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All these cold gloomy days have me missing warm tropical water like this.

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"Someday Daniel is going to flex so hard he gets a hernia." -my brother @kevin_the_young 📸: @justindkauffman

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Believe it or not, most of the world's chocolate are mined from these hills. #nowyouknow

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It appears that Joshua Tree was happy to see my brother and I. The feeling was mutual though.

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Some people just want to watch the world burn. Think about reducing your meat and dairy consuption for our Earth. As a big meat eater and veggie hater for most of my life I recently discovered avoiding meat and dairy is the single biggest thing you can do to reduce your environmental impact on this Earth. Here are some shocking examples I discovered: Livestock is responsible for just as much greenhouse gas emissions as the whole transportation sector(cars, planes, buses, boats, etc). For me it's easier to stop eating meat than to stop using transportation. Livestock is responsible for a lot of rainforest destruction. It is estimated that for each pound of beef produced, 200 square feet of rainforest are destroyed. 2.7 million hectares of tropical rainforest a year are destroyed for beef production. 0.03% of the oceans plastic are from plastic straws while 46% of the oceans plastic is from fishing equipment. As a plastic hater, that blew my mind. But fishing nets also catch and kill a lot of other animals like turtles, dolphins, sharks etc. Here are some other reasons: it takes 2,000 gallons of water to make 1lb of beef. Antibiotic resistance from livestock being given so much antibiotics. Our rivers, lakes and oceans our being polluted with 19,000,000,000 livestock animals shitting everyday. Climate change is real and is happening faster than we think. So when eating out or at a grocery store please think about reducing or stopping your meat and dairy consumption. The positive thing is people are becoming more aware of this issue (and also inhumane animal practices and health benefits) and as a result the US has seen a 600% increase in veganism this year. Comment 🍄🍄🍄 below if you are a vegan or vegetarian and let me know your thoughts or favorite plant based recipes we should try!

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Love touching tips or summiting (however you prefer to call it) with @justinreedolsen and @devondelattre. I can't thank them enough for all the experiences, time and gear they have given me. 🖤 Tag your favorite couple to third wheel with. 👫🤸

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Being on these cliffs makes me feel so alive. What gives you life (besides oxygen)?

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It's been cold and raining in California. It makes me miss South East Asia. When it would storm and you could swim in the warm ocean, play like a kid, go under water and listen to raindrops hit the oceans surface. Here is @justinreedolsen splashing around during a storm like a kid while @devondelattre was napping under some trees.

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🍂🍁What's fall without leaf emojis?🍁🍂

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Just some deer having a Thanksgiving feast. Tag someone you know who eats! 🙋‍♂️🥑🥧

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Different weather conditions while highlining at Taft Point with some badass people. We had to be under a tarp shelter for an hour while it poured on us. Our hands and feet were numb but our stoke was high.

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Caption this, funniest comment wins internet bragging rights.😅 📽: @brianjgilman

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