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fashionveggie. This weather is the BEST, am I right?! ☺️ 🍁🍂 Baby is sleepin’, and I

This weather is the BEST, am I right?! ☺️ 🍁🍂 Baby is sleepin’, and I’m cozied up with my love and some delish, organic @cecesveggieco ramen 🍜🌱 (I found mine at @wholefoods ... I hear they are also at @heb). I always invest in organic when possible! This was super easy to whip up in a couple of minutes; all I needed to do was add water to make the shiitake broth, heat it up, and voila! 🤗 This busy workin’ 31-week-preggo mama is very thankful for the quickfast dummy-proof prep. #ad #simplebuttwisted #cecesveggieco #organic #vegan

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Never been great at selfies but here’s my new hairrrr! 🥳 The amazing @hairbyviviana (she’s been doing hair for 15 years and specializes in balayage and hand tied extensions) at 100% cruelty-free, Dallas salon @peachykeenstudio turned it OUT. I feel really pretty ☺️. At @peachykeen, they do eyelashes, waxing, and makeup, too... Andddd they support local dog rescue organizations. I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! 🍑🐶💞 (ps- preggo outfit from @hatchgal 🐣) #vegansalon #crueltyfreebeauty #dallassalon #dressthebump

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fashionveggie. Did anyone else’s mother or grandmother use rosewater in their beauty/

Did anyone else’s mother or grandmother use rosewater in their beauty/wellness routine? 👵🏼 It’s old school, in a good way! @heritagestorenaturals has been around since the 1960s and they are sort of the OG of super clean, all-natural rosewater products. And of course, no animal-testing! Hit the blog [link in bio] for a quick breakdown of my three fave products of theirs and how I use them. 🌹✨ #myheritagerosewater #cleanbeauty #veganbeauty

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fashionveggie. Y’all— I’m cooking up a big ol’ vegan babe in here. 84th percentile!!!

Y’all— I’m cooking up a big ol’ vegan babe in here. 84th percentile!!! 🤪 In this pic, he’s lucky enough to be wrapped up in #fairtrade , bump-friendly, size-inclusive brand @symbologyclothing (made of #modal, this dress makes me feel like a freakin goddess, and I love that it was hand-stamped by women artisans using eco-friendly dyes). 💰 I have an exciting 15% off discount code for you! It’s BOTANICALBLISS and will work for all of @symbologyclothing ‘s 2019 fall/winter collection (like this dress, and my b&w jumpsuit a few photos back... neither of which are technically maternity, but totally work with a bump!). They also have a 50% off sale on select items at the moment!! Oh, and my shoes (and my flowers, lol) are ethical/fair trade as well; tap for details. 💞Happy shopping, lovely friends.

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After two weeks in NYC, I’m finally back in my own bed! 🖤 Thank you to those who watch my stories and voted in the poll— I took your advice and chose this #fairtrade, flax linen, @westelm bedding, and I’m in LOVE! 🥰 I’m so excited to be working with West Elm; not only because I’m such a longtime fan of the brand (I remember saving up for months for a West Elm rug my first year out of college!), but because of how they’ve continuously evolved over the years! 🌿🌎 They were the first home retailer to join Fair Trade USA in 2014, and they currently have a huge selection of Fair Trade, FSC-certified, and eco-friendly items made of reclaimed materials. ♻️ I love seeing the world changing, and it’s exciting to see such a chic and popular retailer offering these ethically made products. My duvet cover link is here : http://bit.ly/WexFashionVeggie ... if you’re in the market for a bedding upgrade, I highly recommend! 💯 #westelm #westelmfairtrade #ad

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It’s so good to be hooome!!! Even better when the welcoming committee is this cute. 🤗🌱 @vdogfood

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Stopped by sustainable art exhibit @arcadiaearth today. This is a room made entirely of plastic bags. ‼️44,000 of them, to be exact— which is how many, on average, that New York goes through in ONE MINUTE ‼️The art installations all worked as effective visuals, highlighting EXACTLY how much we are damaging the earth and our oceans by our daily activities— but the best part is that there were tips written on the wall of each gallery space, outlining easy ways you can do your part to turn this all around. 💪🏼There were rooms and installations focusing on: ocean pollution, plastic use, animal agriculture, fashion industry waste, and overfishing. Tips included transitioning to a plant-based diet, taking public transportation/walking when possible, switching your home to a renewable energy plan, taking reusable bags with you to the grocery store/keeping them handy in your car, avoiding styrofoam at all costs, reusing/recycling clothing and buying second-hand, and more. ♻️🌱 ps: my hat and Riv’s sneaks are thrifted, my leggings and top are fair trade and eco-friendly by @wearpact , my sneakers are made of cork by @sydneybrownshoes . Riv’s pjs are new (gift from grandma), but most of his clothes I do get on consignment! 💚 #ecofriendly #vegan #sustainability #babiesofinstagram #climatechange

