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This is what Tom would describe as a ‘classic Laura shot’ but I don’t care if I’m predictable 😂 I actually really like this photo so here I am sharing it! Tomorrow is ANZAC day in Australia and another public holiday. We’ve only got 2 weeks left in Sydney so I plan on making the most of this awesome city. It’s one of the best cities in the world and I can’t believe it’s been home for the past 6 months!

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Happy Easter everyone!

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Good morning! In the sunrise vs sunset debate, I usually fall into the sunset category, but sometimes I manage to haul myself out of bed and it really pays off. Here’s Bondi glowing gold in the morning when it’s not full of a million people. My kinda beach!

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The last 6 weeks have been all about building our campervan but this weekend it was about catching the last of the summer sun. Winter is coming in fast but it’s still been a blinder of a weekend! This was the sunrise on Saturday and what a beaut it was!

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I feel like this almost summarises Pai in one go. Temples, mountains, beautiful green fields and fantastic views. All it needs is some quirky cafes thrown in and it’s all there!

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Spot the rainbow 🌈

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Okay, okays. I have got terrible with instagram lately BUT I do have a new video out on my YouTube channel tonight! 🎥 🍿 And by tonight, I mean in an hours time! Check out my stories for a little preview. Hope you’re all having a great week!

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NEW VIDEO OUT TONIGHT! If there’s one word that best describes Chiang Mai, it’s ‘temples’. With over 300 in the city there’s pretty much a temple on every corner. They range massively from beautiful ruins to bright gold facades. You just can’t got to Chiang Mai without doing a temple tour!

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I freakin’ love Tuk tuks! My next Thailand video is coming out tomorrow everyone! Be sure to check out my YouTube at 9.30pm Sydney time to catch it! P.s the link to my final Bangkok is in my bio still!

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, but I’ve got some exciting news... my next video is out this Wednesday! It features this hard working woman, a whole lot of temples and of course, food!

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NEW VIDEO IS UP! If you’re planning a trip to Bangkok then you’ve gotta check out my latest Bangkok vlog. I love that city! You can watch the full thing from the link in my bio 😊🎥

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This is where I really am when I’m at my desk job 😂 Where does your day dreaming take you?

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NEW BLOG POST! It’s been a long weekend in Australia for Australia Day so I’ve been cracking on with some handy cruise blog posts for you. This one is everything you need to know about packing for a cruise (because I struggled to work it out) so I hope it helps some fellow first timers! If you’ve been on a cruise and have a must-bring item, let me know!

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Woohoo it’s the weekend! My latest video went up on my YouTube channel last night so make sure you check it out. Swipe to watch the preview and head to my bio for the link to the full thing 🇹🇭 I really hope you’re enjoying my videos guys! If you are, be sure to subscribe!

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Hey guys! I’m so glad it’s Wednesday already 💃 What have you got planned for the weekend? Also, don’t forget to watch my latest YouTube video for some weekend inspo if you’re coming to Sydney! On a different topic, how much is this little guy sussing me out right? 😂

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NEW VIDEO COMING TONIGHT! I know I know, it’s not exactly been a regular thing lately but tune into my channel tonight for more of these kinda views!

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TGIF everyone! I hope you’ve got something exciting planned for the weekend. It’s getting soooo hot here in Sydney at the moment that I think I might be hiding away somewhere air conditioned until it cools down in the evenings! 😅

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Would kill to be at the beach today! Instead it’s another 9-5 grind kinda day where I sit in an office going nuts. Keep having to remind myself it’s a means to an end!

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