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Very sweet Korean nun stayed in Kokuu for two nights. #Koyasan #高野山

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dourthing. Cooking class in Kyoto. South Indian vegetarian meals😘

Cooking class in Kyoto. South Indian vegetarian meals😘

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【Autumn Harvest festival】16th Oct at Garan Complex Monks and Koyasan residents thanked their local goddess and god who protect the land and keep this place holy, for the good harvest. After the ceremony, rice cake throwing started. Thousands of mochi (glutinous rice cakes) were thrown for good luck there are a lot of people waiting to catch as many rice cakes as possible. It was a lot of fun! Many Rice cake throw events are held in Koyasan this month. Highly recommend joining if you are in the town !! #koyasan #高野山

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【日本語有り】 Koyasan guesthouse Kokuu just turned 6 years old today!!! We’d like to thank you and everyone who has given us huge support over the last 6 years. Thank you all for the great memories. We made it to 6 years old! We couldn’t have done it without all of you! We will keep working hard to make our place comfy and restful, while I hope our knowledge and love for Koyasan will help make your journeys extraordinary and unforgettable!! 本日、高野山ゲストハウスKOKUUは6周年㊗️迎えることができました。本当にありがとうございます🙇 有り難い事に6年が経った今も楽しい毎日が過ごせているのも皆様のおかげです。 イベント事があまり得意ではないので特別なお祝いをしませんが、今日もいつも通り多くのお客様をお迎えできる事に感謝しております。 これからも、自分達の表現で今もなお伝統と信仰が受け継がれているこの地に、お大師さんの教えと共に、高野山を盛り上げて行きます。 どうぞこれからも皆さんよろしくお願いいたします!! 高野山ゲストハウスKOKUU 高井良知&高井有里&いちこ&高井知憲&PAOLO&SHOKO &Zeno #koyasan #高野山

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今夜は バターチキン アルーマサラ ピクルス ナスのアチャール キャベツのトーレン オクラのポリヤル #山田義力 のお皿でございました。 #高野山 #koyasan

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dourthing. 南無大師遍照金剛🙏


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昨日の大峰山登拝から今朝は和歌山の有田まで南インドカレー教室へ。 かりんさんの愛情たっぷりのミールスを学び美味しく頂きました。 そのうちKokuuのメニューにも入ると思います笑 有田もええとこやなー。

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Ascetic training with Shingon sect monks at mount Oomine today ,where the unique Shugendo religion of Japan, a mountain asceticism incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concepts. Breathing the bracing, purifying air among these sacred mountains let us sense a portion of their ancient spirits. #koyasan #oomine #shugendo #yamabushi

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Here is a story I've got to tell you...although, the first part might be familiar to some of you, the second part is more unique to Kokuu Once upon a time, Kukai was in search of a place for training and threw a "Sanko" (Three-pronged Vajra/small hand held tools for rituals) to see where it would land when he returned from Tang Dynasty China. The Sanko was caught on a pine tree ("matsu" in Japanese ), hence the tree became known as ‘Sanko no Matsu’. People even believe the Sanko might have caused this special pine tree's needles to grow in groups of three. After over 1,000 years passed, one man was searching for a place to allow all travellers and pilgrims from all over the world to visit his hometown of Koyasan at an affordable price. The idea first came to his mind when he was travelling in India. His deep connection to Koyasan flew over the sea and mountains and arrived at one place in Koyasan. When back, he saw there was a special pine tree that stood in by that spot, similar to the nearby sanko no matsu. Then, his neighbour, a kind elderly woman over 90 years old, told him that this pine tree was grown by the seed of "Sanko no Matsu." This moment was actually the birth of Koyasan Guesthouse Kokuu. Unfortunately, the special pine tree by Koyasan Guesthouse Kokuu fell due to the power of typhoon Jebi on the 4th of September. Fortunately, the root of the tree was still alive, so he decided to pull the tree straight up on the ground and cut the extra branches, as it was too heavy to set it up again. ...We hope that this pine tree will stay longer and watch over us many many more years to come. #koyasan #高野山

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Typhoon passed a couple hours ago. But it’s been black out. Koyasan is being throwing into darkness. #koyasan #高野山

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Life threatening crazy typhoon are passing right now. We are now evacuating from the building as a big tree fallen down. I heard there are lots of tree were falling down and blocked the road.The town is such a mess now😰😰😰

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Last Friday, it was my second, but for the first time hiking guide on the whole 24km trail with Kappa from Australia.Thanks for participating in @awesometoursinc.583. Hope to see another time in Koyasan or in Melbourne!!! #koyasan #高野山 #町石道 #choishimichi

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dourthing. 今日は朝からダッシュで阪急百貨店のカレーとカレーのためのうつわ展でお皿を何枚かゲット。ランチは出店していた神戸のカラピンチャで食べてからの更


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今日はまさかの来客。木村工務店の木村社長 @kimutaka1 ご夫妻がKokuuに遊びに来てくれました😄色々と相談に乗って頂いてありがとうございます! #高野山 #koyasan

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Koyasan guesthouse kokuu was featured on @casabrutus in their Sep issue. #koyasan #高野山 #ゲストハウス #カーサブルータス #casabrutus

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My curry 🍛 master @currybuttah stayed in Kokuu yesterday. Thanks a lot! カレー師匠が泊まりに来たよ! #koyasan #高野山 #ボタ

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I was choishi michi guide for 60 children between age of 9 and 11years old joined summer school in Koyasan sponsored by Mainichi newspaper yesterday. #choishimichi #koyasan #高野山 #高野みらい語り部

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