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Ending the night with the balancing aromas of Forma Viridi, and our bedroom setup never looked so good! Formulated with a rejuvenating blend of essential oils, including lavender, myrrh, palmarosa and geranium, more than just a beauty product our masks deliver an all-natural aromatherapy experience. 🌱 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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"There can be beauty in the ordinary tasks we do from day to day. We love the idea of enhancing your self care rituals with mindful beauty products like @eluobeauty". - @shopbureaux Thank you to the beautiful humans at Bureaux Modern Mercantile - we're so honored to have a place on your shelves! ✨ #eluobeauty

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Use all three of our masks to elevate your at-home treatment and create a facial ritual that covers a range of skin concerns - from dryness to sensitivity, breakouts to shine. We love Forma Viridi for forehead, nose + chin, Forma Rosea for any dry patches and Forma Floris for sensitive cheeks. Have you tried multi-masking yet? ✨ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Formed from the earth, pack our all-natural clay masks to inspire your on-the-go rituals ✨ Gorgeous shot from the beaches of El Tunco via @cristinagareau for our stockist @merge.tofino! #eluobeauty

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We are so excited to share a new journal entry in collaboration with Arti of @forageandsustain, an online platform that approaches all things related to sustainable and conscious living with a fresh perspective. Arti creatively explores a myriad of topics that affect us in our lives, with self-care and wellness being one that she believes everyone needs to incorporate in their routine. Bringing together her interest in ancient beauty rituals, Ayurvedic medicine, and natural skincare, we’ve put together this post to share more on the benefits of clay for skin. Tap the profile link to enjoy ✨ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Your modern rituals: "Simply put, I love eluo! From the beautiful & simplistic branding to the high-quality product, you can tell that everything has been so thoughtfully curated. I have sensitive skin and the Forma Rosea is honestly perfect - the scent is floral & delicate, and my skin feels so soft immediately after use. eluo has become a welcomed part of my self-care rituals". - Becca ✨ #eluobeauty

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Today and everyday, we're celebrating the strong, brave, and fierce women that inspire us everyday. ✨ Eluo was born out of the desire to start a new dialogue around beauty, because rather than a multi-faceted celebration of rituals passed down from generations past, the modern constructs of beauty have become oppressive, limiting and exclusive. We believe beauty can be a wonderful celebration of the sum of our parts, rather than only the pursuit of physical perfection. So thank you, to the women who have supported us from day 1. You are powerful, capable AND beautiful. We're so honoured to have you along on this journey. Happy International Women's Day from .eluo. #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Our exfoliating masks + polishes looking right at home ✨ Thanks for sharing your modern rituals @haleyestradaa! #eluobeauty

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Let the light shine in ✨ What we feel like after our weekly ritual with .eluo. Which formula are you using this week? Share in the comments! #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Your modern rituals: "Every week I look forward to this soothing ritual, using eluo on a regular basis has completely transformed the texture of my skin. I love using as a mask, or for a quick exfoliation when time is tight!". - Katie, on Forma Rosea This is what we love to hear - who else is loving Forma Rosea? 🌹 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Sunday rituals for clean, clear + radiant skin all week long. After removing your .eluo. mask, mist skin with your favourite hydrosol to soothe and nourish before applying your oil or moisturizer. A few of our favourite combos: Forma Viridi + Cucumber Hydrosol Forma Rosea + Rose Hydrosol Forma Floris + Chamomile Hydrosol Happy masking ✨ #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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Whether activated with water, hydrosols, raw honey or plant oils, our exfoliating masks + polishes form a rich, mousse like texture to gently purify without stripping skin of its natural oils. To mix, gradually add a small amount of your chosen activator to 1 tbsp of .eluo. mask and mix well until a smooth consistency is achieved. Apply to clean, damp face in an upwards motion and relax for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water or remove with damp cloth to rehydrate the mask as you cleanse. ✨ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Smooth, even, happy skin - what masking with .eluo. feels like. Who else is ending the week with one of our exfoliating masks? ✨ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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eluobeauty. A soothing, cooling treat for all complexions. This nourishing floral

A soothing, cooling treat for all complexions. This nourishing floral formula provides essential vitamins and minerals that help reduce any weather related redness or irritation, while brightening and evening skin tone. The perfect skin solution for dry winter weather - shop via the profile link to make Forma Floris a part of your modern rituals. ✨ #eluobeauty . . . . . #NoCompromiseBeauty #greenbeauty #ecofriendly #skincareroutine #sustainable #cleanbeauty #skincareaddict #organicbeauty #sustainability #skincareproducts #nontoxicbeauty #skincarediary #skincareblogger #nontoxic #beautymadebetter #veganbeauty #ecobeauty #bbloggers #bbloggersca #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebloggers

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Taking your modern rituals on the road ✨ Love this stunning shot by @cristinagareau for our stockist @merge.tofino! #eluobeauty

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Thoughtful gifting anytime of year, for yourself or the ones you hold close thanks to @oldjoygiftboxes. ✨ We're in good company in this beautifully curated gift box - tap to check out some of our favourite brands! #eluobeauty

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One of our favourite ways to purify, cleanse and signify a change of pace, incense has been used in wellness rituals since the 6th century. From palo santo to copal, sandalwood or patchouli - there's a scent suited for every emotional need. 🙏🏽 Today, we're burning copal - a perfect choice to ground and cleanse your space and an excellent tool for meditation. Do you use incense in your wellness rituals? Share your favourites in the comments! ✨ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Introducing kaolin clay - a hydrated aluminum crystalline mineral known as kaolinite, formed over millennia by the hydrothermal decomposition of granite rocks. ✨ This beautifully textured clay is the most gentle of the various facial clays, and perfect for sensitive skin types, as its gentle, yet absorptive properties nourish without stripping skin of its natural oils. #eluobeauty

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