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Ame mais e perdoe sempre! @radiostudiosouto

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gracie.turpin. my little buddy isn’t so little anymore :’)

my little buddy isn’t so little anymore :’)

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copaserranadeendurofim. Foto de alguns pilotos no parque fechado e na largada da 4ª Etapa real

Foto de alguns pilotos no parque fechado e na largada da 4ª Etapa realizada em Bocaina do Sul.

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tohnibee. 🦄🍦💎🍬🐇🎀🧸❄️🧼🍼🌨💦 Wearing all pieces by: @head_in_the_clouds_co

🦄🍦💎🍬🐇🎀🧸❄️🧼🍼🌨💦 Wearing all pieces by: @head_in_the_clouds_co

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shogogolf0311. QT前最後のスター^ ^楽しすぎる(^。^)

#ものまねシンガー #誕生日

QT前最後のスター^ ^楽しすぎる(^。^) ティナちゃん誕生日おめでとう🎊 #ものまねシンガー #誕生日

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marksoundguitars. RAM. HEMI. 😎


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jacquiecooks4life. Yesterday when I chatted with my 101 yr grandmother on her birthday, s

Yesterday when I chatted with my 101 yr grandmother on her birthday, she giggled and said, “I’m just worried about what you all are gonna do when I leave.” That was not easy to hear, but gosh, that smooth wisdom of hers. I believe she is just dropping hints. Go With Love ❤️❤️ This pic came up in my memories today. We had a lovely day 6 years ago hanging out at our favorite farm -Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY. It’s interesting that you can look back on a memory and find it to be more of a treasure now than it was then. Re-reading this post made me smile so much, and it reminded me that we are truly supposed to put our efforts towards shining. Be all you want to be in an effort to make the world a more pleasing place-even if it’s only in your small network. Block out the negativity that tries to distract you from being your best self. Love with all your heart. My grandmother didn’t attend formal higher learning institutions. She simply acknowledged the talents God gave her and put them to good use. Which basically amounted to touching the lives of so many people, in many different and good ways ... with love, laughter, being a role model and in service. It’s amazing, I believe she spent all her time allowing her gifts to surface, leaving no time for her to complain or worry about what she didn’t have. As humans, we are really good at focusing on what we don’t have in comparison to the next person. Perhaps we need to re-evaluate, and I’m sure we would find we are much more than we realize. We can find more positive ways to uplift one another. When you sit and talk with this now 101 yr old “lady,” she tells jokes, she says the sweetest things, and yes, she can still recite the most amazing poems. I believe she laughs because she gets it. She evolved through many changes in her life with a simple tool -Faith. She wants us to realize that we need to stop over complicating life with unnecessary toxic nonsense because she knows firsthand, its a time waster. I’m honored to have been blessed with this charming, confident, loving and giving human lady. ❤️ Her BIRTH day has been and will forever be a gift to me.

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How stunning is this @brockencotehall exclusive hire wedding venue?! 🤩🦋

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yyy_._._mmm. かっこいいなぁ。


かっこいいなぁ。 あーかっこいい。 #キスマイ #北山宏光 #yummy #マルチアングル

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