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With its picturesque canals, the iconic gondolas, the elaborate architecture and some of the best art-filled grand palaces, Venice is undoubtedly a city like no other! 🛶 —— I keep receiving questions about what to see, where to go/eat/drink in Venice and I give out the best tips I can. But as Venice isn’t the only destination I receive questions about, we started building up a new website where not only will you see beautiful visuals of our trips, but also a collection of tips and top lists. —— So if there’s a destination you’d like to know more things of, wether because you’ve seen it from my trips, or because you’re planning on going, now it’s your time! Let me know and I’ll note it down for you and let you know once the website it’s out 😎

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Top experience to try at least once in a lifetime! Give me a shout if you wanna know anything more on how you can tick this off your life goals list.

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Throwback to our low season escape to Positano with @vodafoneuk . Are you planning to visit Italy this summer? Where? 🇮🇹 🍕

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Stepping into a fairytale with this art hotel in Italy 👸🏼 —— Free your Rapunzel 👑 @outsideboxx

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A little taste of a classic Italian summer. 🚲🌳

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Tropics calling! 🏝 Headed to Maldives and Bali in a couple of weeks! —— This is actually our first time in Bali and despite having seen bazillions of images, it’d be great to get some updated tips on must see and local spots from you guys! —— Also, if anyone’s around, it’d be great to catch up 💪🏾 😉

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What if every @netflix and chill was like this? —— TAG your chill buddy 📺 #netflixandchill

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One of my favourite moments from Sri Lanka 3 years ago. 🐢 We were meant to go SL very soon and we feel so sad for what happened and for everyone who, somehow got affected by these horrible events. 🙏🏽 —— It’s always been at the top of our favorite countries to visit not only for the wildlife and the wonderful nature that varies from mountain picks, to tropical beaches, but especially for their genuine hospitality and kind heart. —— We hope everything will go back to “normality”, whatever that means. 💕 🇱🇰 For the moment we are changing our itinerary and are trying to decide between BALI, KOH RONG Cambodia, VIETNAM, or THAILAND. Any help here?? 🤔

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Easily became the new desktop picture on my laptop. 🚗 💨 @spiderlifestyle —— INSTAGRAM WITHOUT LIKES! —— Did you guys hear about the test that @instagram is trying out in Canada? Check my stories to read the article and let me know what you think about it. 💭

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If there ever was a stairway to heaven, I'm pretty sure it would probably start from somewhere in Santorini. Taking over @EstrellaDamm this week! —— Check them out to see more of my kinda #MediterraneanVibes

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Throwback to one of the most amazing baths ever!

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Time and commitment, 2 essentials to make your dreams come true. Never would I have imagined to be making so many new wonderful experiences, yet there I was, driving this gem around the Amalfi coast. @bristonwatches

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