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3 of 3 @hvrnt Lastly, seeing the page lift from the inked trunk revealed the print come to life. The contrast of monochrome made it feel alive. Check out the full blog in my bio. #spotthegprocket @broncolor @broncolorusa #fujifilmx_us #fujifilmxt3

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2 of 3 @hvrnt Following Zak preparing the trunk he continue to apply beautiful white ink so he could make the print. Really great seeing all the finer details getting highlighted by the contrast of how the light casted shadows and brought all the details out. Link in my bio for a full blog of how I captured this! #spotthegprocket @broncolor @broncolorusa #fujifilmx_us

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1 of 3 @hvrnt I spent a few hours with Zak capturing his process of making beautiful prints from tree trunks. With a single @broncolorusa Siros 800 off to the side, I hoped to capture the true grit of what goes into transferring texture to paper. Read more about it via the link in my bio. These images showcase how Zak prepared the trunk prior to applying ink, check out my other posts for the rest of the process and good luck with finding the rockets in this carousel. #spotthegprocket #fujifilmx_us #fujifilmxt3 @broncolor

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It was awesome seeing all the architecture w/ @visitindiana. We got to view the inside of First Baptist Church, one of six national historic landmarks in Columbus, Indiana. It was designed by distinguished architect Harry Weese. @visitindiana @visitcolumbusin #spotthegprocket #INTourismPartner #VisitIndiana

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Looking up at the beautiful Bartholomew County Veteran's Memorial, designed by Maryann Thompson Architects in 1997. It consists of 25 limestone pillars, each 40-feet tall. The names of 172 veterans from the county are engraved on the pillars. #spotthegprocket #INTourismPartner #VisitIndiana @visitindiana @visitcolumbusin

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I spent the weekend in Columbus, Indiana hanging out with @badluckbae thanks to @visitindiana & @visitcolumbusin. There's an awesome history out here and a plethora beautiful things to see & experience. We had the pleasure of doing everything from touring the Miller House to having ice cream and avocado grilled cheese at Zaharakos. Be sure to watch my stories to take a peep at some of those experiences. Weโ€™ll be doing a story takeover today on @visitindiana I put together a collage of images of the beautiful greenery right now, keep swiping to check out Columbus from above. Good luck finding all the rockets ๐Ÿ™ƒ #spotthegprocket #INTourismPartner #VisitIndiana

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#Chicago BRB ๐Ÿ“ธ: @jasonmpeterson

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I was honored to co-host the first #camerasanddancers meet up in Chicago with @jacobjonasthecompany, in collaboration with @artinstitutechi & @joffreyballet. I've always been a fan since I started following these meetups a couple of years ago and I've had a handful of friends be co-hosts of these events in the past. So when Jacob reached out and asked me to co-host the 51st one in Chicago I was excited for the opportunity. It was so nostalgic bringing some amazing photographers together and seeing some incredible images come to life. A huge thanks to @joffreyballet & @artinstitutechi for providing us with incredible dancers and a beautiful space. #spotthegprocket #fujifilmx_us

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Temporary. #spotthegprocket

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Chicago commutes made easier with my new @BoostedBoards Stealth. Iโ€™m really enjoying not having to deal with the stuffy CTA, morning rides are always fresh and easy breezy. These are some of my favorite commuting accessories, what are yours? Also, can you spot the rocket in 4 of these 5 frames? #BoostedBoards #ad #spotthegprocket

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