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farrahevita. #RP from @vita_mins - Just a friendly reminder on this beautiful Satur

#RP from @vita_mins - Just a friendly reminder on this beautiful Saturday morning that you are worth more than all of the awards, praises, recognition and so on. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Seek for approval from yourself and within. Although it is difficult and we do respond well to positive reinforcement, we just wanted to remind you that it’s okay to do for self. Pat yourself on the back for trying, for waking up in the morning, for getting out of bed. 💕⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Even if you haven’t done that yet today, that is OKAY as well. We’re just happy you’re here. ✨ #VitaWord

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Hey y’all 💎 Happy Wednesday! Don’t forget to set an appointment to check out and try on pieces from @vita_mins! Plus with this — if you come and shop, you get $30 off of my styling and/or creative direction services. 🙏🏾 Shoot your preferred name and email in a DM to book your time today!

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I was asked what intimacy meant to me today and I had to think about that for a second. Intimacy for me is being comfortable in my skin, in the way I converse and in the way I move when I’m around someone — whether that be my friends, my family, my peers or my partner. So if my tongue, body and mind are fluid, I find that we’ve reached a plateau where we’ve discovered some sort of solace and love. ————————————————— It takes time and effort but I find too often that people judge easily or become attached without really knowing me (or even themselves) which makes me uncomfortable, therefore finding it a bit difficult to truly connect or find intimacy with others. There are perceptions formed before the work is actually done — which can ultimately become faulty because developing a deep sense of intimacy and trust with others require introspection, deep evaluation of self and of the other person’s actions and truly just being present. ————————————————— What does intimacy mean to you? Let’s talk. 💭 Photography: @shotsxdjl Styling: @farrahevita

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Good morning y’all ✨ Always grateful for the shares, the inquiries and the referrals. ❤️ Running a raffle where if you share this — you are entered to receive 30% off of any of my services. ☀️ Also, shoot me a DM to be added onto my mailing list where I’ll be listing out freebies, raffles and discounts occasionally. ✨ No spamming and I won’t distribute your email to anyone else. 🙏🏾 #raffle #share #thankyou

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When the teams you work with make this life worthwhile, especially when they’re BIWoC. 🌞 #bipoc #biwoc #woc #blackgirlmagic #fun #explore Photography: @shotsxdjl Styling: @farrahevita MUA/ Hair/ Nails: @realmonaveli Creative Direction: @shotsxdjl/ @farrahevita

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Just here to say that my cousin Makeda @_makedas and I run a cosignment shop @vita_mins and that this was one of the items on sale. ❤️ Thank you to all who have shared the items, who have co-signed with us and who continue to shop with us. Extremely grateful. ALSO we’re looking for more sizes by the way. So please contact me and we can hash out details. ✨ thank you @apositivebeauty for snapping these pics. #blackowners #chic #style #cosignment

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Washing my anxieties away... Because those are my biggest adversaries. Most days I overthink — what’s going on in this world, in my world, in my friend’s and family’s world, is this all even real? Oh shit, no it’s all very real. A lot of times I feel like I’m not doing enough in many ways. My mind’s on overload 24/7 and sometimes I don’t know how to make it stop besides keeping busy, which isn’t entirely the best way to pace yourself and be around others. —————————————————————————— However I’ve been practicing finding alternative ways to silence my mind and just focus like sitting down and not beating myself up for not being “active” or even just taking time out to hang out with friends in nature or in a cafe. Reading helps me calm my thoughts as well as editing photos apparently. Knowing that not everything goes as planned and I have to be cool with that. Sleeping and sometimes not rushing to answer my messages help immensely. But there are so many other ways to chill out and to bask in the present. Anyways, happy Monday and you got this. ❤️ Photography: @bantagarcia MUA: @taki.jayy Styling: @farrahevita/ @lindahoangdo Creative direction: @amparomodels/ @bantagarcia Hair: @protect_yo_strands

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Makeda: her natural inclination is to love and to be serene. 🧚🏿‍♂️ #StillGeminiSzn #AForeverThing #Cousins #BlackFairy Photography, styling & creative direction: @farrahevita Muse: @_makedas Thank you @jo.christopher for letting us rock with your camera!

