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The grandest scene in the aquarium always has a sea of people viewing creatures from the depths of the ocean #ad. I wanted to capture this specifically, because I’ve always wondered what these creatures see when looking out at us. There’s an ocean of people, looking into the ocean of sea creatures – who is watching who? #withGalaxy - #spotthegprocket

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If the sunlight could speak it would tell you it's a good day. - #spotthegprocket #myfujifilmlegacy #gfx100s #imaginarymagnitude #fujifilmgfx100

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I’ve always loved neon. The details created by tiny LEDs make it the perfect light to capture beautiful portraits. The reflections of the scene visually questioned which way was the right way up. It made me rethink the way I approached capturing this image and, as I positioned my friend in the scene, it created an image that felt like a scene out of a 50’s sci-fi film. #withGalaxy - #spotthegprocket #ad

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I always aim to capture portraits that not only spotlight the person I’m shooting, but also bring out their beauty within #ad. Sometimes that means shifting the focus or using light and shadow to bring certain details to the fore. To add a twist, I took something that’s so recognisable: a face, and turned it upside down to evoke a new emotion. Something that was once so familiar, has now become something unfamiliar. #withGalaxy - #spotthegprocket

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It's not Christmas, just a memory.

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Florida Tropical House, Indiana Dunes 2017 #spotthegprocket #myfujifilmlegacy

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Here's to dirty windows in the train and clear blue skies. Until we meet #Chicago. #spotthegprocket #fujifilmgfx100s #myfujifilmlegacy

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I got me some @ahowc originals, super stoked that I got to some portraits by this talented gal before I leave chi. No rockets in these (besides hiding on my arm).

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3 of 3 @hvrnt Lastly, seeing the page lift from the inked trunk revealed the print come to life. The contrast of monochrome made it feel alive. Check out the full blog in my bio. #spotthegprocket @broncolor @broncolorusa #fujifilmx_us #fujifilmxt3

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2 of 3 @hvrnt Following Zak preparing the trunk he continue to apply beautiful white ink so he could make the print. Really great seeing all the finer details getting highlighted by the contrast of how the light casted shadows and brought all the details out. Link in my bio for a full blog of how I captured this! #spotthegprocket @broncolor @broncolorusa #fujifilmx_us

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