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Spring is right around the corner. So is good food. Get some. Posted and ready for your orders. Thursday noon deadline. 💥

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A, B, C, or C + Chicken? Math isn't supposed to be this difficult is it? Of course not. Just order and we do the rest!

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What a night. All the meals...... Have a great Sunday everyone.

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We are excited to be sponsoring another local fighter out of Central Maine and getting him fueled for his next fight on April 27th - @killakamarnoldmma (Kam Arnold). Follow his IG page and check out his highlights. Can't wait.

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When you want to prep the beet salads but you can't because the menu deadline isn't here yet and you are still getting orders. Keep them coming. Real food, real meals. We get it. Have a great rest of your Wednesday.

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Sorry, slight omission on the previous post. We still have you covered. Stay active. Stay fit. Stay hungry!

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Let's eat! Order by noon on Thursday. 👊🍽️🍊🍗🥦

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A rare "pancake" photo. Putting the finishing touches on these. 🥞❤️

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We just do simple, real food. If it saves you from ordering out last minute and regretting it later - Grand Slam! . When you're active, you need fuel to keep things running as smoothly as possible. We can't make you move but we can provide the fuel for you whether you are just getting started or looking for something different and convenient. Check us out. Order deadline is noon on Thursday!

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Grab one or two meals for those times where you know that time is tight and you won't have time to stop or cook. You're going to eat anyways, might as well be with good food.

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WWYD? Let's have a little fun! Post in the comments. #mealprep #portlandmaine #maine #mainelife #realfood #loveoffood #community #madewithlove

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If you add real, good food to any life equation then happiness will always end up being an answer. New menu dropped. Get some! (We're not being bossy. Just letting you know it's there should you choose). 😝

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Happy day of Valentine's! There is still time to get those orders in. It just takes a few minutes. Then, you can go back to doing your thing! Have a great day!

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Whatever your plans are for Valentine's Day, please add "make sure you get your order in to #FeedMeFit by noon" to them. Go ahead, add it to your calendar! Or better yet - just order now and be done with it! ❤️

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We got you covered. Click, order, wait (not too long), eat! Head to the website and order.

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