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Being on these cliffs makes me feel so alive. What gives you life (besides oxygen)?

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It's been cold and raining in California. It makes me miss South East Asia. When it would storm and you could swim in the warm ocean, play like a kid, go under water and listen to raindrops hit the oceans surface. Here is @justinreedolsen splashing around during a storm like a kid while @devondelattre was napping under some trees.

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🍂🍁What's fall without leaf emojis?🍁🍂

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Just some deer having a Thanksgiving feast. Tag someone you know who eats! 🙋‍♂️🥑🥧

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Different weather conditions while highlining at Taft Point with some badass people. We had to be under a tarp shelter for an hour while it poured on us. Our hands and feet were numb but our stoke was high.

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Caption this, funniest comment wins internet bragging rights.😅 📽: @brianjgilman

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depth. all I think when I see this picture. i wish i had some.

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Spent over a month in Yosemite learning new things, shooting some rad projects with @justinreedolsen and watching the leaves turn color. 🍁🍂I only meant to stay for a week at first though 😅

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Such a good morning in Vietnam. This was before @reyjaff spent all night painting a mural on a local house while drinking rice liquor that the owner offered us.

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Love him but leave him wild. 😅 Check out @justinreedolsen post to see how he got here. Follow him if you wanna see more crazy adventures. He's one of the most wild dudes I know and he is working on some badass projects that will be released in the next year or so.

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I love this little lagoon that's tucked away in the jungles of Thailand except for the part when I split my chin open belly flopping into the water and there happened to be a huge boulder 2 inches underneath the surface. 😅

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Floating village in Myanmar. Everything was on stilts and boats were the only source of transportation. It was interesting seeing children going to school by boat.

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