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Sweet but a little psycho 😈 Fun creating with friend @henryjimenz

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My little slice of Indian paradise 🌸 #Udaipur #india We planted some of these bougainvillea in our new house, they remind me of this beautiful part of the world! So fun creating a home with inspiration from around the world 💫 Finish date is creeping up.. who is excited for the house tour 😻

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Sweet like honey 🍯 💛

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Queen of multitasking- laundry, tanning & getting the content 😏🧺 #Marrakech #Morocco

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Breakfast time in our Moroccan Riad 🍳 #Marrakech #Riad #Morocco

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Morocco will always have a special place in my heart. The rich culture and memories I’ve made here are all little treasures. One I’ll take away with me for sure is the amazing experience with #ChloeNomade Eau De Toilette @Chloe @Sephora #chloeGIRLS #Ad

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‘Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures’ Alice in Wonderland- I’ve always loved this quote ❤️ what’s your favourite quote?

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Spending my last moments in Morrocco with a little self-care. Thanks to @morroccomethod, I'm treating my hair to a recovery session with products that are non-toxic, plant-based, and cruelty-free. Whenever visiting dry climates it's important to bring along products you can trust to keep your hair feeling amazing. 20% off with code Lauren20 #ad

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Treasure hunting in Morocco 🇲🇦 happy to say we successfully have a suitcase full of new pieces for our home 🏺 #Marrakech #Morocco

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gypsea_lust. My first IGTV is a tour of our Riad in Marrakech the brand new 3 bedro

My first IGTV is a tour of our Riad in Marrakech the brand new 3 bedroom private Riad that you can rent by the owners of the renowned Le Riad Yasmine - this is Le Petite Yasmine 🌴

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Lunch above the Marrakech Souk, I spy many rugs that would look nice in our Bali home 😍 #Marrakech #Morocco

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This desert camp was the perfect setting to discover the new #ChloeNomade Eau De Toilette, which inspired me to get back in touch with nature, people & my nomadic soul ☼ @Chloe @Sephora #chloeGIRLS #ad

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