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And the winner of our Messy Bessy Giveaway package is.... • (Drum roll, please) • @gelai_gen!!! • Thank you to all the ladies who participated, much appreciated, we loved your answers on what empower means to you. And thank you to @hellomessybessy for the awesome giveaway package! • BUT WE HAVE ANOTHER WINNER...!!! • We couldn't just give one lady a runner-up prize so @raynavihuela we have a small package for you too.

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Get Coach Amy's go-to product for keeping her boxing gloves clean PLUS MORE!!! But don't wait too long, today is the LAST DAY to get in on our Messy Bessy giveaway!!! • • SEE OUR PREVIOUS POST!!!

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LADIES, IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!!! • Empowered Clubhouse is all about empowering women and the Lil' Sistas so it only was fitting that we paired up with @hellomessybessy because Messy Bessy is all about empowering at risk young adults via employing and education them. • MESSY BESSY GIVEAWAY PACK: Sports Spritzer Odor Absorber (Lemon, x2) Odor Absorber Spray (Lemon) Muscle Relief Rub Hand & Body Wasy (Ocean Rain) Energizing Bamboo Fresh Body Spray • GIVEAWAY RULES: 1. Follow the following IGs @empoweredclubhouse @deadaimamy (Coach Amy) @hellomessybessy 2. Tag 3 of your fabulous gal pals. 3. Tell us what does "empower" mean to you! 4. You must be a female in the Philippines. • For every 3 gal pals you tag and every new explanation/definition you write, you get another entry. Unlimited entries!!! • Giveaway draw happens this Monday night (July 15th) so entries are due before Monday, 5pm.

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More Empowered Slay gloves have touched down in the Philippines!!! • From our manufacturer in Pakistan to our clubhouse here in Taguig, Philippines, we know some of you have been waiting but now the wait is over. If you don't grab your pair now, don't worry, you'll get another chance in a couple of weeks. • • • • #IamEmpowered #womanup #boxingequipment #boxinggloves #protectthepretty #femalefighter #boxing #womenboxing #boxinggirl #boxinggirls #boxingforwomen #womenboxing #empoweredwomen #conquer #slay #slayqueen

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Who's your #goalwoman? Tag her here. • Tagging Coach Amy's goal women here is Cecilia, the CEO and Founder of the @voiceofthefreeph. She's dedicated half her life to rescuing human trafficking victims, empowering them, and fighting for their right to freedom and protection. • Tonight a party to celebrate her 60th birthday took place and it was such an honour to be invited to share in this special woman's special day.

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Do you know @hellomessybessy? • They're a Pinoy company that sells hand lotions, hand sanitizers and so forth but do you really KNOW Messy Bessy?! • It was our honor to meet with the team of Messy Bessy today, to discuss some future collabs, and in meeting them we got to hear the amazing things they're doing with not only the community but their own staff. • Did you know Messy Bessy employs, empowers and mentors at-risk young adults? It's true and it's awesome. They're so humble about this, too. Only one simple line printed on the back of their products briefly tells their buyers this. What they're doing though is nothing short of amazing and inspiring and it's what we at Empowered aim to not only bring Empower up to but of course our Lil' Sistas Project too. • Love, love, LOVE what Messy Bessy is doing so definitely stay tuned for more news about them and stay tuned for some Messy Bessy giveaways we're offering. You won't want to miss out!!!

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Don't forget to check out our online store for your boxing gear needs and to support the Lil' Sistas Project. • • Empowered is all about empowering women but we're also about empowering the women of tomorrow, our Lil' Sistas, so 100% of the profits from the sale of our Girl Power Cap and Lil' Sista Hoodie go to funding our Lil' Sistas Project. Help us help them, grab a hoodie or cap. • www.EmpoweredClubhouse.com

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Starting this Saturday off extra sweaty, and you? • Got to give much deserved props to this fab gal. She showed up for today's Acacia Sole Sistas team run. She was ready to run but when she told Coach Amy her pace, Coach was eager to push her out of her comfort zone. • • 4.82kms at 5:11/km. • She was able to kick over 10 minutes off her expected time at her usual pace. • Now that's what we're talking about -- getting uncomfortable and challenging yourself. Get uncomfortable ladies, that's where the changes and challenges happen because staying comfortable and working at the same level hasn't been doing anything for you except frustrating you and leaving you discouraged. • • Hope to see more of you out for the next run -- Saturday, July 20th, 7am. (No team run next week -- Coach Amy competing in Cebu).

