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Thank you for having my back @georgerumboats. . Happy Mother Earth Day everyone 🌏 A day to remind ourselves that we should take care of our big mama. . 📸 @ishine_gape

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Instagram vs reality. I don’t mind a camera when I’m upside down, but having a camera in my face is something else. So yeah... this is what happens when I try to take a normal picture.

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This is what happens when @ishine_gape and I see two cliffs and a road in between. . Thank you @ishine_gape and @georgerumboats for this amazing shot 😍

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Tomorrow is exam day and so the final day of my 200H yoga teacher training 😱 I can’t believe how much I’ve learned these weeks. And how much I still want to learn (even though right now I first need a looong break). . Keep learning, keep practicing and never forget to enjoy the ride 🖤 . Outfit: @divinegoddessyoga

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Happy kiddo running down the stairs - no shoes needed in paradise! 🌝 . Outfit: @wearyoga

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Week 2 of my yoga teacher training with @uluyoga flew by. A week with so many good classes and lots of variation. There is so much value in all of the classes. It’s inspirational and challenging at the same time. My head is a little full after these 2 intense weeks, but what’s not in my head, is on paper. I write down as much as I can so I can review everything later, when I’m ready to take it all in. . So let’s bring it on with the last week and get my book full!

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How freaking cool is this?! Thank you @ishine_gape for making magic! . A few weeks ago we booked a villa in Uluwatu with a bunch of creative people. The result? Lots of amazing pictures and a real big mess after shooting with holi powder and flour in the middle of the night. . 📸 @ishine_gape

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Ubud is amazing, but I kinda miss hanging out at the beach these days 🌊

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Week 2 of my yoga teaching training has officially started. Today I was thinking about all the things we’ve learned and done till now. Hatha, yin, ashtanga, aerial, acro, sup and lots of pranayama and meditation. Besides that, we learned so much about philosophy and anatomy (props for @uluyoga, even the theoretical part of the course is build so well, these peeps have experience!) . Time to look forward. My (little bit sore and tired but) happy body is excited for this next week! . Outfit: @divinegoddessyoga

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Yesterday and today, day 5 and 6 of my 200H yoga teacher training with @uluyoga. These days were all about the first teaching exam. Everyone taught a full 75 minutes 1 on 1 class. Super helpful to practice teaching, sequencing, time management and putting everything together into a nice flow. I’ve taught a lot of classes before, but never yoga classes. Teaching yoga is really something else. I’m learning so many new things. So happy that I made the decision to go for this 200H training, and I still have 2 weeks to go! . Tomorrow we’re going to the beach (YES!) to try out sup yoga, can’t wait!

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Dance into the weekend like... I think I want to be a ballerina in my next life. It’s too late for that now. . Outfit: @wearyoga

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So, I’ve had the first 4 days of my yoga teacher training with @uluyoga. My body is starting to feel a little sore and tired but my mind is actually getting better. . We’ve been practicing teaching from the first day. The first day was like sh***t I don’t now what to do or say! But it is getting better. Today we all taught a 10 min class, tomorrow a full 75 min class. Still a bit scary to teach such a long class so soon, you have to think of SO many things. But! I’m doing this course to practice, make mistakes and to LEARN from them. . Let’s bring it on!

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The first 2 days of my yoga teacher training with @uluyoga are done. First impression? Intense, but good! The teachers are professional, experienced and share SO much interesting information. I’m trying to absorb and process all of it. Let’s see how much my brain can handle 🧠

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Inspire, be inspired and do what you love 💫

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Let’s get started! . Tomorrow is the first course day of my 200H Yoga Teacher Training with @uluyoga. This evening they organised short introduction with the group and teachers. I know it is going to be intense (and super early in the mornings 😴), but knowing it is really going to start now makes me even more excited! . Legging & crop: @divinegoddessyoga

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Moving day! Today we packed our bags and moved all our stuff - by scooter, not recommended - from Canggu to Ubud. Super happy with our new little studio, I think we will enjoy these few weeks in Ubud. . The only downside, less handstands on the beach.

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Only a few more days until my yoga teacher training starts. I’m super excited to start this new journey ☺️

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Why would anyone want to photoshop pictures? I don’t mind removing a pimple, but I don’t understand why people would change a body shape. This morning someone informed me about an Instagram account that used 2 of my handstand pictures pretending like it was her. The pictures were heavily photoshopped into an unnatural big ass, tiny waist kind of body shape. I think that is even worse than reposting a picture (and pretending it’s you). Thank you peeps for helping me to get these pictures removed 🖤 . And as you can see in this picture, my glutes and quads are petit and NO I’m not planning to do any more weight training to make them bigger 🍑

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