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dustypagesandhardcovers. QOTD: Do you Christmas shop throughout the year or last minute?🗓

QOTD: Do you Christmas shop throughout the year or last minute?🗓 —————————— Hi bookworms! Wow! So I’ve finally organised most of my Christmas presents. About 60% are wrapped and ready to go! I swear next year I won’t be leaving it to the last minute!😬😬😬Also this has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing, photogenic book covers of 2019! —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #spellmynameinbooks tag. Thanks💜 🍃 S - Stalking Jack the Ripper 🌸 H - Hush Hush 🍃 A - Aurora Rising 🌸 U - Unravel Me 🍃 N - New Moon 🌸 A - A Court of Frost and Starlight

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dustypagesandhardcovers. QOTD: How do you treat yourself around Christmas time?ğŸŽ

QOTD: How do you treat yourself around Christmas time?ğŸŽ —————————— Hi bookworms! I’ve just ordered the new @littleinklingsdesign 2020 Fully Booked Planner. This will be the second year I’ve got this planner and I can’t wait to see what’s changed. Unfortunately I lost track of using it throughout the year but with new changes and challenges coming into my life in 2020 I can’t wait to use this and deck it out with stickers!🌸🍃🌸🍃 —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #spellthemonthinbooks tag. Thanks💜 🍃 D - Dragonfly in Amber 🌸 E - Empire of Storms 🍃 C - Crown of Feathers 🌸 E - Everless 🍃 M - Mockingjay 🌸 B - (The) Beholder 🍃 E - Eragon 🌸 R - Restore Me

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dustypagesandhardcovers. QOTD: What’s your favourite Christmas food?
Hi bookworms! H

QOTD: What’s your favourite Christmas food? —————————— Hi bookworms! Happy December! I can’t believe it’s December already. I wish I was having a winter Christmas. It’s probably gonna be a hot one in Ausâ˜€ï¸ğŸŽ„ —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #ihavenevertag Thanks💜 📚 Dog-eared a book - Back in the day 📚 Lied about reading a book - Never 📚 Borrowed without reading - Uhhh yep 📚 Didn't finish a book - yes but not often 📚 Cried over a book - hardcore yes

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dustypagesandhardcovers. QOTD: What’s number one on your Christmas wish list?
Hi boo

QOTD: What’s number one on your Christmas wish list? —————————— Hi bookworms! Okay so I recently bought some custom candles from the lovely Madi over at @sparkandsparrowperth and I couldn’t be happier with them. If you need a quick Christmas gift or something for yourself head over and check her stuff out because it’s amazing. Every. Time.ğŸŽ„ğŸŽ —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #flexibooktag! 📚 Can you read a book in one sitting? - Yes! 📚 When did you get into reading? - In secondary school but more so in the last 12 months 📚 Do you get sick when reading in the car? - Sometimes 📚 Can you read more than one book at a time? - Hell yeah 📚 Do you read comics or mangas? I’ve read both but I have read plenty more manga

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dustypagesandhardcovers. QOTD: What’s your most treasured book?
Hi bookworms! I coul

QOTD: What’s your most treasured book? —————————— Hi bookworms! I couldn’t resist myself when I saw the new special edition of ACOTAR. I just had to get my hands on it to complete my collection so far. And I must say I was not disappointed. The design and more detailed map is to die for! —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the 💮Éclair (nice and sweet book) - To all the boys I’ve loved before 💮Tiramisu (book with a sour taste) - Shadow of the Fox 💮Mousse (book that left you wanting more) - A Curse so Dark and lonely 💮Custard tart (book you couldn’t put down) - ACOMAF 💮Croissant (book that surprised you) - Stalking Jack the Ripper 💮Macaron (book you really want to read) - Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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dustypagesandhardcovers. QOTD: What’s the best book gift you’ve ever received?
Hi bo

QOTD: What’s the best book gift you’ve ever received? —————————— Hi bookworms! Todays post may not look so special but like most books we know better than to judge it by its cover (which I always do I know😬🙄). Anyway... this post features a Beauty and the Beast light which was bought for me by my lovely boyfriend. So this post is for him. Thank-you for everything❤️ —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #top5magicalworlds 🌸 Prythian 🍃 The Wizarding World 🌸 Emberfall 🍃 The Fifteen Realms 🌸 Erilea

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dustypagesandhardcovers. QOTD: What would you like to have for Christmas? ——————————
Hi bookwor

