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Наступили выходные и сегодня мы снова идем к нашим хвостикам! А ты готов к активному дню? Ты с нами? Приходи, мы ждём! ⠀ #Чубайс_искра #Рейна_искра

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___sac_. तिमी भन्दा राम्रो त सधै देख्छु,फरक यति छ कि तिमी मुटुको धड्कन हौ,अरू आ

तिमी भन्दा राम्रो त सधै देख्छु,फरक यति छ कि तिमी मुटुको धड्कन हौ,अरू आखाको दृश्य🙊

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One May I drove back to Virginia from Confir, Colorado. It had just snowed in the mountains but back on the east coast, the chicory blossoms, dandelions and honeysuckles were in full bloom and filling the Appalachian air with notes of what I remember as ‘home’. @catoctincreek Roundstone Rye is the epitome of Virginia and I wanted to showcase what other beautiful flavors grow right around our Distillery. After a year or so of thought, tastings and tweaks we have finally arrived at what we hope you’ll find the comfort of home in. Introducing my bespoke baby, Catoctin Creek Roundstone Bitters. Now available in the Tasting Room. Come by and try what more Virginia has to offer. I am so incredibly proud of this project and hope you all will be, too. #cheers 🥃 . . . A big thank you to @quixologist @modernbarcart, your brilliance, palate and patience were most appreciated! . #virginiaisforlovers #rye #whiskey #whisky #oldfashioned #cocktails #bitters #bespoke #proud #killinit #ccdc #catoctincreek #distillery #appalachia #bitters . For a full ingredient list; Alcohol, water, orange zest, dried bitter orange peel, honeysuckle, juniper berries, chicory root, grapefruit peel, lemon balm, birch bark, dried orange peel, dandelion root, rose petals, gentian

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ms.winter.4. Докінчили робити пряники)))

Докінчили робити пряники)))

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Beautiful evening walk #walking #rye #evening #summer

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Life imitates art 💖 Special moments with my babies who are no longer babies. No better way to end the year than with my beautiful family ✨

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Catskill, NY reminded me of so many towns in America. A Walmart, Lowe’s etc (see Picture 3). Luckily the local BK didn’t have the Impossible Burger yet. So we carried on, and came across a beautiful old school Diner (see Picture 2). Pennys Diner was surprising. Asked the proprietor “what’s good here?” and she replies “Reuben” without hesitation. Corned Beef, Kraut, Cheese, Rye. All on point. But the sauce... knockout... “We make it from scratch” she says with pride. It’s sad that there’s a “For Sale” sign up front. Maybe it’s cause the BK has a long line at the drive-thru while this place is empty. They had it for 7 yrs. They are open 7 days/wk. They seem tired. Rightfully so. #eatlocal is easy when local is so far superior . . . . #reubensandwich #reuben #cornedbeef #cheese #sauerkraut #rye #pennysdiner #catskillny #food #foodporn #yum #nomnom #supportlocalbusiness #nystate #nycbrgrlvr

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moshiedraws. Serial Experiments Lain .
#lain #serialexperimentlain #anime #an

Serial Experiments Lain . . . . #lain #serialexperimentlain #anime #animegirl

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