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NEW VIDEO IS UP! If you’re planning a trip to Bangkok then you’ve gotta check out my latest Bangkok vlog. I love that city! You can watch the full thing from the link in my bio 😊🎥

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This is where I really am when I’m at my desk job 😂 Where does your day dreaming take you?

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NEW BLOG POST! It’s been a long weekend in Australia for Australia Day so I’ve been cracking on with some handy cruise blog posts for you. This one is everything you need to know about packing for a cruise (because I struggled to work it out) so I hope it helps some fellow first timers! If you’ve been on a cruise and have a must-bring item, let me know!

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Woohoo it’s the weekend! My latest video went up on my YouTube channel last night so make sure you check it out. Swipe to watch the preview and head to my bio for the link to the full thing 🇹🇭 I really hope you’re enjoying my videos guys! If you are, be sure to subscribe!

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Hey guys! I’m so glad it’s Wednesday already 💃 What have you got planned for the weekend? Also, don’t forget to watch my latest YouTube video for some weekend inspo if you’re coming to Sydney! On a different topic, how much is this little guy sussing me out right? 😂

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NEW VIDEO COMING TONIGHT! I know I know, it’s not exactly been a regular thing lately but tune into my channel tonight for more of these kinda views!

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TGIF everyone! I hope you’ve got something exciting planned for the weekend. It’s getting soooo hot here in Sydney at the moment that I think I might be hiding away somewhere air conditioned until it cools down in the evenings! 😅

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Would kill to be at the beach today! Instead it’s another 9-5 grind kinda day where I sit in an office going nuts. Keep having to remind myself it’s a means to an end!

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When you hear that it might be snowing at home... ☀️ 🏖 🌊 🍻

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As a birthday treat to myself I spent my weekend giving Escapes Etc a facelift! There’s a new logo and shiny new layout and I LOVE IT! Go and check it out and let me know what you think!

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Happy Thursday nearly Friday (or Wednesday depending which time zone you’re in)! There’s nothing quite like the boring 9-5 grind to make me appreciate spare time and spots like this even more. What have you got planned for this weekend?

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I have such a weird obsession with lighthouses. I also had no idea how rugged the coastline around Sydney was!

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IV’E MADE A 2018 MONTAGE! Isn’t montage such a weird word? Anyway, you can watch a little bit of it in my stories and the full thing from the in my bio. I hope 2019 has been awesome for you so far! I spent yesterday sweating my bits off walking around Watsons Bay in Sydney but it was great. It’s such a good place to head to get away from the city. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I hope you have the best time whatever you have planned for the holidays! Having Christmas away from home is always strange but it gives me the chance to reflect on how fortunate I am to be travelling like I am. Make sure you pig out, drink lots and have loads of fun with all the important people in your life (or in my case, a bunch of people I’ve not met before 😂) Happy holidays guys! 🌲 🌟 🍾

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Can you believe it’s 5 days until Christmas? Time is flying by! Tom and I aren’t doing Christmas presents this year to help stick to our budget and well, we just don’t need any more stuff! This year we will be back on the beach somewhere eating bbq, drinking some beers and I’ll probably go for a swim only to be sharply reminded that the sea in Australia is NOT warm 😂 Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, I hope you’re looking forward to it!

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If there’s something to represent what a hot Christmas is like, I think the tree in Martin Place is it. Brightly coloured flowers and beach ball sized decorations. Ill have a bit of that please and thank you! #nosnowhere❄️

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This is Sydney at Christmas! These big archways have the classic Christmas songs blasting from them as well which I love to sing along to in my terrible droning voice, right there in public. Do I get pity looks? Sometimes. Do I care? Hell nah! Don’t forget to watch my latest video all about the Christmassy stuff going on in Sydney CBD to see what else the city has to offer. The link is in my bio!

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It’s just over a week until Christmas! How has that happened?! Over the weekend I hopped around Sydney CBD looking for all things festive to get me in the Christmas spirit. Go and check out my latest video to see what Christmas in Sydney is like! Link is in my bio 🎞 🎥

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