QOTD: What would you like to have for Christmas? —————————— Hi bookworms! I have to share another photo of items from the recent @fairyloot box because it is absolutely stunning! Everything about it is amazing❤️ —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #deckofcardsbooktag Thanks💜 ♣️ Rummy (most anticipated) - Queen of Nothing ♠️ War (action packed) - Kingdom of Ash ♥️ Go fish (fun read) - To all the boys I’ve loved before ♦️ Gin (blew my mind) - Queen of shadows ♣️ Black Jack (current read) - House of salt and sorrows ♠️ Spades (next read) - Sorcery of thorns

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dustypagesandhardcovers. 🇦🇺 Attention all Aussies!!🇦🇺
Have you heard of @ausbookishfeatur

🇦🇺 Attention all Aussies!!🇦🇺 . Have you heard of @ausbookishfeatures?? If you haven't then I suspect you may have been living under a rock somewhere in the outback....or more likely the algorithm is just hiding us from you 😊 . Ausbookishfeatures is a community of Aussie bookstagrammers coming together and sharing the love 😊 it is a place to discover new bookstagrammers and support each other 😊 We celebrate and share all of you wonderful Aussie bookstagrammers as well as some amazing Aussie bookish businesses 😊 . There is a few of us behind the Ausbookishfeatures page @itsmejayse @someonetookit @thegingerpageturner @lostinthepageswithjess @paperbackandflickchick @onebookishgirl @bluefairytales_ @dustypagesandhardcovers and @readbyamity. We are super excited to be bringing some new things your way soon, if you saw our stories the other day we were putting the call out for who you think should take over Ausbookishfeatures for the weekend...so keep an eye out for that coming up 😊 . Also mark December 1st in your calendar, as not only is it the start of the silly season but we have something coming and we hope you will all join in 😊 and if there is anything else you would love to see from us, feel free to get in touch with us 😊 . So what are you waiting for, give the page a follow, use the hashtag #ausbookishfeatures so we can see and share all of your wonderful photos and come and join this wonderful community of like minded Aussies 😊 We promise we won't bite....we shall leave that to the crocodiles 🐊 and sharks 🦈😉 . 🇦🇺 From the team at @ausbookishfeatures 🇦🇺 . . #ausbookishfeatures #aussiebookstagrammers #aussiebookworm #bookstagramcommunity #bookstagrammersunite #bookstagram #bibliophiles #bookstagrammersunite #bookish #ilovereading #readersofinstagram

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QOTD: Do you have an inspirational quote? —————————— Hi bookworms! I haven’t shared a bookmark in ages so check this one out. The quote says “Let them see my weakness. And let them see me overcome it.” Such a strong quote💪🏼 —————————— I was tagged by @read.lovebooks to do the #spellhappyinbooks tag. Thanks💜 H - Heir of Fire A - Akarnae P - Pride and Prejudice P - Priory of the Orange Tree Y - You

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QOTD: What’s your favourite Special edition book you own? —————————— Hi bookworms! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a flatlay so here it is. Some of the red books I own. I can now add The Beautiful @fairyloot edition to this pile because it’s stunning! It’s fueling my red vibes at the moment too💋❤️ —————————— I was tagged by @thebookpug to do the #10thingsilove tag. Thanks💜 🌸 My lover 🍃 Books (obviously) 🌸 Family 🍃 Friends 🌸 Christmas 🍃 My job 🌸 Hot Chocolate 🍃 Rainy days 🌸 Anime 🍃 My cat Anastasia 🌸 Bookstagram

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QOTD: What’s your favourite spooky read? —————————— Hi bookworms! With the release of capturing the devil I really think I should pick up this series where I left off but I’m not convinced yet. Anyway how cheeky is this beanie from the October @fairyloot box!🧛🏻‍♂️ —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #colourbooktag Thanks💜 💜 Purple (historic) - Outlander 💙 Blue (easy read) - Hush Hush 💛 Yellow (fantasy) - ACOMAF 🧡 Orange (sci-fi) - Aurora Rising ❤️ Red (romance) - To all the boys I’ve loved before 🖤 Black (horror/thriller) - Stalking Jack the Ripper 💭 White (magical) - Harry Potter

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dustypagesandhardcovers. QOTD: I’m gonna be mundane here... How are you? Let me know what you’v

