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Learning to paint on mugs is hard!

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'Dream State' . 9x12" . DM to purchase 💞💞

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Available for purchase! Wordwide shipping available. . $160 + postage x

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Mango wood cheese boards 🍷🧀 . Available at @covedunsborough

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Hello everyone! Ive had some new followers lately which has prompted me to finally tell you a little bit about myself! . My name is Emily, im 25 and live in the South West of Australia. Creating has always filled me with happiness and has helped me overcome anxiety. . I am so privileged that i have been able to make a small business out of my passion. It means lots of late nights painting but i also get to be a full time mother which is so important to me. . Thank you so so much for following my journey 💞

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Oh that Resin shine!

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A shiny set of beach coasters. All ready to match their shiny serving boad 🌊 . Will be available at @covedunsborough soon🌱 . DM me for commissions - world wide shipping available💞

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Love these earthy tones 🌸

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'Bloom' - Inspired by my beautiful daughter and her love for the ocean and flowers 🌸 . 1220mm x 810mm. Available at @candco_perth . Alcohol ink on hard wood pannel ready to hand. Frame is not included or required.

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My favorite corner of today's layer 🤗

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Back in the studio today to try out my new resin . Photo by @zandrones 🌊

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Grazing boards available at the beautiful @covedunsborough store 🌱 . If you havent been in there yet go and have a gander! Theres so many beautiful local collections.

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Eye patch off just in time for a quick snap with Blossom just before it's packed ready for the journey tomorrow🌈

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Some close ups of 'Blossom"

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Teal and Tan 👍 . Some of my favorite colours 💞

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Just a few finishing touches and these two are ready to be mounted on their frames!

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So powerful 🌊 . Photo by @gippslanddroneservices

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