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📸 was not allowed. Remember! Rules are meant to be broken. Aboriginal Art is ♥️. #Australian #Aboriginal

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Bangladesh ✈️ Australia. Family reunion! Beach and chill. #australia #beach #ultraboost

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Chaotic! But ♥️ #dhaka #bangladesh

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Few pics from the swamp forest in north east Bangladesh. The water level was low. Pic 1: obviously I saw something interesting on my left. #swamp #bangladesh

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Bright and colorful. They caught my attention. But I don't know the name of these flowers. #bangladesh #colors

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Heavy pack and the mutual gaze. Such an interesting city/country. #dhaka #bangladesh

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I went across the river by boat and found a market under the bridge before sunset. People looked at me and I looked at them. A chaotic city, but I love it. The mutual gaze... Yaya yay 👁️ #dhaka #bangladesh #reality Pic 1. Pollution is a real problem in Dhaka. If you like to pick your nose, then it's a good city of it. Pic 2. The market (vegetable session) from above. Pic 3. They were so curious about what I was doing. Pic 4. Look at that lafy tafy 🍑 (upper right corner). Pic 5. Eat more veggies or constipation face on the toilet. Pic 6. How was the smell? Like a sweaty post-diarrhea asshole. Pic 7. The traffic was going all directions. Pic 8. A hard working man. Much respect! Pic 9. I went in an alley... it was packed! Pic 10. Right after sunset, but this city doesn't quite down.

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I was waiting for the train to Dhaka in the evening at the Sylhet railway station. I tried to peak at the other side of the platform 👀 #sylhet #bangladesh

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They were waiting for customers. Really nice people. No hustlers like in some other countries, but it's a bit chaotic in Dhaka which I love! #dhaka #bangladesh

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He peaked at me when I snapped the pic of him. I went across the Buriganga river. I forgot how much I paid. Something like $0.20 or $0.30 USD? I still bargained with them. Multiple ones. #dhaka #bangladesh

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Too fast too furious on that tricycle 🚴. I took a detour to Bangladesh from Somalia. I absolutely Ioved the chaotics in Dhaka. I have million of pictures to share. Where do I start... Pic 2. They were looking at me. So I took a picture of them. They liked it 😄 Pic 3. Do I ever smile? No. But I eat loads of bananas. Pic 4. He wanted to give me a head. I meant give me that head. Yikes. Pic 5. You can buy or sell your dirty ass money for money. Pic 6. If I am not wrong, take that stuff would make your dick bigger, tougher and have a longer boner. Pic 7. Lol. The real chicken burgers. Pic 8. Public toilet. It's totally public. Pic 9. Street dentist Pic 10. My 5 star hotel room with a padlock. I love it! #dhaka #bangladesh

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Somewhere in Berbera, Somalia / Somaliland. If I had a travel buddy, I would ask him/her to take a picture of me. It ain't easy to find someone who is willing to eat dust, is it? 🤷 #somalia #travelbuddy

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I flipped through my album, wow this bitch is sexy. I love him! BTW, I'm waaay behind with my IG posts. Still have tons of materials from Bangladesh, Australia, Myanmar and China. I'm in Mtwapa, Kenya now, making my way down to Cape Town by land. #ethiopia

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The camel market. 💋 These two priced at around $200 each. By the way, camel meat is tasty. The soup was good! #hargeisa #somalialand #kiss

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Cave formations on the rural outskirts of Hargeisa, Somaliland. Laas Geel: 5000 +/- years of history, cave paintings and etc. My photos worth about $110. That's how much I had to pay to go see rocks in the middle of nowhere. #somalialand #cave

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I roamed around the streets and captured an interesting moment. #somalialand #africa

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A big ass satellite! #Technology 📡 It was a long journey from Djibouti to Hargesia. I ate loads of dust, and I enjoyed every second of it. I uploaded some border crossing pics on FB. #somali

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Gaet'ale Pond is so weird (in a good way) #ethiopia #hypersaline Wikipedia: Gaet'ale Pond is a small hypersaline lake located near the Dallol crater in the Danakil Depression (Afar, Ethiopia). It is placed over a hot spring of tectonic origin and has no apparent inlet or outlet streams. The water of Gaet'ale Pond has a salinity of 43%, making it the saltiest water body on Earth, the second is Don Juan Pond in Antarctica with a salinity of 33.8%.

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