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cjinvictus. Inside Invictus Episode 3 is up! Check out the crew of athletes as the

Inside Invictus Episode 3 is up! Check out the crew of athletes as they tackle the Dubai CrossFit Championships and generally make their presence felt in Dubai. :)

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Don’t miss @mikeburgener instructing the @crossfit_weightlifting course at @crossfitinvictus !!! Coach is simply amazing and will teach you as much about coaching, mindset and caring as he will about Olympic Weightlifting! Find a way to get to San Diego for this...you won’t regret it! #Repost ・・・ #coachb @mikeburgener will be leading the @crossfit_weightlifitng courses @crossfitInvictus #downtownlocation #march23,24 and @crossfitmayhem #march30,31. Sign up!!

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LISTEN UP! If you’re looking for a proven program to follow for 2019 and want to hear how we developed the plan for our upcoming training cycle, which starts January 7, join us on Facebook Live at 11:00 am Pacific time. @tinomarini , @hunterbritt and I filmed yesterday and will be online today to answer your questions live. Join us and the #invictusathlete Team!

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Decided to look at this #bestnine2018 thing, and it confirmed that I’m pretty blessed to hang out with some pretty outstanding athletes. I’m proud of everything we fought through and accomplished at Invictus in 2018, but even more excited about the opportunities in front of us for 2019! Let’s attack 2019 with an unconquerable mindset! #invictus #invictusathlete

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Honored to be able to celebrate @ncosta78 40th birthday tonight at @crossfitinvictus . Nuno is one of the most inspirational athletes and coaches I’ve ever met. He demands the best of himself and those around him, creating a culture of excellence in his circles. Tonight’s showing of folks who came to workout alongside him is just a microcosm of the positive impact he’s had on others. Thank you Nuno for allowing me to be part of your incredible journey, and welcome to your 40s. I can’t wait to see you excel for another decade!

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cjinvictus. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas surrounded by friends and family, an

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas surrounded by friends and family, and plentiful opportunities to make memories of a lifetime.

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Odd to be saying it in December, but @crossfitinvictus has now qualified for Games for an 11th consecutive year! Congratulations @laurenfisher @reganhuckaby @rasmuswandersen and @tommyvinas_ for punching your tickets to the @crossfitgames ! I’m very proud of you and all the other Invictus athletes who competed hard the past four days in Dubai. @tinomarini and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of the journey. #invictusathlete

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Fun first day with some of the Invictus crew in Dubai! Couldn’t ask for a better day for beach workouts...now on to the desert for an 8k run in the morning. #InvictusAthlete @crossfitinvictus @dxbfitnesschamp

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Congratulations to all of our Invictus Athletes putting in work and earning their results! I love seeing and celebrating these successes! ・・・ Victories all around this weekend for our #invictusathletes ! 🥇 for @cf_camilla at the @fitnessfestivalthrowdown 🥉for @anna_vig at the @fitnessfestivalthrowdown 🥇for @roldan_goldbaum at Wodfest Costa Rica 🥇for @agronsund at Vadraturen Showdown 🥉for @johnnycaco at the KVRA Games Who else has been getting on the floor and competing lately? Let us know in the comments below!

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cjinvictus. Another successful camping and fishing trip with my little nature love

Another successful camping and fishing trip with my little nature lover...and earned us some delicious lunch!

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Sea of Green Games are underway, and there are some pretty amazing costumes here today!! #invictusathlete @crossfitinvictus @steadymd

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Making the most of our Maui family vacation with some more three generation fishing! So much fun fishing with these guys!

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Morning fishing with three generations, followed by coffee, smoothies and fish stories. The little guy caught 11 mackerels and gave them all away...but we’re keeping all the memories.

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Few things create more anxiety than change and uncertainty; but change and uncertainty are also our gateways to growth and innovation. The elimination of Regionals and changed direction of the CrossFit Games may just be the best thing to happen for the sport of fitness. Head over to the Invictus blog to read why: https://www.crossfitinvictus.com/blog/crossfit-games-changes/

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Blessed to sit down with an old friend and someone who I respect tremendously as a father and business owner. @jasonkhalipa has applied his work ethic and charisma to succeed at everything he’s thrown himself at. Jason also singlehandedly changed how I programmed for athlete development at the 2008 CrossFit Games, and led to my philosophy that “Strength is the Price of Admission.” Please check out our conversation: https://www.ncfitpodcast.fit/businessoffitness/ep22

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cjinvictus. Coach Burgener (@mikeburgener ) is the greatest mentor I could’ve hope

Coach Burgener (@mikeburgener ) is the greatest mentor I could’ve hoped to have. He not only taught me what I know about weightlifting, but also shaped the way I view coaching in general. His generosity in sharing knowledge is unparalleled, and his wisdom invaluable. Coach B doesn’t grind out 40+ weekends of seminars a year anymore, but I feel blessed and honored to host him and his CrossFit Weightlifting Seminar on October 6-7. If you haven’t had the pleasure of learning from this man, you are missing out. There are still a few spots available for our San Diego seminar, and that should not be the case. Please click the link below and get registered now! https://crossfit.regfox.com/wlsandiegooct2018 @crossfit_weightlifting

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cjinvictus. Many thanks to our awesome hosts at @workouthall for making our Invict

Many thanks to our awesome hosts at @workouthall for making our Invictus Athlete Camp and trip to Greece a great one! Thanks to the amazing participants, and of course my incredible crew of coaches, for continually inspiring me. We met lots of new friends and got to see some cool sights in our five days of coaching. Thank you @academy_wh !

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This place is incredible! Excited to start our Invictus Athlete Camp tomorrow at @academy_wh in Athens, Greece!

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