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Whenever I get an opportunity to be on a set, it reminds me how blessed I am. 🦋 Many thanks to @llucky_lli for thinking of me and other dope folks. ✨ Also thank you @nicole_fichera for this awesome blouse for @vita_mins. Interior design by @vittoriapetrillo Black Jumpsuit Styled by: @nanettewhitney 📸 by @vittoriapetrillo

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“Ugh, as if!” 👐🏿 The past year @_makedas suggested that we dress up as “Clueless” characters for Halloween. Duh, I was with it however we didn’t even do it this year. <tears> But when I found this suit piece, I had it in mind for her. I didn’t know when we’d utilize it. With that being said, I’m elated that we got to do it nonetheless for your birthday season. ♊️ #28 #eatthecake #shedoesntevenlikesweets #Clueless #beautiful #90sbaby #Geminiseason 📷, styling and creative direction: @farrahevita Muse: @_makedas

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Always my first muse. 👑 Your whole entirety inspires me. You’re kind, empathetic and completely comprehend why people do what they do and embrace each person as is. That’s powerful to me. 😍 You tell me I can do anything and that means the world to me. Have you ever had someone believe in you so much that it makes you strive to be the best version of yourself? That’s @_makedas for me. So happy to call you blood and that you’re my sister-cousin. 🤞🏾 Like you’re stuck with me for life homie. I hope you know that. Love you lots, Tamou. ❤️ Happy birthday Gemini. Cheers to many more. #GeminiSzn #AForeverThing #Cousins Photography, styling & creative direction: @farrahevita Muse: @_makedas

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farrahevita. Decade of decadence, ill reverence, irreverence. ✨
Honored to know and

Decade of decadence, ill reverence, irreverence. ✨ Honored to know and work with such spirited individuals. Photography: @shotsxdjl Styling: @farrahevita MUA/ Hair/ Nails: @realmonaveli Creative Direction: @shotsxdjl/ @farrahevita

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Better than Mona Lisa, it’s MonaVeli 💎@realmonaveli Photography: @shotsxdjl Styling: @farrahevita MUA/ Hair/ Nails: @realmonaveli Creative Direction: @shotsxdjl/ @farrahevita

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I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts ✨ 📸 by the lovely @bybulma at @girlmagicmeets in @hotelstudioallston #colorblock Styling: @farrahevita Braids: @farrahevita Cherry 🍒 earrings: @gypsy_bargain . . . . Keep swiping to see the event I’ll be styling at alongside other talented stylists @krayola.kid @culture4u @lil_degeneratess hosted by my sis @trippy_tomlinson / @stargyalent with some dope designers @londoncustoms_ @deadvss_lg @doseofosa @effengoat and photographers @brighterlens @jo.christopher @lensbhonest 💦 Can’t wait to see y’all there - June 1st 🤘🏾

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Figuring out how to remain present in a society filled with so many distractions and insignificant quarrels... #filmisnotdead Shot in film by @davidhinton_ Styling: @farrahevita Hair: @farrahevita Location: @canopyroomatbow

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Grateful for these badass womxn and the space that was created that evening by @girlmagicmeets & @tz0.co with such wonderful folks in the room. ✨ ——————————————————————————— We had a very lively and raw conversation about being creatives, organizers, artrepeneurs or just humanists in the city of Boston, in what direction we’re seeing the city is heading in, how it’s evolved and how a creative renaissance has been occurring the past few years and also on how it could improve and what resources we could potentially muster up together. ✍🏾 Also spoke about some practices when it came to exercising personal boundaries and when to take it easy to avoid burnout (always unfolding, always learning in both cases). ———————————————— Thank you @girlmagicmeets for always hosting and moderating such prolific and meaningful events. 🌸 📷 @a.jean_portraits with the emotive candids #greatertogether #inclusion #safespaces

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farrahevita. Periodt 💪🏾 Together is better. 🙏🏾 Plus if you didn’t have an encou

Periodt 💪🏾 Together is better. 🙏🏾 Plus if you didn’t have an encouraging upbringing, you can be the encouraging individual to your homies or even folks you don’t know. You never know who might need it that particular day.

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Thank you @selflove_socialclub for letting me speak upon personal experiences of mine and in such a safe space, judgment-free zone. This was all love and I couldn’t have been more grateful to have shared the mic with such powerful beings @citoblanko @niionsound and @saxbehave — and thank you @preciouslilson @saxbehave @glassymomo @domth3bomb for such a memorable, unifying evening. 🙏🏾 Captured by the wondrous @m.ltaing #grateful #bk #itsalllove

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