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Oh, look what we found! Deadline is Thursday. What's this meal prep all about? -It's about one less thing you have to do. -It's about spending more time on the things that matter in your life. -It's about not having to do a lot of thinking at the last minute. -It's about choosing the better option between good and bad. I could go on and on here but you get it. Check us out. Thank you for everything!

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Please please PLEASE, tell us you ordered this week? This is happening right now!

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Let's go!

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Presenting our vegetarian option this week; The Bistro Salad. A meal among meals! Add steak (for you carnivores) and you will be in the clouds. Don't believe us? Order one and prove us wrong! Thursday at noon is the deadline.

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Enjoy the warm weather. Let us feed you! New menu is up. If you haven't already checked us out now would be a good time. Have you've been stalking us here on IG? Try one meal. You really can't lose. Deadline is noon on Thursday.

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How we feel ❤️ about you feeling ❤️! Somehow, the strawberry salad just works.

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And the menu drops. Go. Get. Some. Order by Thursday at noon (we know it's a holiday, but we can't stop). Thank you for making us love what we do!

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You can't make the best pancakes without the best (local) ingredients? @pinelandfarms strawberries. 👍💪🍓🍓🍓

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@glorywatsonmma stopped by to pick up some post fight meals. She let me hold the little belt. She told me that if I touched the new one that I would regret it. I didn't chance it. 😂😂 Congrats champ! Thanks for stopping by.

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Oh man, we almost forgot to let you know..... Menu is up. We hope you like strawberries? Deadline for your orders is Thursday at noon. Let us prep for you!

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As I sit here literally inhaling this wild rice I'm thinking back to when we first started using the rice (it's not actually a rice. It's related somewhat to sea-grass). We were educated on how many nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants are packed into these little gems. I'll admit at first the chewyness of it was different, but it grew (see what I did there? 🤣) on me. Now, when we put these on the menu and I start eating the meals we set aside for ourselves I won't shut up about how just how much I love it. We don't know everything, but we love learning and educating ourselves. We started meal prepping to help solve a problem for us. Then we realized that there were others that we could help. We're glad that you choose us every week to help solve your particular problem that week. We appreciate every single one of you. Thank you!

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feedmefit207. Congratulations to @glorywatsonmma on her win tonight at @nefights #39

Congratulations to @glorywatsonmma on her win tonight at @nefights #39 - All American. We are so grateful we get to sponsor local fighters who pour their heart & soul into a sport they love. What's kind of cool too is, she's the 3rd fighter that we have sponsored that came up with a big win. We're not saying we are responsible for them winning. We are just glad that when they got hungry, they turned to us for some delicious, clean, healthy food.

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Having a delicious healthy meal waiting for you clears up a little extra time for you. Do something good for yourself and order a couple. You'll thank YOU! The order deadline is tomorrow at noon.

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There are many hungers in life. We can definitely help with one of them. Maybe two 😉. Menu is live! Go. Get. Some.

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(FYI - this is a pic from pinterest) When we plan menus and meals we consider a lot of factors - season, availability of ingredients, the menu's of other meal and food prep services, etc. We try to be consistent but also try not to be boring. We plan menus for about three weeks out with a stand-by of tried and true favorites just in case something does not go as planned. It was quite the learning process to get here. It's gotten a bit easier but we continue to manage, learn, and grow. When brainstorming for new meals to prep we were excited to come up with our version of the Pokè bowl. We think you will be pleasantly surprised with it. If you haven't already checked us out, what are you waiting for? The current menu is posted and we are waiting for you to order. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We appreciate you!

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Take a look at this weeks menu. We got pancakes and a fresh take on a pokè bowl. Our vegetarian option just leveled up (the only "sea" food in it is the nori FYI). . Unless you have any questions, feel free to order your meals up until Thursday at noon. We appreciate you. Thanks for your business!

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