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Hi everyone! Here with a few brief life updates while I’m here in #NYC: 1️⃣ SO proud of my husband! A lot of y’all know he’s the president of March For Science, and he was the sole organizer of a media zone and several youth climate events here at the #UN. He also has been hard at work, partnering with leaders from island nations to help them switch to clean energy 🌱, which will save them money, help combat climate change, AND make their energy grid more sustainable. World changer! Proud wife over here. 2️⃣ We had quite the 3rd trimester pregnancy scare last night, which ended up with me in the labor and delivery wing of NYU hospital until almost midnight. Thankfully, everything is alright! Reminder to everyone, especially my preggo followers: take it easy! Prioritize rest, drink tons of water, let people help you. 3️⃣ I attended an @impossible_foods event this morning with my friend @tedisarah — cooking demos, a cool presentation, etc. I decided to ruin the festive mood in order to have a super interesting conversation with the founder, Pat, about the company’s decision to test one of their ingredients (heme, an iron-containing molecule which, incidentally, makes the #ImpossibleBurger taste and look like “bloody” meat) on rats 💔. Honestly, he looked sad when I asked him about it— not at all dismissive or defensive—and he explained his rationale, as well as how long and hard he fought against the mandated (yes mandated by FDA... this is not at all uncommon in the US) testing. I know this has been a hot topic in certain circles (and has determined whether many people choose to support the brand), so see my stories for a summary of our conversation. Reminder, it’s his views I’m relaying, not mine! Although honestly I do see the value in his perspective. ❤️ he made the point that as human adults living in a complex world, we are often faced with the need for a cost/benefit analysis, and the decision we make isn’t always perfect. ❤️ Love to you all! Take care of yourselves! Xx

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My friend was v late to our lunch date (ahem @lottielah ) so I whipped out the tripod and stood against this random Brooklyn wall (whomever “Jazzy” is, I hope she’s happy) to capture my fair trade, handmade, preggo-friendly outfit by @symbologyclothing 💘 ethical practices, inclusive sizing, eco-friendly dyes and traditional hand-stamping techniques... I love them! 🥰 Ps- Jumpsuit is a size small, and it fits my third trimester bump! Nursing friendly, too (omg I cant believe I’m about to breastfeed another baby....🤯) #ethicalfashion #ecofashion #veganfashion #pregnancystyle #stylethebump

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Had the BEST day hanging out at @news12bx / @news12bk talking all about #PlantbasedParenting, #VeganFashion, and more! The day started with a visit to cruelty-free @sambrocatosalon for a blow out, then I got outfitted by my loves at @shopplanetblue ... so I am feeling superrr fancy! InfluenceHer is launching in Brooklyn and the Bronx in October on channel 12, and I’ll keep you posted on when my segment will air! Hope you’ve had a great day, XOX ❤️

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fashionveggie. 🌱 Did you know that in every plant-based @purplecarrotxo box, you get

🌱 Did you know that in every plant-based @purplecarrotxo box, you get a booklet with easy-to-follow recipes AND (my favorite part) general tips & tricks for upping your game in the kitchen?! 🍽 I love that I learn more about food and cooking when my meal kit comes every week. And I love that it gives Matt and me something fun to do together after work! 🤗 If you wanna #eatmoreplants , try @purplecarrotxo with my code “fveggie” for $30 off your first box! Link in bio 😘 #purplecarrot #sponsored #plantbased #vegan

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Today = working on a blog post, mailing prizes off to giveaway winners (if you’re one of them and i’m late, I’m sorry! Life has been crayzayyyy), content planning with brands, invoicing, and cleaning the house. 💫 Wishing I were back at @fsorlando, obnoxiously matching my baby without a care in the world 🐒 @infamous_swim #fsorlando

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