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Never too much of our irresistible sashimi #ensushisg #ensushi

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Who says food + art ain’t a match? 📸 @stephtcreates #ensushisg

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If you are salmon lover, isn’t it IRRESISTIBLE? #ensushisg

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Wow wow wow! Unique combination of Spicy Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki. 📸 @foodiepink #ensushisg

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Let us surprise you with our quality drinks and scrumptious Japanese food. Hurry! Call us at 62598548 for reservations. 📸 @zenng78 #ensushisg

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Kan pai!!! Icy frosted beer ramen 🍜 📸 @spadely #captainksg

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What a spread! Have you tried all? 📸 @lisarosetea #ensushi #ensushisg

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OH WHAT? Otoro Tataki ! Oishi! #ensushi #ensushisg

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Everyone is eyeing on the fresh thick sashimi cuts of Chirashi Don. 📸 @explodingbelly #ensushisg #ensushi

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Premium Japanese produce and seasonal fishes are shipped to us daily, bringing you a fresh contemporary Japanese dining experience with every visit. Book your next Japanese dining experience with us this Mother's Day! Call us now at 6259 8548. #ensushi #ensushisg

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Don’t resist, just savour! 📸 @leptonyxscript #ensushi #ensushisg

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The smile tells it all. Small thought from our chef that melts the boy’s heart ❤️ #ensushisg #ensushi

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Only the freshest catch of fish shipped in daily makes it on the sashimi platters that we serve at your table. Call us now for a reservation at 6259 8548. #ensushi #ensushisg

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“Amazing food at amazing prices!” Thank you @synchopat, it is truly a generous review and a beautiful illustration! We look forward to your next visit! #ensushi #ensushisg

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#throwback to when the truly talented Cafe Sketchers SG made their biggest turnout at our restaurant! 📸: @usk.sg Like if you want us to showcase their amazing work in our following posts! 🎨🎑 #ensushi #ensushisg

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The best time we enjoy eating Japanese Uni is from late summer to end of April, when it becomes intensely flavourful because the gonads of the sea urchin grow in size for the spawning season. Deliciously creamy and full of umami; it’s an experience we love sharing with our guests. #ensushi #ensushisg

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Fresh seafood shipped in DAILY. Featuring our seasonal Akagai (Red Clam), served fresh in its glory! #ensushi #ensushisg

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How about 5 Japanese appetisers to start your week? Seaweed in vinegar and tako wasabi with fried tofu, gobo roots and amaebi! Itadakimasu! #ensushi #ensushisg

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