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ccclarkebeauty. #CCNoFilter .. 1 hour !
Can’t wait to give away my song to you for fre

#CCNoFilter .. 1 hour ! Can’t wait to give away my song to you for free in an hour 💕 so I’m sharing some more unfiltered, unedited, no makeup selfies to celebrate 🙊 I cant believe that this week was the first time ever in 5 years I’ve uploaded just the raw me in a pic for the grid, it’s felt very liberating 😅 I usually at least add a filter if not Facetune and the whole SHEBANG 🤣 And I’m not shading makeup and editing - I feel that those sides of Instagram are also creative however I want to make sure I’m still encouraging all of you to embrace what’s underneath too 💕 I have been LOVING seeing your #CCNofilter Selfies! Keeps them coming... maybe we should do this more often - a #NoFilterFriday perhaps? Just to keep it real every week? Love you all and can’t wait for you to hear this secret song release 🎉💫

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ccclarkebeauty. TOMORROW💫
From me to you.. I’m gifting my song ‘No Filter’ to you t

TOMORROW💫 . From me to you.. I’m gifting my song ‘No Filter’ to you tomorrow at 5pm ! So excited for you to have this song I wrote for you for free download as a little present before my next single release. The message behind this song is so important for all of us... and I can’t wait to share more music with you this year, it’s just the beginning 😭❤️ #CCNofilter

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ccclarkebeauty. Issa lipCLICK!?😍
Loving these new Lip Dose smooth lipsticks by @sle

Issa lipCLICK!?😍 . Loving these new Lip Dose smooth lipsticks by @sleekmakeup 😍 so buttery and easy to apply! You guys know I’m a sucker for a beautifully smooth formula!! Available now @bootsuk for only £5.99 😱💕 Shades annotated on the video 💋 #ad #sleekmakeup #lipdose #ccclarkebeauty

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ccclarkebeauty. #CCNoFilter #3days .. 👀
In a world full of Facetune, filters, makeu

#CCNoFilter #3days .. 👀 . In a world full of Facetune, filters, makeup and material things I’m taking a break for the next few days to celebrate just the Raw and Natural me!?🙌🏼 So here are these completely unedited unfiltered pics of me wearing zero makeup💫 Don’t get me wrong I love makeup and filters OBVS! It’s not a BAD thing to be creative with either but the IMPORTANT thing is still loving who you are beneath all of that still.❤️ . I have a little gift for you coming this Friday to say thank you for your support ! Can you guess what it is !?💫 . In the mean time I’m encouraging you to share your #CCNofilter selfies ! I wanna see see your gorgeous faces!!! Love you all xxx

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ccclarkebeauty. Pamper Monday for me!🧖🏽‍♀️
AD| It is so easy to forget to take even

Pamper Monday for me!🧖🏽‍♀️ AD| It is so easy to forget to take even 10 minutes for yourself these days isn’t it beauties !?...I am so guilty of this! I know many of you are too. So I am making an effort these days to spend some time unwinding and these @garnieruk Pure Active Charcoal Blackhead strips give me the perfect opportunity to do this. I have started taking 10 minutes to Clear My Skin & Clear My Mind and it feels amazing! Let me know what you love to do when you unwind ?! ❤️ SWIPE UP in my stories now to grab these ! #TakeTen @bootsuk

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What ever floats your.. breakfast?🤔🍍🙈 . Sad to be home from Paradise but so happy to say I have a gift for you this week!!!! 😭 it’s a giveaway, and every single one of you WIN the prize... you will know what I mean VERY SOON #4days 😭❤️

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A little holiday glam❤️🌴 . . I tried out this makeup in the Bali heat and to be honest it lasted a good 8 hours which is good considering I was sweating all day 😅 . COMPLEXION🎨: SPF - @larocheposayuki Anthelios spf 50+ Foundation - @diormakeup Backstage face and body in ‘3W0’ Powder to set - @nyxcosmetics_uk Pro contour palette (I used the banana shade on a @beautyblender and dabbed in places I’d usually ‘bake’) Contour powder - @nyxcosmetics_uk Pro contour palette Bronzer - @toofaced ‘Dark Chocolate’ Highlight - @diormakeup Dior backstage glow face palette ‘Glitz’ . EYES👁: Eyeshadow - @diormakeup Amber neutrals palette Mascara - @maybelline Lash Sensational Brows - @urbandecaycosmetics brow Blade ‘Dark drapes’ . LIPS💋: Lipstick - @urbandecaycosmetics ‘No-tell Motel’

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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations 💫 . Literally never wanna leave Bali but back to reality next week! Can’t wait to film some fun makeup for you and I’m also working on something special to give to you all before the end of May too😍❤️

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You are my adventure everyday 💚

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Swipe 4 reality lol 😂 Wearing all @prettylittlething keeping me Bali ready 😄🌴💕

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ccclarkebeauty. These Lip crayons though 😍
#AD - Beauties @Maybelline have sent me

These Lip crayons though 😍 . #AD - Beauties @Maybelline have sent me all these shades of their NEW Superstay Matte Crayons and it’s safe to say I am BEYOND excited to be one of the 1st to ever try them. They come in 12 amazing shades and last up to 8 hours, meaning I can go from coffee to cocktails without a hitch!😜 It’s a lipstick in a crayon – so easy! Brand new and just hit the shelves, make sure to grab yours! Just swipe up in my stories for a direct link ✨ available @superdrug #CRAYONCRAZE . Shades in order: 1 - ‘Stay Exceptional’ 2 - ‘Laugh Louder’ 3 - ‘Settle for more’ 4 - ‘Lead the way’ 5 - ‘Treat yourself’ 6 - ‘Trust your gut’ 7 - ‘Enjoy the view’ 8 - ‘Make it Happen 9 - ‘Accept a dare’ 10 - ‘Seek adventure’ 11 - ‘Hustle in Heels’ 12 - Own your empire’

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Angels, I challenge you to go somewhere you have never been at least once a year !?!! ! I’ve just discovered Bali and I never wanna leave 😭 What’s on your list !!????? @villakubuseminyak Thank you for the most luxurious stay 😍🌴🐒

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