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A short series about fireflies in Japan. Watching fireflies is a very exciting thing. You arrive long before the night  to find spot, composition, talk to local photographers to understand best conditions (peak of fireflies may be just few days at certain locations). Then bring your chair and wait. Wait for miracle, and when the first firefly goes up - you are happy like a kid =) Fireflies are very sensitive. They need clean water nearby, warm humid air (but not rain), and no lights. To photograph them you need to make a stack of hundreds images, because on exposures more than 1 minute you'll get lots of hot pixels. But not a single photo can show how beautiful it is - shimmering and blinking forest full of little stars.  Many thanks to my friend @kenji_yamamura_photography to bring me to such beautiful places! Danielkordan.com #Japan #fireflies #hotaru #Nikon #gitzoinspires #madewithluminar #skylum

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One more picture from the Japanese fireflies series. A few words about the creation process: first you'll need to find a spot with peak of fireflies (it's different across Japan from May to late July) and lasts for a week or so. We decided to visit Kyushu island in early June. Then I set up a camera at one location (I got 2 cameras - 2 shots per day). Take a background shot with low iso 100, and after keep running the camera on a timelapse recording tracks of fireflies. I used 58 mm nikkor 1.4, 24-70 mm 2.8 + Nikon Z 7. Each shot of interval timer here is 2.8, iso 4000, 30 s. Total around 200-400 shots, 2-3 hours of recording. Processing together in free starstax software. #Japan #fireflies #ilovejapan #kyushu #fukuoka #gitzoinspires #nikonz7 #nikon

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One more photo from Japan fireflies series. They call them hime hotaru - synchronous fireflies. At this remote location of Kyushu island we saw really crazy amount of them. At a certain moment when your eyes get used to dark ambient light you see the whole forest is blinking synchronously like a Christmas tree! It's like a big wave of stars going up and down in deep bamboo forest. Danielkordan.com #nikon #gitzoinspires #madewithluminar #skylum #Japan

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I wish to catch a star! 🌠 This week I'm traveling in Japan to watch and photograph fireflies. As a destination I've chosen beautiful Kyushu island. It was my childhood dream to see fireflies. And here am I, staying in the forest glowing with emerald light and blinking like a starry sky. Together with @kenji_yamamura_photography and @kazuhiroyamasaki we waited at this spot for several hours, then stacking of 200 shots, but a single picture cannot explain how beautiful it is. You must come and see it by yourself.  Nikon Z 7 + 58 mm nikkor 1.4

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This year I have a couple of spots open for epic photo tour in Greenland. 12-17 August departure is very special: you have a chance to get shots like these set. There will be a full moon on 15 August! Please follow the link in bio to review the itinerary, pricing and join! These images were taken with Nikon D850 + 400 mm nikkor + extender. The moonrise corresponds with beautiful pink alpenglow and if you're lucky to have clear skies we plan absolutely incredible photo shoot with our red sail boat. During the tour we stay in the most comfortable 4 star hotel with barbeque/seafood buffet and travel in the night to photograph icebergs, whales, local colorful villages and Inuit people. The tour is led by master @albertdrosphotography - amazing teacher and photographer #link_in_bio #linkinbio #photographytour #photoworkshop #Greenland

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Kamchatka in Russia has some of the most beautiful volcanic landscape in the world. Wild, untouched and pristine nature! You still have possibility to travel here in August during my signature annual tour in Kamchatka. Follow link in bio to join! Danielkordan.com #Kamchatka #link_in_bio #linkinbio #photoworkshop #photographytour

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Series about Bromo volcano eruption in Indonesia this March. It was a bit scary to wake up and see the ash rain outside of our hotel. Cars, plants buried under layers of black ash as well... Eventually I met this memorable dramatic sunrise at King Kong viewpoint. Danielkordan.com #Indonesia #wonderfulindonesia #mountbromo #bromo #bromotenggersemeru #jakarta #java #denpasar #Bali

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danielkordan. Series about beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia. What a fantastic feel

Series about beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia. What a fantastic feel to enjoy warm showers in blooming jungle paradise.. #Indonesia #wonderfulindonesia #iloveindonesia #Nikon #Bali #java #denpasar #jakarta

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danielkordan. Another very special place in Indonesia, artificial waterfall with mou

Another very special place in Indonesia, artificial waterfall with mount Merapi on background. This is Java island. The road here is a cultural experience on it's own! We drove pass by tiny and very authentic villages with not a single sign of tourists ever present! Almost got lost on the way but eventually found this little spot. This the case when you actually very happy to get lost :) Danielkordan.com #Indonesia #iloveindonesia #wonderfulindonesia #merapi #java #jawa #surabaya #jakarta #denpasar #madewithluminar #gitzoinspires #nikon #nikonz7

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One of the Bali hidden gems. I was so get used to photography in Arctic that I wouldn't imagine staying under warm tropical rain or inside the beautiful pool under waterfall just with my slippers and light wear. No goretex, no crampons, no blizzard - just tropical gardens and warm showers =) Danielkordan.com #Indonesia #Bali #iloveindonesia #wonderfulindonesia #Nikon #madewithluminar #waterfall #denpasar #jakarta

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One spot left in my south Georgia exploration expedition (19 October - 9 November this year). I'm looking for adventurous persons keen on exploring this remote corner of the world, ultimate wildlife and landscape destination. Due to recent cancellation I have now only one spot available. Message me for details. Photos to this post are illustration from my recent "Antarctica on a yacht" expedition. #link_in_bio #linkinbio #expedition #Southgeorgia

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Mornings in Tuscany... A touch of magic in the air: gentle mists covering smooth hills, birds are singing and flowers are blooming in emerald fields. Photography here is very poetic indeed! Danielkordan.com #Italy #Tuscany #iloveitaly #nikon #gitzoinspires #madewithluminar #pienza #valdorcia #Florence #Rome #siena #toscana

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