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I still have so many Africa photos to edit and share with you guys but in a week we're heading to Mexico for an exciting project! Decided last minute to finally hit up Tulum. Give us your best tips and recommendations pretty puhlease!! 🤩

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Flew to another continent just to make new friends and 100% will do it again. 💛 #AcanelaAfrica #AcanelaPartner . 📷 @jakenackos

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It's our last day in Tanzania with @acanelaexpeditions and @madeonmade and I can't believe it all went by so fast! We had the best safari day yesterday where we saw cheetahs first thing in the morning. We also saw lots of hippos and lions. The highlight of my day was when saw mommy and baby leopards!😭🧡 My heart is full! . SAD FACT: we didn't see leopards during @johnyricky and I's first safari trip three yrs ago. So this will finally complete the BIG 5! . I'll be sharing videos in my stories when I have better service so watch out for that!☺️ #AcanelaAfrica #AcanelaPartner . 📸 @jakenackos 🎞 @conner_paull

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Hello from KENYAAAA!!*cue Circle of Life* . Day 3 of our #InstasizeCreatorTour in Africa with @acanelaexpeditions and @madeonmade. It has been a great experience seeing all the animals in the wild and meeting very talented individuals. Our day 1 recap video is up on my stories. Comment your fave safari emoji if you've seen it. 🦁 #AcanelaAfrica #AcanelaPartner . 📸 @jakenackos

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Whatever floats your boat ✨ . Thank you @bluestarpositano for this beautiful moment we'll never forget. 💛 . I leave for Tanzania and Kenya today so I'll leave this here before I go on my 21 hrs journey. See you guys in a bit!🤗

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Postcards from Santorini ✨

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Hello from me and my new friends! 😸 We saw so many cats roaming around Oia. And although I'm not a cat person, they are actually pretty cute...and stubborn. Lol. If you zoom in you'll see that the owner put up small fences but the cat on the left still managed to get in there and do its thing. I guess they're like us instagrammers too 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ . Are you a cat 🐱or dog 🐶 person? . 📸 @johnyricky

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Alexa, take me back to Rome. 😌 . Which place are you dreaming of coming back today? 😊

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Yesterday's 4th of July BBQ with the fam made me feel like it was Saturday. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I guess I shouldn't complain that today's Friday. 😆 TGIF guys!! . What are you up to this weekend? I will be packing for a very exciting week in Africa. 🦏🦁🐘🦒🦓 Fun times! 💃🏽 . 📸 @johnyricky

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When life gives you Positano lemons, you: a. Wear them! 👗🍋 b. Have some @drinkbai strawberry lemonade 🍓🍋 c. Toss them in the air for a cute photo op 🍋🍋 d. All of the above . You already know how I dealt with it. 😏 Love love @drinkbai and how they always have a flavor to match my mood! Can't wait to get some more after finishing three boxes of it like it's our business. 😳 #FlavorLife #BaiPartner

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🌟GIVEAWAY CLOSED🌟 Congratulations to @jazzexploring for winning!! I will be sending you a DM on how to claim your prize! Thanks to everyone who joined!☺️ (full drawing on my insta story!) -------------------------------------------------------- Johnrick and I travel together most of the time. But as much as we love our time together, we still love going on short trips with our families whether it's exploring Mexico or a weekend in Lake Tahoe. With our families combined, it's pretty challenging to find a place that can host all of us. I'm very happy to discover @vrbo! Finally, we can find the most beautiful vacation homes that can host larger group stays with family and friends. And to help you kick off your summer travels, I am partnering with @vrbo to give away $500 towards your next Vrbo rental ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!🤩 Here's 3 easy steps to enter: 1. Follow @cherrielynn 2. Follow @vrbo 3. Tag a friend you'd love to travel with (tag more friends for more entries!) THAT'S IT! Giveaway will end on July 5th and winner will be announced here. Let me know in the comments where you plan on going if you ever win!☺️ Good luck! #vrbopartner

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June's over?! Julying!! 😆 . Casually recycling a 2 yr old caption just cause it's fitting and cause I'm running out of captions. Lol 😅 What I'm not running out of though, are photos from the beautiful Mykonos. So there's still more coming your way. ✌🏼 . 📸 @johnyricky

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