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got the horses in the back🏇🏻💨 swipe for more

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Secluded escapes in the Philippine Sea💦

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the beauty and force of Skógafoss is like no other🇮🇸

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Shifting through archived footage and stumbled across some clips from @djtigerlily afterparty last year at @chasingsummer 🔥🎧 create a little something

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Your comfort zone will kill you🌄

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slam dunks in skyscraper city🏙

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Never stop exploring where you came from because you never know what you could find next🗺

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young, wild & free💫 . filmed by @devongray and @theprodigyba edited by myself

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Absorbing powerful energy from distant places all over the world has been a huge contributing factor to the man I’ve become. Experiencing all forms of life and culture, most of which were unknown, have allowed me to grow in ways someone could never grow without travelling. It’s made me realize to reflect on my own life, figure out what my priorities are and most importantly always surround myself with likeminded people.

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sometimes you have to disconnect to stay connected💫 (swipe for unedited version)

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Hard to forget this place🌿

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courtside vibin’ 🤙🏼

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lake life🌿 x @teamltd

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Your dream life exists! It is out there in the unknown. When you’re standing on the edge and you’re looking out, you wont be able to see it but trust that it is there! Do you stay or do you jump? 🌊

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With less than a year of knowing each other, we’ve already completed well over 30 projects travelling all over the world and let’s just say, we’re only getting started⚡️

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when the road becomes a runway🇦🇪

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This city may be small, but there’s always new ways to show the beauty of it🍃

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fantasy and reality often overlap🍃

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