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manucgrodrigues. Tirei pra lavar... 💇

#cabelocurto #pixiecut #pixiehair

Tirei pra lavar... 💇 #cabelocurto #pixiecut #pixiehair @meucabelocurto

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Tonight! Have a beer on us...(or a glass of wine) and snag one of over 200 pieces of small artwork! Like these super cool can portraits by Shelley Walker! Many pieces are also so affordable you may give one as a gift and keep one for yourself! 'Small Works' opening reception tonight for First Friday Art Walk from 5-9pm. 🍻 🍷 #smallworks #greatart

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Fin del curso de afrocubano ❤️ seis meses de mucho baile, aprendizaje y mucha diversión #dance #afro

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Wishing I was back in Spain🌞✨🍋

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Lẵng hoa có lòng của 6 chàng trai và 2 cô gái

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Great photo by @fullsuitcase ““Hope you don’t mind moody picture? We had 3 days of amazing sunshine here in Iceland. But today is cloudy and foggy and it’s still so beautiful. This whole trip I keep thinking that these landscapes are out of this world... Greatful to Kjartan from @glacialexperience.is for putting this amazing highlands itinerary together for me. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience.”

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martadelarica. 👀👀👀


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tepublico.ofc. 😱¿Quieres ser publicado en nuestra siguiente lista?
Estas cansado d

😱¿Quieres ser publicado en nuestra siguiente lista? - Estas cansado de tener pocos seguidores!? 😿 Cansado de no pasar de 20 solicitudes a la semana!? 😱🎉 Quisieras conseguir 100+ de seguidores cada 10 minutos durante todo un dia? 😭💕 → Facil . Para ganar mas seguidores lo unico que debes hacer es seguir las cuentas de abajo: 😻⏬ •💫@erikasayago_ (SEGUIR Y LIKES) .💫 @alexisdmierda (SEGUIR Y LIKES) . 💫@publicotucuentaofc (LIKES) . 💫@publicandote.ofc (LIKES) . 💫@divulgo.tu.cuenta (LIKES) . 💫@publicgram.ofc (LIKES) . 💫@publicamostucuenta.ofc (LIKES) . 💫@tepublico.ofc (LIKES) . 💫@publicamostucuenta.ofc (LIKES) . 💫@un_.angel_.caido (LIKES) . 🌟✨🌟 (Importante Seguir) - 🌙 Ya sigues a todos? 🎉 Ahora comenta "Publicame" Para afirmar que sigues a todas las cuentas. - 😍 Si cumpliste solo queda esperar unos minutos y te agregaremos a nuestra siguiente lista y asi ganaras muchos seguidores de manera increible. 😱 • 💯% Seguro ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ - ✋🏻 Si No Cumples No Funciona ✋🏻 #lineaofc #seguidores #ganaseguidores #publicotucuentacataclismo ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

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“Best Nine” photos? No thanks. I’m good with my “Best One”. This is hands down my favorite photo that I took in 2017, though it took me 12 months to take it. ❤️

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nekuboy. Kabaty


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vipgateway. Mercedes-Benz GLS350d heading out to a VIP client this afternoon. Blac

Mercedes-Benz GLS350d heading out to a VIP client this afternoon. Black badges and smoked lights making this the ultimate stealth machine! 😍🔥

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