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drummingco. HAPPY #HUGADRUMMERDAY!!!!!!
🤗🥁 Demonstrated perfectly by Sparky and

HAPPY #HUGADRUMMERDAY!!!!!! 🤗🥁 Demonstrated perfectly by Sparky and Ella doggos! Big love and hugs to the creator of this epic day - Drumming Co’s own Glen (@theempirecoffeeco)😁 We are so psyched to see how far this day has evolved since creating it all those years ago!

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Best day ever! You go cash in those hug

HAPPYYYY #HUGADRUMMERDAY 2018! Best day ever! You go cash in those hugs you’re entitled too! 🤗 🥁 We love how far this day has come since we created it all those years ago! #Celebrate

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WOW! @theukdrumshow this weekend in #Manchester, United Kingdom was INCREDIBLE! A drummer’s paradise. Here are just a few highlights of what we saw. Many more photos / videos to come. Photo 1. & 2. This is me (@buttfairy) showing off @promarkbydaddario’s #Firegrain drum kit made by @sjcdrums. Beautiful sounding and looking kit made from @daddarioandco’s signature firegrain wood. Video 3. Actual @jojomayernerve performing a breath taking set at the show. Incredible drummer. Photo 4. Jalapeño drums Photo 5. @codedrumheads / @ludwigdrumshq kit Photo 6. The glorious @paistecymbals display. Photo 7. Beautiful @vk_drums full kit, made from Sheffield steel. Photo 8. Gorgeous @forecastdrums / @addrums Photo 9. Epic @lowboybeaters display by @rustydrumsltd 10. @nickomcbrainofficial’s @paistecymbals @nickosdrumone display

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#Repost @meinlcymbals with @get_repost ・・・ This is the setup of Meinl Cymbals artist Calvin Rodgers at the 2018 @theukdrumshow in Manchester. . Cymbals from left to right: . 20“ Byzance Jazz Thin Crash 15“ Byzance Dual Hats 08“ Byzance Splash 19“ R&D Crash 12“ Classics Custom Trash Splash 22“ Byzance Heavy Ride 16“ Byzance Medium Thin Hats 19“ Byzance Medium Thin Brilliant Crash 16“ Byzance Trash Crash - bottom 12“ GenerationX Filter China - top 19“ Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash . #meinlcymbals #meinlfamily #calvinrodgers #overheadshot #theukdrumshow @theukdrumshow @calvinr_rodgers #drummingco #cymbaladdict #drums #drummer

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#ThrowbackThursday! Check out these pics we took of @theukdrumshow last year. So... much... amazing... drum porn! Like @bosphoruscymbals, AD Drums, @lowboybeaters, @highwood_drums, @vk_drums, @cambridgedrumco, @promarkbydaddario, @codedrumheads & @forecastdrums 😍 Let’s do it all again this weekend, yeah? 😍 Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-uk-drum-show-2018-tickets-38638809720?aff=efbeventtix

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IT’S AN EARLY CHRISTMAS FOR US UK DRUMMERS! IT’S NEARLY @TheUKDrumShow TIME! The #DrummingCo crew will be attending in #Manchester on 30 September and we can't bloody wait! :D The line up is ridiculously amazing, check out just a few of the drummers performing: Chris Turner @stanton_moore @bennygreb @calvinr_rodgers @spaven23 @rmisticks @JRRashidWilliams Jamie Morrison @hutchmaniac @drumteacher76 (Mike Johnston) @JoshDion @JojoMayerNerve @JJWallace_ @daisydrums Plus @nicksdrumone will be there!🤘 Also here are just some of the companies exhibiting: @addrums @mikedolbearcom @bristol_drum_co @britishdrumco @cambridgedrumco @codedrumheads @hardcase_drum_cases @highwood_drums @pearl_drums @sabianuk @lowboybeaters @daddarioandco / @promarkbydaddario @bigfatsnaredrum @dwdrums @mapexdrums @meinlcymbals @paistecymbals @protectionracket AND SO MUCH MORE We'll be sure to post updates on all the drum magic that's happening. We went last year too and it was mind blowing. Also, are there any drum shows happening in your country? Let us know, we could do with covering different continents! 😁🥁

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HUGGEE THANKS to legend band photographer @marklathamphoto for taking over #DrummingCo and making it look better than ever with kick ass photos! We’ll leave you with this epic shot :D Mark: View from behind #AndyGangadeen’s kit at @zildjiancompany Drum Day #London.

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drummingco. The #DrummingCo @marklathamphoto takeover continues

This is @antiflag

The #DrummingCo @marklathamphoto takeover continues This is @antiflag at @slamdunkmusic festival a few years ago, @godofthunder666 decided to throw his kit into the crowd and play! If you zoom into the bottom right you can see the drum tech holding a mic by the kick drum!

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drummingco. The #DrummingCo @marklathamphoto takeover continues... “Taken from a s

The #DrummingCo @marklathamphoto takeover continues... “Taken from a shoot I did with @peteraybiggin when he was playing for #Level42 at the Birmingham opera house which is a stunning venue to shoot in. Its really nice to get stuck in with a wide angle lens as drummers play - obviously can’t get too close during a live show.

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drummingco. Next on the #Drummingco @marklathamphoto Takeover we have.. @vinniepau

Next on the #Drummingco @marklathamphoto Takeover we have.. @vinniepaul3 of @panteraofficial. I couldn’t do this takeover without mentioning this absolute legend. Only managed to shoot him one time with his band @hellyeahofficial. Gone too soon but has inspired a generation of drummers.

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THE #DRUMMINGCO @marklathamphoto TAKEOVER continues! :D This photo was taken back in 2010 when @korn_official were supporting @ozzyosbourne at the @o2arenalondon, not sure how @rayluzierkorn, (utter legend!) managed to keep his cool with so much fire pyro. Funnily enough I wasn’t allowed onstage to shoot!

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THE #DRUMMINGCO @marklathamphoto TAKEOVER continues! :D Another epic photo of an epic drummer! :D Awesome looking kit played by @beaniemusicofficial of @Rudimentaluk Taken at @LondonDrumShow.

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