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I impress myself more and more each day. I love myself ♥️ wear black and love pink. #ethiopia #pink #valentines

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Green yellow juicy holy juice in northern Ethiopia. Trust me, it's like the Predator's blood. #ethiopia #juice

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Green yellow juice on Mars #ethiopia #colors Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danakil_Depression

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It was like... on another planet #ethiopia #danakil

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Chasing the horizon near the Eritrean border. I spent almost a month in 🇪🇹 #ethiopia #horizon

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Mars with salt #ethiopia

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Sunset and salt. Salty and salted. Super interesting landscape in the north, near the Eritrean border. #ethiopia #saltbae

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A mini dead sea in the middle of nowhere. You can float in this crystal clear salty hole in the ground. #ethiopia #salt

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The Mursi Tribe in Southwestern Ethiopia. The only tribe in the world STILL uses the lip plate or lip disc (If I am not wrong. I never wrong about anything!). She is hardcore and pretty in person. I hope one day... we'd meet again. #muris #ethiopia

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Epiphany weekend in Ethiopia. Celebration on the street an hour before sunset, I joined them. This guy took a picture of me, I took a video (Slide 4) and selfie with everyone (Slide 2). #epiphany #ethiopia

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One of my favorite pics. Beauty! ♥️ I'll upload more from the Hamar tribe to FB when I have stable WiFi. #ethiopia

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Lovely people from the Hamar Tribe in Southwestern Ethiopia. Pic 3 - A selfie with the familia de Hamar. They invited me to stay :) #ethiopia

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With the Hamar tribe in Southwest Ethiopia, near the border of South Sudan and Kenya. I hope y'all like my 'butt hurt' facial expression. I almost booked a ticket home last week because I had a fever for 4 days. It was miserable. I am feeling good now, but dusty as fuck! The Hamar are an Omotic community inhabiting southwestern Ethiopia. They live in Hamer woreda, a fertile part of the Omo River valley, in the Debub Omo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region. - Wikipedia #ethiopia #hamar #tribe

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Color samples of Tunisia ♥️ I'd go back in the spring or fall. #colors #tunisia #plates

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Patterns and colors. Look out the window to the city of Tunis. #tunisia

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Room 2. Come come come

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A painting of the casa and the casa of the painting. La casa de Flores. #tunisia

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It was a cold day in Liverpool - 2 c° I like these rocks. #installation #liverpool #england

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