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Cherry blossoms will reach full bloom this weekends in Koyasan. #koyasan #高野山 #okunoin

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2019.04.12 Choishi michi hiking 🥾 #koyasan #高野山 #町石道 #choishimichi

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Seasonal bus service connects the UNESCO World Heritage sites;Koyasan and Kumano Hongu Taisha area (including Yunomine Onsen, Kawayu Onsen & Watarase Onsen) is available from today.Daily between April 1 and November 30, 2019. More info: https://en.visitwakayama.jp/good-to-know/koyasan-kumano-bus/ #koyasan #kumanokodo #wakayama

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dourthing. Indian cooking class in Kyoto once a month. Yummy, Spicy, Fresh as alw

Indian cooking class in Kyoto once a month. Yummy, Spicy, Fresh as always😋 Thanks @momodelic sensei🤲

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Hiking on holy mountain Sanjogatake (1719m) today with our Canadian guest Tom.The mountain asceticism incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concepts(Shugendō). We were blessed with beautiful sunny day. #omine #shugendo #nara #koyasan

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Keep it coming! My Germany friend,Dennis came to stay in Kokuu for the first time in 5years! You really made my day😊 #koyasan #高野山

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Time flies! I always tell young kids who stayed in Kokuu to come back when they grow up. 6 years later , he came back😭 !! Really happy to see him again and made me feel I’m getting older😅 #koyasan #高野山

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Good season for Kumano Kodo is coming soon🥾! Official guidebook of Kumano Kodo is available at KoyasanGuesthouse Kokuu. #koyasan #高野山 #kumanokodo #熊野古道

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dourthing. 旅の思ひ出。

旅の思ひ出。 鳥取→島根→宮島→尾道→香川→倉敷

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dourthing. Today’s lunch. Prawn coconut curry. #koyasan #高野山

Today’s lunch. Prawn coconut curry. #koyasan #高野山

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明けましておめでとうございます! 今年も年跨ぎで恵光院さんの護摩祈祷にゲスト、スタッフ合わせ20人で参加。 #高野山 #koyasan

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~GOHEI OSAME ¬~ This is the dedication ceremony of Gohei (staff with plaited paper streamers used in Shinto) in Miyashiro, Koyasan. It is held to show our deep gratitude to the four local deities, Shisha-Myojin that we have safely spent this year, and also pray for the harvest of the new year to come. Lead by local people with the lighted torch on their shoulders, Buddhist monks with GOHEIparade to Miyashiro in Garan. from Ryukoin Temple around 22:00 pm. #Koyasan #高野山

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First snow in this winter ❄️ #高野山 #koyasan

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Me debut on VOGUE magazine. Nah, Koyasan Guesthouse Kokuu appeared featuring articles on Vogue hotels. #koyasan #高野山

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True pleasure to see him as always. Thanks Yu San! Hope you can make it to the top of Aconcagua🏔! Please stay safe🙏 #koyasan #高野山

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Last run for third-generation cable car. Thanks for 54years😭The new cable car will be introduced next year March 2019. #koyasan #高野山

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Very sweet Korean nun stayed in Kokuu for two nights. #Koyasan #高野山

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dourthing. Cooking class in Kyoto. South Indian vegetarian meals😘

Cooking class in Kyoto. South Indian vegetarian meals😘

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