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Remixes of HEARTBEAT- My single with @djkronic are out now! Link in bio. 🔥from @dashonedj @liamkeegandj @djsabio @nemo_aus @djsefu @zannon @wippylion & @djdavidnye. Djs around the globe, dm me and I’ll hook you up.

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#Grindin.. Rockhampton tonight 👊🏻

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Once a slave to the system, Now I do what I love..

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Just touched down in Brisvegas! Playing at SEABRAE Nightclub, Redcliffe tonight 👊🏻

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I’ve written & recorded what I consider my best work with this guy in LA. And most of it isn’t even out yet..

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#7!! Big ups to everyone digging mine & Kronic’s new single -‘Heartbeat’ 🖤. Remixes from Dash One, Sabio, Zannon, Wippy Lion, Nemo, SeFu, Liam Keegan & David Nye Out this Friday! Djs hit us up if you haven’t already received - G

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Just touched down in Townsville with bossman SeFu. Our #Jump single tour continues at FLNDRS tonight. 👊🏻

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My new single with @djkronic is out now! #Heartbeat. Click the link in bio -Wiz

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Circa 2007. Shoot for Warner Music Australia right before release date & tour. The RNB Superclub series would go on to sell over a million units & is still a yearly release with Sony Music Australia today 👊🏻

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Incoming! HQ Complex Adelaide tonight 👊🏻

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✖️paths with the homies @djtenzin & @djknote on the way up to Bundaberg. Playing at The Central tonight 👊🏻

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OPM Sydney tonight! I’m on at 12:30👊🏻

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Baalbak Ruins in Lebanon a few weeks back.. So beautiful, Shots taken with iPhone! 🇱🇧

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Starts today! @gilliganscairns tonight with the homie @djsefu. #Jump - Single out now.. link in bio 👊🏻

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Tonight, Headline set @marqueesydney. Join me 🤙🏼

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djgwizard. I love you so much Kayla 😍

I love you so much Kayla 😍

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Shaved the beard and severely regret it 👎🏼.. Brighter side, just touched down in Brisvegas & playing at The Racehorse Ipswich tonight 👊🏻

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Back in full effect tonight. #Opmsydney- Marquee, Main room 1am. G-Wiz Out! 👊🏻

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