QOTD: I’m gonna be mundane here... How are you? Let me know what you’ve been up to! —————————— Hi bookworms! It’s been awhile I know but the last few weeks have been absolutely hectic. So here’s a book stack with some pink sprayed edge books to lighten your Tuesday evening!ğŸ’•ğŸ‘…ğŸ‘„ğŸŒ¸ğŸŒºğŸŽ€ —————————— I was tagged by @danielle_the_tassie_bookworm to do the #TotallyRandomWouldYouRather tag. Thanks💜 ⁣💙 Night in or out? In 💙 Dogs or cats? Cats 💙 Physical or ebook? Physical 💙 Tea or coffee? Coffee 💙 Bath or shower? Bath 💙 Movie or documentary? Movie 💙 Go with the flow or plan ahead? A bit of both? 💙 Cake or ice cream? Ice-cream 💙 Super hero or secret agent? Secret agent

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QOTD: Who’s your favourite Witch or Wizard? —————————— Hi bookworms! This bath bomb from @fairyloot is just absolutely epic. It looks exactly like a cauldron. And why not share my witchy love with my favourite witch Manon from the TOG series🧹 —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #spellmynameinbooks tag. Thanks💜 S - Sorcery of Thorns H - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban A - A Curse so Dark and Lonely U - Unravel Me N - Nevernight A - A Court of Thorns and Roses

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QOTD: Do you collect pins? If so how do you display yours? —————————— Hi bookworms! It feels like it’s been awhile... I’ve taken some time off work to re-centre and hopefully read😬 I’m going to start house of salt and sorrows so if anyone’s read it share with me your non spoiler thoughts! Also how gorgeous is this pin from @owlcrate —————————— I was tagged by @thebookpug to do the #forestreads tag. Thanks💜 🌲 Canopy (a book you treasure above all others) - ACOTAR 🌲 Tropical (a steamy read) - Empire of Storms 🌲 Fern (a book that comforts you) - Hush Hush 🌲 Fae (a book that messed with your head) - The Cruel Prince 🌲 Goblin (creepy read) - Stalking Jack the Ripper

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QOTD: What’s your favourite magical power? —————————— Hi bookworms! I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday because I had car trouble🙄 Yeah old cars suck😫 Anyway HOW GORGEOUS ARE THESE TAROT CARDS! I mean honestly I’m going to be sharing all these from @fairyloot because they are stunning. I know the books aren’t part of the series but the colours match so🤷🏼‍♀️ —————————— I was tagged by @abookwormboy and @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #magicbooks tag. Thanks💜 M - Mockingjay A - Akarnae G - Gilded Wolves I - Illuminae C - Catching fire

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QOTD: Favourite new release? —————————— Hi bookworms! How gorgeous is this @fairyloot edition of Serpent & Dove🖤 I know it’s not Christmas yet but I couldn’t resist matching the glitter sprayed edges with glitter gold Christmas baubles. Everyone’s reading it and I can’t wait to start it! —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #top10newbooksinmytbr tag. Thanks💜 🌸 Sorcery of Thorns 🍃 The Evil Queen 🌸 Soul of the Sword 🍃 Serpent & Dove 🌸 The Merciful Crow 🍃 Spin the Dawn 🌸 The Beholder 🍃 Wicked Saints 🌸 Four Dead Queens 🍃 Nocturna

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QOTD: What do you do for self care? —————————— Hi bookworms! Continuing my love for Thomas Cresswell today... this stack makes me so happy as it’s so aesthetically pleasing. Today I did want to address mental health though. I myself have struggled through my own depression and anxiety and sometimes they still like to show their ugly faves. My new job has given me quite some stressful experiences already but I’m learning to manage with love, support and self care. You are not alone💜 —————————— I was tagged by @thebookpug to do the #bythebook tag. Thanks💜 ⚔️ Book by your bedside table - Outlander ⚔️ Book you just read - Sorcery of Thorns ⚔️ Book you plan to read next - House of Salt and Sorrows ⚔️ How you arrange your bookshelves - Aesthetically pleasing

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QOTD: What smells remind you of your favourite book character? —————————— Hi bookworms! How adorable is this @fairyloot Thomas Cresswell candle? It smells of chocolate and coffee and by god it smells delicious! Thankyou @flickthewick for an epic candle🍫☕️ —————————— I was tagged by @thebookpug to do the #spellyourcountryinbooks Thanks💜 A - Akarnae U - Unravel Me S - Serpent & Dove T - Tower of Dawn R - Requiem A - Aurora Rising L - Legendary I - Illuminae A - Alice in wonderland

