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Brb.. unwinding in nature I was invited out by @spell and @theclimatecouncil in partnership with @1percentftp for a ladies retreat with a very important message; the climate crisis were all in.. 💫 Surrounded by so many inspiring and beautiful women these past few days, we shared such raw and deep conversations which will stick with me & I’m leaving feeling so much more informed, inspired & ready to begin making changes on my own impact on the earth. We all share this planet, and should embrace any positive changes for the environment without judgement of one another but instead with empowerment & support! ‘We are more powerful when we empower each other’ If you have any tips for making a positive impact? Interesting documentaries or podcasts? I’d love to hear!

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Escaped to the jungle for the night 🦅 - #doyoutravelpresets #Bali

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Sunset cruisin’ - Bali style 🌴 @douchebags #DBtravel

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I wear the pants in this relationship.. evidently 🙋🏼‍♀️💋 Photo by @josiahwg

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That sun-kissed island life 😘 Pc- @josiahwg #Coron #Philippines #Doyoutravelpresets

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Island Puppa 🌴🐶

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First one to be diving into Twin Lagoon for the day 💦 A rare moment that I’m thankful for that 4:45am alarm! Exploring with @jacob

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This is how we do Sundays in the Philippines 🥥🌴 #Coron #Philippines #doyoutravelpresets 📷 @josiahwg

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You be the sun, & I’ll be the moon 🌕🌖🌗 Thank you @josiahwg for capturing moments perfectly 😚

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Cruisin’ around the islands of Coron, on the lookout for secluded beaches #DBtravel ⚓️🗺

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Head in the clouds ☼☁︎ - Pc @josiahwg

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Casually rolling into paradiseeee 🌴 Pic: @emmett_sparling #doyoutravelpresets #Coron #Philippines

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