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Australia- the place you go to get a selfie with a croc. This little freshwater crocs are mostly considered to be pretty placid (compared to their crazy saltwater cousins anyway) but there was no way I was getting into the water at Windjana Gorge. We walked through this highlight of the Gibb River Road when it was nice and toasty warm and there were plenty of these guys soaking in the rays on the shore.

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Reflectiooons! How incredible is this? We got up super early to get to Manning Gorge and avoid the crowds and it really paid off. Still feeling so lucky that we got to experience the Gibb River Road and the gems it holds.

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If you haven’t tried couchsurfing before, I highly recommend giving it a go! Our legend of a host has a couple of 4x4s that he hires out so we were lucky enough to take you up to the incredible Cape Leveque with a couple of friends. On this beach there was just the 4 of us and one family chilling out. That’s a total of 8 people on this entire beach! The more time I spend away from the East Coast of Australia, the more I realise how much of an unexplored and underrated gem it is!

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Broome’s very own Natures Window! Still can’t get enough of this little place.

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West is definitely best for sunsets 🌅 It’s somehow been nearly 2 weeks spent in Broome for us and I still don’t want to leave!

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Broome is the place where red sand meets turquoise waters and it’s freakin’ magical!

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Within about 30 minutes of arriving in Broome I never wanted to leave. I fact I’m so behind with IG that a week (approx because I’ve lost track of days and life in general) we’re still here! Sometimes I feel a bit guilty for stopping and doing nothing, but others times I just think sod it!

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I know it’s time for a shower when my skin is the same orange colour as the Bungle Bugles 😱 The lack of showers is worth it for the free camping!

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One of the most famous sites in WA’s Kimberley Region is the incredible Bungle Bungles but sadly it’s 4x4 access only. Fortunately, a kind stranger in a 4x4 offered us a lift for the day! How many times can you say you’ve just offered a complete stranger a lift and spent the day with them on a complete whim? I will be forever grateful for the couple who gave us the chance to see this beauty of a place, and all the other people we’ve met along the way who didn’t hesitate to help us out. THANK YOU! I owe a lot of help to a lot of strangers in return!

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Sometimes I start a hike and think to myself ‘this better be worth it’. But so far, without fail, it’s ALWAYS been worth it. This is Emma Gorge in the El Questro region in the Kimberly, WA. It may be tricky to reach places in a camper here (much of it is 4x4 access) but this was one gem we could!

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The time we went on a sunset walk at Lake Argyle and we were the ONLY people at the lookout! 👌🏻 🌅

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Just another view of Lake Argyle! I pretty much spent 3 days just staring at this view 😍

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Sometimes $40 doesn’t get you a lot in Australia. But sometimes it gets you and infinity pool overlooking an incredible lake. Lake Argyle, you absolute beauty! Hellooooooo WA!

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And just like that, we’ve crossed over into WA! They say West is Best so bring it on! Oh, and I finally have signal to get a new video onto my YouTube channel so go and check it out! The link is in my bio 🎥

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Spot the Claude... Just another day with another view over the awesome NT landscape!

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Another campsite, another waterfall/sunset/generally awesome day! This place was awesome to spend the night. It was another day of swimming, swimming and more swimming 👌🏻

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Here we are in all our pasty white glory 😂 I’m just not made to tan, it’s as simple as that 👻! This incredible spot is Wangi Falls in the incredible Litchfield National Park, about an hours drive from Darwin. If you like hopping from water falls and swimming holes all day, you’ll love this National Park! We stayed in the campsite right next to the falls and it was incredible to have a waterfall right next to us!

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This is how Darwin does sunsets 🌅 Oh, and heaps of insanely good food at the Mindil night market which you can then eat on the beach and watch said sunset. Who wants a bit of this?

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