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Start your mornings off right by drinking a glass of water as you wake up. Not only does this improve your intake over the course of the day, but it helps replenish the water you lost while sleeping and improves brain function. #WellnessisWealth

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We understand that walking into your first CrossFit class can be daunting. We're here to make that step easier, by introducing you to CrossFit through a trial class where we take you through a workout of basic movements. Join us. It might just be the best journey you've ever started. Contact us to book your free trial class: info@cf1610.co.za

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What we love most about CrossFit movements is that there's an adaptation for every skill level. We all start somewhere. Let us help you master each progression at a pace that works for you. Contact us for a free trial class. Email info@cf1610.co.za.

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We opened the doors to CrossFit 1610 in 2016, to bring an accessible way of becoming and staying fit to the Edenvale community. We're proof that it is possible to change your life through fitness, while balancing family life and work. Balance | Community | Distinction #WhyWeStarted

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Happy Birthday to our very own, Coach Chants! We would like to thank you for the dedication and passion you put into coaching and uplifting our community and our members. #CoachChants

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crossfit1610. Breaking News! You can now earn your Discovery Vitality points with ev

Breaking News! You can now earn your Discovery Vitality points with every visit you make to CrossFit 1610. As a Vitality Member, simply enter your ID Number on the tablet before class and you will have earned 100 points! Start today and miss the rush to meet your goal in December. Contact us to book a complimentary trial class: info@cf1610.co.za.

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Congratulations to our 4 @barbell1610 members who competed in the 7th IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Helsingborg, Sweden. Zanele Ngwenya came 8th in the competitive 72kg Master 1 class going 8/9 with PBs in squat (125kg) and deadlift (155kg)! Jerry Botha placed 11th in the 93kg Master 1 category with platform PBs in all lifts, squat 182.5kg, bench 122.5kg and a 9th place deadlift of 235kg! Megan Leighton came 7th in the 57kg Junior category with a new SA deadlift record at 152.5kg and a good fight at 167.5kg, pulling for an attempt at third place in deadlifts. Erin Collins, who competed at LMS only 2 weeks before Worlds, placed 4th in a stacked 72kg Sub-Junior class, coming home with a bronze medal in squats (132.5kg), bronze medal in deadlifts (165kg) and the SA Sub-Junior and Junior Records and a new AFRICAN deadlift record! We are incredibly proud of our team and @coach_chants, who has worked tirelessly and passionately to get to this level and played the game perfectly on comp day.

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Get ready to put a spring in your step with our 6-Week September Challenge! Enter in July and receive an early-bird entrance fee special of only R1000. Challenge starts 2 September 2019. Email us to enter: info@cf1610.co.za.

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crossfit1610. This Saturday, CrossFit 1610 and @barbell1610 hosts SA Powerlifting Eq

This Saturday, CrossFit 1610 and @barbell1610 hosts SA Powerlifting Equipped Nationals. Our team of powerlifters will be competing, spotting and loading, scoring and assisting with the organisation as a whole. Come through to support the team, watch some of the best lifters in the country compete, and if you are interested in starting powerlifting, feel free to chat to any of our team or email us. 📧 info@cf1610.co.za

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crossfit1610. Get warm this winter by starting your day off with a workout and be re

Get warm this winter by starting your day off with a workout and be ready to dominate by sunrise! Contact us to book your free trial class. 📧 info@cf1610.co.za 📞 076 333 4582

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The only limits are those that you have set for yourself. At CrossFit 1610, we aim to remove those limits so that you may see your true potential.

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This is our version of a Monday morning meeting! A team strategy for the workout ahead goes a long way. 🤓 Join the team for a complimentary trial class this Tuesday or Thursday at 17h30. 📧 info@cf1610.co.za 📞 076 333 4582

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Don't you love it when your dumbbells start making jokes 😂😂😂

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Nutrition is as important a component of CrossFit as weightlifting or gymnastics. Not sure where to start? Chat to our coaches for assistance. 🍓🥑🥩 📧 jax@cf1610.co.za 📧 chantelle@cf1610.co.za

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"Stretching is instrumental in any athlete's physical success." - Jozy Altidore 📧 info@cf1610.co.za 📞 076 333 4582

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Don't give up. You never know who might be watching. Comment below and tell us what the father figures in your life mean to you. #HappyFathersDay 💙 📧 info@cf1610.co.za 📞 076 333 4582

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There's more to coaching than just programming. It's about communication, relationships, and understanding that every person has different goals and expectations. Our coaches offer Personal Training packages for anyone looking to focus on their training with personalised coaching. 📧 jax@cf1610.co.za 📧 chantelle@cf1610.co.za

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crossfit1610. Every day is a new opportunity to chase your #goals. Our preferred mod

Every day is a new opportunity to chase your #goals. Our preferred mode of transport is bear crawls. Join us for a FREE trial class: 📧 info@cf1610.co.za 📞 076 333 4582

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