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empoweredclubhouse. ...because ladies, some of you really need to hear it. You're dope af.

...because ladies, some of you really need to hear it. You're dope af. • #Repost @therealmrnorth (@get_repost) ・・・ Listen dear, I don’t know what happened in your childhood, or the earlier parts of your life that would ever make you question just how damn magical you are, but truth be told, you have it all! You have the looks, the mind, the heart, & the soul, to help elevate any man lucky enough to win your heart. Now with that being said, let me also mention, that I’m just glad it’s me, because you’re dope af! #goodevening

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Elorde wants a fight so let's bring them a fight -- a girl fight!!! • Empowered is looking to sponsor a few fighters for an upcoming amateur fight event that's showcasing beginners. We'll be hosting a four week fight camp leading up to the event so stay tuned for more details. • • • • • #iamempowered #empowered #clubhouse #iamkleanathlete #kleanathlete #thesixpackchef #amatuerfighter #elorde #femalefighter #gymnasty #deadaim #betterthanyesterday #womanup #lifeofanathlete #thestruggleisreal #fighterlife #slayqueen #slayingit #empoweredclubhouse #onelifetolive #gymrat #boxingismylife #femalecoach #jugglinglife #femaleathlete #proboxer #profighter

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THIS WEEK WE RUN, LADIES!!! Saturday, July 6th, at 7am. • There is no sign up, you just show up -- Empowered at 2 Mint Street, Mahogany III. • • POST RUN BURPEES FOR LATE COMERS IS IN EFFECT!!! • Shortly after 7am the Acacia Sole Sistas head out for their team run. So come ready to run, to have some fun, and then to have a sweet post run snackie with the team. • Post run snack courtesy of @kiaorakitchen @fixandfogg. • • • • #iamempowered #womenonly #womanup #runningclub #runningteam #running #womensrunning #acacia #newrunner #forfemales #solesistas #acaciaestates #empowered #clubhouse #runningroup #taguig #empoweredwomen

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empoweredclubhouse. Shout outs here to @mjko_boxing  for their super cute Snail Mail Sista

Shout outs here to @mjko_boxing for their super cute Snail Mail Sistas picture. We love it!!! • Snail Mail Program: a penpal collab between select Lil' Sistas from the @voiceofthefreeph and some amateur fighters at MJKO Boxing Club in Toronto, Canada, where participants write back and forth to each other. Friends via the old school act of letter-writing. • • • • #iamempowered #thecenterofhope #snailmail #donations #volunteer #rippleeffect #MJKO #mentoringjuinorkidsorganization #letterwriting #letters #postage #changealife #volunteer #voiceofthefree #Empoweredclubhouse #empowered #lilsista #lilsistaproject #payitforward #boxing #slay #boxingclass #outreach #kidsboxing #girlsonly

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No Sole Sistas team run this Saturday on account of the women rugby finals in Laguna. All the best the Lady Mavericks (Coach Amy's team). Wishing them a safe game. Get that V ladies!!!

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Attention ladies, If you're actively training at Empowered Clubhouse, please be sure to download the app "EufyLife" on your phone so that we can get a full reading of your health when you have your monthly measurements done by Coach Amy. Thank you. • EufyLife measures the following: 1.  Body weight 2.  BMI 3.  Body fat % 4.  Water % 5.  Muscle mass % 6.  Bone mass % 7. BMR 8.  Visceral fat 9.  Lean body mass 10. Body fat mass 11  Body mass 12. Muscle mass

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Happy Sunday, ladies.

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