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#lifegoals : “Make things that make you happy!” —— And if you think that there is something stopping you to make them, then your next step should not be to give up, instead, your next goal should be finding a solution on how to avoid this from happening! —— So many times I found myself in a position were some opportunities were really great, but the implications to make them happen were even greater. This should not matter if you only focus on your goal, you’ll always find a way, ALWAYS! HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE! ☀️

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You need to know that some people on the gram may think we’re perfect, but just like any other couple on this globe, sometimes we fail, and to take this shot?? We failed 1000 times! 😂

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So happy to be spending everyday of my life with you! 💕 @outsideboxx —— The best thing you can do on a day like Valentine’s, is to note down all the things that make you guys happy together and commit to do these things more often, or everyday :) ! Why not buying flowers more than once a year? 🌹 This way, everyday will be your Valentine’s. And for the Valentine’s haters out there, if everyday is Valentine’s, than no-day is Valentine’s. Win win 👍🏽 Btw, for those of you who are wondering, YES, these 2 idiots are us 😊 —— TAG YOUR VALENTINE’S 💗

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2 hot Chillies 🌶 chillin’ ❄️ Happy Saturday to everyone! Phuket we’re coming for ya! Anyone in Thailand next week?

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Heading back to Phuket for a few days next week! It’ll be tight, but I couldn’t wait any longer to get out of the weather here in London! Right? Any Londoners here? ☔️ ❄️ 💨 —— What’s your next trip you can’t wait to start?? I’m gonna give you some tips if I have done the same trip! 🗺

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I’m happiest when I’m being myself and I’m myself when I’m with you 💕 —— Going to Bangkok?? Ever considered seeing the city from the highest rooftop pool? 🌃 The views are to die for! TAG someone who would love this pool! 💦

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SOUND ON! 🔊 I recently got asked from a few people following me, “how do you tell someone you love them without saying it?” —— Here’s a couple of things I believe would help: - Listen to them and genuinely engage. - Be present when you’re together. Don’t scroll your life through Instagram! - Share everything you know. ‘Sharing is caring’ doesn’t only apply to food 😂Share your fears, your secrets and your knowledge. Opening up will allow the other to fully trust you. - Find time for them! Everyone is busy nowadays, but there’s not schedule tight enough to don’t leave a little time for your other. - TAG your other here to show them you care 😉😁💕 @outsideboxx - Finally, TELL THEM! 😆

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Most of the time people ask how we manage to travel together, live and work together and be together all the time! In the past 3 years we have probably spent less just about 30 days away from each other and I believe that sharing the same passions, but most importantly the same GOALS, is what makes ya stick together. —— I’d be lying if I said that there are not NO-NO DAYS, but at the end of the day a bit of chocolate (not so bit 😂) some ice cream and a glass of wine and all is sorted! TAG YOUR #partnerinwine! 😂 🍷

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2 weeks to Valentine's day! 💕 Have you made any plans yet? We thought about going back to Paris, but we might just go somewhere warmer after all this cold in the UK. —— I mean, there's really nothing special about the actual day, it's just another 24 hours of the year, except you get to see lines of desperate men last-minute shopping at cards and flower shops! Dunno about where you live, but If I opened a flower stand here in London just for the last 2 days before Valentine's day, I could probably afford to travel until the next stand in Christmas! 🎄 😂 —— We all like to find excuses to celebrate, and that's what this should be, whether you're single or with someone. I think there's no harm in that, right? 😊

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“Certain songs bring back sudden memories to me, too”... What’s that song that brings the best memories to you? —— Mine is🎵 “The less I know, the better” by @tame__impala 🎶 as it was my every-day song about 3 years ago, when @outsideboxx and I started dating 💕

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When you’re attracted to those sexy curves! 😍 Seville was such an unexpected beauty to see!

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Me, you and the sundown..if there was only one thing missing, that’d be a pupppyyy! 🐶 😂

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