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Watching a sunset over the sea is always something I love. But watching a sunset over the sea, whilst ON the sea was something else! Looking around and seeing nothing but water for miles was amazing. Are you a sunset or sunrise person?

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Things have been a bit hectic lately but I finally have a job and place to live! Yay! I hope you all have something fab planned for your weekends. I think I’ll be mostly sleeping haha!

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Have you watched my latest video yet? This one is all about beautiful Koh Lanta, one of the 4 Thai islands I visited recently. Head over to my bio to watch the full thing!

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The water at Jinek Bay is probably the clearest water I’ve ever seen! It’s an awesome snorkelling spot with one of the best reefs. They limit the number of people going in each time and you can’t go in wearing any sunscreen, which is sadly why I didn’t go in. My pasty pale skin would have frazzled in the sun here!

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TAKE ME BACK 😭 😭!! At the moment I’m house hunting and job hunting in Sydney and it’s just about broken me. Who knew it would be this hard to find somewhere half decent to live? Yikes! Time to keep powering on! I hope you’re all having a way better weekend that doesn’t involve either of these haha! On the plus side, my latest video is now live! Go and check it out from the link in my bio 🎥

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Whilst everyone was soaking up the sun on the beach, I was sticking my pasty pale skin in the shade and posing💃 💃

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Have you seen my latest blog yet? This one is from the beautiful island Koh Phi Phi. It was my first time ever on a Thai Island and it was freakin’ amazing! You can watch the full thing from the link in my bio. 🌴

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The moment when you can fit the entire island you’ve just visited in a single photo. It takes the grand total of 40 minutes to walk around the whole thing and there’s an airport (by that, I mean a maintained patch of grass with a tiny building) right in the middle. Crazy!

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Even a massive ship like this one looks pretty small sitting in the middle of the ocean. 3 out of the 4 places I visited on the trip were tender ports. This basically means the boat is too big to get right up to the land so they use some of the lifeboats to ferry people between the boat and the pier all day. There would also be people who don’t get off though but I think they’re insane!

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Hi everyone! I’m back in Sydney after the most amazing trip. 9 days on a beautiful cruise ship visiting Pacific Islands was insane! After always seeing these huge ships in Sydney harbour and just really wanting to see inside, I can honestly say they’re incredible. People say they’re like a floating town and now I understand what they mean! What an awesome trip ❤️

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NEW VIDEO IS UP! Part 2 of my trip to Penang is up and running! Go and check it out in the link in my bio to watch the full thing.

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The amount of times Tom and I set an alarm to get up for sunrise far outnumbers the amount of sunrises we actually make it out for. BUT yesterday we had no excuse when this was right opposite our air bnb!

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Bondi you beauty! Where’s your favourite beach?

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IM BACK IN AUSTRALIA AND I’M SO HAPPY! Australia will always be my home away from home and I’ll never get bored of being by an ocean that blue. I’ve got one more year left here and after (hopefully) working for a few months, we’re gonna be hitting the campervan life and going to NT and WA. If you’ve got any recommendations, hit me up!

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Who else freakin’ hates an airport rush? I swear down I think I’m going to miss my plane every time I’m flying somewhere. So to get rid of this crazy paranoia when I flew from Bangkok to Sydney, I stayed at the beautiful Novotel, literally next to BKK airport. Not only was this hotel seriously luxurious with stunning rooms, loads of facilities and a beautiful pool, but the control freak inside of me was kept pretty happy. Seriously, this Novotel will change any misconceptions you might have about staying in an airport hotel. It was LUSH!

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NEW VLOG IS UP! You guys, I cannot express how much I LOVE Penang! This is part one from my visit there and part 2 will be coming next week. Who else is a lover of all things Penang? ❤️😊

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NEW POST! Thanks to @trazy_thailand, my last few days in Bangkok were awesome. If you’re looking for a fantastic day trip from Bangkok then you have to check out Trazy and their day tour to the Maeklong railway market and the Amphawa floating market. It was a great way to wrap up my 3 months in Asia!

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I’ve been back in Australia for all of one day and Bangkok already feels like a lifetime ago! If you’re looking for a great place to stay, be sure to take a look at Escape at Sathorn Terrace. The link to my review is in my bio and the only regret I have is not finding this place a whole lot sooner!

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