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Ive got some sanding and varnishing to do!

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"We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came." John F. Kennedy

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My favorite board. Cant wait to paint it 😄

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Ill have more beachy items available early next week 💕💕

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Layer 1 🌊 . Wow what a busy week its been and its only Tuesday! Looking forward to some quiet family time this weekend 💕

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A little timelapse video 💕 . My little way of winding down after a busy day of sanding and painting boards 🎄

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10 minute break from sanding to oil these two commissioned boards🌊

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Yaas for coasters! 🎄

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[SOLD] Hi beautiful people! . I'll be doing a special every week before Christmas! . Im kicking it off with this framed ink original! . 73cm x 53cm including frame for $100 . DM me to purchase x

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Beautiful blues on a round canvas for a friend 💙 . To the lovely people waiting on a piece like this i plan on having some available soon!

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My amazing partner worked all day to shape these beautiful live edge Tuart boards for me!

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•COMMISSION• . I am so lucky to be so busy with these boards before Christmas. I probably only have room for two more commission items so dm me if you would like to order something 💕

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A unique piece for your coastal kitchen . 29 x 54 cm local Tuart live edge board with food safe resin 🌊

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Testing out my largest alcohol ink board yet! . Its almost the size of my dining table 😄

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Large local Tuart serving tray or Wall Art. . $180

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Resin beach scene on Jarrah chopping board with live edge. . $100 + Shipping or Local pickup.

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Yay they are finished! . There are 4 items available for purchase . I will be posting them shortly so stay tuned 💕

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Now for the final layer 🌊

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