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I truly have seen some of the best architecture in Italy. ⛪️ I loved it so much I am going back next month! This time with my mom. 💕 It will be her first time in Europe and I can’t wait to show her around. ☺️ . Comment underrated places in Rome that we should visit. Please and thank you! ☺️

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This time last year, we were in Morocco where we met up and traveled for the first time with @jessomewhere and @finding.jules. 😍 I know it sounds crazy meeting up with strangers. We may or may not have told our families about it cause we didn’t want to worry them.🙈 But it was seriously one of my favorite trips EVER! ✨ It still blows my mind how much this platform has affected the way we see things now. It definitely helped us to be more outgoing and open-minded. . And now that I’m thinking about it, it’s kinda fitting that the first group trip that I’m organizing with @acanelaexpeditions will be in Morocco as well! It’s the best place to explore and meet new friends and experience things for the first time. Yes I’ve been, but not in the Sahara desert. So I’m super excited about that! 🥰 @johnyricky will be there to help document the trip as well. . For trip info, I put up the link on my stories and bio. Let me know if you have questions! ✌🏼 . Dress from @missjuneparis

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Living life on the edge. 🙈 But in reality, it’s not really that high. (Check out original framing before the crop in my stories) And in reality, it started drizzling while we were taking this photo. ☔️But the show must go on. So we took couple more shots and made sure we took Vitamin C after. 🙆🏼‍♀️ How do you fight sickness when traveling? JR and I always bring @emergenc to boost our immune system and prevent getting sick. (Disclaimer: not an ad, just really works for us lol)

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One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. 💫 @instasize.official

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Baywatching in Bermuda. Is that even a thing?💁🏼‍♀️ . ALSO, for those who are interested in the Morocco group trip, SAVE THE DATES! October 20-26. 💗 See ya there! More deets coming up. ☺️ . 👙 @summersalt #GoSummersalt

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4th Wonder of the World. 💫 #jrxchetravels We have Taj Mahal, Chichen Itza, and Christ the Redeemer left on our list. Which one do you think should we tick off next? 🤔 . Are the New Seven Wonders on your bucketlist too?

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Paris is not a city, it’s a world — whoever said it is so darn right! 💛 . 📸 @limitlesssecrets

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There are only few courtyards that made it to my “Most Beautiful” list and can’t deny that @fsmilan is one of them. 🌳🧡 . 📸 @johnyricky

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Happy Friday!!😍 Hope your weekend plans look like this...or something similar. Bonus points if it involves a yummy croissant. 🥐 . The super versatile Nolita Romani from @artisansofiq used as a picnic bag. 💗

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Tropical girl through and through. 🌴☀️ In my element with @summersalt. 👙 #GoSummersalt . ALSO, new post about @princessbermuda up on the blog!! Link on my stories and bio.🤩 . 📸 @johnyricky

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Counting down the days till our next warm destination with @artisansofiq ☀️ . Do you have any plans for summer yet? Where will you be heading?

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Our first sunset in Vernazza. ✨ In @augustethelabel 👗

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