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Men who mask ✨ Forma Viridi is crafted with a selection of antioxidant rich, pore minimizing ingredients - making it a versatile option that works for any complexion.🌱 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Activate 1 tbsp of powder with a small amount of water and enjoy - thank you @allureofsimplicity for this stunning shot ❤️ We love hearing about your .eluo. experiences - feel free to share via DM or comment below! #eluobeauty

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Forma Rosea - to hydrate 🌸 . A testimonial from one of our radiant customers, Carolyn: "I love using the Forma Rosea face polish. I use it 2-3 times per week to exfoliate when my skin is looking dull. My face feels rejuvenated - clean, soft, and hydrated. I have noticed reduced redness in my skin - a benefit I wasn’t receiving for other masks I used in the past. Not only do I love the texture of the product both wet and dry, but the soft rose scent is subtle and inviting." . Skin tip: Mix Forma Rosea with a small amount of rose hydrosol for an extra soothing and hydrating treat for winter skin. #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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Because sometimes, your skin just needs a little extra TLC. We always select a mask based on the current needs of our skin, and sometimes that means more than one. Think Forma Viridi for the forehead, nose and chin, Forma Floris for sensitive cheeks and Forma Rosea for any patches of dry, red skin! Elevate the old one-and-done approach to masking and treat your skin to a bespoke treatment that targets different needs at the same time. Tap the image to shop! ✨ #eluobeauty image @ianlanterman

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To activate our exfoliating polishes, simply add 1 tbsp of your favourite .eluo. mask to the palm of your hand and gradually add a small amount of water until desired texture is achieved. Apply to skin in gentle, circular motions to stimulate micro-circulation and gentle exfoliation. Remove with lukewarm water and follow with your favourite plant based facial oil. ✨ #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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Starting the new year with gratitude and intentions. ✨ One of our favourite rituals to re-implement come January is drinking enough water throughout the day. Why is hydration important for the skin? Well, water aids in digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion, and since skin cells, like any other cell in the body, are made up of water, they function optimally with proper hydration. . When the skin does not receive sufficient amounts of water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin generally has a more easily compromised barrier and is more prone to fine lines. . As water is lost in large quantities every day, it's important to replace it. We love starting the day with 1-2 glasses of water, and keep a bottle on hand throughout the day to ensure we're getting enough. Did you set any intentions for 2019? Share in the comments! 🙏🏽 #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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Clear skin starts within, which is why right from the start we've encouraged a holistic approach to wellness and beauty. ✨ More than just a multi-step product application, we believe the way you cleanse and care for your skin is a mindful wellness ritual that invites in love, peace and radiance. With the new year upon us, we're excited to share more behind the brand and the philosophies that support what we do. If you haven't already joined us, tap the link in bio to subscribe. ❤️ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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A hydrating, nourishing treat for the skin and the senses. Our exfoliating masks + polishes nourish and purify without drying skin. Whether activated with water, your favourite hydrosol or plant based oil, your skin will feel smooth and bright after use. Tonight we're enjoying Forma Floris - a soothing blend perfect for all skin types, even sensitive complexions. Formulated with the nutrient rich plant powders of hibiscus, althaea root, aloe and a sweet floral blend of skin calming essential oils. Winter skin never looked so good. 👌🏽 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Let the light shine in ✨ We truly believe healthy, radiant skin starts within, but it's amazing what well selected botanical ingredients can do to support your skin journey. From reducing inflammation to firming and encouraging cell regeneration, we trust in the healing properties of nature to nourish the skin we're in. #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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A powerful anti-inflammatory, aloe is one of our favourite emollients and works to soothe, soften and brighten skin. Try using it to activate your favourite .eluo. mask to heal, brighten and encourage collagen production! Mix 1 tbsp of your mask of choice with a small amount of aloe - mix and apply a generous layer. Enjoy! 🌱 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Happy New Year! The start of a new year provides the perfect opportunity to reflect and reconnect after a busy holiday season. Rather than resolutions, this year we're focusing on intentions that are about growth, improvement, health and joy to create a more mindful, meaningful 2019. Are you making any intentions for the year a head? ✨ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Purify congested holiday skin with Forma Viridi! Crafted with a detoxifying blend of colloidal clay and the nutrient rich plant powders of spirulina, green tea and neem, this antioxidant rich formula helps decongest and balance for a clear and radiant complexion. . A botanical cousin of the mahogany tree, the medicinal properties of neem have been well known in India for over 4,000 years. Known as the “village pharmacy”, and one of our favourite multi-tasking botanicals, neem soothes irritation, redness and inflammation and contains anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties. Its high fatty acid concentration also helps heal pigmentation and promote healing. . To use: mix Forma Viridi with a small amount of water, apply to any areas that need a little extra attention and head into the new year with clear, happy skin! ✨ #eluobeauty image @ianlanterman

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A weekly ritual. A time to reset and reconnect. 🛁 We believe the way you cleanse and care for your skin is much more than a multi-step product application, it’s an opportunity to show yourself care. To cleanse is to be mindful, to remain present and to engage all of your senses. This season, elevate your modern rituals with .eluo. ✨ #eluobeauty #selfcaresunday image: @sheen.ism

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Slow, mindful mornings set the tone for the rest of the day. The holidays present the perfect opportunity to examine the habits and rituals that frame your day, and make adjustments to invite in peace, wellness and vitality. A few of our favourite morning rituals include lemon water, aromatherapy, meditation and movement. How do you start your day? Share your favourite morning rituals in the comments! 🙏🏽 #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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.steam. Treat holiday skin to one of our favourite beauty rituals - the botanical steam. Meant to open pores and gently purify, this ritual adds radiance to a tired complexion. When choosing the right botanicals, we love using our exfoliating masks + polishes as a guide - rose and chamomile to soothe, lavender and geranium essential oil to balance and rose and frankincense essential oil to soothe. 🌸 #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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.rest. The holiday season is a perfect time to relearn the art of resting and relaxing. This season, take the time to be present with your loved ones and remember that this holiday truly is all about the people we hold close. From our families to yours - happy, happy holidays. ✨ #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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.ritual. No better way to spend a Saturday. Our favourite ritual to cleanse, clear and connect to ourselves after a busy week. How are you spending the night? 🛁 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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.bliss. Forma Rosea to hydrate, Forma Floris to soothe and Forma Viridi to balance, whatever your skin needs - we have a mask for that. During a stressful and busy time of year, treat your skin to a decadent mask or brightening exfoliating treatment and enjoy a moment of bliss amidst the chaos. #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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