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29 years around the sun 🎂 I’ve done a fair bit of travelling lately but for me the perfect birthday is just being back here in Bali with my girl and puppy! 🌴🐶 Crazy to think this will be my last year in my twenties shittttt 👴🏼 #Midlifecrisis 😂

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Ad summery album of my trip to Saudi - Considering I only had 5 days I feel I saw a fair amount of the country, and from what I did see I was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t do a great deal of research before flying out here so had no idea what to expect, but after driving / flying around the country I’ve experienced first hand how unique and interesting this country is! @visitsaudi #WelcomeToArabia

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V A R A N A S I I N D I A 🇮🇳 The oldest living city in the world, and one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been lucky enough to explore. I’m so grateful to be able to experience and immerse myself deep into these kinds of local cultures and traditions. Booking my travel to places like this is made much easier with my #AmexPlatinum card, which earns me 5X points on flights when booking directly with airlines! Can’t wait to see where my Card takes me next. #AmexAmbassador #AmexLife #ad

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Ad ventured deep into the Al Ula desert to stand before this ancient tomb. Thousands of years ago an ancient civilization hand carved this masterpiece into the rocks - I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of untold stories from this area. Ancient history has always been something I’ve been fascinated with, and since this place wasn’t even open to the public until last year, I feel extra privileged to have had the experience @visitsaudi #WelcomeToArabia

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Moments from the Swiss Alps 🗻 Back in July I spent 2 days in Switzerland with @Chopard to launch their new Alpine Eagle watch. During my time in the mountains I reflected on what a journey my life as a travel photographer has been so far. #ManWithaVision #ChopardAlpineEagle #Ad

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Ad New country off the list ✔️ Feels like I’m on Mars but really I’m in Saudi Arabia! 🇸🇦👽 It’s crazy to think this entire rock formation was once underwater 🤯 What a unique place to visit, I can’t wait to show you more over the next few days! @visitsaudi #WelcomeToArabia

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doyoutravel. The most majestic in all his glory 🐘 
Swipe across for video! 🎥

The most majestic in all his glory 🐘 Swipe across for video! 🎥

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Mornings in the jungle 🐒🍃 It’s always nice getting out into nature away from the hustle and bustle for a few nights. This jungle home is made entirely from natural substances in ways that integrate with nature. Picking places to stay that are environmentally conscious is just as important as the products I choose to use. I’ve partnered with @originalsourceuk, a brand committed to using natural fragrance and recyclable bottles to help share their wild escape giveaway! You can win a trip to Costa Rica, Botswana, Australia and Iceland! To enter grab a bottle of Original Source to get a code then enter online (ends November 2nd – UK only) You can check the full terms and conditions on the Original Source website 🙏🏼 Good luck! #ad #PackMoreIn

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Following my girl into the jungle 🍃 Wearing @customcuff.co on my wrist - I love these cuffs because of the personal customisation you can do to them. I had the coordinates from the place Lauren and I first met engraved onto it, do any of you remember where that was? 😝 Swipe across for a closer look at the details. Go give @customcuff.co a follow for a chance to win one of the ten $50 vouchers they’re giving away (check their latest post for info)🤘🏽

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After a year of hard work and dedication it’s a surreal feeling to finally be living in a home that Lauren and I watched go up from scratch! 🏠 I wanted to share this video of us and our (almost finished) home because I was inspired by the @AmericanExpress campaign, as it’s all about supporting someone by always being right behind them. I could have never achieved this dream without Lauren right behind me every step of the way! 🙏🏼 #AmexAmbassador #AmexLife

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Office with a view! 🍃 Feels real good to finally have my own work space, we strategically put it on the side of the house so we can enjoy these rice field views! I came across Setapp which gives me access to 150+ Mac apps all within my membership. Perfect for organising travel, photos, and work in general! Making life way easier 🙏🏼Check out my story and swipe-up to get your own Setapp membership! #youfoundsetapp

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doyoutravel. This is why I love basing out here in Bali.. Just a 45 min bike ride f

This is why I love basing out here in Bali.. Just a 45 min bike ride from our house to get to beautiful places like this! The perfect spot to spend the morning with my love @gypsea_lust 💦🌴 Swipe across to see some videos! 🎥 Big shout to the homie @lostleblanc for helping us get these couple shots 👊🏼

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