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QOTD: Do you base your readings off book reviews? —————————— Hi bookworms! The saddest part about this photo is I haven’t read any of the books. I know it’s tragic😫I heard some negative reviews about to beat the boys but I’m assuming I’ll have to see for myself! Hopefully you’re all having a fabulous Tuesday! Also shoutout to the natural lighting I received this morning to take some awesome as photos🥰☀️ —————————— I was tagged by @thebookpug to do the #mybookishroomtag Thanks💜 💫 Fictional place you’d like to live in - Velaris 💫 Character who’d choose as a roommate - Aelin 💫 Favourite place to read - On the couch 💫 Favourite comfort read - Hush hush

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QOTD: Do you DNF your books? —————————— Hi bookworms! I’m so glad I have a couple of days off from work. Truly need to get my mental health back on track after a stressful week. Anyway, Nightblood is the 3rd and final book in the frostblood trilogy and as much as the series has left me feeling a little😒😒😒I kinda want to finish it anyway as I hate to DNF books... —————————— I was tagged by @thebookpug and @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #autumnmoodtag. Thanks💜 🍁 What book reminds you of autumn? - Outlander 🍁 Favourite witchy character - Manon 🍁 Ghosts or vampires - Ghosts 🍁 Spooky autumn or cosy autumn - Cosy autumn 🍁 Pumpkin or apple picking - Apple picking sounds like fun 🍁 Haunted house or haunted cemetery - Cemetery 🍁 Cosy sweaters or cosy boots - cosy sweaters 🍁 Favourite part of autumn - Cuddling up to read a book when it’s raining

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QOTD: Which book do you own the most merch of? —————————— “Don’t let the hard days win” Hi bookworms! So it’s been ages since I’ve shared some ACOMAF love. I really need to do a re read of this book because I honestly loved everything about it! Also throwback to this candle by @sparkandsparrowperth 💙 This candle has since been discontinued but go check it out and get a candle while you’re there😉 —————————— I was tagged by @thebookpug to do the #5booktag Thanks💜 🖤 Current read? - I’m going to start The House of Salt and Sorrows!! 🖤 Last read - Aurora Rising 🖤 Next read? - The Serpent and the Dove 🖤 A new release I want to buy? - The Evil Queen 🖤 A book with a blue cover? - ACOMAF

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QOTD: Tell me your favourite book quotes! —————————— “As long as there is life there is hope” Hi bookworms! I feel like I really needed to hear this quote today so I may as well post a photo about it. Tbh I’m more excited about sharing this months @fairyloot box with you guys because it is EPIC as always so stay tuned☺️ —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #hogwartsbooktag tag. Thanks 💜 ❤️ Gryffindor (hot headed character) - Tamlin 💚 Slytherin (ambitious and strategic thinker) - Aelin 💙 Ravenclaw (clever bookworm character) - Hermione 💛 Hufflepuff (kind and generous character) - Elain 🖤 Hogwarts (a team you want to be a part of) - The Inner Circle

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QOTD: How do you feel about re-tellings? —————————— Hi bookworms! Normally I don’t find re-tellings that good-because they’re not very obvious or just try too hard. BUT... A Curse so Dark and Lonely was amazing💙 The characters, the plot twist and turns kept me guessing, and the villain reminded me of Amarantha from ACOTAR. If you read one book this year make it ACSDAL💙 —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #myfavourites tag! Thanks💜 📚 Favourite standalone book - The Tales of Beedle the Bard 📚 Favourite book series - ACOTAR, TOG and hush hush 📚 Favourite movie - Sweeney Todd 📚 Favourite show - The Big Bang Theory 📚 Favourite snack - Chips

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QOTD: Do you follow any sport? If so who and what? —————————— Hi bookworms! 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤Tigers one people! If you’re from Australia you’ll know what I’m talking about! Anyway how gorgeous are these spines? I’ve noticed books are coming up with more simple designs but glorious spines. How about that? —————————— I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves to do the #travelbooktag tag. Thanks💜 🇬🇧 United Kingdom (a book that was hard to understand) - I remember being confused by the end of Catching Fire 🇮🇹 Italy (book you've read multiple times) - ACOMAF 🇧🇷 Brazil (a book full of plot twists) - A Curse so Dark and Lonely 🇫🇷 France (a book you read in one sitting) - Hush Hush 🇪🇸 Spain (a book full of action) - Kingdom of Ash 🇧🇸 Bahamas (a book that will remain in your heart forever) - Hush hush

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