rushes in Patagonia, loses their time.” Spend a few days here and you’ll understand just how accurate that saying is. 🙃🤷🏻‍♀️

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Some archives from our first day on the Dientes de Navarino circuit, the southernmost multi day hike in the world. #venturepatagonia

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Up close & personal with the reigning queen of Patagonia

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Yerba Maté: Patagonia’s version of coffee. It’s been said to offer the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” all in one beverage. This drink is most commonly shared with a traditional gourd as a sign of friendship and bonding.

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Taking a coffee break at work to fall back into this day dream from the island of træna in Northern Norway. ☀️ Photo by @hannes_becker

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Postcard from my northern hemisphere summer camp season 2018. #washingtonedition

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Relaxing mornings spent with these magical beauties. 🦄 Photos by @noel.alva

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Channeling my inner Eliza Thornberry lately... These two cuties both lost their parents at birth and have grown to be best friends 💛✨

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